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Angela Merkel faces a lockdown rebellion as German territories relax Covid restrictions | Instant News

In the last round of talks in early February, Mrs Merkel dashed hopes of an early reopening by introducing new infection targets. Just as the weekly national infection rate was close to the previous target of 50 per 100,000 people, he lowered it to 35.

The move has proved hugely unpopular and local governments are now under pressure to loosen restrictions even though tariffs are starting to increase slightly again. Several regional leaders are facing elections this year and say they cannot ignore public opinion.

One of Merkel’s key allies made the anger among the states clear-cut in an unattended statement at an online conference this week.

“We are destroying livelihoods. And also state finances, ”said Volker Bouffier, regional leader of Hesse, Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt.

Losing his temper, Bouffier predicts the next week’s talks will be “messy, wild screams from the chancellor to Bavaria and back, and eventually people will go crazy”.

Mrs Merkel and Jens Spahn, the health minister, promised to introduce free rapid tests so that some restrictions could be relaxed.

The idea has been championed since last fall by a controversial mayor who has become one of Germany’s most outspoken critics of the lockdown.

“For weeks all I hear from Berlin is that the rapid tests have not been approved,” said Boris Palmer, the mayor of Tübingen. “I’m not waiting for permission to pick my nose.”


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More than 40 migrants died off the coast of Italy when pregnant refugees set themselves on fire in a Greek migrant camp | Instant News

At least 41 people drowned in the Mediterranean after a ship capsized sailed from Libya to Italy last week, the UN refugee and migration agency said on Wednesday calling for coordinated action by European countries to address the migration emergency.

It happened when an Afghan refugee who was eight months pregnant tried to set herself on fire in a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos in protest against the squalid living conditions. He will appear in court on Thursday and may be charged with arson after his tent was set alight.

The ship with a capacity of 120 people capsized two days after leaving the Libyan coast on February 18. The passengers included six women, one of whom is pregnant, and four children, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR said in a joint statement.

According to the survivors, the boat began to submerge in water about 15 hours after taking off. At least six people died after falling into the water, while two others tried to swim into a boat that was visible in the distance and sank.

After about three hours, a rescue ship approached the canoe to try to help the stranded passengers but more people lost their lives in the arduous operation, IOM and UNHCR reported, without providing details.

Only one body was found and those who went missing included three children and four women, one of whom had a newborn baby.

“Saving the lives of refugees and migrants in distress in the Mediterranean should once again be a priority for the European Union and the international community,” the agency said.

About 160 people are believed to have died in the Central Mediterranean since the start of 2021.

Tens of thousands of migrants traveling along the deadly route through Libya to the Central Mediterranean have fallen victim to brutality at the hands of traffickers and militias.

Of the more than 3,800 people who have reached Italy by sea so far this year, more than 2,500 have left Libya. There, returnees are forced into arbitrary detention and risk becoming victims of abuse, violence and major human rights violations, the agency said.

The Afghan refugee in Greece, aged 26 and a mother of two, has been told relocation to Germany was approved last week, but she was not allowed to leave the camp as she is staying weeks away to give birth.

After repeatedly filing complaints against the decision, on Sunday the woman took her children out of her tent, walked in and started a fire.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Migration told the Telegraph that he regretted his move and walked out of the tent, but he suffered minor burns. The fire was put out by camp personnel assisted by several of its residents.

A UNHCR spokesperson told The Telegraph that the situation for residents in Kara Tepe remains precarious and the work needed to upgrade the facilities is still ongoing.

The camp was designated as the main one in Lesbos after arson attacks burned down the notorious Moria camp in September 2020.

Refugees and asylum seekers are suffering from harsh weather conditions this time of year, along with more long-term problems related to their living conditions, Covid-19 restrictions and the indeterminate time they have to wait on the island before being moved.


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Babylon is listed in the United States, with a valuation of up to 4 billion US dollars | Instant News

It is said that Babylon (Babylon) is considering listing in the United States because its business continues to grow during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the value of this health application may reach 4 billion US dollars (2.8 billion pounds).

This Digital Health Company Sources told Bloomberg that several special purpose acquisition companies have been in contact with the merger and listing through Spac.

It is also believed that Babylon is considering the traditional US initial public offering.

This Health Technology The group has its own digital doctor app and also provides instant NHS GP services. It has been expanding its business in the United States for a long time and is currently providing advertisements for the SEC report and technical accounting director in San Francisco.

Ali Parsa, chief executive of Ballon, told The Telegraph earlier this month: “We have a business in the United States, and now we have the same number of companies in the United States as British companies. ”

Yesterday, the company also announced the appointment of chief business officer, chief operating officer and chief technology officer for its US operations.

The US$550 million cash injection led by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund valued the company at approximately US$2 billion in 2019.

