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Lack of Conventions Slams Hotel Doors, But Leisure Travel Takes Top Back in Lincoln | Local | Instant News

“Unlike FFA and their blue jackets, they just blend in. Most people don’t even know they’re here. But the city center certainly knew they weren’t there this summer. The loss of conventions, as well as the cancellation of Husker and high school athletes, arena concerts, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduation ceremonies, have hit downtown hotels hard. Cindy Lange-Kubick: Walking around downtown Lincoln on a beautiful fall day during the COVID-19 era of her staff. Embassy Suites, the other convention hotel, remained open, but laid off 92 people in May. That same month, a Hyatt call center in the city laid off more than 200 people. The city’s 5,500 hotel rooms, both inside and outside the city center, were nearly empty from March through early May. But Maul said they had a surprising comeback in business over the summer and fall. “People are still traveling in far greater numbers than we thought in March and April,” he said. We don’t have convention business. What we have is leisure travel. These figures are very positive. This possible case, Maul said, depends in part on a key factor in the fight against COVID-19.

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Board of Directors makes decision on out-of-town travel for athletics | Local | Instant News

Only participating athletes, including cheerleaders, from their respective sport may travel out of town for games or meet after action taken by the Falls School Board on Monday. In a 4-1 vote, the board agreed to provide a bus and van to out of town competitions with participating athletes allowed a seat that adheres to social distancing guidelines. Council member Toni Korpi voted against the motion. Board members Terry Murray and Roxanne Skogstad-Ditsch were not present. The motion included: if there is no room for participating players, they can be carried by a parent or guardian. Inactive players will not participate in out of town contests. Athletic Director Bill Mason will work with coaches on the number of active participants. Only 31 people can be transported in a combined bus and van to adhere to social distancing guidelines in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The motion was passed after a similar motion failed. The failed motion called for anyone to participate in games or out-of-town gatherings, however, if the number of participants exceeded the number of seats in the city. transportation provided by the school, the athlete would need “This was an interview,” Superintendent Kevin Grover told the Journal after the meeting. “The first motion included a ‘whatever it takes to get everyone there’ approach. The second limited it to only active participants. The problem came to the board after soccer cheerleaders earlier this month were not allowed to attend the Oct. 9 soccer game in Moose Lake. make it clear why the cheeleaders were not allowed to come to the game after the football club offered to cover the cost of an additional bus to transport them. “If there were no fees for school, why would (the administration) disagree with the girls? go to the game in Moose Lake? Crosby asked the board. “Why are the boys leaving and not the girls? What is the rationale for this decision? Crosby said cheerleaders pay athletic fees, which she says covers the costs associated with trips out of town. She argued that not allowing cheerleaders to travel takes them another right away during the pandemic, and called the decision discriminatory. “I’m not here to cause trouble… I’m here to fight for these kids and be theirs,” she said. Football coach Seth Ettestad said the football team is family, and that includes the cheerleaders. He said a fundamental flaw in society indicates that women are not worth the time. “It’s amazing how quickly we turn our backs on girls,” he said. “This family doesn’t stop with boys… we can’t do this without (the cheerleaders),” Koenig said. Korpi said his reservations boiled down to exposure. “The problem I have right now … most of the games we play are in St. Louis County,” she said, noting that there had been almost 2,600 cumulative cases of COVID 19 reported by the Minnesota Department of Health. “We’re going to send over 50 people on a bus to a different community with a very high number?” At the same time, am I looking at things like I want a lot of people to come to our community? little suspicion … bringing (the football team) into a community where the numbers are so high … would love to see them all go now, but the numbers are not sure. Board member Mike Holden said he wanted to see the cheerleaders travel out of town more than the players who can’t see the weather on the pitch. “You earn the right to travel on this bus,” he said. “In the old days you weren’t taking all the kids just because they were gone for sport. You deserved that right to go … I would like to see some adjustments to be made so that the pom- cheerleaders can go. ”Superintendent Kevin Grover said the council had the right to set limits on athletics, but warned members that whatever decision they made would set a precedent: this they do for a sport, the need to do it for everyone. uh athletics, “he said.” We don’t have enough buses to send two for each event … we have to be consistent at all levels. ” Michelle Hebner, board member, agreed, “I have no idea if this is a gender issue at all. … it is about being fair and safe,” said “We need to constrain the amount of transportation we provide as a district.” Hebner said she supports all sports, but financially providing more than one bus and one van seems unreasonable. “We just can’t do it,” The board went back and forth in an attempt to clarify what they were voting on, several members often asking for more information. With the similarity in the two motions presented, different members council often asked for clarification on who could travel, with whom to travel, who is considered an active participant and whether the intention was to limit exposure to COVID-19 to save money on transportation. we have to set a limit, ”Jen said n Windels, board member, adding that some sports have a higher number of participants. “It can get really complicated if a team has a booster (club) that can send everyone out, then we have 50 people leaving. I think we need to set a limit, but that has to at least include the basics.” Korpi said the reduction for now is crucial and suggested the board reassess when the COVID-19 numbers aren’t that high. keeping our schools open and staying on the same page, ”Korpi said, adding that it was difficult to cap it without real numbers. According to Windels, if sending more than one bus and one van is a tax decision, it makes sense. However, if the board allows someone else to get there on their own, there will likely be everyone. “Participation probably has its own interpretation,” she said. “That’s why we put our trust in Mr. Mason and Mr. Grover to make these decisions … I feel like it’s hard to set a limit and now we have 15 baby carriages accompanying their children. parents … I have a feeling we could create a bigger mess for Mr. Mason and legal problems for Mr. Grover. “Grover said that whatever the board’s decision has to be clear.” It has to be clear, so to speak, about what we’re going to do. allow, otherwise we’ll run into a problem, ”he said. we do an exact number and we stick with it, or we trust our administration a little bit, ”he said. “(Mason) can check the list with the coaches and the coaches can make these tough decisions based on that… I think cheerleaders are participating players too… We pay someone a lot of money. ‘one to make those tough decisions. , that’s my opinion … I would trust Bill to make his best judgment and limit our exposure based on the players needed. “.

