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France, Italy, Spain are beginning to see a shocking virus attack on the economy | Instant News

France, Italy and Spain reported sharp contractions on Friday as their economies were hit hard by the corona virus, with the pandemic wiping out years of growth in a matter of weeks when the lockout closed shops, factories and restaurants.

Spain’s economy shrank by 18.5% in the April-June period from the previous quarter, the French economy by nearly 14% and Italy by 12.4%.

Spain’s contraction is by far the sharpest drop since the country’s national statistics body began gathering data. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met late Friday with regional leaders in Spain to discuss how to rebuild the economy and where to spread billions of euros in EU aid for recovery.

Spain in mid-March experienced closure for more than three months, stopping many economic activities, due to COVID-19 cases and soaring deaths. Lockdown ends June 21.

In France, a surprising decline of 13.8% in April-June from the previous three-month period also clearly illustrates the economic costs of the penalty of a two-month lockout. It was the third consecutive economic contraction in a worsening French recession. The pain has been so damaging to jobs and industry that the government is talking about the possibility of another national lockdown because the infection is increasing again.

The French economy had shrunk in the last quarter of 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic attacked at full strength. For France and other major economies, this caused a sharp decline.

“All the growth in GDP seen in the decade 2010-2019 has been removed in five months,” said Marc Ostwald, chief economist at ADM Investor Services International. In the case of Italy, economists say they are wiping out around 30 years of growth.

Because lockdowns have abated and many businesses have reopened, there is hope that the recession will be short-lived, although an increase in transmission in many countries remains a risk.

France fared worse than Germany, Europe’s largest economy, which on Thursday reported a 10.1% decline in GDP during the April-June period as exports and business investment collapsed. Germany’s decline is also the biggest since quarterly growth figures began to be compiled in 1970, the official statistics agency said.

In March, the health crisis prompted the French government to introduce what is one of the tighterest European stalls, stopping many activities in the second largest economy in countries that use the euro currency. In France, COVID-19 has now killed more than 30,000 people and infected more than 186,000.

In releasing gloomy numbers on Friday, Insee said the economic low was in April, when only workers who were considered important could leave their homes. Activities began to increase again from May when the authorities began to ease lockdown restrictions, Insee added.

Friday’s figures show that the construction industry is one of the hardest hit in France, because workplaces stand idle, with workers forced to stay at home.

Detained families, many of whom have survived by government grants and work preservation schemes, have tightened their wallets amid job worries but also because shops have closed. Household spending dropped 11% in April-June, following a 5.8% decline in the first quarter.

Trade was also hit, when global lockdown stopped flights, closed borders and factories, and made transportation chaotic. French imports, already down 5.5% in the first quarter, shrank further in the second quarter, down 17.3%.

The damage to exports was even worse, down by a whopping 25.5% in the second quarter after a 6.1% retreat in the first quarter.


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Arlington Startup Hungry Offers Ballpark Food Delivery for Nationals Enthusiasts | Instant News

Sponsored by Property Monday and written by ARLnow, Starting Monday is a weekly column containing profiles of startups based in Arlington and their founders, plus other local technology events. Property Monday remains strongly committed to the health, safety and well-being of employees, renters and their communities. This week, Monday Properties proudly displays 1000 and 1100 Wilson (Rosslyn Tower).

As a resident of Washington playing ball fanless in the stands, the team switched to startup Arlington Hungry to bring the average dining experience home.

If the Washington Nationals game won’t be the same for you without hot dogs, ballpark nuts or other baseball dishes, the new Best Ballpark Bites program might be homerun. It aims to provide gameday food to those who watch the match safely from their living space.

“Nationals wants to provide you with an average experience in the comfort and safety of your home,” Nationals said in a press release. “Introducing the Best Ballpark Bites Delivered, featuring classic gameday food.”

The partnership is part of an ongoing shift towards contactless delivery during the pandemic, according to Hungry website. The Ballston-based company has recently been able to secure it $ 20 million in funding from donors such as comedian Kevin Hart and former Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb.

