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Yellowstone roads close to traffic on November 2 | Outside | Instant News

Fresh snow clings to Ampitheater Mountain in Yellowstone National Park recently. Jacob W. Frank, NPS Yellowstone National Park This weekend, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, offers visitors the last chance to get to many of Yellowstone’s iconic spots before winter closures. West, South, and East entrances and all roads – with one exception – will close at 8 a.m. on Monday, November. 2. The park closes the roads each year in early November to prepare them for the winter season and for snowmobile and snowmobile travel, which will begin on Tuesday, December 15th. The only exception is the road from the north entrance to the park at Gardiner at Mammoth Hot. Springs at the northeast entrance to the park and at the communities of Cooke City and Silver Gate. This route is open year round, weather permitting. It is not possible to travel east of Cooke City from late fall through spring, as a section of Highway 212 (Beartooth Highway) between Cooke City and Pilot Creek is closed to vehicular traffic. fall and winter to have flexible travel plans and to prepare for changing weather conditions. Temporary travel restrictions or closures may occur at any time without notice. These winter visitor services will be limited to Yellowstone. Stay informed about changes in park operations by visiting the park website at www.nps.gov/yell or by downloading the Yellowstone app. .

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The recently passed skill game generated half a million in taxes in the first months of operation 307 Politics | Instant News

The income reported Friday offers a first glance for lawmakers of the potential income for legal gambling in Wyoming. Before regulation, legislators and regulators had no understanding of the prevalence of skill games in Wyoming, which were largely unregulated after the 2018 ruling by Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael determined certain games to be illegal.

Since it was passed, the game has become a “safety net” for bars across the state that are suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyoming Liquor Association Executive Director Mike Moser told MPs at the Joint Committee on Travel, Recreation and Wildlife. on Friday, mainly because about 10-15 percent of its clients are currently projected to not survive the decline.

Future income potential remains an open question. According to a presentation by regulators on Friday, about 80 machines currently operating in Wyoming were not approved by the commission and had been shut down, causing lobbyists for the country’s bar, restaurant and skill games to ask for solutions from lawmakers.

Tom James’s representative, R-Rock Springs, asked representatives of the Cowboy Skill Games if additional income could be generated if the maximum bets allowed on game machines under state law were raised. The prospect for that, said Kobarine Wilkinson of Cowboy Skill, is impossible, explaining that max bets are maintained to avoid gambling problems and to strengthen the game as a “complement” to established businesses, rather than being the main attraction.


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North Dakota Department of Health sues controversial cottage food rules State & Regional | Instant News

The rules only allow stable foods on the shelf, such as snacks and desserts, as well as perishable roasted foods and raw poultry, according to Smith’s interpretation. The 2019 legislature defeated the bill which is identical to the rules put forward a few weeks after the legislative session ended.

The regulation limits or makes ambiguous what food can be sold, said plaintiff Summer Joy Peterson, whose family farms and raises near New Leipzig. For now they only sell bread, fruit cakes, cakes and eggs. They previously sold low-acid canned foods, such as corn, beans, peas, vegetable soup and special mustard corn.

The rules for temperature control have also made gray areas for what custard products can be sold by his daughter, he added. His family began expanding their sales to salsas, vegetables, and other baked goods after the 2017 law passed. He wants the department to cancel the regulation.

His family has sold food at the farmer’s market as a side business and has received a neighbor’s call during the pandemic, but was unable to fulfill every order due to rules or perceived confusion.

“People need food, and they can’t find it easily in the grocery store,” Peterson said.

The health department declined to comment on the lawsuit, citing pending litigation.


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St. Louis nursing home workers struggling against corona virus demand for protective equipment, sick leave paid Metro | Instant News

“This is really a scary thing, you know – people have children they have to return to,” said Whitfield, who lives with her husband and cousin. “If you have been exposed, employees must be able to let their employees quarantine themselves. To be able to stop the spread of this pandemic. “

Shunda Whitfield, in the photo provided by SEIU.

On Wednesday, Mondaine and Whitfield joined representatives from the state health care union to demand that Missouri nursing homes provide paid leave to employees forced to quarantine. They also said employees need to pay for danger, more masks and protective equipment and greater access to testing.

