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Samsung Bioepis Launches Adalimumab Biosimilar in Australia | Instant News

Through a partnership with Merck, Samsung Bioepis adds to the biosimilar portfolio available in Australia.

Samsung Bioepis, from Incheon, Republic of Korea, reports that its biosimilar adalimumab Hadlima has been launched in Australia. The agent is referred to Humira AbbVie and is indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease in adults and children, ulcerative colitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, and plaque psoriasis.

“With the launch in Australia, Samsung Bioepis adalimumab is now available in 3 markets: Europe, Canada and Australia,” the company said in a statement. Through a partnership with Biogen, Hadlima was initially launched in 2018 in Europe under the brand name Imraldi. It is available in Canada in 2021 through a partnership with Merck, which is also helping to launch Australia.

Hadlima marks the third anti-tumor necrosis factor biosimilar Samsung Bioepis launched in Australia. The others are biosimilar etanercept (Brenzys) and infliximab (Renflexis), in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Hadlima will be available on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) starting April 1, 2021. PBS subsidizes medicines for Australian residents.


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Polly ‘PJ’ Harding quit the radio show Jase and PJ Australia, New Zealand back in June | Instant News

Polly “PJ” Harding from KIIS FM has left Jase and PJ’s breakfast.

PJ announced a live broadcast this morning that she will finish a Melbourne-based radio show in June and then return home to New Zealand to be with her fiancé.

“It is a very difficult decision to make, perhaps one of the hardest in my life, but at the same time I know it could not be a more correct decision for where I am,” said PJ tearfully.

PJ said last year was “very challenging” and priorities have shifted.

“At the end of 2019 I lost my dad and being here to put on a show was tough enough,” he said. “Starting in 2020, (I) have a long distance relationship, my partner is returning home, and I don’t know when I will see him.

Jase and PJ during their time at ZM in New Zealand.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Jase and PJ during their time at ZM in New Zealand. Photo / Dean Purcell

“Last year was difficult, but last year was difficult for everyone,” he continued. “It really made me have a cold and hard look in the mirror and think what I wanted to do and that’s why I came to the very challenging decision that I was going to finish the show and go home to New Zealand and live with my fiancé. . “

Jase and PJ have been working together for six and a half years. They began broadcasting together in New Zealand before moving to Melbourne in 2018 to host the KIIS 101.1 FM breakfast show.

Jason “Jase” Hawkins paid tribute to his longtime co-host who aired this morning, joking: “I’m so proud of you, not an easy decision, especially knowing what [money] You are in.”

She told her audience that “killing her” saw PJ struggling in her personal life last year.

“There’s a morning where… we’re going to be at a commercial break and you’re crying and you see me like, ‘I’m just staying here right now for you,'” Jase said.

Jase will remain on the breakfast show at least for the rest of the year. The replacement for PJ has not yet been announced.


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PM Imran will talk to people again by phone – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 20 March 2021 13.18

Telephone lines will be open at 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 21.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to once again talk to people by phone and answer their questions right away, Senator Faisal Javed Khan said on Saturday.

The senator took to Twitter to inform him that the telephone line would be open at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 21, and a question and answer session would be broadcast simultaneously on television, radio and social media.

It is important here to mention that Imran Khan had previously spoken to people by phone on February 1st and answered their questions.


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Talk of obstacles in the search for democracy | Instant News

Audiences at the Jaun Elia Lawn of the Karachi Arts Council enjoyed the response of former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani after journalist Mazhar Abbas asked him who was “basically” in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who had opposed his candidacy against Sadiq Sanjrani in 2018 for another three years. Rabbani replied with a smile: “Only my luck!” And then everyone laughed together.

They were on stage for a session entitled ‘In Quest of Democracy’ as part of the Sindh Literature Festival on Sunday afternoon.

Abbas started the discussion by asking Rabbani whether what they did to Federal Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh during the Senate elections happened to them during the vote for the chair of the upper house.

He replied that since it was a tight contest – the government had 49 senators and the opposition had 51 – they were already cautious, and then the discovery of four spy cameras hidden around the polling station revealed that the hidden forces had done their job. “Seeing the climax of the struggle for democracy is shameful, more than anything.”

Abbas countered that the same could be said about the video scandal of Ali Haider Gillani, son of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, who suffered a setback against Sanjrani in

Selection of the chairman of the senate.

Rabbani replied that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had faced internal differences in ticketing, so PPP could not blame it.

