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Basketball: New Zealand Breakers lose Corey Webster to a hand injury | Instant News


Corey Webster’s shooting prowess will be missed by the NZ Breakers when they open for the NBL 2021 season on January 13. Photos / Photosport

New Zealand Breakers star Corey Webster will miss at least the first two weeks of the Australian National Basketball League season after slicing a nerve in his hand with a knife in his kitchen.

Webster, who has been wracked with chaos in 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic, will now start the season on the sidelines after breaking a hand in an unsuccessful attempt to cut avocado.

“Corey tried, maybe without success, to prepare dinner for himself and when he was trying to play one on one with the avocado, the avocado hit him and he got a pretty serious cut on the palm of his hand,” Breakers coach Dan Shamir told Newstalk ZB.

Webster, a guard shooting specialist for Breakers, has had surgery for a wound affecting the non-firing hand and will be limited to training for the next month.

“Actually, he needed surgery because one of the nerves in his palm was damaged.

“At first we didn’t know how badly and how long it would take, but yesterday, when he visited the surgeons again, they were very happy that everything was fine and he would be able to play; but it would take another four weeks for him to recover. completely so he would have missed the first [two] week of the season.

“He’s not going to be able to play basketball too much because of the danger of these cuts and stitches having to heal properly. Therefore he won’t be able to bounce the ball or catch or anything like that.

“We will do everything to keep him fit as much as possible and I am just happy that it is his left hand and not his shooting hand and hopefully over time he will come back to himself.”

This latest setback for Webster comes after 2020 which saw his career stalled by a worldwide health crisis. He left the Breakers mid-season to take up a lucrative contract in China’s basketball league, but returned home soon after the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan province.

Unable to join the Breakers late match in the playoffs, he opted to play in Italy – one of Europe’s top basketball leagues – just at a time when the country was becoming the epicenter of the continent’s disease.

However, after just one game for Virtus Roma’s team, the league was postponed and he was once again back on the coast of New Zealand.

For Breakers coach Dan Shamir, this latest setback is one of many trials the club faces ahead of the 2021 NBL season.

“My reaction is that there are so many things that have happened to me for the first time in recent months and this is another one. Even so, it is annoying enough, this is out of court, but these things can happen and I am happy that the timing will not too long.

“I’m sure he will be back soon, healthy and will help us a lot.”

The NBL Breaker campaign is expected to kick off on January 13th with a match against Melbourne United, although doubts remain as Australia battles several Covid-19 outbreaks.


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New Year’s Awards 2021: The constellation of Kiwi stars shines brightly | Instant News

Get up, Sir Dave Dobbyn (left). Artists have been respected for music services for decades. Dame Anne Salmond (right) has been made a member of the Order of New Zealand. Photos / Files

The many people praised at this year’s New Year’s awards are not surprising – their names are well known.

One of them is a musician Dave Dobbyn, whose classics are well-known to many and will likely be on the playlists of many New Year’s gatherings tonight.

Dobbyn is one of four people who will become the Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

READ MORE: New Year’s Awards: Full list

Then there is public health expert Professor Michael Baker who frequently appears in the news offering his expertise as the Covid-19 crisis hits New Zealanders throughout the year. Baker has been appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to public health sciences.

There are also names like Rob Fyfe, former chief executive of Air New Zealand, publisher Roger Steele, and Burton Shipley – husband of former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.

However, there is another name that many people have never heard of. Many of the 154 people currently respected are not household names. Two people – members of the Defense Force – cannot even be named.

So far, the largest number of awards have been given for contributions to community, voluntary and local services.

They include men and women from every region of New Zealand.

On top of today’s awards were Maori health leaders and visionaries, Professor Emeritus Sir Mason Durie from Feilding, and Dame Anne Salmond from Auckland.

Both have been members of the New Zealand Order, joined by Richie McCaw and Helen Clark. Previous members include Sir Edmund Hillary and Dame Whina Cooper.

Sir Mason Durie is a recipient of the Order of New Zealand.  Photo / Provided
Sir Mason Durie is a recipient of the Order of New Zealand. Photo / Provided

Durie and Salmond have earned accolades in careers for decades. Their accomplishments cover many areas, and space quickly runs out when describing their work.