Some nursing homes in the area of ​​St. Louis has refused to provide this protection, and has not clearly communicated the COVID-19 case to their employees, said Lenny Jones, director and vice president of SEIU Healthcare Missouri, who represents about 4,000 health care workers. It is part of the International Services Workers Union, the second largest union behind the National Education Association.

“Our members do everything they can to protect themselves and their inhabitants from viruses, but they don’t get the support they need from the owner of this nursing home,” Jones said. “Our workers are asked to look after themselves on the front lines and that cannot be continued.”

Although the federal CARES Act, passed in response to a pandemic, gives some employees up to 10 sick days paid and up to 10 weeks of paid medical leave, this law allows health care providers to free themselves.


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Ricketts begins business recovery planning with an online survey News | Instant News

In preparation to map out an economic recovery plan from the devastating effects of the corona virus, Governor Pete Ricketts on Wednesday launched a business recovery survey that will gather information and advice online.

Ricketts said he sought information about “how this impacts business operations (as) we think about planning for future growth.”

The recovery will be “a team effort,” the governor said during his daily news briefing about the corona virus and the country’s efforts to manage a pandemic.

New state government revenue figures show that “the Nebraska economy is really humming” until the virus attacks, Ricketts said.

As the calendar moves into the last two weeks of April, when the virus is expected to peak in the state, the governor is waiting for recovery to begin without making any decisions about when he will lift distant social or physical restrictions, including a ban on services in restaurants and bars. .

Ricketts said he hoped to open “gradually, little by little” without removing all restrictions at once.

“We will try to enter this phase,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senator Steve Lathrop of Omaha wrote a letter to the governor urging him to issue an order to stay home now given the announcement that Nebraska Crossing Outlets intends to reopen its operations along Interstate 80 between Lincoln and Omaha on April 24.

“This can only happen if there are no home stay orders issued by your office,” Lathrop wrote.

“I urge you in the strongest requirements to order Nebraskan to stay at home unless they are involved in important activities and to allow the return of unnecessary business once healthcare professionals believe we are prepared enough to safely allow movement in business across the state.”

“In many ways,” Ricketts advised in his direction, “we are tighter than any other state” and evidence shows that “the plan worked.”

Ricketts points to the assessment that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made Nebraska’s policy to close schools, limit meetings to no more than 10 people, encourage people to work from home and apply physical distance. the standard is “functionally equivalent” to residential orders in most other states.

Nebraska’s plan depended on “people who carry out personal responsibilities and civic duties,” said the governor, “not a heavy hand of government.”

While the restrictions appear to work, Ricketts said, “we need to do more testing” to identify people who might be infected by the virus and, in turn, test people who have come in contact with them to control and prevent their spread.

Obtaining testing materials, especially reagents, has been a challenge, the governor said, but the country is actively pursuing a number of channels “and I feel we are making progress.”

So far, said Ricketts, the state is fulfilling its goal of “not flooding the health care system.”

Gary Anthone, the state’s chief medical officer, said 50% of the state hospital’s beds were still empty.

The hot spot is CHI St. Francis on Grand Island, where seven patients were transferred to another hospital and 17 patients used a ventilator.

“We have the cooperation of every hospital in the state to make transfers between hospitals,” Anthone said.

Nebraska University President Ted Carter said the university was ready to do its part in helping “restore our economy,” working largely through its research activities.

The university is a major partner in the business recovery research project announced by the governor.

Bryan Slone, president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the hardest hit businesses in the state were Main Street businesses such as restaurants and retail stores.

Slone advises Nebraskan to join a gift card campaign that is now underway to help support local businesses.

Stephanie Beasley, director of the Child and Family Services Division at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, announced the country would launch two initiatives to help families receiving child care subsidies during this period of economic stress.

One will provide subsidized child care at home and the other will help support child care providers with financial support even if the child who is normally subsidized does not exist.

Ricketts announced that 18,565 Nebraska businesses had applied for a $ 2.7 billion federal loan available under an economic stimulus package recently approved by Congress. The forgiven loan was designed to keep people working.

Ending the briefing, Carter was asked if he hoped Nebraska could play football this fall.

“I look forward to football at Memorial Stadium with a number of fans there,” he said. “I’m optimistic for now.

“And I’m optimistic that we will have students on campus in the fall.”

If your business or activity is closed, canceled or postponed, please send an email to [email protected]

Journal Star photographers have captured life in the city for the past month with some activities as usual but many scenes outside the norm.

