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Rocky road David and Victoria Beckham in show business Empire of the 21st wedding anniversary | Instant News

It was 21 years since David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot and they went on to become one of the most powerful couples in show business.

Many thought that the match between the pop star and the footballer will not last, but they beat the odds and proved their doubters wrong.

His condition is now estimated in excess of £ 800 million, four children and luxury homes around the world, the so-called brand Beckham is still going strong.

However, this has not been an easy ride for the pair, as their marriage has faced some turbulent times for many years of cheating allegations, torn far work.

Victoria Beckham shows her engagement ring after David had made the offer
(Picture: PA)

In 1999, Spice Girls star Victoria Adams exchanged vows with the handsome football player, who was at the peak of his career “Manchester United”at a lavish wedding in Ireland.

Iconic photo of the pair famously perched on compliance with Red velvet thrones has consolidated its status as the new king and Queen of celebrities.

It was only two years since they first met at a football match, and it was rumored that Victoria was spotted hard worker player on the TV and asked “Spice Girls” Manager Simon fuller to arrange a meeting with him.

In 1999, they were on the way to superstardom

Victoria later said of their first meeting: “I don’t know who he was. I was never into football.”

The headline-grabbing there is a new celebrity couple, and they were engaged during the year, with their first child, Brooklyn, arriving in March 1999.

However, their relationship faced its first test before they even tied the knot.

While Victoria was pregnant with Brooklyn, David was accused of kissing another woman while she was away on tour with the “Spice Girls”.

Later, Victoria admitted that she saw red and hit her fiance in anger.

Victoria Beckham arriving at a party 19-management 19-anniversary
Victoria hugged sexy new look as a wag
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The pair became known for their matching outfits
(Photo: Getty)

In his 2001 autobiography, learning to fly, she wrote: “[I] went up to him and just swung at him, hit him.

“I didn’t plan. I never gave to anyone. It’s just instinct. I just felt angry and hurt”.

However, they patched things up, and they tied the knot months with a starry ceremony at the Luttrellstown castle in Ireland – the Brooklyn, acting as the custodian.

In that year they moved into their luxurious new country house, in a £ 2.5 million Pile in Hertfordshire, which was named Buckingham Palace.

David Beckham hugged his firstborn, Brooklyn
(Image: victoriabeckham/Instagram)

The proud parents with their son Brooklyn
(Picture: Mirrorpix)

Her career with the Spice Girls ended in 2000 when the musicians went in different directions, and she became a devoted wag and mother.

She juggled a solo pop career with supporting her husband David and bringing up children couples – and even adopted a sexier new look.

With breast augmentation and hair extensions, Victoria began to wag one and set the bar for all the other wives and girlfriends who have become part of a glamorous group.

However, the marriage was under stress after the family upped sticks and moved to Spain in 2003 after David signed with real Madrid.

David and Victoria Beckham come to the party in a leather Versace outfits - 1999
David and Victoria in matching black leather in 1999
(Picture: Rex)

Then Victoria was the mother of two children, Brooklyn, four, and Romeo, who was only 12 months ago at the time.

During the year, her world was rocked when David was accused of having an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

These accusations were categorically denied, with David releasing a vague statement bashing “ridiculous” claims, but the couple maintained a dignified public silence on the issue.

They were silent until 2007, when Victoria finally opened up about the scandal Loos and its impact on the family.

Rebecca Loos
David was accused of an affair with Rebecca Loos

Victoria Beckham with son Romeo and Rebecca Loos. The picture file 2003
Victoria Beckham, son Romeo and Rebecca Loos in 2003
(Photo: Getty)

In an interview with us magazine W, she explained: “I’m not going to lie, it was a very difficult time. It was hard for our whole family. But I understand that many people have a price. David and I have gone through it together.

“Nobody said that marriage would be easy. Yes, there were bumps in the road. But the fact that we came from everything we’ve been through stronger and happier.

“Better now than when we got married.”

It was after the scandal that brand Beckham really started to take off.

Victoria gave birth to their third child, son Cruz, in 2005 and began to pursue fashion.

She walked the catwalk at the show of Roberto Cavalli, becoming the Ambassador of Dolce & Gabbana and has even developed her own collection of jeans for Rock & Republic called VB rocks.

They also began to take steps in America, David is launching his first fragrance for the American market, and later signed a contract to play for Los Angeles galaxy in early 2007.

David and Victoria became part of Hollywood in 2007
(Picture: Rex)

Beckhams to leave England and moved to the States, where they became part of Hollywood in Los Angeles – friends with stars, including Tom cruise and Katie Holmes, Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria.

Victoria also embarked on a reunion tour with the spice girls that year, reportedly earning a massive £10 million – and paves the way for her to start her own eponymous label.

