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Sanjrani began consultations on an open vote for the Senate election | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Senate Chair Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has started consultations with relevant stakeholders to provide the Supreme Council’s response to the Supreme Court regarding the president’s referral seeking an ‘open ballot’ opinion for the Senate election.

Attorney General (AG) Khalid Jawed Khan on Wednesday asked the Senate Chair in the final assembly to notify him of the government’s stance on calling the upcoming Senate elections by hand.

The AG explained to the chairperson about a presidential reference sent to the Supreme Court to change election procedures for the Upper House, said a statement issued by the Senate Secretariat.

Sanjrani was also informed about the provisions in the 2017 Constitution and Elections regarding the voting procedure for the Senate election.

During the meeting, the Senate Chairperson also informed the Attorney General about his previous meeting with National Assembly Chairman Asad Qaiser about this matter.

The top court is faced with the issue of maintaining a reference for a president seeking an opinion on an “open vote” for the Senate election.

In December last year, President Dr Arif Alvi, at the suggestion of Prime Minister Imran Khan, had asked from the court whether the conditions for secret voting under Article 226 of the Constitution apply to Senate elections or not. In that reference, he has sought whether Article 122 (6) of the 2017 Election Law can be amended, without changing the Constitution, to hold a Senate vote on an open vote and not a secret ballot.

In the last session, the SC has issued a notification to the advocate generals from the four provinces and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), NA Chairperson, Senate Chairperson and set the next hearing for January 11th.

In mid-December last year, PM Imran Khan’s government has decided to hold Senate elections by raising its hand to bring transparency, and prevent a race in this election.

Elections for the 52 Senate seats will be held as half the members of the 104 assembly will retire on March 11.


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Adkins talks about the quarter-finals on The Voice – Germany and what’s next for him | Local News | Instant News

Brent Mason is the winner of the 12-time Country Music (ACM) Guitarist of the Year Award. He has played on every record of Alan Jackson, as well as many other stars such as Shania Twain, George Strait, and Neil Diamond, to name a few. He has also played on many records for the former Sidney High School graduate, which has recently brought country music to the masses in Germany.

Doug Adkins has finished his competition on The Voice – Germany performing the Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” during the show’s quarter-final competition.

Adkins remembers the song from the roller rink in Sydney as one of the “cool numbers” of the day.

“We’re going to roll on the roller rink for that song,” Adkins told the Sidney Herald.

He has about a week to take the beloved pop hit and turn it into his own version for the contest.

Adkins said he had just decided he’d come out and do the assigned song with as much passion as possible. He rewrote the song in about 2 minutes, showed it to his coaches and got their blessing, then brought it into his band for them. They mapped it out, and did some preliminary exercises to finish the Adkins version.

That includes one or two creative fights with the band leader, as well as a few creative fights with the drummer over snare noises, said Adkins. But things went really well in the end, and he was delighted with what he was aiming for in the quarter-finals contest.

Competition is fierce. Only two of the 11 will advance to the Grand Finale, he said

“When they said that to me, I thought I didn’t really stand a chance,” admits Adkins. “This is a little bop show. This is in contrast to the US where they have more countries and Blake Shelton is there. But then, when I finished the song, all the judges got up and, they cut off some comments, but they stood up, gave me a big round of applause and they gave me so many good compliments, I started to think I might have a chance. “

Unfortunately, in the end, the jury selected two of the younger contestants, but Adkins said he still considered it a win. Not only has he remained true to his country’s roots from eastern Montana, but he’s been heard by millions of potentially new fans, and he’s been able to make country music the center of attention and attention of young European audiences.

And he is very happy to do it.

“Plus, I stayed 28 days in a very good hotel in Berlin with a gym and sauna and food,” he added. “In this corona year, it is the vacation of a lifetime.”

Adkins said it was only because of the corona virus that he had the opportunity to compete in The Voice – Germany.

“Fifty-five shows were canceled at once, more or less,” said Adkins. “Usually, a guy like me can’t do it. You need to be available, and no working musician can basically cancel all of their shows for the year. “

Adkins said he was thinking of auditioning for The Voice America in 2021, but doubted he’d actually do. He really wanted to get back on the road, appear again. He has applied for and been accepted into the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs for the season. It includes Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and a bit of New Mexico and Idaho.

Adkins is also busy planning his next album in Nashville, which he says is now titled Unhinged.

Expect to have a little “gas” for it, says Adkins. A little more “gunpowder on the back.”

“If you’re going to fight Toby Keith, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson, and maybe a little bit of Big and Rich, it’s all like that, somewhere in there,” said Adkins. “It’s rowdy. I thought that because I had been sitting at home for so long and I had not played concerts in a while, I needed to be released a little. Maybe it will be the title, not Unhinged. “


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The head of JI Karachi again raised his voice for MDCAT 2020 students, demanding 40 days for preparation | Instant News

  • Rehman appealed to the government to control the rising costs of private institutions
  • Demand that the test for medical college in Sindh be taken again
  • Request at least 40 days for students to prepare for exams

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, chairman of the Karachi wing party, spoke once again in support of students protesting against the results of the College Entrance Test for Medicine and Dentistry (MDCAT).

