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Rural hospitals in the Ozarks pay higher prices for traveling nurses during pandemic while filling gaps | Instant News

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Mo. (KY3) – As the number of coronavirus cases rises, some hospitals are recruiting mobile nurses to help care for patients, but the price of these nurses is rising, straining health centers rural. a traveling nurse who came from Georgia to work at Mercy St. Francis in Mountain View. “Nurses are getting smarter and wiser about how they take on these contracts because they are learning ‘well that’s what happened when I took this contract the first time I didn’t. don’t want to start over ‘or’ maybe this time I’ll be a little smarter and weigh exactly what the benefits are ‘because you can’t just be wowed by this financial increase from these expensive contracts, “At the start of the pandemic, Swann wasn’t getting many travel contracts, so when the one with Mercy St. Francis became available, she said she knew she had to take it. Swann says the salary was a bonus but the location of his work was instrumental in making h “Is the financial gain worth it? Are you going to be there to profit from the money you have earned because you are putting your health at risk,” Swann says “It all comes down to your own safety standards.” L Mercy St. Francis administrator Cindy Weatherford says in As the coronavirus began, nurses left the hospital because they could earn more money by going to other health centers. The hospital now has five travel nurses to fill gaps in its staffing. “The prices we pay for travel nurses have skyrocketed now,” Weatherford says. “It’s actually double now what it was before COVID and it can be a struggle for a small rural facility to try and make sure we are able to maintain the staff in our units and pay these really high costs for travel nurses. However, it’s not just rural hospitals that hire itinerant nurses. Karen Kramer, executive director of CoxHealth Springfield Hospital, says the hospital is looking for more nurses to open its new COVID-19 unit. “Every month we have to review what we are willing to pay and adjust our prices to stay competitive. to get help here, “says Kramer. Swann says that no matter where she goes, her goal as a nurse remains the same.” Our number one job as nurses is to protect you and when we say that we’re going to protect you, we’re going to keep you safe, ”Swann says. Copyright 2020 KY3. All rights reserved.

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Kitchen collects food, donations for those in need | KOLR | Instant News


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Drive through collection events are organized to collect Thanksgiving food for people in need.

Least of These says there will be other ways to support Holiday’s efforts.

“We can buy $ 10 worth of food for every dollar contributed,” said Kristy Carter, executive director at Least of These. “We can stretch those dollars further than you can at the grocery store. If you’re thinking about donating to the Least of These, but you don’t want to go to the grocery store and buy goods, make a cash donation. We can turn it into food easily and we can use your money. “

This event replaces the annual packing night, where volunteers gather to pack bags inside the facility.


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Some nice companies expect more traffic after the proposed Ordinance mask is not | Instant News

Nixa, Missouri. (KY3) – after many people have shared their views on the proposed mask Ordinance, and city Council members to vote in nikse in the night of Monday, some businesses in the area said they hope to see growth in the business.

In fact, one local restaurant owner said he saw the difference.

“Strangely enough, Yes, especially today, we had a few people come say they like it here because they don’t have to wear masks,” Pitts BBQ owner Brian Pithers said.

And he said that in addition to its regular customers.

“It seems that the locals who came today liberated.”Pithers said. “

And we were ready to go in any direction. And obviously, you know people who wear masks, we’re okay with that. If it’s Security, it is normal for them. But the people wearing the mask or not wear masks, we just entertain people and eating our food.”

Nixa chamber of Trade President Chris Russell said it is likely too early to tell whether business will increase in the area of customers.

“If there is an increase in traffic, which can be an advantage for some of our businesses,” said Russell. “And yet I am confident that our businesses will do the right thing, not only to make sure that people coming from Springfield and whoever was working that day.”

He said that many enterprises have taken great initiative in implementing their own security policies.

“I know that I am very proud that our company was able to do so far and the precautions they take are” in restaurants and retail outlets, to verify that the person is protected,” Russell said.

He said that the policy includes mask, Seating policy and disinfection policy. Russell also said that he had not seen many questions arise from their policies over the last few months. Now he said that the city needs to see if these policies continue to work, and then decide if you need to take additional steps down the road.

Russell said there was a mixture of business owners in the area that either supports the mandate or against it.

Pithers only cooked burnt ends and other various items for 14 months now, and he said that the shutdown was a difficult time. And add visitors from the cities with the mandates of the mask could not come at a better.

”We are ready. We are preparing more food! What can happen, and we welcome that. You know, we have a new restaurant, so people come in would be cool.”

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Heat Advisory remains in effect; more heat and humidity today | weather | Instant News

Springfield, mA (WGGB/WSHM) — the heat and humidity will continue today with another Scorcher expected! This is the warmest morning of the summer so far with temperatures ranging from 70-ies, and we will be back in the ‘ 90s times in the day with heat indices between 97-103 degrees.

Warm Tips remain in effect for the Central and Eastern parts of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin County until 8 PM. In addition to the Air Quality to unhealthy levels of ground-level ozone remain in force for all in the County of Hampden and Central and East Hampshire County until 11 PM tonight.

We may see a few showers this morning, then a weak front will bring in this day an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but most will stay dry during the day. Best chance to see the storm will be Springfield and points East as the front will be a bit more active in Eastern Massachusetts that day.

The front will bring a little relief tomorrow. It will be a little less humid, but still warm tomorrow with highs in the upper 80’s to nearly 90. There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Drier air should move in the end of the week to go to next weekend.

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