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The UK will travel to New Zealand for a series of three tests next month | Instant News

England’s absent international netball schedule got a big boost after it was announced they would travel to New Zealand next month to tour against world champions Silver Ferns.

The Vitality Roses will play three Tests against New Zealand in Hamilton starting October 28, all of which will be broadcast on Sky Sports. Their first competitive stunt since the January Africa Cup of Nations, the tour was a major development and a positive step for a sport that has been dormant in England since March, after a domestic season had to be abandoned due to Covid-19.

The Taini Jamison trophy will be at stake, but before competing, the squad must be quarantined for two weeks. The England squad returned to training in July, while New Zealand’s domestic league, ANZ Premier League, continued throughout the summer and ended last month, so the Silver Fern will likely be closer to fit.

Vitality Roses Head Coach, Jess Thirlby, said: “We are very excited about the prospect of a tie with Silver Fern. This will be the first time Vitality Roses have played together since January, which feels like an old memory now.

“Neither of us is prepared to deal with the impact of COVID-19, that means the international calendar has been affected and Roses will have to adapt to a new way of training in the meantime. However, as a team they have worked together through these difficult times and I am delighted that they will now have the opportunity to gain more international exposure after a troubling year and as we build towards the home of the Commonwealth Games.

“We realize things are still very uncertain around the world because of the pandemic and we have taken every precaution to keep our players and coaching staff safe, which we will continue to do as we depart and return from New Zealand. I hope the fans will be excited to see Vitality Roses on their screens again after a long time, we will be there representing the netball family and proudly say we will bring our athletes back to the international stage. “

England last played New Zealand in January, losing a landslide 64-48, so will go into the game as underdogs. The Roses squad will be announced early next week, and will likely include players currently in Australia and New Zealand, who play their domestic netball in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Credit must go to the two respective netball countries for working together to make this happen,” said Silver Ferns coach Dame Noeline Taurua. “I know it has not been an easy season for England but this series really marks the beginning of the next four-year cycle for both countries heading into the next World Cup. This series will be great for netball games. “


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The Italian president rebuked Boris for his ‘love of freedom’ comments while Carrie was on holiday in Como | Instant News

Current regulations in Italy require people to wear face masks between 6am and 6pm where there are large gatherings in crowded pubs, bars and piazzas. But those in small groups, such as Ms Symonds, were released.

“Carrie looks very relaxed,” one tourist told the Daily Mail. “He smiled and laughed with his friends. It was as if he didn’t care in the world. “

Symonds’ shock holiday in Europe shows that the 32-year-old chose not to heed advice from Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon, who this week urged people not to travel abroad or book any holidays unless essential “given this is a global pandemic”.

While it is not known when Symonds traveled to Italy, the last time she was seen in public with Johnson was at Wilfred’s Baptism in the Chapel of the Lady at Westminster Cathedral on September 12.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister attended the Battle of Britain service at Westminster Abbey without him.

News of Symonds’ vacation came after separate controversy in Italy engulfed his partner, Johnson, this week after an Italian airport official claimed he had flown to Perugia Airport on September 11 and flew again on Monday 14.

Irritated by claims he had traveled to the Italian city amid the pandemic, Johnson’s spokesman insisted that journalists could “confirm with the priest” that he actually baptized his son in Westminster Cathedral on the day.

Finally, after a day of rumors and speculation, the airport president admitted that it was actually Tony Blair – not Mr Johnson – who traveled through the airport on the weekend of September 12-13.

The airport described the jumble as a self-admitted “stupid mistake”.

A representative for Ms Symonds was approached for comment.


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The British and Italian responses to the coronavirus have been very different, lawmakers said | Instant News

As Britain battles a second wave of coronavirus infections, lawmakers heard on Wednesday how Italy, the epicenter of the European coronavirus spread in February, managed to reverse the tide of the disease.

Italy’s response to the coronavirus outbreak was once considered too extreme, but one that is difficult since it helps suppress infection, a group of experts told the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Wednesday.

Britain, on the other hand, was too complacent and even now, was like the country face a growing threat, the measures are not strict enough.

Britain is now facing a second wave of the virus and more temporary restrictions in Italy seems to have escaped a major resurgence of the disease so far. As of Wednesday, Britain has nearly 5,000 cases, while Italy has 1,300.

The two countries have the same size population but the cultural gulf between the two countries has produced different epidemiological results, Professor Paolo Vineis, head of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Unit at the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine, told lawmakers.

“The Italian response was seen as exaggerated and too family-oriented, but effective,” he said.

The country has not seen a major resurgence of cases since the lifting of the lockdown in June, as the Italian government used the shutdown period to strengthen the regional network of general practitioners and establish a strong contract tracking system, the professor said.

Italians are also broadly “compliant” with the ongoing coronavirus measures and many continue to wear masks, he added.

The contrast between the British and Italian responses is very different, Professor Luca Richeldi, Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Modena agrees and a member of Italy’s strategic committee on Covid-19 agrees.

“If I have to give my honest opinion on the UK’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, I am very surprised,” he told lawmakers.


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How Germany avoided the Covid disaster | Instant News

The numbers tell a serious story. Last month, when infections started to spike in Britain, the same was true in Germany.

As of August 14, 1,440 new infections were recorded in the UK, compared with 1,449 in Germany. But while they have continued to improve in Britain, in Germany the curve has leveled off again.

As of Tuesday, 4,926 new cases were registered in the UK, compared with 1,821 in Germany. There are no new lockdown measures in Germany, and life is less restricted than in Britain – nothing equates to the “rule of six”, and as many as 1,000 people are allowed to gather in some areas.

Modern Germany is generally a less regulated society than Britain. There is no alcohol prohibition on Berlin public transport.

Smoking is still permitted indoors in designated “smoker pubs”. Germany is also not a law-abiding country.

It is mandatory for those who visit restaurants to leave their contact details under coronavirus rules, but in some recent cases, restaurants reported that “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck” appear to be their most frequent guests.

Even experts disagree as to why the infection rate in Germany is lower. Some say it’s just luck. Prof Drosten says the second wave is on its way, it’s just not here yet.


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Italians fear a second wave of Spanish style because the number of coronavirus cases is increasing | Instant News

The sharp increase in coronavirus cases in Italy has sparked concern The second wave of Spanish stylee pandemic.

Italian authorities reported 386 new cases on Thursday in the previous 24 hours, the highest daily number since the end of May.

On Wednesday, 289 new cases were recorded, while on Tuesday there were 212 cases.

There has been a local outbreak throughout the country and there are special concerns about migrant reception centers near the northern city of Treviso, where 133 of the 293 migrants tested positive for the corona virus, although all were reported asymptomatic.

Most new cases are registered in Veneto and Lombardy, the two northern regions bear the burden of the Italian pandemic, accounting for about half of the total fatalities in the country of 35,000.

The number of people who died, however, remains low for now – three died on Thursday and six on Wednesday.

The surge in cases was counted, in part, by infected travelers coming from abroad, including a number of Bangladeshis who had tested positive.

But another key factor is people gathering in bars, restaurants and beach resorts, as the country has gradually reduced guard after three months of tight locking.


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