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Changes in police station culture Government priority: Raja Basharat | Instant News

LAHORE: CCPO Ghulam Muhammad Dogar visited the Minister of Justice, Parliament and Cooperatives of Raja Basharat Province on Friday where important issues related to law and order were discussed. On this occasion, Raja Basharat said that changing the culture of the police station is a priority for the government. He directed the CCPO to intensify the ongoing campaign against the land mafia as directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and focus on eradicating gun shows, kidnapping for ransom, robbery and other heinous crimes. The Minister ensured that the CCPO would receive the full support of Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and the government to meet public expectations about law and order.


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Shell, KE will set up an electric vehicle charging station in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) and K-Electric Limited (KE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop the first three Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across Karachi and its connecting highways, a statement said to Friday. .

The locations chosen for installing the Fast 50 KWH charger are: Shell Defense Charging Station in Khayaban-e-Bahria, Askari Filling Station in Gulshan City, and Mardan Charging Station in Gadap City.

The statement said over the next 3 to 5 years, SPL and KE will explore additional site opportunities and strategically expand the electric charging network.

“While SPL will be involved in deploying filling station equipment, site preparation, installation and managing its operations, KE will ensure network upgrades,” he added.

The government has recently formulated and approved a policy to promote the use of electric vehicles in Pakistan, as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony, Taha Magrabi, General Manager of Retail Shell Pakistan Limited said, “Billions of people depend on transportation to travel. There are about 1 billion cars on the roads of the world. This means that the transportation sector has a fundamental role in helping global efforts to reduce emissions ”.

Magrabi said the Pakistani government had approved an EV policy to help counter the effects of climate change and offer affordable transportation to its people. “Playing a key role in this sector, SPL together with KE are eager to support EV policy and its goals, with our collaboration,” he added.

Naz Khan, K-Electric’s chief strategy officer said, “As the world moves towards a cleaner mode of transportation, KE is working to enable this shift by adding infrastructure that will support the introduction of EVs in Karachi and Pakistan”.

“With the government announcing a target of 30 percent of all vehicles in the local market to be electric by 2030, KE, together with Shell, hopes to facilitate our customers to use EVs and contribute to long-term environmental sustainability,” added Khan.


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Scientists are beginning to better understand how space travel affects the body | Instant News

Space travel has been one of the greatest achievements of the last century. Indeed, putting humans in space took a lot of time, effort, dedication, and planning. However, there is still a lot to learn. Recently, scientists have gained a better understanding of how space travel specifically affects the body at the molecular level, providing insight into the potential long-term effects it will have on an individual’s health. According to a recent NASA statement, scientists are now starting to understand that “a possible underlying factor of these impacts [is] the powerhouse of the cell, called the mitochondria, [which] undergoes changes in activity during space flights. This full view of the International Space Station was photographed from Space Shuttle Discovery … [+] during the STS-114 return flight mission, following the undocking of the two spacecraft. getty The statement says this preliminary belief stems from decades of research conducted on the International Space Station and samples from around 59 astronauts. The findings are based on a larger compendium of research by several principal investigators, studies and scientific efforts that take a closer look at how space affects human health. Afshin Beheshti, who is one of the key scientists, says, “We have found a universal mechanism that explains the types of changes we are seeing in the body in space, and in a place that we did not expect. […] Everything is turned upside down and it all starts with the mitochondria. Beheshti continues: “When we started to compare the tissues of mice transported on separate space missions, we noticed that mitochondrial dysfunction continued to emerge. […] Whether we were looking at eye or liver problems, the same mitochondrial pathways were causing the problem. CAP CANAVERAL, FL – NOVEMBER 15: NASA astronauts, vehicle pilot Victor Glover (front L), commander … [+] Mike Hopkins (front R), mission specialist Shannon Walker (rear L) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission specialist, astronaut Soichi Noguchi (rear R) exit the operations building and aircraft en route to the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon spacecraft on Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center November 15, 2020 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This will mark the second astronaut launch from American soil by NASA and SpaceX and the first operational mission named Crew-1 to the International Space Station. (Photo by Red Huber / Getty Images) Getty Images The press release further states that “NASA data on humans has confirmed this hypothesis. The changes identified in the immune system of astronaut Scott Kelly during his year in space from 2015 can also be explained by the changes observed in the activity of his mitochondria. Blood and urine samples from dozens of other astronauts have shown additional evidence that in various cell types being in space results in altered mitochondrial activity. Evagelia C. Laiakis, PhD, associate professor of oncology at Georgetown said that “although we have each studied different tissues, we have all come to the same conclusion: that mitochondrial function has been adversely affected by travel in l ‘space.” Regardless, the disease related to mitochondrial dysfunction is a broad area of ​​study, which has some level of understanding in both physiological and pathological contexts. So, Beheshti states that perhaps “We can look at the countermeasures and drugs that we are already using to treat mitochondrial disorders on Earth to see how they might work in space, to begin with. Indeed, this crucial finding reaffirms that more research needs to be done in this area to continue examining the short and long term health effects of space travel on humans. Only then can humanity truly unlock and explore the full potential that space has to offer. .

