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Meet The Designer Duo Who Turned Baroque Painting Into Fashion-Forward Jeans | Instant News

After enlisting the help of a digital printing company in Thailand to transfer images to straight cut jeans, designers quickly started gaining a simple but loyal following on Instagram. “We are online with the first 20 prototypes we have,” said Boss. “It’s not like we have lots of pants sitting at home waiting for customers, it’s more of a case to try them on and see what people think of them. We were very surprised by his reaction. “Since then, the couple has continued to distribute their work only through direct messaging, a sales model that suits them.” I think Instagram gives you so many opportunities that we didn’t realize before we started branding, “said Hartmann. also great for us, because through these direct messages you end up having very close contact with your customers, which is actually pretty cool. “

So what’s next for Ebony Tylah? “After all this feedback and seeing people getting into it, and moving away from the mysterious atmosphere we were trying to create, we wanted to focus more on working with some contemporary artists on limited edition works,” Boss said. Pay attention to this (carefully printed) space.


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Dress for a Hotter Planet: In Dubai, Sustainable Fashion Designers Are Facing An Uncertain Future With Creativity | Instant News

For all the “slowdown” we did last year, we are impact on the planet hasn’t really changed. NASA confirmed that 2020 was the warmest year on record, the equivalent of 2016. Global temperatures averaged 1.84 degrees Fahrenheit (1.02 degrees Celsius) higher, contributing to ongoing problems such as warming oceans, melting sea ice, and, perhaps the most obvious, the longer, hotter summers. Each degree increase in the crude global mean temperature results 1 billion people living in uninhabitable conditions, many cannot afford cooling technology. By 2070, that could be roughly one-third of the global population.

In parts of Africa and the Middle East, days feel like previews of what’s to come. In Dubai, summer temperatures hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), although with humidity it can feel more like 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius). As a result, the city has been designed almost entirely around automobiles, with retail developments that focus on air-conditioned public spaces, such as large malls, museums, and apartment buildings with markets, restaurants and other amenities built into them (so that the population is almost never needed it). to step outside).

None of this has anything to do with why people love living in Dubai: When it’s not too hot, it’s paradise, attracting tourists all year round for its stunning architecture, luxury resorts, and diverse arts and cultural sights. Dubai is also home to a growing class of young designers, many of whom have grown up in the city or across the Middle East. They built fashion communities from the ground up, communities that happily break with the trends and “rules” of New York and Paris. Combining Dubai’s innovative gifts with a rich cultural heritage and past, their collections reflect the city’s spirit with undeniable global appeal.

Reemami’s Reema Al Banna, All Things Mochi’s Aya Tabari, Precious Trust’s Wathek Allal, and The Cap Project (whose designer prefers not to be named) also have no intention of leaving Dubai, so reconciling the city’s futuristic landscape with its uncertain fate is of the utmost importance. be remembered. . Its sparkling development and growing economic power run counter to the city’s unique vulnerability to climate change: Within a few decades, Dubai could face scorching heat and floods if we don’t dramatically reduce our global carbon emissions.


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Saved by Bell-Inspired Mode, It’s Time to Reboot | Instant News

Class sessions are back at Bayside High! With Saved by Bell restart stream on Peacock, that Vanity Fair the fashion team wants to take a trip back down the aisles of our favorite high school. Whether you’re Zack, Lisa, AC, or Kelly, we’ll have you ready to go back to school in style, even with Zoom.

Zack Morris

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

Zack Morris, “that” guy at Bayside High, has always had a great style and a knack for wearing color. Recreating his classic look, we gave him a multi-colored Loewe cardigan, classic Rag & Bone jeans and new Adidas Originals sneakers from Wales Bonner. We know this is a look Kelly and Lisa would agree on.

