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NY farm laborers, food processing plant employees waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine | Political | Instant News

“We are still working on the front lines every day to make sure that food is on the grocery store shelves,” said Walsh. “We still don’t belong to any of these working groups.”

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Steve Ammerman, spokesman for the New York Agricultural Bureau, said it hopes that will change soon as the supply of vaccines increases. He mentioned that some farmers are worried because they are not only waiting for access to vaccines, but also want to inject their workers.

Farms, like other workplaces, have been affected by COVID-19. In Cayuga Regency, one of the first outbreaks of the virus involved agricultural workers. The first COVID-related death in the area was an agricultural worker.

Once farm workers meet the requirements to receive vaccines, Ammerman said there are farmers who are interested in holding vaccination clinics for employees and their surroundings. Migrant health centers will also help facilitate the vaccination process. Through the US Health Services and Resources Administration, a vaccine is available for migrant workers. However, Ammerman said, states must include agricultural workers on their eligibility list.

There are other important factors to consider, according to Ammerman. How to facilitate vaccination in one question. But there is also an important educational component.

“It also ensures that our employees understand the value and safety and efficacy of vaccinations,” he said.


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Texas blackout: Food, water problems are increasing; officials have few answers | Instant News

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Many Texas colleges and universities cancel classes for the rest of the week

Many colleges and universities across Texas have canceled classes for the rest of the week due to dangerous road conditions and inadequate internet access caused by widespread power outages.

The University of Texas at Austin is closed until Monday morning. The University of Texas at Arlington is closed at least until the end of Friday. Texas State University, University of Houston and University of North Texas are also closed until Saturday. Texas A&M University said they are monitoring conditions and will decide today if classes are canceled Friday.

Meanwhile, many universities still provide food and have opened heating centers in certain buildings for students who may not have electricity or heating. Texas State University provides warm buses for student use. As many cities issue boiling water notices for their residents, universities have also started providing bottled water to students where available.

This morning, Texas A&M officials advised students to avoid washing or showering, as power cuts in wells and water leaks had resulted in extremely low water levels across campus. As of this morning, the campus water level is 30% normal. They also warned students to report leaks when frozen pipes began to thaw with warming temperatures. – Kate McGee

ERCOT said progress was being made to restore power

Progress is being made to restore electricity to the majority of the millions of Texans whose electricity and heat were forced off by energy providers during this week’s sub-freezing temperatures, the Texas energy grid operator said Thursday morning.

“We are to a point in load recovery where we allow transmission owners to bring back any load they may be associated with this discharge event,” said Dan Woodfin of the Texas Electrical Reliability Council in a statement.

Those without electricity, he said, are likely to be affected by ice storm damage to the power distribution system, systems that need to be manually restarted after being forced to shut down, and large power facilities that voluntarily shut down and haven’t. again began to spread energy.

Austin Energy reported Thursday morning that 13% of its energy customers have no electricity, compared with more than 40% on Monday. Less than 2% of the Houston area is reported to be without electricity, which has caused about 60% of its homes and businesses to shut down during the storm. Jolie McCullough

Abbott provides few details on when the suffering of the Texans will end as the state crisis escalates

As millions of Texans continue to struggle through winter storms that last days without electricity or drinking water, Gov. Greg Abbott give a little detail on Wednesday at times they can expect their situation to improve.

As of Wednesday, 2.7 million households had no electricity. And nearly 12 million Texans facing water disturbance after experiencing several days of freezing temperatures.

Texans run out of food find an empty grocery store shelf. The food kitchen is out of stock. And that freeze has wiped out most of the state’s citrus and vegetable crops. – Texas Tribune staff

Texas leaders failed to heed warnings that left state power grids vulnerable, experts say

Texas officials know winter storms could leave state power grids vulnerable, however they leave the option of being prepared for bad weather to the power company – many prefer not to upgrade expensive. That, plus a deregulated energy market that is largely isolated from the rest of the country’s grid, left the country alone to handle the crisis, experts say.

While the Texas Republican Party quickly pounced on renewable energy and to blame frozen wind turbinesThe natural gas, nuclear and coal power plants that provide most of the country’s energy also struggle to operate during hurricanes.

Green energy has become a pocket of political punch for Texas Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott during a winter storm. Experts say politicians are never responsible for natural disasters in terms of preparedness. – Texas Tribune staff

Austin hospitals ran out of water, forcing some to move patients

A hospital in the overlooking Austin area widespread water problems after this week’s bad weather. South Austin St. Medical Center David said it lost water pressure from the city on Wednesday, creating a series of problems.

