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Grants to improve food access in underserved Virginia communities | State And National | Instant News

RICHMOND, Va. – Governor Ralph Northam announced that the application period for the inaugural Virginia Food Access Investment Fund (VFAIF) starts Friday and will remain open until April 30, 2021.

VFAIF will provide grants of between $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 to support business development, construction, equipment rehabilitation and upgrades, grocery and snack retailer expansion, or innovative food retail projects that improve food access in underserved communities.

According to the University of Virginia, Danville-Pittsylvania County is a food wasteland.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem of food insecurity, and historically marginalized groups are bearing a disproportionate burden,” said Northam. “This fund will support our ongoing work to strengthen local food systems by encouraging investment in the food desert and increasing access to affordable nutritious food where it is most needed, which will in turn help stimulate regional economies and improve the health of our communities as a whole. . “

Earlier this year, Northam signed House Bill 1509, sponsored by Del. Delores McQuinn, and Senate Bill 1073, sponsored by and Sen. Jennifer McClellan, created the Virginia Food Access Fund and Investment Program.

Investing in innovative food retailing strategies through the Virginia Food Access Investment Program and Fund is one of the goals outlined in the Virginia Roadmap to End Hunger.

“Many Virginia residents face the challenge of finding enough food to maintain a healthy diet for their families,” said McQuinn. “This problem affects residents in urban and rural areas, especially those living in low-income and minority communities. The Virginia Food Access Investment Fund provides resources to make farmers’ markets, mobile markets, grocery stores, cooperatives, or corner store supermarkets the communities that need them most. “

About 1.7 million Virginia people – including 480,000 children – live in low-income areas with limited access to healthy food.

Virginia has dedicated significant federal stimulus funds to address food insecurity, including $ 219 million for the EBT Pandemic program through the Department of Social Services, $ 85 million for child nutrition programs, $ 7 million to support food banks, and $ 1.4 million to provide lunchbox to Virginia. family through the “We Care” initiative.

“Studies show that people living in communities without supermarkets often suffer disproportionately from obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related health problems,” says McClellan. “The Virginia Food Access Investment Fund can help correct this error. The Virginia Food Access Investment Fund not only helps position the Commonwealth as a leader in reducing food disparities, but also helps build community assets, pride, and power by and with communities that have been historically marginalized. “

VFAIF follows the Just Food Oriented Development model of using food and agriculture to create economic opportunities and healthy environments in historically marginalized communities. Historically marginalized communities as defined in VFAIF are minority or underserved, and those with poor access to food.

“Addressing food safety remains a priority for this administration and the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the importance of this work,” said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring. “The Virginia Food Investment Fund is a unique opportunity to successfully develop and sustain community-based businesses, provide access to safe and healthy food within the under-served Commonwealth areas, and support the Virginia agricultural industry.”

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) will administer the program in partnership with selected Community Development Financial Institutions.

The VFAIF application can be accessed via the VDACS website. A Fair and complete Food Oriented Self-Assessment must be included with every request.

“VDACS employs a food access program coordinator to facilitate VFAIF, provides technical assistance and outreach to provide applicants, and assists with grant application and implementation processes,” said VDACS Commissioner Jewel Bronaugh. “We are also scheduling several virtual workshops to assist potential food-based organizations partners in the application process.”


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External shame: how the German female footballer was treated early on | State & National | Instant News

Frankfurt (dpa) – From the worst clichés and outright sexism to one Olympic gold, two world titles and six European crowns – German women’s football has boomed over the past 50 years.

Women’s play was only permitted by the governing body of the DFB on 31 October 1970, at a time when women’s liberation was in full swing to overcome long-standing prejudices and gender injustice.

The DFB decision actually comes seven years before the national law in West Germany is abolished under which a woman can only have a job if it “fits her duties in marriage and family.”

“You just have to go back in time. Back then, women were very dependent on men, also financially,” said Baerbel Wohlleben who helped TuS Woerrstadt win its first women’s national title in 1974.

It took another eight years for the first women’s international match to take place amid skepticism on the part of men.

“Some come to take a look,” said 76-year-old Wohlleben dpa adding that he was also asked in 1970 in an interview with public broadcaster ARD: “How does it work with the header you just did?”