Salmond, a Pākehā who studied Te Reo Māori in the 1960s when it was far from being fashionable to do so, was a mold breaker.

Maybe Dobbyn too. Its musical output has spanned decades and different genres, providing soundtracks to some of Aotearoa’s brightest and darkest moments.

Dobbyn told the Herald that his famous 1986 hit song, Slice of Heaven, didn’t really belong anywhere when it was released.

Even though the song went against convention, Dobbyn remained confident.

“I know it’s a winner.”

Dan Salmond, who has praised his New Zealand colleagues, said our achievements as a country this year should make us all proud.

Defying the destroyers, the Kiwis of 2020 are determined to lock in, and embrace the concepts of kindness and aroha as a brutal pandemic looms.

That success made Salmond hope for around 2021.

“In many ways when I think about the future, I am very optimistic about what we can do here at Aotearoa.”

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Rise up Sir Dave, faithful knight

David Joseph Dobbyn, KNZM
For music services

Dave Dobbyn has been the Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit at this year's New Years Awards.  Photo / Provided
Dave Dobbyn has been the Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit at this year’s New Years Awards. Photo / Provided

Songwriter Dave Dobbyn thinks he’s at a loss for words. It’s not the glamor in Rhythm and Vines or the frantic rockstar lifestyle that baffles her.

He had just arrived from the motel in his van, he was sober and, nearly an hour before he played, he was chatting on the phone from a house near the Gisborne festival stage.

It was an upcoming knighthood title that confused him. Will his arm be cut off in an ancient royal ceremony? Will he be given war horse knights to replace the van?

“I don’t know what to say. It’s all new territory. I’m not really sure because I don’t believe what I’m reading. So I have to ask my wife to interpret it.”

Together with politician David Carter, broadcaster Ian Taylor and reo and tikanga professors William Te Rangiua Temara, Dobbyn will become a Knight Friend of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

That’s a wordy way of saying you can now call him Sir Dave.

Dobbyn said his children responded to the news with joy and appeared incredulous.

“Then I started ordering them – but it didn’t work.”

Dobbyn sounds like an old friend you meet after a few years, or your favorite uncle, who you only see once every few Christmas but immediately disarms you with hilarious anecdotes.

He said tonight he would be removed from the stage before 8pm like some “old man” the organizers didn’t want.

“They want to make us a cup of tea before 8.”

He joked that he would then be replaced with “doof-doof music” and the crowd waved their hands in the air.

For some boozers, this month is No Remember December. Last year, Dobbyn quit drinking during an alcohol-free cancer fundraising campaign called Dry July.

He’s stepped away from the turps, and 15 months later said throwing out alcohol was the best thing he’s ever done.

“You can finish sentences and structure them better and stop beating yourself up. I kind of hate who I am and how reactive I am and how insane I am.

“I limit myself to beer – it’s one way of trying to pretend I’m not a drinker or alcoholic. The whole circle of binge and drinking and so on, it just blocks the music.”

Many New Zealanders likely have a favorite Dave Dobbyn song, even if they don’t know.

Given her huge contributions over the decades (with Th ‘Dudes, with DD Smash, with Herbs, and during her solo career), you may hate some of her songs but adore others.

Without Dobbyn, there would be no Bliss, Be Mine Tonight, no Loyal, no Slice of Heaven, no Devil You Know, no Whaling.

For 40 years, he’s been interwoven with some of New Zealand’s most poignant and divisive moments.

She was blamed for inciting the Queen St riots. 1984, later cleared of error.

Loyal was used in an early 2000s America’s Cup campaign, in which New Zealanders were urged to buy a $ 10 car air flag of the same color.

In 2004, he joined musicians to raise money for the Algerian refugee family, Ahmed Zaoui.

After the Pike River tragedy, he recorded the tribute This Love with Orpheus Choir of Wellington and Wellington Young Voices in 2014.

Returning to R&V, Dobbyn says that writing a song drives it, just like the pursuit of happiness – in his words, creates something really great and makes people happy. He said the same chase prompted a craftsman to make custom furniture.

Wanting your creation to stand the test of time is one thing. But how do you know when you are successful? When Slice of Heaven was released in 1986, did he know how good it was?

Yes, that’s right, said Dobbyn without hesitation. He can feel it.