The package came three optional sets:

  • Enzo Pizza Package – Featuring pepperoni pizza thrown by hand for home baking, dry rubbing Old Bay and Buffalo wings, pasta salad, two jack cracker packages and three Coke
  • Backyard Grill Package – Two Hebrew Hot Dog Nationals to be heated at home, Italian sausage and bratwurst to bake at home along with their respective seasonings, tortilla chips, nacho sauce, chili, Cracker Jacks, and three Cokes
  • Tacos and Nachos Package – Nine chicken and black bean tacos, “NAT-cho” chips, corn salad, Cracker Jacks and three Coke

All packages are $ 75 and are designed to serve 2-3 people with contactless shipping.

Alcohol orders are also included but will require the recipient to show an identity card when shipping. In addition online ordering, the press release said orders could be made through 1-888-8HUNGRY or sent an email [email protected]. Orders must be placed midnight the day before the match for the night match.

According to the Hungry website, orders will include bobblehead Nats free for a limited time.

Flickr photo by Stephen Yates


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Tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada will now be able to visit Costa Rica, the US continues to be excluded | Instant News

(MENAFN – Costa Rica News)

Costa Rica will open its air border for tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada, starting this August 1. This was reported by the new Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, in an official announcement which also stated the continued exclusion of travelers from the United States, the main source of tourists for our country, but currently suffering from the biggest onslaught of the Coronavirus novel in the World.

According to the Minister, the reopening will be ‘gradual’ and, in practice, that means restarting operations with five flights per week, by taking reference requests made by airlines to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Segura asserted that the country would take steps ‘very gradually and highly analyzed’ to revitalize the tourism sector, but stressed that any decision taken would be very careful, so as not to further jeopardize the country’s difficult health situation. ‘As you can see, it is a very dim hole, very shy, but it allows us to practice it all the protocol . These are only a few tourists per week, but this is a step in the right direction, ‘he said.

Segura pointed out that the first reopening announcement was only a ‘drop of hope’ for more than 600,000 Costa Rican citizens who depend directly or indirectly on tourism, amid a context that calls for a wider reopening of the border in ‘the coming months’. On improving the permitted routes in the following weeks, he only commented that it would depend on ‘permanent and coordinated analysis, which depends on many factors.’

Segura made no secret that the decision to reopen operations was complicated during the pandemic; However, he stressed that this was a well-planned learning process amid extraordinary and unusual contexts.

“This decision is not simple, they are coordinated between various institutions, and analyze various factors. We all learn to manage Pandemic because this is new

for everyone, public and private administrators, because you have to make very careful decisions. ‘

Costa Rica will open its air border after more than four and a half months. This country has been closed since March 16, when President Carlos Alvarado issued a national ‘state of emergency’, due to the first recorded infection from SARS-CoV-2.

On July 20, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, has indicated that the reopening date is scheduled for August 1, although he stressed that any decision made to raise or lower the relevant limits will depend on the national situation and of each country considered. as a provider of tourists who is likely to avoid more infections and medical requirements.

“We know that giving permission when there is a total lack of control over the Virus, and with the increasing number of cases, requires great attention to avoid the possibility of more people becoming ill,” Segura said.

President Carlos Alvarado promised that the country would conduct an orderly reopening, following the strictest protocol possible. “The recovery of the tourism sector will be achieved with caution and with strict sanitation protocols, always with the highest confidence to ensure the health and lives of all people.”

Need proof

To enter the country, each traveler must undergo a test for the Coronavirus novel at least 48 hours before arriving in the country. And that should give negative results. Likewise, tourists must have completed the form of digital epidemiology issued by Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), which will be activated in various languages, visitors must also purchase travel insurance that includes accommodation in the case of quarantine and possible medical costs for acute illness.

Resonance has been created to unite the community of digital travelers, entrepreneurs, innovators, guardians of wisdom, alternative thinkers, mentors and light leaders from all over the planet to bridge the gap between demanding work and live a lifestyle that offers opportunities to live and work in a nutritious and supportive environment .