From the Christmas lights in Minden to the COVID-19 test relay by the State Patrol, many people have stepped in to spread joy and goodness in Linc …

The first Plymouth at Near South Neighborhood Lincoln held “Carillon in the Car” at 6 pm. Wednesday.

Others from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that tested positive for the corona virus are expected to arrive at Eppley Airfield Tuesday night, bringing the number of patients treated at UNMC to 15.

Lincoln’s leadership will hold a weekly online presentation that shows community leaders talking about what is happening in the area where they work and lead, what challenges they face and how people can get involved.

For high school students who are wondering about advanced placement and the International Baccalaureate exam, families who need school lunch and child care, here are some updates:

The governor said there were no plans to move beyond the 10-person limit for public meetings, noting that it was “the most stringent step we anticipated.”

Local health officials want to ask former Lincoln firefighters in an effort to decontaminate some equipment that protects first responders and health workers from coronavirus.

The state union wants Governor Ricketts to protect state workers from coronavirus and pay for danger.

Results from testing for coronavirus at the Adolescent-Kearney Rehabilitation and Care Center this week showed three young men positive for the virus.

The more open parking lots, the more Lincoln residents hit the city park.

NU athletics director Bill Moos indicated that the decision whether to have a football season would basically be made for campus game.

Executive Director Jeff Fritzen said his staff and residents followed the recommended precautions.

“Every institution will experience some sort of decline because of COVID-19, so there will be increased costs and other adjustments that we have to do,” Senator John Stinner said.

“This is a great way for people to be able to vote” when Nebraskan faces the threat of a coronavirus pandemic, Ricketts said. “I encourage people to take advantage of it.”

The Lincoln man, the city’s first death due to the corona virus in his 50s and has an underlying health condition, city officials said Wednesday afternoon.

“Our first daughter was born during Ebola’s fear,” said the father. “And the second was born when Zika was scared.” Then he stopped. “But the first two cannot be compared to what we are facing now.”

The governor is ready for questions from constituents Thursday night at the NET News town hall.

All registered Nebraska voters will be sent an application form that will allow them to vote in the May 12 primary election by mail or by drop box if they would rather avoid contacting the crowd they will meet by going to the polls.

On Friday CHI Health will begin processing COVID-19 tests in its own lab, a step that should speed up the delivery of results.

Lincoln’s funeral home shocked visits and live-streaming services at the time of the coronavirus.

Residents watched and listened from their apartment and balcony overlooking the central courtyard.

“We all want to return to normal as soon as possible,” the governor said, “but health protection measures” must be ahead of that goal.

“We see up to 75 to 100 per day, which is an increase from what we normally see from 10 to 15 per day,” Deputy Chief Todd Duncan said Wednesday.

One man reports a class of domestic violence that he must attend, and another person reports too many people and pets in PetSmart.

With flights canceled and exorbitant fees for chartered planes, the groups found the return trip extended several days.

The employee worked at the headquarters from March 11 to March 16, when he began to show symptoms and returned home.

The floor will have up to 40 beds to accommodate patients with coronavirus who are sick enough to be in hospital but who do not need intensive care.

The Meeting Place, which has held nearly 60 12-step recovery meetings every week, was closed due to coronavirus prevention. But a Lincoln church opened its doors for more meetings.

President Trump: “You see a state – a great governor – Pete Ricketts, Nebraska. You see the kind of numbers they have out there. They have a great one – also one of the big hospitals there.”

Look at the response of the 1918 flu pandemic in Lincoln and Nebraska. Millions of people are infected globally.

“That’s surprising. It gives you an oh-my-God feeling, “said the daughter of a man at the Adams nursing home who was diagnosed with COVID-19. “Many people think this is a joke. They do not understand its impact on people. “

The First-Plymouth Congregational Church has canceled worship services for Saturdays and Sundays as a precautionary measure to minimize the effects of a new coronavirus outbreak.

UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green said the university would cancel classes next week – March 16-20 – ahead of the regularly scheduled spring break.

Letters will be sent to the school district to encourage them to postpone school visits to the Capitol until next year.

Tickets purchased for the show will be honored at the rescheduled concert.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services reported Thursday night that an 11th Nebraska resident appeared to have the corona virus. HHS is awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department is investigating two new cases – a man in his 20s and a woman in his 60s – to determine how they contracted the virus.

