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The Bay Area company Helix is ​​tracking the areas where the UK’s new COVID-19 variant is spreading | Instant News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – A Bay Area company working with the CDC to identify cases a new corona virus variant in the United States.

A more contagious variant, first observed in the UK, has been detected in eight US states, including California.

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San Mateo-based Helix has partnered with Illumina to sequence genetic material from a positive COVID-19 test, hoping to more quickly identify areas where the variant is spreading.

“Virus sequencing or virus surveillance is one of those tools that we don’t use as much as we should use during a pandemic,” said James Lu, President of Helix.

He said they were working to sequence about 1,000 samples a day, which is far more than the US has previously tested, but Lu said the goal is much higher.

“Britain, which is the world leader in virus surveillance, accounts for about 7% of all positive cases,” Lu said.

If the US were to test the same percentage, he said it would be about 10,000 genome sequences per day.

“I am almost certain that we are not doing enough genetic testing for the virus in the US,” said Dr. Charles Chiu, UCSF Professor of Laboratory Medicine, whose laboratory has identified two variant cases in San Bernardino.

While the CDC has formed a consortium known as SPHERES for public and private research institutions to submit test results, Chiu said, so far, efforts to carry out countrywide virus surveillance have been “fragmented.”

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The effect is the variant’s ability to spread undetected.

“Although it is still at a low level, it is still possible to stop its widespread spread,” Chiu said, but only if testing is increased and outbreaks can be identified quickly.

The collaboration between Helix and Illumina has identified 51 of the first 54 cases of variant B. 1.1.7 in the US

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Scientists have discovered that these amazing spiral beehives have a lot in common with crystals | Instant News

Humans have turned the construction of space into an art form, but we are not the only species with such dazzling achievements. A particular species of stingless bees in Southeast Asia and Australia really took this idea to the next level, creating spiral beehives comparable to bees in New York. Guggenheim.

We know bees are smart, but how to do this is still a mystery Quadrangle bee Try to create intricate spirals, bullseye and other irregularly shaped beehives.

Now, a team of international researchers has stepped up its search. Surprisingly, when scientists used mathematical models to study the patterns found in beehives, they found that the creation of beehives was surprisingly similar to the formation of crystals.

(A. Elke Haege, bd. Tim Heard)

Above: (a) target or bullseye pattern (T. carbonaria), (b) spiral (T. carbonaria), (c) double spiral (T. carbonaria) and (d) more disorderly terraces (T. hockingsi) Structure.

“Crystal growth and honeycomb structure are two systems operating in very different scientific fields. So, what are the reasons for similar structures? This is the beauty of the applicability of mathematics to nature.” The researchers wrote in the paper.

“It turns out that in different fields of science, similar laws and similar principles govern the formation of very different systems, so they are described by the same mathematics.”

As you can see in the image below, the honeycomb is not a flat structure. Instead, these layers are raised to allow bees to enter the terraces below. The researchers write that this can be imagined as a bee version of the spiral building of the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim Museum is a structure of the 20th century and is known as one of the most important buildings in New York.

Bee Spiral vs GuggenheimSpiral beehive and Guggenheim spiral level. (Tim Heard; Wallygva / Wikimedia / CC BY 3.0)

One of the researchers, Julyan Cartwright, an interdisciplinary physicist at the University of Granada, told ScienceAlert: “One of us-Antonio Osuna showed me some pictures of bee combs and I was hooked.”

“Since then, we have figured out the appearance of these patterns on bees, and we have been able to draw developmental ideas from the study of crystal growth and how mollusks make mother-of-pearl (mother-of-pearl), which shows a very similarity to that of bees. Spiral and goal pattern.”

When the team modeled how this structure is formed, they used two parameters to model the honeycomb. The first is the R value-meaning that different patterns are formed according to the radius of a layer of honeycomb cells.

Then α-provides a random probability distribution. In crystal growth, this may be caused by impurities; in honeycomb construction, it will be the degree to which bees can flatten the layer.

The larger the R, the larger each layer of the bull’s-eye or spiral will be, and the smaller will be overall. The larger the α, the more “chaotic” the terraces will be.

Figure 5 disorder(Cardoso et al., JR Social Interface, 2020)

However, despite our knowledge of a model, this does not really explain why this genus of bees produces such incredible patterns, rather than just building conventional old honeycomb layers.

Although research based on mathematical models alone cannot explain exactly why bees do this, the team believes that this is not a master plan, but rather some behavioral rules that encourage bees to use only “local information” to create these structures.

“When we do manual construction, we usually hire an architect to design the entire structure. This is global information,” Cartwright explained.

“It’s hard to imagine how bees would design combs by architects. But, if bees don’t use global information, how would they build them? For us humans, this is brick by brick without the architect’s plan. Build houses. We will show how bees can do this with only local information.”

This is definitely not the last news we heard about bee smarts- Swing dance, mathematics, And the incredible spiral houses, we are sure they still have attractive sleeves.