Last year, when the coronavirus pandemic, it allowed Babylon to develop. The company hopes this is a watershed in health technology.

Parsa said: “There is no doubt that we need to get rid of this epidemic and reconsider the mode of providing medical services.” He envisions a future where people can monitor their health before they become sick so that they can find out early. Warning sign.

He said: “What we do with cars now is that we have buried a lot of sensors in the car to monitor all the conditions of the car, and then the sensor will tell us when the car broke down.”

“Imagine a world in which we do this. We collect so much data from you to your device, so our job is to monitor you so that you will never be surprised. ”

A representative of Babylon declined to comment.


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An Italian landslide dragged 200 coffins into the sea near a popular tourist resort | Instant News

Hundreds of coffins were carried away and dipped into the sea after a landslide on Tuesday hit a grave in a village near Genoa.

Coffins and rescuers in Camogli, a cliff-side village near the northern city of Genoa, rushed to rescue the coffins, many of which were damaged or crushed after falling on the rocks about 50 meters below the burial.

Only a dozen coffins from more than 200 swept away had been found as of Tuesday afternoon.

Images of an open and partially crushed coffin floating in the green waters of Camogli were published by most Italian media and shared widely on social media.

The landslides appear to have been caused by coastal erosion, exacerbated by the severe storms that have hit the northern region of Liguria in recent years. It also destroyed two chapels at the Camogli cemetery.

Genoese prosecutors have opened an investigation into the disaster, examining recent construction work in the area, which they think may have played a role in the landslide.

Local news reports suggest that the slopes at Camogli started experiencing instability problems after a major storm in 2018. Work to reduce instability in cliff sections is ongoing.

Families who lost their relatives’ bodies at sea would be offered support, the mayor of Camogli said.

“We will do our best to identify the bodies using DNA testing as well,” said Francesco Olivari. “We are also planning to create a team that will provide psychological support to these people, who were very surprised.”


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The ‘Nazis’ used improvised flamethrowers to attack indigenous families in Australia | Instant News

The hunt is ongoing after a man decorated with a swastika used an improvised flamethrower to attack an Aboriginal woman and her daughter in Australia.

On Tuesday, police in Perth, Western Australia, released a composite image of a man showing the white Nazi symbol painted backwards on his face at the time of the attack.

The man was also caught by security cameras in the area who were dressed almost entirely in black, except for what appeared to be an oversized red neck tie adorned with several white swastikas.

At around 6:20 p.m. on Saturday in the southern Perth suburb of Gosnells, attackers approached the 40-year-old woman and her 15-year-old daughter, shouting racist abuse before using a can of deodorant and cigarette lighter to spray fire on them.

The woman suffered minor burns to her arm and the assailant escaped on foot.

Senior Detective Sgt Sean Bell, of the State Security Investigation Group, said police considered the attack to be racially motivated, and described the attack as “violent”.

Det Snr Sergeant Bell said the flamethrower attacks were “random and cowardly”, targeting mothers and daughters who were “just doing everyday business”.

“The potential for serious injury is definitely there, lucky enough he’s not close enough to do that,” he said.

“Any assault on a mother and daughter who is just running a legitimate business by trying to get something to eat for dinner is a terrible act … If you add a racial element, that’s certainly not going to be tolerated by society and we treat it very, very serious .

Det Snr Sgt Bell added that all available resources had been allocated to tracking the man.

“Someone in the community knows who this person is and we ask members of that community to contact us and help identify this person,” he told a press conference on Tuesday.

Police say nothing at this stage has linked the man to a specific Neo Nazi gang or white supremacist group, but an investigation is ongoing.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) warned in its 2019-2020 Annual Report that the 2019 Christchurch attack “continues to be used for inspiration by far-right extremists around the world”.

“These groups have also become ideological: more aware and committed to certain dogmas, philosophies and views… The Covid-19 pandemic has been used by right-wing and issue-motivated extremists to promote their views.

“They are trying to exploit social and economic dislocation; and their extremist ideology has spread more rapidly and widely as Australians spend more time online engaging with like-minded individuals.”

The report also states that in 2019-20, extreme right-wing individuals comprised about one-third of all ASIO counter-terrorism investigations subjects.

Perth is home to the notorious Australian Nationalist Movement, which burned down five family-owned businesses of Asian descent, and bombed other businesses, in 1988 and 1989.

In 1990, the ANM leader, using the blatant fascist image and slogan, Jack van Tongren, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for 53 offenses.

He was released in 2002, and in 2004 three Chinese restaurants were bombed in Perth, and fascist posters were affixed to synagogues and businesses owned by families of Asian descent.

Van Tongren received a two-year prison sentence in connection with this attack, suspended on the condition that he leave the state of Western Australia. The movement was disbanded in 2007.


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