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Dota 2 adds a new hero, Dawnbreaker, a swing hammer | Instant News

Let the hammer fall

Winter is over, and dawn is here.Have a new Dota 2 Patch today, Which means a lot of balance changes to the map, item shop, personal heroes, etc., but also a new hero: Valora the Dawnbreaker (Valora).

The dawnbreaker is the messenger of light, traversing the universe to fight against the shadows. She focused on light, lighting and healing, while also wielding a huge hammer.

Her abilities include swinging a weapon and then hammering it on the enemy’s head to stun them. Pick up the hammer, recall it like Thor in Mjolnir; recover in successive episodes; and literally cross the map to seek help from her allies, heal them and hurt the enemy.She is Described as long-lasting melee carry-on, With life-giving power as the main attribute.

In other locations in Patch 7.29, the map was redesigned to move multiple ward locations and outpost locations, as well as the branches and leaves around the tower, and reduce the number of bounty runes generated every 3 minutes to two.

Dota 2 Players know that patch number 7.29 can be very lengthy, so I won’t list all the changes here, but some immediately caught my attention:

  • Now, the hero only generates one TP roll, but gets one when he dies. Return to the lane for free!
  • If they block a camp, you can refuse your own ward, so now no one will see your shameful ward location.
  • The Necronomicon book no longer appears in the game. I express my condolences to the main residents of Lycan.
  • Although your intermediate players will still ask to share tango, they will expire after 40 seconds.
  • The broodmother underwent considerable rework. Still don’t like giant spiders.
  • Both Davion and Invoker made balance adjustments, while Mirana made adjustments No anime fans.

Also redesigned the upgrade of Aghanim (including the new upgrade of Hoodwink) and a large number of digital adjustments.It takes a few days to sort out how all these fit together, but this is Dota 2.With new patches and Some help for newcomers, It’s fun to see if a group of people start to jump back this weekend. I know I want to try that sledgehammer.


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Games in All: The release date of “Bird and Cage”! | Instant News

are you ready play Some music? Bird and cage Will land on Steam on May 20th!

Watch the brand new game trailer:

Experience the unprecedented power of metal music. Including (former) Guns N’Roses, Epica, Instant Temptation and many other artists’ works! The music of Arnold Nesis.

Follow the twisted relationship between Gitta and Bres depicted in a twisted way. Make quick choices with dire consequences and observe how your actions reveal new paths while trying to stay sane.

Do you hype?Let us know our Discord.

About everything Bird and cage

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Valve will host the Steam Next Fest live broadcast this summer | Instant News

The latest live stream is added to the cramped planner

Do you have a live broadcast?Are you personally if not, then Who are you even? All related to live broadcasting. You need two-no, one week-no, one day every month. In this brave new world, real-time streaming is where it is now. Live broadcast work makes live dreams come true.

Valve is the latest publisher to join the broadcast trend and announced that it will see major publisher hosts in the summer of 2021″Steam next festival“This multi-day event showcased the upcoming Valve’s digital store, showing the boldest and brightest PC version.

Essentially, Steam Next Fest is a new brand formerly known as the Steam Game Festival. Between June 16th and 22nd, PC enthusiasts will be able to get all the hot gossip about the latest news, trailers and announcements, as well as developer meetings, Q&A sessions, interviews and more. As always, some time-limited demos will be put on the Steam platform, so that players can get a glimpse of the various upcoming versions.

Although the Entertainment Software Association continues to hope to hold a return E3 event this summer, If nothing else, in digital form -It seems that most publishers and platforms have planned to promote and display products for 2021 and beyond through their own communication channels. It seems that the 2020 “Endless 3” season may return in the summer of 2021.

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Destroy Everyone 2 Remake | Instant News

Destroy everyone! Currently on sale steamTo celebrate this event, publisher THQ Nordic released a new trailer for the game. The trailer has gameplay clips and some commentary quotes to attract novices, but the most notable moment is the last one. In the last few seconds, Cryptosporidium 137 and the character clone Cryptosporidium 138. Both characters are referred to as “Crypto” for short, but the latter is Destroy everyone! 2. From this brief glimpse, it seems that THQ Nordic may have revealed plans to remake the game sequel in the near future!

The trailer can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Although the last point will be very attractive, In subsequent tweets, THQ Nordic clearly told fans to “keep watching the trailer to the end”. Obviously, the publisher is making fun of the work, although this is not an official statement. Destroy everyone! 2 With a facelift, it seems that fans can expect some official news in the near future!

Of course, the publisher may also be developing a new game in the series!Remake Destroy everyone! Use existing dialogue in the original game instead of newly recorded content. The clip at the end of the trailer seems to contain a brand new work by actor J. Grant Albrecht, which is unusual for works designed to promote sales or similar re-productions. Currently, Destroy everyone! Will have to wait patiently to see what the publisher plans for the popular series next.

Destroy everyone! Available now PlayStation 4. Xbox One is Google Stadia and the other is a PC via Steam.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

Are you a fan Destroy everyone! 2? Do you want to see the game remade?Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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Free Oxford-themed animated stickers, deals about Ogami, Omori, and more-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

Every year, Steam will hold annual sales at this time. During the Lunar New Year in 2021, Steam will also host another popular sales event, where you can expect deals, offers and discounts on various games. In order to achieve equal distribution and availability, this year’s Steam sales will start in both the western and eastern hemispheres of the world.

Steam 2021 Lunar New Year Promotion will continue until February 15.

Steam Lunar New Year Promotion 2021: Date and Time

The auction will begin on February 11th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (11:00 PM Central Time, Pacific Time) and will continue until Monday, February 15. For Indians, this means sales will start at 11.30pm on February 11.

Steam revealed that in this sale, users can also request free animated stickers every day of the Steam Lunar New Year sale, including this year’s zodiac star-Ox.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021: Discounts and Offers

In the Steam 2021 Lunar New Year Sale, you can expect to provide various activities and free gifts, and you can earn many tokens that they used to spend on the Lunar New Year Night Market.

Some of the benefits that can be used during the first day of sales include Omori Goddess, And more.

Some of the popular games that have attracted attention during Steam’s Lunar New Year promotion in 2020 include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Bloodied: Ritual of the Night, Civilization VI: Platinum Edition, Dark Souls 3, Destiny 2: Upgraded Edition, Devil May Cry 5, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Grand Theft Auto V, Hitman 2 Standard Edition Set, Wilderness Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt And more.


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