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LHC CJ asks the government lawyer to come with preparation | Instant News


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Responsibility the court accepts a plea of guilty to PC1.95б | Instant News


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No additional coronavirus infections have been reported in New Zealand | Instant News


The New Zealand health ministry released a statement on Sunday saying that the total number of confirmed corona virus cases in the country was still at 1206 because no new cases were reported overnight.

The number of active corona virus cases in the country placed in isolation and quarantine facilities is still 21 at the moment, no corona virus patients are being hospitalized at the moment.

A statement issued by the ministry said that it had been 86 days since the last coronavirus case was infected locally from an unknown source.

Laboratories throughout the country have completed 1,754 corona virus tests in the previous 24 hours, which has pushed the total number of corona virus tests conducted in New Zealand to 455,677.



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LHC extends bail Shehbaz Sharif to 17 August in assets case – Pakistan | Instant News

Last Update July 23,2020 12:37 PM

Strict security measures have been taken to prevent any adverse situation.

Lahore (Dunya news) – Lahore High court (LHC) on Thursday extended interim bail to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President and the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly (na) Shehbaz Sharif to 17 August in the laundering of money and assets beyond income matters.

In the course of the hearing, the court refuses to hear the case and referred it to another bench.

On the occasion, strict security measures have been taken to prevent any adverse situation.

Earlier on July 16, the tank was extended the temporary collateral Shehbaz Sharif until July 23, in the same cases.

Shehbaz Sharif files a statement of collateral in the tank to avoid arrest

June 1, Shehbaz Sharif has filed Deposit tank in order to avoid seizure of assets for the funds and money laundering.

The leader of the opposition in his request, took the position that the NEB could have arrested him, pending investigation. Anti-corruption Watchdog has prepared a case with malicious intentions, as he regularly declaring his assets, Shehbaz said.

The petition, which was filed through a lawyer Amjad Parvez, said that Shehbaz Sharif has started its activity in 1972 and played an important role in agriculture, sugar and textile industry and joined politics in 1988 for the benefit of society.

The statement also added that NAB had started investigation in the framework of the political influence of the authorities, with allegations of a General nature.

Team of NAB Lahore leaves residence Shehbaz Sharif after a failed attempt of arrest

Team Officials of NAB Lahore arrived at the residence of the leader of the opposition MIAN Shehbaz Sharif for his arrest, but left empty-handed.

The action came after PML-N leader missed the emergence of NAB in assets beyond means and the cases of money laundering and has responded through its spokesman, Muhammad Faisal.

NAB arrests Shehbaz Sharif in Ashiana-e-Iqbal housing scheme and Ramzan sugar mills cases

NEB was arrested Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif in Ashiana-e-Iqbal housing scheme Scam and Ramzan Sugar Mills the case in October 2018 and November 2018, respectively.

He was arrested during his speech to the NAB in Saaf Pani company Scam. Sources said that there was three files presented to him. Bureau quizzed Sharif the contest is awarded to a private consulting company to survey Saaf Pani company.

PML-N President had failed to satisfy the probe team during the investigation and was ultimately arrested.

Anti-graft watchdog announced that the company has not conducted a survey, but was nevertheless secured a lucrative RS 1.5 billion.

In February 2019, Tank ordered the release of Shehbaz Sharif after the approval of his bail prayers in Ramzan sugar mills and cases Ashiana scheme housing.

The bail was granted against two sureties for the sum of one million each.


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Tank CJ shows the performance of the concerned law officer | Instant News

Lahore:Lahore High court chief justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Wednesday showed concern about the poor performance of the Federal law officer in a case pertaining to change the name of Benazir income support programme (BISP) and directed the law Minister, the law and the attorney-General to draw the attention of ill-preparedness by the Deputy Prosecutor General.

The court after hearing the petition of the President of the PPP Punjab Qamar Zaman Cairo, the first Chairman of the BISP, referring to the fact that this program was started under legal cover after the then Parliament passed a law, namely the “Benazir income support act of 2010 program”.He said that the present government illegally changed the name of the BISP program Ehsaas. Kaira presented in the petition that the name of the program cannot be changed without amending the law and this exercise has not been done by Parliament. He noted that the government had not presented any bill in the Parliament to amend the law.

He asked the court to postpone the government’s decision to change the name of BISP and to restrain him from committing any illegal changes to the law. In Wednesday’s hearing, chief justice Khan asked a Deputy attorney General Israr Malik, as if no rules were issued under the program Ehsas.

Officer, the law says that the policy for the new program. CJ found the answer unsatisfactory and the employee said that he appeared in court without any training. CJ asked the law officer, law Secretary and the attorney-General to consider this matter at the departmental level.

Doug Israr told the court that he was not familiar with the case as it appeared on the site Doug Asad Ali Bajwa, who previously represented the government. However, the CJ noted that the law officer had informed the court and asked him now to explain his position before the Department. The CJ adjourned the meeting for two weeks.


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