“We welcome the increasing federal response at this point. I think there is additional work that needs to be done to prepare the country for this possible outbreak or pandemic,” Dr. Mark Rupp on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Many companies promise to pay employees for at least the next two weeks, from big retailers like Kohl and The Buckle to small local businesses like Sandy. But many people quit their jobs without pay.

Marcus Hotels & Resorts announced on Tuesday that it would temporarily close a number of its hotels, including the Marriott Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln.

Orders will take effect on 8 Thursday.

A study by Kaiser Health News produced an editorial in the Daily Beast that drives internet traffic: “Nebraska gets $ 300G in federal money for each corona virus case while NY gets $ 12G.”

According to figures from the Realtors Association of Lincoln, home sales appear to have slowed over the past few weeks.

Nebraska lost more than 6,400 jobs in March, $ 17.2 million in wages and $ 2.2 million in entrepreneurial income, the report estimates.

Health official Bryan said on Monday that they were getting COVID-19 test results faster than a few weeks ago.

Three new cases of coronavirus confirmed by laboratories in Lincoln have put Lancaster County at 55, the third highest of any county in the state.

“We realize that the church building is just a place,” said one congregation about the Sunday service at Beatrice. “We are a church, you know?”

COVID-19 has touched everyone’s life, and news, in some ways, is a matter of life and death.

Nebraska prison director Scott Frakes said the Corrections Services Department has had pandemic plans for years.

Todd Fandrich has made 100 Easter wood rabbits for local health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. “Seeing how happy rabbits make people make me want to continue to build them,” he said.

On Friday, Bryan had five patients in the hospital with confirmed COVID-19 cases and 13 patients with suspected cases awaiting test results.

“I think that is a good message,” said Paige Duncan, adding that she thought it was a message that is related to many people today.

Police and sheriff’s deputies in the Lincoln area are constantly being called in for more mental health calls, the result of the alleged COVID-19 pandemic.

The woman is a Selleck Dining Hall employee and is not hospitalized, said UNL spokeswoman Leslie Reed.

The governor said he would issue a new targeted health policy to clarify rules across the state. One provision closed barber shops, beauty salons, tattoo salons and men’s clubs which were still permitted to operate in several areas.

In an e-mail sent to faculty and staff on Friday, Elizabeth Spiller, who began as the new executive vice chancellor in March, said the decision followed the cancellation of summer trips, internships and other opportunities for students.

While weekend religious services seem to go according to schedule in most Lincoln churches, places of worship take extra precautions to ensure congregational health by suspending practices such as shaking hands and crossing offerings.

Social Distance is my middle name. And that must be yours too.

Union College in Lincoln announced Friday that it will switch to online education-March 30, becoming the latest college to do so in the face of a new coronavirus outbreak.

Bryan Health on Friday provided updates on the steps taken to prepare for the possible spread of the corona novel virus to Lincoln.

Journalists work to provide information to readers. That is our mission and desire.

Museum members will have days added to their membership to match the number of days the museum is closed, officials said.

Until further notice, the zoo will be closed to the public starting Friday.

Parents and churchgoers use the power of organization and government connections to expel their children.

Two new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on Sunday in Lincoln, both travel-related, bringing the total city to six.

A number of businesses in Lincoln, whether they have just opened in the last few weeks or are scheduled to open soon, are now faced with a difficult decision about what to do in the face of restrictions on shared people.

From DoorDash drivers to cleaning service owners to speed trainers to ex-Huskers, see how work and routines become dramatic …

The unprecedented global pandemic uncertainty has changed everything for more than 3,000 middle school seniors at Lincoln schools.

Nebraska Medicine ear, nose and throat specialist Christie Barnes says over the past few weeks UNMC has seen more patients complain of loss of sense of smell with minimal additional symptoms of COVID-19.

The corona virus pandemic has held back many aspects of life, but at least one Lincoln partner refused to let social distance stop them from taking their oaths this week.

With the announcement of several new COVID-19 cases confirmed throughout the state on Saturday, Nebraska has reached 100 confirmed cases of the corona novel virus.

People from all over Lincoln have shared their children’s creations as well as where they see eggs.

FoodNet still feeds Lincoln, despite losing a third of its distribution site due to coronavirus.