Rehman said that the test for the medical college in Sindh had to be done again.

“The exams have to be taken from the provincial curriculum,” said the politician – who is also a graduate of the NED University of Engineering and Technology -.

“Give students at least 40 days to prepare for exams” if they are going to be reconditioned, Rehman added while protesting here in Karachi. He also appealed to the government to control the increase in private levies.

PM Imran Khan ‘responsible for all this’

Chairman JI Karachi recently joined the cause of 2020 MDCAT students as they demand justice for what they accuse of non-conformity in the exam.

He previously stated that he would approach the court in solidarity with medical students who demanded more exams.

In a press conference last week, Rehman said the commission must carry out an investigation to determine who designed the exam. He said democracy was “slaughtered in the assembly”.

“I will see what Murad Ali Shah does for medical students,” he said, adding that the students had highlighted their concerns but had no success. “The prime minister is responsible for all of this,” he said.

‘Do not accept offers of signs of grace’

The JI leader said the young man had chosen Prime Minister Imran Khan in the hope that their old problems would be resolved but would eventually face new ones.

“We will soon find out who is behind the MDCAT exam,” he claims, demanding to know why the results of Punjab and Sindh medical students are so contrasting.

“We did not accept the grace mark offer. We ask that the test be repeated.”


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5 Ways to Deal With Someone Else’s Food and Body Talking Trigger You | Instant News

3. Offer useful resources for rethinking body, weight, and diet.

There are so many articles, websites, books, podcasts, and research studies on concepts such as health at every measure and intuitive eating. If the other person seems open to learning these topics, offer to share resources that you think can help change the way you view health and weight. Always ask before giving information because they may not want to hear it. Here are some examples of how to do this gently:

  • Eat intuitively really helps me develop a healthier relationship with my food and my body. If you’re interested in learning more, let me know and I can share some of my resources. “

  • “I read this an excellent book that redefines the way I look at health. I can let you borrow my copy or send me a title if you’d like to see it. “

  • “I’ve been listening to this recently podcast episodes which has completely changed the way I think about fitness – would you like me to post the link? “

  • “I actually discovered this new way of eating that is more about wellbeing than weight loss. I feel much more liberated. Let me know if you would like me to share some articles about it with you. “

4. Change the subject.

Let’s face it. You may not have the energy to do all of the above, which is really cool because it’s not your job to be a supporter of body respect to people who really push your boundaries. Having a conversation like this is fun, but it can also suck energy, especially if you are talking in circles. If you are not ready to engage in dialogue, share your feelings, or offer resources, find ways to change the subject. I do it all the time without any explanation. Oh, we’re talking about how “great” you do because you eat salads all week? Cool, how’s it going work? What hobbies have made you feel sane in the past few months? have you ever read something good recently? What shows have you watched? Questions like these will change the conversation quickly, and you might be surprised how quickly people forget what they are talking about.

5. Quit the conversation completely.

Defending yourself is very important, and you should consider how you feel based on your approach. If you have reached the point where you are really done talking, see if you can muster up the courage to say nothing, walk away, leave Zoom, or exit the left stage. Logistics, like anything else, depends a lot on your personality as well as who you are dealing with. Maybe you are outspoken and walk away from your mom mid-sentence after telling her the umpteenth time that you chose not to discuss your diet, or you might take the subtle path and say you’re going to take the wine (and never come back). Maybe you even pretend your internet connection is down, and oh, no, you need to get out of the family video chat! Everything works. Ultimately, you have to decide if this is a conversation you want to have a conversation based on how you feel at the time. One day you might be gone, another day you might share a podcast episode.

Finally, remember that if you get upset over food and body talk, you should check yourself out to find out what it looks like self care might help. It can be a journey in itself, but tackling the diet and body talk at the time with this kind of advice is a great first step.



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LHC CJ raised concerns over blasphemous material on the internet | Instant News

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chairman Muhammad Qasim Khan on Monday expressed serious disappointment at the government’s inaction to ensure the removal of blasphemous material on the internet and summoned the relevant authorities.

Without mentioning Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court observed, “It is easy to make claims for establishing Riasat-i-Medina. Looks like the top people need to be called. “Advocate Azhar Haseeb filed a petition asking for directions that the government remove the name of the leader of the Ahmadiyya community as caliph of Islam from Google.

The lawyer pleaded that when an internet user wrote “who is the current caliph of Islam”, the Google search engine appeared the name of the Ahamdi community leader in the answer.

He argued that the law does not allow the Ahamdi community to preach but is carried out over the internet. During the trial, Supreme Court Chief Justice Khan regretted that the matter had been raised on the internet for two weeks but that the government remained unemployed.

He said, “I don’t support banning Google, Facebook or Twitter because social media sites are not bad, but it depends on how someone uses them.” However, he added, if the government can ban PUBG online games, why not respond to the problems at hand.

The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court also reprimanded a legal officer for referring to legal restrictions for handling inappropriate material on the internet. “Here you can take cover behind the law but what will you do next,” he reminded the legal officer. CJ adjourned further hearings until December 28 and summoned authorities from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and other departments.


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