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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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Games in All: The release date of “Bird and Cage”! | Instant News

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Follow the twisted relationship between Gitta and Bres depicted in a twisted way. Make quick choices with dire consequences and observe how your actions reveal new paths while trying to stay sane.

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ESR scientists will test vaping products for levels of nicotine, alcohol and illegal drugs | Instant News

Controlled substances, including THC, are found in products overseas. Photo / Bevan Conley

New Zealand scientists tested 150 vaping products on the market for the first time, to check levels of nicotine and ethanol, and after illegal drugs were discovered in some foreign liquids.

The study by ESR, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, will examine a wide variety of vaping liquid products sold in New Zealand.

Scientists are developing testing methodologies, and will analyze the liquid for levels of nicotine, drugs, ethanol (alcohol), color, endotoxins, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines (harmful chemicals found in tobacco and tobacco smoke).

International studies have reported large variations between labeled and actual nicotine levels, and some have found the presence of controlled substances, including THC (a mind-altering substance found in marijuana), CBD (also found in cannabis, but which have few substances with no psychoactive properties). ) and some synthetic cannabinoids, in commercial and “homemade” vaping fluids.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have previously linked THC-containing vaping products with lung disease in some users.

An ESR spokesperson told the Herald on Sunday that studies on several products in New Zealand have pointed to quality control issues, including nicotine levels and general vaping base ingredient ratios. Ethanol (alcohol) was also detected, and is not listed as an ingredient.

Testing will be carried out over the next few months at various ESR laboratories, with the aim of completing most of it by May, when the Ministry of Health’s regulations on vaping products containing color come into effect.

“The initial stage of this study is to collect market data to determine the range of products, both nicotine and non-nicotine, that is available,” said an ESR spokesperson.

“This survey will be run every month looking at significant product trends, product availability, and changes as Ministry of Health regulations come into effect and the vaping market develops.”

Vaping is the term for using an electronic device to heat a liquid into vapor, which the user inhales.

Nearly a quarter of New Zealanders have tried vaping, up from 16 percent in 2015/16. About half of people aged 15 to 24 are more likely to report vaping.

Last November Constitution It was enforced to control a fast-growing industry, banning sales to the age of 18, prohibiting advertising, and limiting the sale of some flavors to specialty stores.

Testing will run every month, and appear as new regulations take effect.  Photo / 123rf.com
Testing will run every month, and appear as new regulations take effect. Photo / 123rf.com

The law changes also introduced a security system that would allow the Ministry of Health to recall or suspend products, and issue warnings.

Ministry officials are in consultation on proposed and related regulations, including those that would change the way smoke-free and vaping “internal areas” in hospitality venues are defined.

Currently, smoking is not permitted in an area if, when all doors, windows and other openings that can be closed are closed, completely or substantially covered by a ceiling, roof or similar upper surface, and by walls, sides or screens.

The ministry said this definition was not always clear enough and, when tested through court action, the rulings were inconsistent.

They have already filed four options, includes the preferred option of defining it as a wholly or partially enclosed area with a roof or overhead structure of any kind, whether permanent or temporary.

That means if there is a roof or overhead structure of any kind, regardless of how much cover is provided, the area should be smoke-free.

Submissions will close on Monday, with proposals then submitted to the Cabinet, and regulations expected to be in place by August.


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The Brains Trust: Dementia – ‘That’s a secret we’re trying to hide’ | Instant News

Dementia is perhaps the biggest and worst understood problem in New Zealand. This is rapidly growing in our aging population – almost everyone will have a family member or know someone suffering from some form of the disease. It is already the number one cause of death in the UK and for women in Australia and a similar trend is likely to occur here.

But we don’t talk much about dementia. Maybe it’s understandable because the conversation can hurt. Many patients find their own children and grandchildren unrecognizable because they are reduced to childlike states with only memories from their youth. The family members in turn watched helplessly as they got lost by their parents and grandparents. They see their loved ones become frustrated and frightened because they have forgotten how to perform basic daily rituals.

Herald reporters Mike Scott and Carolyne Meng-Yee decided it was time to start talking about the “D-word,” as Meng-Yee put it, in The Brains Trust, our six-part online video series funded by Broadcast New Zealand. In the article below, she reminisces about how she and Scott came up with a plan to uncover the disease and tells the story of a devoted caregiver and scientist looking for a cure. And as Meng-Yee explained, for him and Scott this was more than just a story – it was personal.


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Rugby League: The New Zealand Soldier makes a bid to play the 2022 season at home | Instant News


Raiders … Warriors lure Canberra and other NRL clubs across the trench. Photos / Photosport

The Warriors have made plans to flood New Zealand with their NRL game by 2022, and several Australian clubs are supporting the move.

Warriors chief executive Cameron George plans to buy home games from their NRL opponents and play them across the country.

The club is stranded in Australia for a second season due to a Covid-19 travel ban. Their 2021 campaign will not return to the Mt Smart Stadium as early as 21 June, having played all of their matches in Australia in 2020.

They will seek compensation from the NRL but be proactive about starting the game here in 2022, planning to spend more than $ 2.5 million on home game rights from opponents.

George pointed out to the Herald-Sun that several opponents were willing to play football, and he has contacted investors to support the scheme. The NRL club is reported to be making around $ 250,000 per home game.

“I have started discussing with certain NRL clubs whether they will consider selling us their home games to come to New Zealand next year,” he said.

“I’m trying to build a portfolio of games to play in New Zealand next year and get as much as we can to play there.

“For example, instead of playing the likes of Raiders in Canberra, I would buy the game from them and take them to Wellington or Christchurch.

“We are playing 10 home games next year, plus the Magic Round in Brisbane. I want to buy as many away games as possible from clubs based in Australia and play at least 16 NRL games here. We will like up to 20 games.”

He also asked the NRL to schedule as many matches as possible at the prime kickoff venue at 8pm Friday.

“(It) gave the game a really good launch pad – it’s about relaunching the game in New Zealand, not just the Warriors,” said George.

“The way to do that is to play as many games as we can in New Zealand.”

Under the scheme, the NRL will pay for the Australian team’s travels, not the Warriors’ fees.

George said that because the Warriors paid a high price to keep the NRL afloat during the pandemic, rival clubs have shown a willingness to be part of a scheme to “spread the gospel” … at the right price.

The club is down about $ 300,000 per lost home game, and George says that has affected membership.

“We will knock on the door of the NRL at a certain stage,” he said.

“This really has an impact on our financial position in the short, medium and long term.”


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