Cars, SUVs, ATVs and pickups roll slowly on the streets of Waverly this week, a collective rigid arm against a pandemic that disrupts life as we know it.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department confirmed the fourth Lincoln coronavirus case on Friday, about an hour after Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird gave a briefing.

When health officials across the country encourage residents to take social distance seriously, one website gives Lancaster County a C and Nebraska as a whole D.

Kawasaki said he would provide additional wages during closing, which when combined with unemployment benefits, would ensure workers receive 60% of their normal salary.

At the hospital, Bryan will start measuring the temperature of all visitors in an effort to prevent anyone who is ill.

A Hall County woman in her 60s also died of the corona virus, officials said Friday afternoon.

The man in his 90s has an underlying health condition and was previously reported as a confirmed case in Washington County.

Darrell Dibben had been a resident of Blair’s assisted living facility, Carter Place, which was temporarily closed for 19 cases of the corona virus which were linked to residents and staff at the end of March.

Tavern employees baked 77 pizzas a few Saturdays – hamburgers and pepperoni – and delivered them to 68 households in the city.

Some factories measure the temperature of employees before entering facilities and offer protective face shields for workers who request it.

Governor Pete Ricketts said he remained focused on keeping Nebraskans safe and preventing the state’s health care system from being invaded by coronaviruses rather than politics when to reopen the economy.

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools has announced a campaign to support LPS students and families who, or will soon, need emergency funding because of the response to COVID-19.

Good Life Pharmacy is also working to make medicines that might become scarce in the coming weeks because COVID-19 continues to spread.

This study shows that COVID-19 patients can make viral aerosols and contaminate surfaces that can pose a risk of transmission.

Governor Pete Ricketts warned Nebraskans on Monday to expect “a difficult month ahead” because the country anticipates that the threat of the coronavirus virus will peak in Nebraska in the mid to late April.

Only two visitors will be allowed for each patient at Bryan Medical Center and CHI Health hospital.

Nebraska University employees can take paid emergency leave of up to 80 hours in the event of independent quarantine, family care, or child care due to school closures in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic, President Ted Carter said Saturday.

A third person in Nebraska has died of the corona virus, the state Department of Health and Human Services announced in a news release late Monday.

Many local industries are being hit by coronavirus outbreaks, but the construction industry doesn’t seem to be one yet.

Travel remains the primary way for eight Lincoln patients who are confirmed to have the corona virus, said Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Director Pat Lopez on Monday.

That means all students will get “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” grades on all their fourth quarter assignments and final grade grades.

The last day of school for LPS – scheduled long before the spread of the corona virus begins – is May 21.

After the 3D printer sat in the box for almost two years, Nolan Miska finally had a reason to take it out.

A woman in her 80s died Thursday after being transferred to Lincoln, and a man in his 70s with an underlying health condition died Tuesday at the Gold Crest Retirement, Director of Public Health Solutions Kim Showalter said.

Executive Travel held a “grand reopening” and cutting virtual tape to celebrate employees returning to work.

A 53 foot refrigerated trailer will serve as a backup to the Lancaster County Emergency Management portable morgue if a coronavirus causes a surge in death.

City development supervisors and firefighters visited all of the Lincoln Walmarts this week, responding to complaints about an emergency shopping basket fence blocking the door to limit customer flow.

“It seems a terrible idea … to say here this stranger,” said Lincoln Middle School teacher about asking for a successor to replace him.

If you need to see a medical professional for something other than coronavirus today, chances are you will do it from the comfort of your home.

President Ted Carter said the NU was overseeing state tax revenues and the ongoing budget process at the state level before deciding to cut any programs or force salary cuts because the university was trying to “be a good partner” for the state government.

Businesses are starting to take steps to limit the number of people who gather after recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced a local emergency Monday – and his cabinet announced a series of broad operational steps that will change the lives of thousands of people – as the city prepares for its first COVID-19 case.

When the University of Nebraska-Lincoln moved to online classes only in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic, administrators encouraged students to get out of their living space and return to their parents’ or permanent residences.

Senior graduates at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can participate in the opening ceremony in August, December or May, the university said Tuesday.

The drastic increase in StarTran buses has caused city transportation officials to reduce service hours and run and make free travel during the pandemic, Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced Tuesday.


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