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“What does simplicity mean?” Google reveals the main questions Australians have asked since the beginning of 2020 | Instant News

By the first half of 2020, Australia’s most searched search on Google has actually been exposed-unexpected results.

In the turmoil of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter demos, TikTok, Kobe Bryant and the computer game Animal Crossing have actually been noticed in the top 20 topics on Google Australia from January 1 to June 30.

Nevertheless, the coronavirus is still the most viewed and most popular topic in the first half of this year, and it still ranks first.

Its search volume is more than four times higher than that of the bushfires in March and January, which is equivalent to a 320% increase.

From January 1 to June 30, Kobe Bryant (visualization) ranked 11th among the most viewed topics on Google in Australia, followed closely by the computer game Animal Crossing (visualization), which Ranked 9th

From January 1 to June 30, the coronavirus was the most-viewed topic in Australia, four times higher than the search interest for bushfires (visualization) in March.

During this period, other popular topics included social distancing, world meters, buying panic, extreme severe respiratory syndrome (SARS), black matter, epidemics, hand sanitizers, animal crossing, and Spanish flu.

Kobe Bryant ranked 11th, followed by Zoom video interaction, social isolation, isolation, toilet paper, vacation, TikTok, Australia’s bushfires, epidemics and inventory.

COVID-19 is also a popular style among the most popular questions on Google for the same duration, with “how many cases of coronavirus in Australia” at the top, “what is a coronavirus?” taking the second and “How did the coronavirus begin?” In the third.

Other major questions asked by Australians from January to June included: “What does this imply?”, “How old is Addison Rey?”, “Is Kim Jong Un dead?”, “When will my world close?” “And “What is the name of the Devil Kingdom?”.

Simp is the a for a desperate man. This man will do anything for women. Addison Rae is a 19-year-old American who eventually became popular on the social networking application TikTok, and the popular computer game Minecraft It is not closed-regardless of whether there are false reports. It will cease operations on December 20 this year.

However, Google’s popular searches from January to June showed that during the COVID-19 lockdown, Australians provided family entertainment options in your home.

Top searches and many browsed subject categories are different from each other.

From January to June, Google’s top 20 searches are Carole Baskin, Tiger King and Joe Exotic, all of which are related to viral Netflix documentaries.

Other unrelated coronavirus searches include George Floyd, JobKeeper and 1917

The information also shows that “Final Fantasy VII”, “Gardening”, “Crafts” and Nintendo theme searches have reached the highest level in a decade.

From January to June, the documentary “Tiger King”, “Joe Edge” (visualization) and Carole Baskin also ranked in the top 20 Google searches

Google’s latest information shows that “Final Fantasy VII” (Final Fantasy VII), “Gardening”, “Craft” and “Nintendo” (Nintendo) topic searches will reach the highest level in a decade in 2020

Popular search subjects

1. Coronavirus

2. Social distance

3. World thermometer

4. Urgent purchase

5. Severe severe respiratory syndrome

6. Black life problem

7. Pandemic

8. Hand sanitizer

9. Animal crossing

10 Spanish flu

11 Kobe Bryant

12 Zoom video communication

13 social isolation

14 isolation

15 toilet paper

16 Fullerf

17 TikTok

18 bushfires in Australia

19 Epidemics

20 in stock

Source: Google, topics ranked by 6-month development, Australia from January 1 to June 30 year-on-year

Most popular searches

1. Australian coronavirus

2. Coronavirus upgrade

3. Coronavirus statistics

4. Coronavirus World Plan

5. Victoria Coronavirus

6. Coronavirus deaths

7.George Freud

8.Coronavirus news

9. Symptoms of Coronavirus

10U.S. Coronavirus

11 Coronavirus in Italy

12 staff

13 Coronavirus in New South Wales

14 Sydney Coronavirus

15 Carol Baskin

16 Tasmanian Coronavirus

17 Tiger King

2020 Masterchef 18

19 Joe Exotic

20 1917

Source: Google, compared to Australia’s 6-month development ranking from June 1 to June 30

Nic Hopkins, head of Google News Labs in Australia and New Zealand, told the Australian Daily Mail: “We can all think that this year is a bumper year and has brought huge obstacles to Australia-from the bushfire crisis in the summer to the COVID -19 pandemic.

