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The Springfield native serves at the commander’s task force station in Italy | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Springfield, Missouri, the original Jason Highley is currently serving on Commander Task Force 64, an assignment post in Naples, Italy.

Lt. Cmdr. Highley, who joined the Navy nearly 14 years ago, served as a surface warfare officer.

“Serving in the Navy means I respect the idea that I am not the most important person in the universe, that there are principles and ideas that are worth fighting for and dying to uphold and protect,” added Highley. “America has proven time and time again to be a staunch steward of these principles, and to light individual freedom and moral responsibility to the world. Hopefully this will take long. “

Highley graduated from Kickapoo Middle School in 2003 and graduated from the University of Missouri in 2007.

CLICK HERE to learn more about her experience through the Naval Community Outreach Office.

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Springfield businesses saw interest in board games soar during the COVID-19 pandemic | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Like many businesses, Meta Games Unlimited had to close its doors for weeks in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were all very scared about what was going to happen,” said manager Jeremy Bates.

However, Bates said things turned out better than expected. “After we got back there, everyone was really bored and wanted to play games, and they were here buying things like crazy.”

He explained that board games have improved.

“There’s a big thing with Kickstarter right now, like crowdfunding pages, and a lot of companies are using it to fund new board games.”

Due to the funding of new board games, a great deal has been introduced to the genre. But there are always fan favorites that are in demand every year.

“One year was probably a deck building game, and last year it was a roll and write game, it’s all just a different mechanism from the way you play the game.”

Not only did it introduce more games, but Bates said it brought more people to the shop and even more to the hobby.

“The nerdy or nerdy culture is now a little more socially acceptable than it was before. So, we must have had an increase in the number of people who might not have been our target demographic ten years ago. “

He stressed that interest in board games was always increasing, but the pandemic was playing a role too. “The pandemic has given him a little extra boost, and now has extra zing behind it.”

With an increasing number of people turning to the board game trend, there are several challenges, one of which is the availability of existing board games. Bates says fans have seen first-hand that many out-of-stock games take a little time to get back on the shelves.

Another challenge for the board game community is that many of these are group-related activities, and because of the pandemic, larger gatherings have been limited. Bates explained that Meta Games Unlimited has an open game area with a special table for wargaming. He said space usually brings together many players from all over the country. But now, the big parties and game groups they saw had reduced significantly.

“Now they have a small group of friends that they might meet in their own homes or elsewhere to play, and getting those guys back to the shop might be a bit of a challenge. So I don’t expect us to have the crazy hefty numbers of our events we are used to. It might increase a little slower. “

Despite the odds during the pandemic, Bates believes the board games industry will continue to thrive.

“They always introduce new things. But I mean, It’s growing at a fantastic pace, and everyone is having fun, and so are we. “

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Prepare your car for the holidays | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The American Automobile Association (AAA) expects a decrease of nearly 30% in the total number of travelers on vacation amid the pandemic. Predicting a large majority of travelers on vacation, around 81 million in total to leave by car this year, Ryan Kuse is a director at A1 Custom Car Care. He says that while fewer travelers take the roads this year compared to last year, customer traffic from auto stores has been average. He says there has been a recent increase as the holidays approach, which is typical as the holidays approach. “The actual number of clients is about the same. However, it doesn’t seem so spontaneous. Everything seems to be a lot more planned out, and everyone is sort of making those adjustments. Kuse says the most common thing people come for are oil checks and changes. But there are other important things that need to be checked. Windshield wipers: Changing your wipers will improve visibility. Better to change them now as the new year approaches, many people forget when and if they replaced their wiper blades. Check your tires: do not take any risks with your wheels when traveling long distances in winter. Your tire pressure, tread, and wheel alignment are essential to keep your driving smooth. Check all fluids: Take one last look at your fluid levels and make sure they’re all topped up (vital fluids: like engine oils, coolants, and washer fluids) to avoid unnecessary breakdowns during your vacation trip. Don’t Forget Your Winter Emergency Kit: Once your vehicle is safe for the roads, Kuse says there’s another essential item people forget to pack in the winter – a first aid kit. the car. “Make sure you have some sort of emergency supplies box or pack in the vehicle in case of bad weather. If you are traveling in snow or in bad conditions, have water and blankets and that sort of thing, so that you are prepared if you have unscheduled stops. For a full list of things to pack in your emergency, click here. Kuse, says it’s important for a qualified technician to review all the safety features of your vehicle and remind you of any overdue repairs that might have been overlooked or overlooked. Although stores may still have availability during the holidays, Kuse recommends calling and checking before picking up your vehicle. To report a correction or typo, please email [email protected] All all rights are reserved. .

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