The research has been published in Royal Society Interface Journal.


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Newborn baby holds mom’s ‘failed’ coil contraception | Instant News

The woman who gave birth after her contraception “not” shared photo extra surprise to your newborn to come.

A little boy who was born in international hospital Hai Phong in Northern Vietnam, arrived in the world clutching his mom contraception device in a fun snap, which has since has gone viral.

While the mother remains anonymous, the images shared by the obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong, who said that she thought it was “interesting” he was clasping intrauterine devices (IUDs) as he came into the world.

“After childbirth, I thought he was holding the device, it was interesting, so I took a photo. I never thought he would get so much attention,” she said.

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Child’s 34-year-old mother said that she had a coil inserted two years ago, but obviously it’s not working, because later she found out she was pregnant.

Dr. Fong explained the device can be moved from its original position, becomes ineffective method of contraception and allows the mother to get pregnant.

The child was healthy at birth, weighing 3.2 kg, is the third child for moms who already have two children, the report said The sun.

Images difficult entry in Women in world caused a huge reaction online, with many declaring it “fun.”

“This child was meant to be born,” one wrote on Facebook.

“Someone I know it happened to her. Her child was born holding her coils,” said another.

Some people said it was “lucky” the device does not hurt women.

There are two types of IUD can be used by women to use, both of which are placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy, according Health Direct.

The difference between the two, which are both similar “T” shape made of copper acting as a physical barrier to prevent pregnancy, while the other is made of plastic and has a slow release hormone.

This is not the first time the child was born defiantly clutching not his mother contraception.

Back in 2017, a boy named Dexter arrived keeps implant Mirena is his mother, that his mother shared on Facebook.

“Mirena bad!” she captioned the snap.

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‘John ​​Wick 4’ Moving on ‘Matrix 4,’ Avoiding the Big Keanu, Producing a Box Office Summer Showdown in 2021 | Instant News

Unfortunately, Keanu Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 4 and Keanu Reeves’ Matrix 4 no longer scheduled to open the same day.

Lionsgate dropped a number of ridiculous new release dates yesterday. Because they did this while I was doing “dad’s work,” think of this as the “yesterday’s news today” post. Yes Before the war now scheduled for 21 August 2020, only a week after Wonder Woman 1984. And yes, as feared, Guards of Hitman’s Wives has been moved from 28 August 2020 to 21 August 2020. Meanwhile, Lionsgate does not have the courage to move Spiral: From the Book of Saw until 30 October 2020 and will instead schedule it for May 21, 2021 instead. To be fair, they put a new thriller Deon Taylor Fatale (starring Michael Ealy and Hillary Swank) that Halloween weekend, so it was a relative victory. Unfortunately, ever since Spiral now scheduled for next May, John Wick: Chapter 4 was moved to May 27, 2022.

The bad news is we now have to wait one more year for the next John Wick installment. The good news is, consider it also not delayed from the May 21, 2021 slot, Warner Bros. ‘ Matrix 4 no longer playing chicken with Lionsgate John Wick 4. Yes, Warner Bros. dropped the sequel directed by Lana Wachowki into the frame of the same pre-Memorial Day weekend that was occupied by John Wick 4. It makes sense for both franchises. Reloaded Matrix broke the record in 2003 with the debut of Fri-Sun $ 91 million / $ 134 million Kam-Sun on the main release date. John Wick: Chapter 3 opened with $ 56 million last May in the same frame before reaching $ 171 million domestically. Needless to say, we won’t really get the first two opening “Keanu Reeves” on the same day.

Idea about Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 opening on the same day is about possibility Batman v Superman open together with American civil war captain in May 2016. And since then Matrix 4 was in the middle of production when the coronavirus pandemic caused and halted production throughout the industry, temporarily John Wick 4 (best) In initial development, a sci-fi franchise will always be open before the franchise action. Of course, it’s always possible Warner Bros. has to delay Matrix 4 and move the big budget sequel to May 27, 2022 too. Or maybe Matrix 4 will stick to the summer slot of 2021 while Orion moves Bill and Ted Facing Music until May 21, 2021. Okay, now I’m just annoying just to amuse myself.

I will note that Lionsgate’s big release date randomly shuffles leaving Aneesh Chaganty Run undated, which is bad news for people who eagerly await the next film from the person who directs the dynamite Looking for, but don’t try. Heck, at this level the delay and rescheduling (bye bye Batman and Spider-Man 3), Matrix 4 might end up being one of the biggest films of the summer by default, along with Marvel Shang-Chi and the Ten Ring Legend, Lighting Waiter 2 and (if still a course) Universal Jurassic World: Dominion. But the great battle of Keanu Reeves vs Keanu Reeves will not take place, as far as has ever happened. We have to wait until 2022 until the next one John Wick film. Hopefully we still get Matrix movie next year.


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