Other people can feel it too.

Da da da, this, this da da, this da da this, this, da da da.

Dobbyn says Slice of Heaven doesn’t fit into any of the prints. It stands out. He said one radio show host who had a selfish grudge refused to play it for six weeks. The song was in the trailer for the box-office smash hit Footrot Flats, and massive popular demand forced the DJ’s hand.

Dobbyn is playing at more festivals this summer and isn’t worried about going abroad any time soon.

He knows it is difficult to say how the global Covid-19 pandemic might have come and after hearing from relatives in California, he is in no rush to go to the United States.

“I would love to just play in New Zealand for the rest of my life. I get a lot of joy from him.”

Meanwhile, the desire for another slice of heaven motivated him, as did the smiles on people’s faces as they sang together.

“You always want a goal bigger than yourself.”

Optimistic scholars about New Zealand

Honorable Professor Dame Mary Anne Salmond, ONZ
For services to New Zealand

Dame Anne Salmond has been honored with the New Zealand Order.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Dame Anne Salmond has been honored with the New Zealand Order. Photo / Dean Purcell

Much of the world was unraveling when Dame Anne Salmond picked up the phone at her sanctuary outside Gisborne.

Covid-19 attacks dozens of countries, including many of the richest countries in the world. Some are in the third wave of mass death and chaos this year.

But anthropologists, historians and TV hosts are optimistic ahead of 2021.

Together with Professor Emeritus Sir Mason Durie, Salmond has become a member of the Order of New Zealand, the highest tier in the country’s royal awards system, where he will join forces with Richie McCaw, former prime minister and Murray Halberg.

Sure, he’s excited about the big New Year’s awards, but New Zealand’s response to the pandemic excited him.

Aotearoa is one of the few places where crowds can safely cheer up a fireworks or laser show, and where the next day, the red-eyed can dance and sing along at a festival.

Salmond said the country must consider how it can share its lessons with the rest of the world.

He said our ability to temper the neoliberal philosophy was one of the reasons New Zealand was successful this year, be it in assessing the epidemic or its economy.

“Since the 80s we have had a cult of economics towards individuals. In New Zealand we were very strong with that philosophy for a while and you see the effect it has on our current level of inequality. But at the same time, we ‘We always had fair values -Go very strong. “

Salmond also praised the Māori concept of aroha.

“Aroha is a beautiful concept because it is really about feeling fellow, caring for others. I think it’s about looking after other people but also taking care of other life systems and life forms.”

He said that a worldview benefits people not only during a pandemic, but can help us overcome the ecological crisis facing the world and 7.8 billion people today.

Over the years, the University of Auckland’s Professor of Maori Studies and Anthropology has been recognized for his work on intercultural understanding.

He seems genuinely interested in how to make this country better, and how learning te reo Māori can help us better understand the past, present and future.

Salmond said enthusiasm to learn te reo is now very important. It was a different story in the 1960s.

“When I was young and very fascinated by te reo and started studying it … it was not uncommon for Pākehā to be attracted to te reo or Māori tikanga or those things.

“In fact, it’s considered quite eccentric and not always great.”

Some fanatics, he said, harshly ignored Te Reo even though they knew so little about him.

But Pākehā culture is not static, and views about our native language have increased.

As Salmond and his Tairāwhiti neighbors prepare for the first rays of the sun in 2021, he hopes New Zealand can learn from this wild and brutal year and build a better future.

“In many ways when I think about the future, I am very optimistic about what we can do here at Aotearoa.”


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Rafaiy starred in Karachi Gymkhana in the T20 Challengers Cup | Instant News

KARACHI: Rafaiy Safdar picked seven goals for just three runs to score a 69 run win for Karachi Gymkhana against Civil Aviation in the T20 Challengers Cup here at Karachi Gymkhana on Sunday.

Karachi Gymkhana hit the head first and put in 149 runs in 20 overs. Arsalan Malik scored 50 goals and Umair Usman scored 24 runs. Civil Aviation combined for 80 runs, thanks to Rafaiy’s bowling.


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Rugby League: Former New Zealand NRL Warriors star Elijah Taylor reveals the full story after his manager misused $ 400,000 | Instant News

The first emotion for Elijah Taylor was disbelief. It was immediately followed by surprise.

