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Rugby league: New Zealand Warriors star Addin Fonua-Blake will be sidelined with injury | Instant News


Warriors Prop Addin Fonua-Blake talks about his move to the Warriors. Video / Provided

Defeated New Zealand’s Warriors will likely be without the services of star buffer Addin Fonua-Blake on Friday when they take on the Manly Sea Eagles.

The Warriors’ off-season marquee signing limped off with an unspecified knee injury in the 14th minute as the team lost 32-12 to the Roosters on Sunday night and coach Nathan Brown is not optimistic about his chances of making it onto the pitch. again in five days.

“Very unlikely in a short turnaround,” said Brown. “I don’t know how things are going, have to hope it’s only minor and he doesn’t lose too much. We’ve got some people injured.”

Rower Bayley Sironen is also seen with his hands on his sash during a rooster match.  Photos / Photosport
Rower Bayley Sironen is also seen with his hands on his sash during a rooster match. Photos / Photosport

Not only will Fonua-Blake’s loss deny the Warriors some important momentum going forward – his ability to collect the post-contact meter and get the ball off the top shelf – it also denies league fans the chance to see the big man’s first game with his. old club since signing with the Warriors.

The move appears to be a wise move by Fonua-Blake with the Sea Eagles languishing at the bottom of the ladder, winless after four games and averaging just 8.5 points per game.

The fact that Manly’s side also suffered their worst home defeat in history – a 46-6 loss at the hands of Penrith Panthers – and facing fresh injuries to Morgan Boyle and Moses Suli means the Warriors’ job is somewhat easier, but also nothing worse than stumbling against a team that is different. definitely determined to get back up.

The soldier supporting Addin Fonua-Blake rested his injured knee when his team lost to the Roosters.  Photos / Photosport
The soldier supporting Addin Fonua-Blake rested his injured knee when his team lost to the Roosters. Photos / Photosport

Warriors coach Nathan Brown said he was generally satisfied with the team’s performance during the first month of the season but knows the learning curve remains steep.

“We’ve had four games, two good wins and two defeats,” said Brown following the defeat to the Roosters. “It was a very tight match against the Knights, maybe 50-50, but today we were beaten by a good team. They clearly showed that we have some work to do to get where we want to be.”


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Rugby league: The New Zealand Soldier had a superb comeback to beat the Canberra Raiders at the NRL | Instant News

The Warriors take a stunning victory over the Raiders. Photos / Photosport

Soldier 34
Robber 31

Maybe, just maybe, something is developing for the Warriors in 2021.

It was an inexorable feeling after their unlikely 34-31 win against the Raiders on Saturday, where they teetered in a massive 25-6 first-half deficit.

It’s too early to get carried away, and too early to speak of turning points, but these are the kind of victories that build immeasurable confidence and excitement.

Captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck capped a heroic display with Jordan Rapana’s save effort with nine seconds remaining, jabbing the ball freely as the Raiders winger looked set to score.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's astonishing experiment at Jordan Rapana.  Photo / Getty
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s astonishing experiment at Jordan Rapana. Photo / Getty

The Warriors appeared to have closed the game with Adam Pompey’s 77th minute attempt, but they couldn’t tame the Raiders’ subsequent short strike, setting up a dramatic final set for the home side.

It was the biggest revival in Warriors history, as they scored five second-half attempts, four of them in the last 29 minutes, to capitalize on a 21-point deficit at 31-10.

Their previous best was against Newcastle in 2005, when they came from 20-0 down to win 30-26.

There were significant mitigating circumstances on Saturday, as the Raiders lost three forwards in the first 12 minutes (one injury and two concussions), which plagued them greatly in the second half, while midfielder Curtis Scott was the passenger with a rib injury in the second half. last quarter.

Canberra displayed great courage in the situation, with almost no substitutes on the bench, and neither did the Warriors, with their confidence to remain confident, especially when they trailed 31-10 with less than 30 minutes to play.

They were a lucky touch, with one attempt coming from a clear forward pass, but the Warriors have endured a tough official call-up over the last two or three seasons.

It can be the kind of performance that benchmarks, a ‘remember-when’ call for the rest of the season. It also puts a different hue to their upcoming matches.

Tuivasa-Sheck was outstanding, while midfielder Sean O’Sullivan impressed on the Warriors debut and Nikorima was brilliant in the second half, on the back of a strong attacking effort.

Adam Pompey scores a winning attempt for the Warriors.  Photos / Photosport
Adam Pompey scores a winning attempt for the Warriors. Photos / Photosport

The Warriors make the best start. After picking up a set of reps, O’Sullivan and Eliesa Katoa’s gentle hands put Addin Fonua-Blake in his 100th NRL game.

The muggers locked Joseph Tapine off the pitch soon after with an ankle injury, before two of his teammates suffered concussions after a brutal head clash.