She began with a collection of denim and sunglasses in the range before opening her eponymous label in 2008.

It was yet another Fashion Week and her company have gone from strength to strength and gave birth to child number four, a daughter named Harper, in 2011.

The Beckhams have kept their marriage despite the bumps in the road
(Photo: Getty Images)

David continued to bounce around clubs in Europe and America, until he retired from football in 2013.

However, things hit again in 2018 amid rumors of financial trouble at the fashion firm Victoria and David spend more time in the United States as he worked to establish his own a football club in Miami.

There was widespread speculation that marriage was on the rocks and divorce was imminent.

David disappeared from this Vogue cover
(Image: mirror.Ko.UK)

The representative tells the pair to stop the gossip, insisting that the pair are still very much together and blamed the rumors on social networks says

They said, “no statement in connection, no divorces, and a lot of Chinese whispers and fake social media news.

“This is all very strange and awkward waste of time”.

However, this does not damper the gossip, when Victoria appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine with four kids but without David.

Family in their Cotswolds mansion
(Photo: Instagram)

There seemed to be more trouble later that year when David was interviewed for the Australian TV show Sunday project, in which he admitted that marriage was “hard.”

He said, “was married to the amount of time that we have, it is always hard work. It gets a little more complicated.

“You make difficult situations, love to travel far, far away from each other – you make it work.”

But a couple managed to put their difficult year behind, returned to the UK with Victoria setting its MC at London fashion.

They also invested in a luxurious country house in the Cotswolds, where they were locked in a room with children.

Over the past few months, they looked happier than ever as they spent time together at home without work getting in the way.

There is no doubt that they have much to celebrate as they mark its 21st year as one of the strongest couples in show business.


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Katie Price’s feud with Victoria Beckham – including spitting on fake lip rings | Instant News

Despite sharing some similarities as a mom busy juggling a successful decade career in the public eye, it’s fair to say Victoria Beckham and Katie’s price have nothing but breast friends.

The couple has shared some very poisonous blows on and off the camera in the past.

Victoria remained tight-lipped over alleged allegations of a dispute between them, but was happy to release her back at the beginning of the naughies when Pricey dared to bash her fashion choices.

Back in 2000, Posh broke away from the Spice Girls and dipped his toes into the music world of Garage (with the help of Dane Bowers and True Steppers) and made himself an ‘edgy’ style to match.

Despite the improvements, novice fashionistas did not anticipate making headlines when he came out with (fake) lip piercings on stage with Dane at Party in the Park that summer.

Victoria’s lip ring at Party in the Park made front page news in July 2000
(Picture: Getty Image)

Nearly everyone has an opinion about Posh Spice’s controversial new look – including mortal enemy Katie Price.

Fortunately, documentary cameras captured the moment when Victoria was warned of a counterattack, including excavation from the KP.

The clips that reappear showed when Victoria picked up a showbiz magazine to read Katie’s thoughts about her transformation.

“That’s a very sad thing to do. I have an 11-year-old sister whose age group likes to copy what pop stars do so I know the effect on fans,” Katie said at the time.

Enraged, Victoria replied: “Jordan did a full frontal with his crotch and he came out and he said I was a bad influence by wearing a fake ring !?”

“I hate thinking about where he has a fake ring,” Victoria grumbled.

Victoria experimented with a different style as she broke away from the Spice Girls to begin her solo career
(Picture: Getty Image)

Katie Price calls the controversial Victorian appearance ‘pathetic’
(Image: FilmMagic)

A tense dispute between the pair is said to have sparked when Posh allegedly sang a bitchy pop song about Katie on Manchester United player room.

Katie previously claimed: “Years ago he sanded the song Who Let the Dogs Out in the Man United waiting room and at the nightclub David Beckham held my hand behind his back. Pete [Andre] went to him years ago to say I didn’t have a problem and he said to him, “That’s what it is”.

Katie then swiped: “He has a very handsome husband, a boy, and all the money in the world. He has no appearance, but you can’t have everything.”

Katie then changes the tone of her voice and says anyone who is rude to VB is ‘jealous’
(Image: WireImage)

Victoria has now stopped making music and runs her own fashion label
(Picture: Getty Image)

But overcoming their bad blood in 2013, Katie seemed to have a change of heart about ‘their downfall’.

He told Fubar Radio: “I have no problems. Whoever knocked him was jealous.”

Giving his admiration to Posh’s career, Katie added: “She has worked hard, she’s with David, she’s in a famous girl band, they play well and have good management.”

But the former glamor model admitted he felt as if Victoria had taken steps to avoid it.

He claims: “A few years ago I checked-in on a Virgin flight, they told me he was [Posh] knowing that I was in First Class and he changed his flight to get on another one.

“I’m Nemo in the sea, he’s a whale – bigger fish in the sea, I mean.”


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