The former Warriors star – and 11-test Kiwi – was sitting at Penrith’s Westpac bank, when an unbelievably cold reality began to dawn.

Accompanied by his wife, they looked back at the computer screen showing transactions from their personal accounts.

“I still can’t believe it,” said Taylor Heralds. “How could it be? How could someone do this – someone like my father. I really believed in him. I trusted him more than anyone in my life.”

Bankers present the printouts year after year, with all kinds of odd transactions.

“When you look at the trip to Fiji on your bank statement, you’re like … ‘What? I’ve never been to Fiji’,” said Taylor.

Elijah Taylor rose through the ranks of the youth in the Warriors - where he met Ian Miles.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor rose through the ranks of the youth in the Warriors – where he met Ian Miles. Photos / Photosport

Last month a court found Taylor’s manager, Christchurch-based Ian Miles, had misused nearly $ 400,000 of the Warriors, Panthers and Tigers forward over a four-year period, which Miles still denies.

Evidence shows that money was spent on holidays abroad, gifts for wives, motorbikes, flash hotels, restaurants, clothes and furniture.

What makes it worse is that their association goes far beyond the typical manager-athlete relationship. Miles has been a mentor to Taylor since he was a teenager.

“He even came on his honeymoon,” said Taylor. “We are very close. I trust him more than anyone, built on a long relationship.

“I never grew up. I wasn’t educated in any of this. Many players see their manager as a father figure because he doesn’t exist [else] they can ask for financial advice. I rely on Ian for that. He has worked with Olympic athletes, many sportsmen. I thought it was a no-brainer. “

Taylor meets Miles in the Warriors, when he is brought in to do mental skills training.

“Ian will always give me his opinion and advice,” said Taylor. “He was very kind and I felt he really cared about helping me.”

After leading the Warriors to the U-20 premiership in 2010, Taylor graduated to the NRL team, scoring a try in the 2011 grand final against Manly.

During that season Taylor turned down a substantial new contract – against advice from his (then) agent Stan Martin and his father – because Miles convinced him he was more valuable.

Elijah Taylor has played 11 tests for the Kiwi.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor has played 11 tests for the Kiwi. Photos / Photosport

The pair had discussed Miles being an accredited player agent and in late 2011 Taylor officially parted ways with Martin, delivered via email from Miles.

“I like Stan and I think he’s done a great job for me, but I’m really listening to Ian at this stage,” said Taylor.

Taylor signed an athlete and management contract with Miles, as well as a standard NRL management contract.

Taylor’s career improved; he has toured with the Kiwis and is a regular Warriors. In April 2012, Miles advised Taylor to open two BNZ bank accounts and the manager was given access to both. The business account will be used to pay for expenses Miles incurred on behalf of its clients.

“I assumed that this was normal for players and agents. I now know it is not normal,” said Taylor.

MIles’ profound influence on Taylor was highlighted when his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. The disease was aggressive, and in August Ron Taylor had very little time left.

While the family remains vigilant at the hospital bed, Taylor is scheduled to fly to Townsville for the Warriors game, then joins Miles in Sydney to meet Panthers coach Ivan Cleary.

“Simon [Mannering] told me not to go, [coach] Bluey McClennan, [chief executive] Wayne Scurrah said ‘stay home’. My family doesn’t want me to leave, “said Taylor.” Doctors said he only had 24 to 48 hours left. I know if I fly to Townsville, I won’t see Dad alive again. “

Taylor didn’t want to make the trip but finally relented.

“Ian insisted I had to, said that’s what Charles Upham would do,” said Taylor. “I take Ian’s advice on everyone.”

His father died while Taylor was on a trip to Townsville.

In March 2013 Taylor agreed a lucrative three-year contract with Penrith, negotiated by Miles.

Elijah Taylor signed a lucrative deal with the Panthers.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor signed a lucrative deal with the Panthers. Photos / Photosport

Six months later, Taylor met Miles at Westpac Bank in Penrith, before relocating. Personal and professional accounts are opened, with Miles granted full access. Miles also arranged for a duplicate Earth Black credit card, with the same number that was given to Taylor.

“Everything has been prepared for me to sign,” said Taylor. “Ian would just say, sign this one, sign that one. I gave him access so he can manage future investments.”