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COVID-19 Changes Texas A&M Football Travel and Study Plans, Beginning With Saturday’s Game Against Alabama | Sports News | Instant News

“It definitely has some advantages, because we’re in a small, closed environment, it’s really distraction-free,” Childs said. “These Fridays it’s as good a study room as it gets because they won’t be leaving the hotel. They have to be there and everything is required, so that we can accomplish a lot. Those extra few hours have culminated in some of the best college semesters in the program, Childs said, as they catch assignments and issues that could typically fall through the cracks down the road with players. A&M defensive tackle Jayden Peevy said Thursday’s trip gave him a day to recover from the anxieties of flying. Support local journalism Your subscription makes our reporting possible. {{feature_button_text}} “For me, personally, I don’t like planes, so I feel like leaving a day before was a good thing for me,” said Peevy. “I could get jet lag out of my system so this is something I wish we could do, but COVID does [the later departure] understandable. Thursday’s starts began when Fisher was coaching at Florida State, initially as a way to combat the quick delays in the early kicks, he said. It continued to include every road trip, regardless of the kick-off time. Due to COVID-19 testing protocols, A&M will depart Aggieland on Friday this season, starting with the trip to Saturday’s 2:30 p.m. fight in Alabama. Players who have an early Friday class will attend these lessons, followed by a full team tour of town and lunch. The team will then board their charter plane and arrive in Alabama on Friday afternoon. .

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Pakistan plans to separate civil aviation regulatory operational units | Instant News

Islamabad: Pakistan plans to split the civil aviation authority (CAA) into two separate regulatory and operational entities to improve the overall performance of its sector of air transport, said a senior government official on Thursday.

The proposal was put forward in March 2019, but his discussion once again after the Minister of aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, claimed last month that “nearly 40 percent ” of the pilots of the country was a fake license.

Soon after the scandal, aviation experts have confirmed that the government should bifurcate the operations of the CAA to strengthen regulatory control over pilots and flight operations.

“The special Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers discussed the issue of bifurcation of civil aviation,” Abdul Sattar Khokhar, chief Secretary, Department of civil aviation, told Arab News on Thursday. “Once this is done, it will go for approval to the Federal Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament”.

“It will also allow you to remove the conflict of interest, as currently, the same organization acts as the regulator and provider of services,” he added, refusing to name the date of completion of the plan.

“Everything is processed and nothing is final at this stage,” he said.

The government has formulated a state policy in the field of aviation in March 2019 to make the regulatory role of the CAA is completely independent of rendering services within two years.

In accordance with the plan, SAA will be divided into the Pakistan regulatory authority Pakistan civil aviation administrations and airports. The scheme is also aimed at outsourcing the various airports of the country in two phases to improve the quality of their service.

The Association of the Pakistan airline pilots’ (Palpa) has said that the government did not consult the body over the plan bifurcation, adding that its members had serious reservations about the functioning of the licensing branch of the CAA.

“The government must consider the anomalies in the licensing process, as the recent debate about so-called fake licence has damaged the reputation of Pakistan in the world”, – said the President of the Association, Chaudhry Salman, told Arab news.

He said that the government had banned flights 101 pilots for “questionable” professional credentials, and they were all prosecuted against this decision.

“The government should impose fines or allow re-testing instead of revocation of licenses of pilots,” said Salman.

Aviation industry experts say about the bifurcation of the CAA will not automatically optimize manufacturing operations, if the government cleaned up the whole institution of “the black sheep and the crooks.”

“This is a good initiative, but regulatory and airport authorities should be presented in two different departments to get desired results,” the Afsar Malik, aviation, business consultant, told Arab news, adding that one of the blocks may present an aviation division, and others could work under the Cabinet division.

Said Malik outsourcing airports could help the government improve its effectiveness and profit, but “the full business plan needs to be formulated in advance.”


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Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union to praise the daughter Zaya in Interesting awards | Instant News

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union to praise the daughter Zaya awards interesting | PEOPLE.com

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