Despite being understaffed, the Raiders responded, with Jack Wighton controlling Nikorima from close range.

They started the Raiders’ blitzkrieg, with three attempts in eleven minutes. Ryan Sutton and Sia Soliolia both benefited from Josh Hodgson’s ruse, while George Williams dodged static defense for a gentle experiment.

Nikorima scored a superb individual attempt right after halftime, tackling twice, but hopes of a comeback appeared to be extinguished after Elliott Whitehead finished off the Raiders’ move from within their own half in the 47th minute, to push the deficit to 21.

Bayley Sironen’s attempt – after Ben Murdoch-Masila broke his serve – raised hope again, as the unmanned Raiders began to tire.

Murdoch-Masila then crossed in a very controversial situation, as a pass from Nikorima appeared to be just a meter ahead.

The Raiders came to a halt and the Warriors kept arriving.

Tohu Harris pulled off a brilliant tackle to feed Tuivasa-Sheck, as the Warriors closed the score to 31-28 with 10 minutes remaining.

The captain’s dubious final challenge in favor of the Raiders looked set to be a flash point, but the Warriors didn’t bow their heads, with Pompey slashing down on the left to finish off an impressive march on the pitch and mark wild celebrations.

Soldier 34 (Fonua-Blake, Nikorima, Sironen, Murdoch-Masila, Tuivasa-Sheck Pompey tries; Nikorima 5 goals)
Robber 31 (Wighton, Sutton, Soliolia, Williams, Whitehead tries; Croker 5 goals, Williams field goal)
Half time: 6-25


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NBA NBL Warriors sends reconnaissance sources to Australia | Instant News

That Golden State Warriors has sent scouts to Australia to monitor Justinian Jessup’s progress, league sources told ESPN.

Jessup, picked up by the Warriors with a 51st overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, saved with the NBL’s Illawarra Hawks for the 2021 season and has impressed franchise executives to the point where they decided to keep a closer eye on his progress. .

While in Australia, the scouts – currently in mandatory hotel quarantine, sources said – will also carry out routine duties of their job, evaluating talent across the NBL. He will only be allowed to attend Hawks practice which will be open to all scouts, per NBA guidelines.

Jessup, the 6’7 wing, was part of the NBL’s Next Stars program, and averaged 14.6 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game for Hawks Brian Goorjian, who currently sits at an 8- record. 6.

Jessup is widely regarded as one of the best shooters on the NBL, hitting from behind the three-point line with a 46.8 percent clip.

The move from the Warriors was not entirely unprecedented for an NBA team. That New Orleans Pelicans has an Australian based talent scout working with Didi Louzada, who was recruited by the franchise in 2019 with an overall selection of 35th. Louzada is also the Next Star, and is in the middle of his second season with the Sydney Kings.


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Rugby League: The New Zealand Soldier makes a bid to play the 2022 season at home | Instant News


Raiders … Warriors lure Canberra and other NRL clubs across the trench. Photos / Photosport

The Warriors have made plans to flood New Zealand with their NRL game by 2022, and several Australian clubs are supporting the move.

Warriors chief executive Cameron George plans to buy home games from their NRL opponents and play them across the country.

The club is stranded in Australia for a second season due to a Covid-19 travel ban. Their 2021 campaign will not return to the Mt Smart Stadium as early as 21 June, having played all of their matches in Australia in 2020.

They will seek compensation from the NRL but be proactive about starting the game here in 2022, planning to spend more than $ 2.5 million on home game rights from opponents.

George pointed out to the Herald-Sun that several opponents were willing to play football, and he has contacted investors to support the scheme. The NRL club is reported to be making around $ 250,000 per home game.

“I have started discussing with certain NRL clubs whether they will consider selling us their home games to come to New Zealand next year,” he said.

“I’m trying to build a portfolio of games to play in New Zealand next year and get as much as we can to play there.

“For example, instead of playing the likes of Raiders in Canberra, I would buy the game from them and take them to Wellington or Christchurch.

“We are playing 10 home games next year, plus the Magic Round in Brisbane. I want to buy as many away games as possible from clubs based in Australia and play at least 16 NRL games here. We will like up to 20 games.”

He also asked the NRL to schedule as many matches as possible at the prime kickoff venue at 8pm Friday.

“(It) gave the game a really good launch pad – it’s about relaunching the game in New Zealand, not just the Warriors,” said George.

“The way to do that is to play as many games as we can in New Zealand.”

Under the scheme, the NRL will pay for the Australian team’s travels, not the Warriors’ fees.

George said that because the Warriors paid a high price to keep the NRL afloat during the pandemic, rival clubs have shown a willingness to be part of a scheme to “spread the gospel” … at the right price.

The club is down about $ 300,000 per lost home game, and George says that has affected membership.

“We will knock on the door of the NRL at a certain stage,” he said.

“This really has an impact on our financial position in the short, medium and long term.”


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