Around that time Taylor received $ 19,000 for the Kiwi World Cup campaign. According to court documents, Miles agreed to put it in a time deposit for Taylor, but instead spent $ 8,000 on the motorbike and transferred another $ 6,000 for himself.

Once they moved to Sydney, the Taylors agreed to a tight monthly budget, as they were saving for a house. They cling to him, but there is friction. During their chase, Miles allegedly kept warning Taylor about his wife’s erroneous credit card issuance, which was estimated at $ 6,000 or $ 7,000 a month. His wife insisted he didn’t spend money like that.

“I object to the accusation,” said Poko Matapo-Taylor. “I will move back to Rarotonga.”

At the start of the 2016 season Taylor moved from the Panthers to the Tigers. When Taylor signed the contract, which was a significant drop, Miles was on vacation in Fiji, being paid by an Earth Black credit card.

By late 2016 Taylor’s wife became increasingly suspicious and managed to switch the checking account from Christchurch to Sydney. There is some evidence that Miles transferred money, although Taylor remains unsure.

“I basically ignored what Poko told me,” said Taylor. “I didn’t even think he would do anything fishy. I just assumed that wherever he put the money, it would be in my favor.”

But the grim reality came hard on 27 December 2016. At the urging of his wife, the Taylors family met their personal banker at Westpac. Within five hours, they began to notice the extent of Miles abuse.

“I couldn’t believe what I read,” said Taylor. “All payments to” The Zone ” [Miles’ company] and all transactions on the Earth Black credit card that I know Poko doesn’t make. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars missing. “

Elijah Taylor moved to the Tigers after his stint with Penrith.  Photo / Getty
Elijah Taylor moved to the Tigers after his stint with Penrith. Photo / Getty

There were 937 unauthorized transactions via Westpac accounts, totaling more than A $ 340,000 ($ 360,000) on holidays, expensive jewelery, gifts, express hotels, and motorbikes. According to court documents, the funds were also transferred to Miles’ wife and used to pay for mortgages on property owned by the trust.

Miles deducted from his account.

“He immediately texted me, saying ‘have you closed the card?'” Recalls Taylor. “I didn’t reply to him and I never heard from him again – after texting him almost every day, talking to him every two days for the previous six years. That’s the most obvious part.”

The Taylors considered police accusations, but dropped the idea after Miles, through his lawyer, agreed to meet in Christchurch in April 2017.

“His lawyer said both contracts I had signed with Ian, plus he was entitled to 50 percent of all travel expenses,” claims Taylor, who sat in disbelief as Miles denied wrongdoing. “Everything ended in 20 minutes.”

The encounter came at a terrible time for the Taylors’ family, as their daughter was hospitalized for two weeks with a life-threatening illness.

There were many delays over the next few years, as Miles cited various health problems. He turned down an offer to return the money in small installments and the suggestion of mediation.

The decision to involve the lawyer – after previously insisting that he would defend himself – caused yet another long delay.

The case was finally tried on November 12.

Miles had declared bankruptcy two weeks earlier and did not defend the case.

men New Zealand High Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue found Miles violated her NRL contract with Taylor in various ways.

He said Miles would be entitled to about $ 60,000 for his services – not close to the amount taken – but multiple breaches meant that the contract was declared null and void.

He decides Miles has used undue influence to make unreasonable bargains and has abused Taylor’s trust “again and again”, also trying to turn Taylor against his wife.

In addition to the $ 25,000 general damages and $ 28,750 in court fees, a total of A $ 340,112 and $ 17,909 were also awarded to the plaintiffs, although Taylor had little hope of receiving the money.

“You look at the amount you owe and you don’t get a cent,” said Taylor. “Someone is taking this kind of money, and he can leave as if nothing happened.

“That doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t seem fair.

“I don’t want this to happen to other boys in New Zealand, to fall into this trap.

“You can’t really think about it because it makes you sad.”

Miles provided a statement when contacted by Heralds. Despite overwhelming evidence, he still denies misusing Taylor’s funds. Miles said he has been suffering from several health problems over the past four years and is now in therapy. Miles stated that he left his defense on the advice of two doctors and a therapist.

Taylor, who has played 186 NRL matches, admits he is heavy on his shoulders, relieved to have been right.

