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Fall illnesses including the flu have halved with coronavirus restrictions, said the study in Germany | Instant News

Coronavirus measures such as wearing masks and social distancing have not only helped to stop the spread of Covid-19, they have also cut cases of cold weather disease by 50 percent, according to new data from Germany.

Flu, bronchitis and pneumonia cases all decreased significantly in northeast Germany, including Berlin, according to a study by health insurance company AOK Nordost.

From September to mid-November, the number of people on leave due to illness due to flu has halved compared to previous years.

Absence due to acute bronchitis fell by more than half, the study found, while sick days from pneumonia and gastrointestinal infections fell by a third.

The authors say this is likely due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

“Corona protection measures including masks, hand washing and distancing did not prevent a second wave of Covid-19,” the report said.

“The rules, however, have at least limited the spread of flu and other infectious diseases in the fall.”

The authors also speculate that an increase in flu vaccinations might also have contributed to a decrease in infections.

The study, released on Sunday, calculated more than 63,000 requests for sick leave throughout the fall in the northeastern German states of Berlin, Brandenberg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. All three states are home to more than 7.5 million people.

That period includes two weeks of Germany’s ‘light on lock’, which begins in November.

This month, tougher coronavirus measures were introduced nationwide – including closing bars, restaurants and cafes, along with strict restrictions on group gatherings, travel and leisure activities.

The authors found a more significant reduction in sick leave in the larger, more rural state than in Berlin. In Brandenberg, sick days were reduced by about 15 percentage points and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by about 12.

They fell only 8 percentage points in the German capital, which the authors attribute to sustainable use of public transport.

“Even under contact restrictions, more people meet in Berlin than in the greater state – for example on the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and buses,” the report said.

“More contact means more opportunity for infectious disease to spread.”


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‘Now we have peace’ | Instant News

The First Eunuch Church, which congregates in informal spaces rather than in actual buildings, is Pakistan’s only transgender church.

“We no longer need to worry about worship,” explained Angel. “Now we have our own church and we worship here. Now there [some] peace in life. “

In 2018, Pakistan introduced what was hailed as the most progressive legal protection for transgender people in Asia. The law allows them to identify their own gender on official documents and guarantees protection from harassment.

Pakistan’s last census in 2017 recorded around 10,000 transgender people, although the real figure is thought to be much higher.

In reality, however, discrimination and physical assault remain rife and many say they have little opportunity to earn money other than sex work and begging.

“Words can’t describe how hard it is for a trans person to get from church to church,” said Angel, who runs a beauty salon at the Buffalo colony in Karachi. “When sitting on a chair, the people who sit together will separate. Some would say it’s a ladies place. Do not sit here. “

“God is ours like ordinary people.”


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Italy’s new season olive oil is hugely popular – and won’t be available for long | Instant News

It’s a vibrant dark green – very rich and distinctive to taste. Fèlsina oil is made from four different olive varieties, including the very spicy corregiolo (aka frantoio). Giuseppe Mazzocolin explains that it has been much further enhanced with his work to understand what each variety has to offer to the mix.

The oil from Selvapiana, located in Chianti Rufina in the northeast of Florence, roughly the northern frontier where olive trees can grow in this region, is also extraordinary: elegant, fragrant, citrus, and grassy Tuscan oil. . It’s also a great treat to taste the excellent unfiltered Capezzana oil – which I often buy – for which they have been making oil since Roman times, if not Etruscan.

“Tuscan cuisine comes from farmers. It’s very simple. And olive oil is the most important ingredient. This really is what makes the difference, ”said CapezzanaCountess Beatrice Contini Bonacossi emphatically. He should know. His family doesn’t just make it, in their house they spend 70 liters a year, “Actually more than 100 liters this year because it’s locked, everyone comes in for lunch.” Beat it, if you can.

For more information on olive oil from Fèlsina, Capezzana and Selvapiana, visit libertywines.co.uk.

Elizabeth Berger oil is available via frantoi.org.

How to taste olive oil

Use a wine glass or small cup

Olive oil tastes best neat, although you can taste it by dipping it in a loaf of bread if it’s an overly intense experience.

Don’t pay attention to color (or do)

Professionals say color doesn’t matter, but I was with David Gleave when he said, “I always saw it because it was so vibrant when it was young and green”.

Sniffed then took a sip

Sniff to catch aromatics then sip and flush the oil through your mouth. Corregiolo olives are very hot, pendolino flavor almonds bitter, taggiasca spicy, like pine cones.

Eat an apple

Bite on the apple to clean the roof of your mouth between the oils.


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How to wear velvet now, according to our fashion editor | Instant News

With what is going to be party season on the horizon, there is an easy way to feel dressed up without getting full of glam. Velvet is comfortable and luxurious, so it can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. Our fashion editors have selected their favorite outfits to buy now …

Bandages for wounds

‘I love how rich and luxurious the velvet look is, a quality that is really emphasized in the form of the accessories. With the festive season looking a little different this year, the velvet headband is perfect if you’re making video calls to friends and relatives or if you just want to feel a little fancy for a Saturday night on the couch. ‘

Bethan Holt, Director of Fashion News & Features


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SSU commando professional standards are respected | Instant News

The civil servant delegation praised the professional standards maintained by the command of the Special Security Unit (SSU).

During the visit on Saturday, the delegation led by Karachi II Supplementary Commissioner Dr Waqas Roshan appreciated the SSU’s professional standards and steps being taken to enhance the commandos’ ability to combat terrorism and ensure foolproof security.

The team consisted of the Director General of Taman Karachi Taha Saleem, Assistant Commissioner Baldia Abdul Hanan Bhutto, Assistant Commissioner Orangi Syed Jahangir Ali, Assistant Commissioner Shah Faisal Noor Leghari, Assistant Commissioner for Karachi Headquarters Syeda Jasiah Fatima, Assistant Commissioner Murad Memon Farooq Soomro, Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Kanwal Bhutto, PS to Commissioner Karachi Ahmer Pasha and Deputy Secretary Akram Bhutto.

The SSU spokesman said SSU commanders briefed delegates on the functions of various parts of the SSU and the steps being taken to form the country’s first Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.

He also informed them about the advanced professional training provided to commandos and the issuance of ISO certificates by the UK Accreditation System (UKAS) on maintaining international standards in the field of conducting counterterrorism operations and providing highly accessible security services for vital, national installations. and foreign officials.

DIG’s Emergency Services and Security Division, Maqsood Ahmed met with the delegation and said they were focused on giving utmost attention to providing all possible professional training to commanders from various special training units of the Pakistan Army, navy and air force to meet modern needs. . challenges, especially in the counterterrorism and security aspects.

DIG Security also briefed delegates on improving the operational capabilities of the Madadgar-15 highlighting response times which, he said, had dropped from 30 minutes to 7-8 minutes.

Then, he gave a shield of honor to the Karachi Supplementary Commissioner Dr Waqas Roshan and souvenirs to the participants.


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