“We hope to take some time to evaluate the main Google models, cultural durations and questions that the country has actually asked about together. Many Australians are actually already seeking Google’s help with emergency information, while others have actually checked things like Subjects such as personal health, well-being and progress, while investing more time in your house, we have actually seen the most interesting ways for individuals to go from “Tiger King” to “Animal Crossing”.

Since July 1, Google announced that the most popular searches in Australia include Naya Rivera, Dilhan Eryurt, Kelly Preston, stage 4 restrictions, Mitchell Shire, The Old Guard, Frant Imahara, August Alsina, Englang vs West Indies and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Tsushima Ghost ranked 11th, followed by Will Smith, Kanye West, My Government Inspection, Queensland Border Pass, F1, Victoria Coronavirus Upgrade, Powerball Results, New South Wales Coronavirus Virus and Victoria Coronavirus cases.

So far, the hottest questions of unrelated coronavirus this month include: “Who won the 2020 Australian Voice?”, “Australia bans TikTok?”, “Is Kanye West running for president?” “, “What is cancellation culture?”, “What does gn mean?” and “How to file an income tax return”.

In the past 7 days, the most searched subjects were Kelly Preston and Grant Imahara, with their search volume exceeding 5.000%.

Followed by “Constrained Stage 4”, Princess Beatrice and Dilhan Erit

Information shows that the coronavirus is also the fifth most visited country in the past 7 days-a drop of a region since recently.

Mr. Hopkins said: “Hopefully over the next six months, we will be able to consistently connect individuals with the information they need at a given moment, while also helping them discover shared family entertainment and fun. “

Google’s information shows that the coronavirus has also been the 5th most viewed topic in the U.S. in the past 7 days-a drop from the nearest area

In the past 6 months, Australia has actually viewed more topics on Google than before.

Prior to the release of the information from January to June, Google exposed banana bread and homemade pizza in April, which were the most popular dishes during the peak of the pandemic. This was 30 days before the release of the Google Trends report.

Comfort food is an unpredictable solution. French toast, chocolate and carrot cake, and Dalgona coffee (a delicious Korean drink made from coffee, milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar) are among the top 10 dishes

Simple, low-cost and high-calorie foods are essential in quarantine. Among the most popular dinner dishes, fried rice and spaghetti bolognese with chopped beef.

Top Questions on Google Search in Australia from January 1 to June 30

1. How many coronavirus cases are there in Australia?

2. What is the coronavirus?

3. How did the coronavirus start?

4. How many people have died from the coronavirus?

5. What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

6. What does simplicity mean?

7. When will the coronavirus end?

8. How long does the coronavirus last on the surface area?

9. Can you get the coronavirus twice?

10 Is the coronavirus spread through the air?

11 How old is Addison Rae?

12 How to disinfect hands.

13 Is Kim Jong Un dead?

14When will my world close?

15 Where to buy toilet paper.

16How does the coronavirus spread?

17 What is the name of the tangled country?

18Can pet dogs be infected with coronavirus?

19Why does everyone buy toilet paper?

20 When will the staff end?

Source: Google, Questions ranked by 6 months of development, compared with the same period last year in Australia from January 1 to June 30


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50% of Food Grown Globally Wasted. Can AI fix it? | Instant News

We spend 1.6 billion tons of food every year while 25 million are hungry and one billion are malnourished.

Can AI fix it?

If a startup in Berlin succeeds, it’s possible.

The global food supply chain is very confusing. Tens of millions of farms feed millions of shops and restaurants, which in turn supply nearly eight billion people their daily food. Plus of course there are transportation companies, wholesalers, distributors, processors, and shipping companies. Put it all together, and you have a large network of producers and consumers who are joined by everyone in between who literally covers every human being on the planet.

And they all, of course, deal with perishable products.