Loewe Paulas Ibiza Multicolor Striped Cardigan

Rag & Bone Slim Fit Light Indigo Authentic Stretch Jean

Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner SL72

AC Slater

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

AC Slater, Bayside’s star athlete. We wanted to update his classic “athlete” look, so we swapped his tank top for a Champion shirt, giving him 80s Rag & Bone denim, and Nike Air-Force 1 to complete the look it should be. keep him calm in and out of the classroom.

Champion Logo-Embroidered Cotton-Jersey Shirt

Levi’s 501® ’93 Straight Leg Jeans

Air Force 1 ’07 Craft Full-Grain Leather and Suede Sneakers

Lisa Turtle

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

Lisa Turtle, Bayside’s rich fashionista – every high school needs her. We wanted to keep Lisa’s style as it is – why fix something if it ain’t broke – so we recreated her look with a vintage Guess jeans jacket, Isabel Marant floral skirt and Alison Lou earrings. Fashion was good then and now!

1988 GUESS Vintage Jacket

Isabel Marant Étoile Naomi Ruffled Floral-Print Cotton-Voile Mini Skirt

Alison Lou 14K Goldplated & Lucite Medium Jelly Hoop Earrings

Jessie Spano

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

Jessica “Jessie” Spano, known for her golden curls and one of the smartest Bayside. We wanted to recreate one of his more scientific looks, so we combined the Cuban Solid & Striped shirt, Brunello pleated shorts, and classic Frye combat boots – guaranteed to get an A + in style.

Voile Solid & Striped Cabana Printed Shirt

Brunello Cucinelli Space for Giants Pleated Twill Shorts

Frye Veronica Combat Boots

Kelly Kapowski

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

Kelly Kapowski, head cheerleading – need we talk more? We decided to pair Queen Bee of Bayside with this vintage-inspired Versace dress, Lizzie Fortunato earrings, and classic Jimmy Choo pumps. She’s guaranteed to grab attention at the next school dance.

Versace Barocco Rodeo Print Mini Dress

Lizzie Fortunato Eden 18K Goldplated & Multi-Stone Link Drop Earrings

Jimmy Choo Romy Patent Leather Pump

Samuel “Screech” Powers

From NBCUniversal / Getty Images.

Samuel Powers, better known as “Screech”, is the freak in the group, but he also has a subtle cool factor. We wanted to give this nerdy persona a hypebeast update – a Supreme shirt, Ahluwalia check pants, and a pair of classic Converse high tops will do the trick.

Ahluwalia Examining Wool Blend Safari Pants

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

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Face of the Fast-Food Nation | Instant News

In 2019, New York-based photographer Richard Renaldi began photographing fast food workers across the country. He was interested in the project, he said, because these are “the people millions of Americans see every day – but, at the same time, they are invisible, because much of the low-wage workforce is disrespected and taken for granted.” Renaldi used an old-fashioned large format viewing camera, the type with an accordion pleated wind instrument. This approach is time consuming: it takes about forty-five minutes of setup to get two to four images. “I like it that way, with the camera view, you stop and you see subject – you see each other, “he said. “It just slows things down.” The painstaking process has a different effect from what Renaldi calls the “take-and-go of lots of journalistic photos,” or mediocre cell phone photography. Renaldi’s black-and-white image is formal, sublime, like a 19th century studio portrait. The subject holds our gaze; they force us to look at humans in uniform. ♦

—Margaret Talbot


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“They Will Have Trouble”: Will Davos Be The Next COVID-19 Victim? | Instant News

Will the famous World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, be the latest victim of COVID? Does jetting to “Davos,” as an exclusive annual event, during a week of expensive wine and hobnobbing still make sense for tycoons and stable world leaders, given the program costs and the health risks of the pandemic? What Klaus Schwab, The 82-year-old founder of Davos, will it do so in the face of the increasing existential threat to her baby?