Wohlleben recalls the cameras being aimed primarily at the chest and back, and the audience acting in very similar ways, with former Germany player and coach Silvia Neid saying: “It was just about one thing, changing clothes.”

Players can be professionals but at the same time feminine, pushing Birgit Prinz’s international record to make it clear just 16 years ago that “we want to market our sport and not our butt.”

Nina Degele, a professor of sociology and gender studies at the University of Freiburg, called football a rare place where men can express their emotions and women footballers challenge this retreat.

“They (women) rebuilt Germany after the war and showed that they don’t need men. That makes them a threat to men,” said Degele.

Even when the DFB lifted the 1955 ban imposed on women’s games in the 1970 assembly – some also feared that women could form their own governing bodies – many within the federation believed the women’s game had no future.

“They thought this was going to end in a year or two, it was just a fad,” said Hannelore Ratzeburg, the only woman who has been part of the DFB leadership for decades.

Said Wohlleben: “It took decades for the DFB to deliver on its commitment bit by bit. The first official championships weren’t until 1974, the first international games in 1982. Old people who weren’t that quick to innovate.”

Former Germany player and coach Steffi Jones said in his biography that the women’s game was “ridiculed and discriminated against by a group of conservative men.”

When Gero Bisanz became coach of women in 1982 questions included “do you shower with women too” and the DFB bonus for 1986’s first European title was a coffee set for each player.

There is still a feeling of revenge among the current generation which reverses the clichés in some of the women’s team campaigns by the DFB which also has a special section on its 50th anniversary on its website.

“Our women. Real role models,” said the DFB. “Previously not allowed. Today is forbidden pleasure.”

“A lot has happened in the last five decades, a lot has changed and developed for the better. But we can have and want more,” said Ratzeburg.

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Two Covid patients die while being evacuated from a burning clinic in Brazil | State & National | Instant News

Bogota (dpa) – Two Covid-19 patients died when part of the hospital complex was evacuated due to a fire in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, local media reported.

About 200 patients were evacuated at the Bonsucesso hospital in the north of the Brazilian metropolis. They are placed elsewhere in the compound or in another hospital.

Two patients aged 42 and 83, who were in serious condition, died in connection with the evacuation, news portals G1 and UOL reported.

Firefighters took control of the blaze, the cause of which was not immediately known.

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 5.4 million confirmed cases.

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German league chairman Seifert will leave his position in 2022 | State & National | Instant News

Frankfurt (dpa) – Christian Seifert will leave his position as chief executive of the German Football League (DFL) when his contract expires in 2022, he said in a statement on Monday.

“These are challenging times that require clarity and reliability,” said Seifert. “That applies to DFL as a whole and also to my professional ambitions.”

In announcing his decision about 20 months before his departure on June 30, 2022, Seifert said he hoped to give the DFL supervisory board time to plan for the future.

Seifert, 51, has led the Bundesliga since 2005. Under his leadership, the value of television deals for the top two league professional teams peaked at 4.6 billion euros (5.4 billion dollars) for the last television deal – an increase of 400 million euros per season.

It was trimmed for the next four-year contract from 2021/22 amid the coronavirus crisis but there has been little criticism of Siefert for this amid the pandemic.

“Christian Seifert has done an extraordinary job for over 15 years making a major contribution to the success of the Bundesliga and the second division,” said Peter Peters, chairman of the DFL board.

Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said dpa Seifert’s departure would be a “bitter blow” to the league and added he had “highest respect” for his work.

German football federation (DFB) president Fritz Keller said Seifert was “an indispensable, passionate and knowledgeable champion for all German football.”

Just over a week ago Seifert confirmed that he had resigned from his position on the DFB chairing committee citing time constraints amid the coronavirus crisis.

Seifert and the league were also widely lauded for last season’s quick resumption after suspension starting March. The Bundesliga is the first major league to restart in mid-May and other countries strictly adhere to hygiene protocols implemented by leagues and clubs.

Recently Seifert and DFL also formed a task force to discuss the future of professional football in Indonesia.

“In my position at the top of the DFL, I can actively shape the development of one of the world’s largest sports leagues, an important social institution and the establishment of one of Germany’s most innovative media companies,” said Seifert.

Peters said the board would consider replacing Seifert “without time pressure” in what would be a “comprehensive process.”

There are no obvious direct candidates but business expertise, especially in marketing and media, is likely to be valued over football experience.

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