The complexity and chaos is the startup company SPRK.global, is trying to fix it. The company is one of them eight winners of 2,400 participants in “the world’s largest beginner competition for entrepreneurs overcoming global challenges,” Extreme Tech Challenge.

The goal: use AI to understand food flow and reduce waste. That should cause less hunger and overproduction.

“Half of the food produced will be wasted sooner or later,” CEO Alexander Piutti told me recently on the TechFirst podcast. “Once you start to understand patterns – why there are cases of food waste – you understand these patterns and see them appear regularly … we can switch from reactive to proactive, anticipate, to predict with certain probabilities.”

Food waste is an ecological problem and also a human problem. Overproduction uses resources such as fuel, water, fertilizer, increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. And when food is wasted, you need landfill space and there is more CO2 production.

“Food waste is one of the biggest emitters of CO2,” Piutti said.

The question is: can AI solve it?

But before AI enters, the system needs to understand the supply chain and the economy. For example, if there is an oversupply in one area, that does not mean that the store or distributor with too much wants to give it to competitors with too little. On the other hand, they tend to give it to food banks and other NGOs that can give it to those who need it and will not be able to afford it. So SPRK needs rules like this to function in the real world from actual economic conflicts.

“Once we have these rules, we can inject them into technology,” Piutti said. “This technology is taking over … and matching between oversupply and demand … getting smarter over time.”

In a way it’s similar to Google’s Loon Project, where Self-regulated internet balloons provide cellular connectivity and web access in rural Kenya. Where they drift in different winds set at different heights, and machine learning algorithms that deploy balloons have learned over time – and are still learning – how to navigate to maximize the range of territory needed.

One place to start is the food bank.

They usually operate with telephones and perhaps spreadsheets, but software attacks as a service that takes over so many industries, basically, software that operates businesses has not touched food banks or similar NGOs. So SPRK is building software that they can use to manage their own operations and collaborate: one has too much, the other is too little. Sharing will now be replied in the future.

In addition, said Piutti, the software will give them a better way to access food at lower prices.

“They buy food in a very normal way, they don’t get a discount,” he told me. “If we can connect the dots conceptually and say like, what if we distribute this excess supply of food to people who need it … they become volume partners.”

In other words, most NGOs who distribute food buy it on the open market. If the distributor has too much, SPRK can access it – with the condition that it will not re-enter the commercial market – and give it to food banks and others at a much lower price. That saves NGOs around 50%, reduces food waste, and provides operational income for SPRK.

“So, win, win, win the situation,” said Piutti, who worked for Yahoo at the time and gave advice to many other startups. “This is how we think of solutions, you know, without generating channel conflicts, to be transparent to our supplier partners, because they have to agree.”

The goal is not to reinvent the wheel: just to use what is a little smarter.

While SPRK began in Berlin, the company has global aspirations from the US to Asia, which could eventually become a large cloud-based platform for fair, efficient and effective food distribution. At least, excess food.

“It’s like a big platform, just call it ‘Amazon of Food Oversupply’ if you like,” Piutti said.

This is a big vision and there are many things that must be built before it’s reality. Over time, if SPRK succeeds, it is likely to surpass distributors and NGOs to producers and consumers, inject intelligence and predictions into agriculture and predictions, and distribution and delivery. This is a big job, and not just about how various agents and businesses in the industry interact with each other. It’s also about how businesses operate internally, where there is also a lot of waste.

SPRK software can also help them, said Piutti.

“If you are … a large food retailer and you have hundreds of supermarkets that you send, they even have the means to understand who is oversupplied, who is lacking.

This is not the first startup that focuses on global food. The previous startup, named Sharecy, still looks active Join LinkedIn and access Piutti’s full profile, have the same big goal:

“Our vision is a world without food waste where everyone – including future generations – has enough food and thrives.”

SPRK is now the second kick on the tin. Putting aside business results, if no one is starving, and we stop letting half of global food production rot, Piutti will know he has achieved his goal.

Get the full transcript of our conversation here.


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