On the basis of the profiles of the two speakers, the lecture provides a critical analysis of the country’s current political situation, where the ongoing struggle between the opposition and the treasurer also appears to be a struggle between pro-establishment and pro. -democratic power.

Referring to past incidents in which the PPP and other political forces united under the umbrella of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) have compromised with the establishment, Abbas said that politicians have given room to the state to interfere with who will be public. looking to bring democracy in this country.

Rabbani replied that there is a fine line between compromise and reform, between strategy and political struggle. “Politicians have made mistakes. Everyone makes it. We have to become aware of it and then move forward. But political movements cannot progress without the support of other stakeholders, ”he said, adding that the culture of resistance in society had run out mainly due to the destruction of academic freedom.

Abbas immediately asked what happened to the student union, at least the PPP whose government in Sindh could revive them for the sake of democracy. Rabbani admitted that it was their fault, despite a recommendation from the upper house, and the union should be allowed to function immediately.

The journalist moderator then raised another question, asking why the 18th amendment champion could not apply his formula in Sindh, which has been in power for the last 13 consecutive years.

Rabbani said that it was because of a clash between centralist and federalist thinking in Islamabad. “You may have heard voices about amending laws to limit provincial powers under the pretext of covering up defense budgets and loan repayments,” he said.

“[Ironically,] Sindh has not received the new NFC [National Finance Commission] Awards for the past 11 years, and I have to say that if the Center can’t give more, it should refrain from taking the leftovers. “

Abbas asked if political parties continue to make compromises with the government, what could be the way forward for democracy to win in this country. Rabbani replied that until there is a resolution to enforce the trichotomy of power between the parties, no change is seen.

“Politics must revolve around principles, not around personalities; ideological political formulas are getting stronger especially in Third World countries. So the parties have to sit down together and decide unanimously that they will make no more compromises on the constitution and firmly oppose the army’s interference in political affairs. “

Citing a decision given by Rabbani as Senate chairman that the process in parliament cannot be challenged anywhere, Abbas asked what the justification was for the PDM’s decision to oppose Sanjrani’s election.

Rabbani replied: “Here, the problem is not related to irregularities in the trial process but with the revocation of voter rights, so Article 69 does not apply here.”

Regarding the PDM meeting on March 26 in Islamabad, Abbas asked what the expected outcome would be, would they return after sitting down or whether the movement would go further to realize their goals, as alliance chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that without resigning from the assembly, action anything is tantamount to benefiting the government.

Rabbani said that the movement went further with constant struggle because things didn’t change overnight, so there was no immediate result. Regarding Rehman’s comments, he said the general chairmen of political parties in PDM would meet on Tuesday to discuss such matters.

Referring to Invisible People, an anthology of short stories written by Rabbani, Abbas asked his thoughts on the current state of affairs in the country.

The author says that the situation is getting worse. When asked why he ended up choosing a military court despite his emotional opposition, he replied: “I am not morally strong enough to resign.”

The journalist commented that democracy is practice, and asked Rabbani why the PPP, which boasts a history of struggle against dictatorship, did not implement it in Sindh. The former Senate chairman replied that he was already on the fringes of the party, and if the moderator wanted him to leave, he would answer that question. And then everyone laughed

together again.


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Amid talk of a third wave, no deaths have been reported in Sindh | Instant News

KARACHI: Although Covid-19 cases are increasing in the country, which has been dubbed the third wave of the pandemic in Pakistan, no deaths were reported in Sindh for 24 hours between Friday and Saturday.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said this on Saturday in his daily statement on the pandemic situation in Sindh. He added that 220 new cases of Covid-19 had appeared in the province in the previous 24 hours, after 8,695 tests were carried out. Without death for 24 hours, the death toll from infectious diseases in Sindh remains 4,453.

Shah explained that the diagnosis of 220 new cases against 8,695 samples represents a current 2.5 percent detection rate. So far 3,136,213 Covid-19 tests have been carried out in Sindh, where 261,178 cases were diagnosed, 96.7 percent or 252,674 patients have recovered, including 49 during the previous 24 hours, he added.

CM said that currently 4,051 patients are battling Covid-19 in the province, of whom 3,757 are in home isolation, 10 in isolation centers, and 284 in different hospitals. He added that 255 patients were declared critical and 41 of them had been transferred to ventilators.

According to Shah, of the 220 new cases, 99 cases were detected in Karachi, of which 61 were in the East District, 12 in the South District, nine each in Korangi District and Malir District, six in the Central District and two in the West District.


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