“It wasn’t anger, more distrust,” said Taylor. “I felt let down, taken advantage of, hopeless after you trusted someone so much. Once my father died, he was the one I always relied on.

“It makes me distrust people.

“It makes me skeptical about everything.”


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NBA Wrap: ‘Kawhi Leonard’s face has been reset’; Soldier in trouble; Reason LeBron’s aerial balls | Instant News

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard must have wondered what he was doing wrong when all he got for Christmas was an elbow on his face.

The traditional Christmas clash yielded some lopsided results but the Clippers did enough to claim a 121-108 win over the Denver Nuggets.

The Nuggets knocked the Clippers out of the playoffs last season, but even more troubling was Leonard’s fourth-quarter injury.

Seen as one of the best players in the world after leading the Toronto Raptors to the NBA title in 2018/19, Leonard signed a four-year, $ A142 million contract with the team, linked to Paul George.

But he was under continued criticism in 2019/20 after popularizing the term “load management” by skipping matches in an attempt to extend his career.

He has a valid reason to sit on the sidelines thanks to his new team-mate Serge Ibaka when he bled profusely from his mouth after cutting an accidental elbow.

While trying to rebound, Leonard turned around with Ibaka coming and shaking up his teammate.

Leonard fell to the floor.

He was immediately treated with a pool of blood next to him on the floor while he had blood all over his arm.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard lies on the court after picking up an injury in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Denver Nuggets.  Photo / AP
Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard lies on the court after picking up an injury in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Denver Nuggets. Photo / AP

She was helped off the floor and it was later revealed that she needed eight stitches in her mouth.

Post match Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said “He got up and walked off the floor, so he’s going to do well”.

Another superstar teammate, Paul George, was dumbfounded at that moment.

“Really worried,” said George. “I was thinking about the worst. I don’t know if he had a concussion or how hard he hit or what really happened, because I didn’t see him. I just saw him lying on the ground. That is first and foremost, just making sure he is all right. only. “

Clippers teammate Nicolas Batam admitted it was a creepy scene.

“You don’t want a player, any player, (to) come down like that with blood all over his body and all over the floor,” said Batum. “I think he’s good. I just saw him in the dressing room; he’s fine, and it was a little scary at the time.”

Leonard scored 21 points for the game with George scoring 23 points, while Nikola Jokic led the Nuggets with 24 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds.


On a Christmas Day packed with unequal results, the Golden State Warriors took it to the next level.

The Warriors never caught up to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Milwaukee Bucks.

But Giannis took a back seat as Khris Middleton scored 31 points in a monster game as everyone on the roster was able to contribute.

It was a 138-99 win over the Warriors, the second-most lopsided blow in an NBA Christmas game, beaten only by the Syracuse Nationals 162-100 win over the New York Knicks in 1960. So, it could get worse.

The Bucks beat the Warriors in the second half, winning 72-43.

“We just wanted to make a show,” said Middleton.

This gave the Warriors a 0-2 start to the season and they are the first team since the 1989-90 Warriors to lose their first two games by at least 25 points.

At -65, the Warriors also have the second-worst points difference through two games, beaten only by the Clippers 1987-88, who had -71 and claimed the worst record in the NBA that season.



If you want proof that superstars can still make mistakes, look no further than LeBron James against the Mavericks.

The Lakers led 91-79 in the third quarter when King was fouled and sent to the free-throw line.

In the instant that the commentators were about to miss, LeBron made a startling mistake.

It did not escape journalists after the match and LeBron, with a big smile on his face, said he needed to change the way he drinks wine in the future to avoid mistakes from happening again.

“What I told you last night when I drank the wine straight down to the left side of my body. Tonight I did free throws with my right hand so it has bad side effects. So I’ll see if I can drink the wine if I can shoot it at right side of my body maybe it will help my free throw and it will give me a little more power to where it doesn’t hit anything at all so we’ll see, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I should drink tonight upside down, maybe vampire style, we’ll see. “


Miami Heat 111-98 New Orleans Pelicans

Milwaukee Bucks 138-99 Golden State Warriors

Boston Celtics 95-123 Brooklyn Nets

LA Lakers 138-115 Dallas Mavericks

Denver Nuggets 108-121 LA Clippers


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