That’s a question that’s been circulating on Wall Street recently as the annual membership fees to hype clubs for big sponsors can seem to be as high as 1 million Swiss francs. “They’re going to get in trouble,” one of the Davos attendees explained to me. “… Many of my friends have postponed their Davos membership. You are permitted to hold it for two years before you lose your membership. And I know a lot of people who do that now. What Klaus did was he called out to those people and he said, ‘Hey, please don’t do that. I need your help now. ” ‘

What is clear is that Davos will not lose without a fight. The organization has taken a number of prophylactic steps to try to keep the World Economic Forum away from economic ventilators. Since the outbreak in March, the World Economic Forum has hosted more than 220 virtual Zoom events as a way to try to stay relevant during the pandemic. Then, in August, the Forum Board of Governors decided to rescheduling January 2021 physical meeting in Davos and decided to replace it with a virtual event. “It was a big decision and not taken lightly,” he explained Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray, managing director of the World Economic Forum, via Zoom, from Switzerland. “This is a very, very rare event.” That just another time The event was moved from Davos after September 11, when the Forum was held in New York City, all over the place, in November 2002. He hopes Davos will return in January 2022.

The so-called Davos Dialogue will be held almost the same week in January as the physical Davos formerly. Waughray promises a similar combination of world leaders and corporate executives – he won’t say who other than that he has “confirmations” from “leading figures in the G7 and G20 economies” – talk about the economy, the environment, social justice issues, stakeholder capitalism , and, of course, COVID. (Waughray noted that the President is Chosen Joe Biden been to Davos “five or six times” before and was aware of Davos’ “circuit”.) He also said Forum executives were holding back the cost of attending the event by promising more content and more ways to get that content for the same annual fee. “We don’t see a significant drop in overall earnings,” he said, although some companies, such as those in the travel and tourism industry cut back on “discretionary” spending like Davos, while others in the technology, banking sector and pharmaceuticals, appear to be benefiting from the pandemic, is still paying for Davos content.

Then, in May, in order to continue to “project that confidence into the next year,” said Waughray, the World Economic Forum intends to have a smaller, direct group, “safe and secure,” of about 1,000 participants at Tony Bürgenstock Resort, on Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland. Waughray said the area was “one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland, which was deliberately selected to be better that season.” He said that while it was too early to say whether as many as 1,000 people would attend in May, reactions to the rescheduling and relocation announcements had been “generally positive” but, he noted, reactions differed sharply by geography. “When you look at different parts of the world and all kinds of optimism about vaccines and the like – I mean if you look at China or Russia and you look at Europe or the US – you might have some different reactions,” he said.

There are two aspects of the Davos experience that are more difficult to replicate digitally. One, of course, is the flamboyant party that takes place in the evening and the opportunity for meetings between the rich and powerful that take place on the track, at a breakout session, or on the ski slopes. Waughray understood that. He said that at this point of the pandemic, people are getting more and more comfortable with Zooming calls and talking to other people from their homes. He said the Forum had been experimenting with virtual “green spaces” where panelists could meet and get to know each other and had tried to organize business leaders to meet digitally. “We are working hard to create moments like that,” said Waughray.

Media is another important ingredient for Davos. Cable business channels, such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg, set up outposts on Davos in January, broadcast continuously and hoping to break the news with one leader after another after they made the difficult decision to appear on location in Canada’s Goose. parka, or not. “It’s not Davos without the media,” said Amanda Russo, head of public engagement for the Forum, via Zoom. “It’s not. That’s the biggest part of it. I can’t imagine Davos without a television session, without an interview. People have lots of questions they want to ask. And we wanted to find every way we could to let them ask those questions.” But my sources tell me, at this point, business cable networks are wary of sending crew to Lucerne, in May, given the pandemic still raging in North America and in Europe. (Obviously, a successful vaccine deployment could change that dynamic in May.) Russia remains hopeful the media will continue to play an important role in the Davos Dialogue in January and at the Lucerne event in May. “That [corporate] partners expect it, “said Russo about interaction with the media. “They want to convey their message to the press. The press wants to talk to people. We definitely see it as part of the experience. “Regarding whether Schwab has asked people not to suspend their membership, Russo said the organization regularly checks with members and partners.


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