The Seton hospital in the area is also facing water problems. An Ascension Seton spokesman said in a statement that “extreme weather conditions have caused intermittent water problems at several Ascension Seton facilities”.

In the letter obtained by KUT, patients and families at Dell Children’s are asked not to shower and use hand sanitizer to clean their hands. They were also told that the toilets did not flush, and staff members changed the sheets only when needed. – Ashley Lopez, KUT

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Australia’s second largest city comes out of 3rd lockdown | Instant News

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) – Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, will ease its lockdown on Wednesday after authorities contain the spread of the COVID-19 cluster centered on hotel quarantines.

The Victorian state government has not said whether spectators will be allowed to return to the Australian Open tennis tournament in the same conditions as before the five-day lockdown.

Health authorities will soon set final attendance numbers for the final days of the tournament, said Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

“We will finish with the crowd in a lot of different places,” said Andrews. “We’ll work it out with people who can move freely because the short, sharp circuit breaker is working.”

The government has also not said when flights will resume.

Lockdowns have been put in place across Victoria, with a population of 6.5 million people, to prevent the virus from spreading from the state capital.

Most of the restrictions will be lifted from 11:59 p.m. after no new infections were detected in the past 24 hour period, Andrews said.

Schools and businesses will reopen.

But people will still be required to wear masks and home visitors will be limited to five until February 26 when the state’s last 25 active COVID-19 cases are no longer contagious.

All cases have been traced to Melbourne airport hotels where travelers are quarantined for 14 days after arrival from abroad.

Businesses have complained that the closings, which were announced just hours before taking effect at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, were disrupting Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

All tennis spectators are ejected from Melbourne Park at 11:30 pm so they have time to leave before the stay-home order takes effect. Many sneered as they left. The Australian Open has continued without spectators ever since.

Andrews will not guarantee that no further lockdowns will be announced in the short term.

“I was not prepared to pretend to the Victorian community that this was over,” Andrews said.

Melbourne emerged from a 111-day lockdown in October following a new wave of infections that peaked at 725 cases a day. That has been largely blamed on lax infection control procedures at Melbourne’s two quarantine hotels.

At that point, the rest of Australia relaxed restrictions due to the low number of cases following the initial national lockdown.


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Update: UK regulators support the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine | Government-and-politics | Instant News

Morawiecki said the decision to open more businesses was conditioned on how well people obeyed rules to curb infections.

As a country of around 38 million people, Poland has confirmed more than 1.5 million cases of COVID-19, including nearly 39,000 deaths.

BERLIN – Germany’s Health Minister said the first batch of AstraZeneca’s newly approved vaccine would be shipped to 16 states on Friday.

Jens Spahn said adding a third vaccine would “make a real difference” to Germany’s immunization campaign, which has been sluggish so far compared to the United States or Britain.

However, Spahn said, for now AstraZeneca injections will only be given to people aged 18-64 years, due to the lack of data on the elderly group.

He cited the additional vaccine as one of the few positive signs for the country’s fight against the pandemic, along with the fact that for the first time in two months Germany has less than 200,000 people infected with COVID-19 and a nationwide number of new confirmed cases. per week has fallen to 80 per 100,000 population.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted Thursday that the target remains 50 cases per week for every 100,000 people.

Klaus Cichutek, head of Germany’s drug regulator, said his agency does not currently recommend stretching the length of time between the first and second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, as was done in the UK, where about 10.5 million people have received the first injection, compared with 2.1 million. in Germany.


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Latest: Cuba tightens virus restrictions for visitors | World | Instant News

A tally by Johns Hopkins University showed the state passed the milestone on Saturday with 40,240 deaths. Deaths are surging at a record pace after the recent drop in cases and hospitalizations. It took six months for California to record the first 10,000 deaths, then four months that doubled to 20,000.

In just five weeks, the country reached 30,000 and it took only 20 days to reach 40,000.

New York leads the US with more than 43,000 confirmed deaths, followed by California, Texas at 36,000 and Florida at 26,000.

RENO, Nevada – Nevada’s governor and attorney general slammed a resolution passed by five rural counties that seek to challenge state restrictions meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus across the state.

Governor Steve Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford said the resolution passed by Lyon, White Pine, Eureka and Elko County had no legal force and could not override the governor’s emergency directive.

They said the instructions had been issued under state law and enforced in court several times. Both Democrats say everyone is tired of the pandemic, but every day Nevadans dies of COVID-19 in rural and urban areas.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico’s Indigenous people are suing the US government, claiming federal health officials have violated the law by ending emergency medical care and hospitalizations in a hospital on tribal land.


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