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The KCR line between the City, Orangi stations will be ready on Dec 15 | Instant News

The Karachi Loop Railway (KCR) running from City Station to Orangi Station will be ready by December 15, a review meeting for the KCR revival was announced on Tuesday.

Chaired by Karachi Commissioner and Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, the meeting was also informed that work on the 44 kilometer long KCR route is underway.

moment right now.

Pakistan Railways Division Superintendent Arshad Salam Khattak said PR was making arrangements to start the KCR on the 14 km line between Kota Station and Orangi Station.

He hopes that the route will be ready on December 15 or at the latest before the end of next month. The route between Kota Station and Orangi Station consists of Wazir Mansion Station, Lyari Station, Baldia Station, Manghopir Station and then returns to Orangi Station.

Commissioner Shallwani called on all stakeholders to work in close coordination with each other and cooperate with each other to smooth the work for the revival of the KCR in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Court.

He asked all officials to prioritize their efforts and ensure that the objectives related to the plan to revive the KCR are achieved as quickly as possible. The meeting also discussed the problem of encroachment along the route and road rights, making various decisions to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

The meeting was also briefed on encroachment along the 44 km long KCR line that has been eliminated as well as the repair and laying work that is being carried out.

The Commissioner was informed that the construction of three overpasses and eight underpasses at 11 of the 24 level crossings had been initiated by the Sindh Transport Department, and would be carried out by the Border Works Organization.

The meeting also reviewed the progress of installing a sewer by the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board on a damaged line due to overflowing sewage affecting the stretch from Urdu College to the depot station.

The meeting also discussed installing fencing along the 44 km KCR route, and decided that fencing work would be carried out by the Sindh Mass Transit Authority.

Representatives from different departments brief the meetings on progress regarding their respective departmental projects, making sure everyone working on the project has started and will be finished soon.

The meeting was also attended by Sindh Transportation Secretary Shariq Ahmed, KCR Project Director Ameer Muhammad Daudpota, related deputy commissioners, as well as senior public relations and mass transit authorities officials.


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Karachi only has 25 fire stations – and 11 are not functioning | Instant News

KARACHI: Of the 25 fire stations in Karachi, 11 are out of service which means the country’s largest city – a megalopolis of about two million inhabitants – has only 14 functioning fire stations.

Likewise, the city fire department has five snorkels, which are required for firefighting operations in multi-storey buildings – not to mention the metropolis frequently reports fire incidents. However, only two out of five snorkels are still functioning.

These facts were shared with Sindh Information and Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah in a briefing on Sunday when he visited Karachi Central Fire Station.

The local government minister on the occasion announced that the government would provide a “fire risk allowance for three months” to city fire service personnel.

He acknowledged that the government should have paid arrears to firefighters to pay fire risk benefits. He said that in the first phase, the government would immediately pay the three months in arrears to “compensate and motivate them to be more courageous and enthusiastic in serving urban communities”.

He praised the firefighters for doing their job to the best of their ability in challenging situations. “Still, they show the zeal needed to protect human life”.

The local government minister said he was aware that the city fire department was facing a shortage of staff, including drivers. He said he had issued the direction needed to remedy this situation as early as possible. He directed the officials concerned to contact companies that had previously tendered firefighters and snorkels for maintenance in the best possible way. Nasir said the fire department was “a sensitive emergency civil service in the city” because the vehicles available to them had to remain in operational condition in order to be used for fire fighting operations.

He directed the officials concerned to collect underground water through drilling in fire stations in areas where fires are common. Nasir also advised relevant officials to hire experts to modernize fire fighting systems in the city and provide the latest training to firefighters. Earlier, speaking on the occasion, Karachi Administrator and Commissioner Iftikhar Ali Shallwani said that the costs to be borne for the repair of a damaged fire tender in the city would be properly recorded in order to operate as early as possible. He said the Minister for Regional Government had given certainty that he would increase the budget, if there was such a requirement, to procure fuel for fire tenders. He said the secretaries of local government departments would be notified of empty posts for fire personnel in the city.

Karachi Metropolitan Commissioner Syed Salauddin said about 10 fire stations were located in areas where fires were frequent and they would drill there to regulate additional groundwater to extinguish fires in the area.

He said the telephone lines at the fire station had to remain in working condition. He said he had directed concerned officials to get official telephone lines for fire stations where private telephone numbers were used.

He asked residents to immediately contact the fire department by telephone in case of a fire emergency.


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