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The government takes practical steps for development, stability: Governor | Instant News

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) of opposition parties has fallen apart and irreconcilable differences can never be bridged now.

Speaking with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) delegation, led by MNA Riaz Fatiana at the Governor’s Building in Jakarta on Tuesday, he said opposition parties should read the writing on the walls and take part in constructive politics for the good of the people. country and people.

“The opposition must abandon its policy of protest inside and outside parliament and play a positive role in strengthening democracy and nation-building,” he said, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not back down on his stance based on achievement and transparency in the country. The governor said that addressing challenges such as inflation and unemployment was the PTI government’s top priority, adding that all government agencies were working to overcome these challenges.

He said that the Punjab government’s real challenge is inflation and not opposition, adding that the government is using all possible measures to tackle the problem. Ch Sarwar said the government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was not pursuing political or personal interests but a national agenda.

It takes practical steps for national development and stability, where all resources are used, and the elements that try to destabilize the country will be defeated and Pakistan will be made a welfare state.

Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said, 43 deaths a day from the corona virus were proof that the severity of the corona continued to increase and the number of corona patients was also increasing in hospitals. He said the community was unable to carry out a total lockdown, so the public had to strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

MNA Riaz Fatiana said people had rejected the opposition on every front including the 2018 general election, adding that the opposition should also wait for the next general election, rather than creating instability in the country.

“It is our constitutional and democratic right to rule the country until 2023, and Imran Khan will be Prime Minister of Pakistan until 2023, and we are making all-out efforts to address and problems of inflation and unemployment,” he added.


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‘It’s so animalistic’: is Malthouse’s new immersive show the Australian answer to Sleep No More? | Step | Instant News

Tthis is the time when I’m digging through a small room – a crazy studio or clothing store perhaps, crammed with decadent nightwear hanging next to hideous hog clothes – and I spot a bunch of fur. There was a gap in the coat that I could slip through, like one of the Pevensie kids, and before long I was alone in the white-patterned winter forest, wrapped in a black robe, wearing a creepy bunny mask. And I thought: “Where me ME?”

Malthouse Melbourne Theater emerged from years of lockdown with his most enterprising job to date. Because the Night is a very immersive theater experience that takes place in many rooms that are free for the audience to explore. The two main stage theaters, along with staff car parks, storage areas and theater changing rooms, have been converted into palaces and labyrinth factories. The six actors are scattered, alone or in pairs. Audiences can follow them or run away and investigate an unencumbered space.

Along with an outdoor stage and a pop-up bar hosting Comedy Festival shows, bands and cabaret shows, this represents a very ambitious return after a year of darkness. Ra Chapman – who together with Kamarra Bell-Wykes and Malthouse artistic director Matthew Lutton provided the show text – believes the pandemic “set us free, gave us the desire to do something completely different”.

Because Night is arguably the first fully realized immersive game in Australia. Photo: Pia Johnson

The show is based on Hamlet (although set in Elsinore reminiscent of the woodworking town of Tasmania in the 1980s), but also clearly imitates the British outfit Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, which has occupied the McKittrick Hotel in NYC since 2011. Australian audiences may be new -recently caught an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired A Midnight Visit from Broad Encounters cut from the same fabric. The point of difference lies in the text: Sleep No More is wordless, a pure movement, and A Midnight Visit consisting of Poe’s prose and poetry. Because Night is arguably the first fully realized immersive game in Australia.

Chapman isn’t sure what Lutton and the Malthouse team expected from him at first. “Matt wants us to move away from the Shakespearean language,” to think of its main characters as archetypes, he said. “We have to have a solid myth, because immersive theater is a bit overwhelming.”

But how are they going to share the writing? And how do you achieve things like narrative suspense, catharsis, and resolution when the audience is only capturing snippets of dialogue?

A scene in the immersive theater production Because the Night at Malthouse Theater, Melbourne.

“We have to have a solid myth, because immersive theater is a bit overwhelming.” Photo: Pia Johnson

“We have a lot of flow charts,” Chapman laughs. “We treat it like we are in a TV writer’s room.” And the end result is more separate from conventional play. “It’s holistic,” he said. “Unlike other plays, writing here is literally just one layer of meaning,” along with architecture, lighting, sound, and background design. “All of those elements weigh on the end product just as the words say.”

Matilda Woodroofe, who together with Marg Horwell and Dale Ferguson formed the production design team, agreed. “I think we ended up with 33 rooms and some connecting corridors. And the actors are not even half of it, “he said. A space too intimate to support the scene, like the magic wood I’m in, “supports storytelling and dramaturgy. They provide clues to the larger narrative. “

What that narrative entails appears to be a state secret, but there are elements I can gather from my brief visit to the playroom. As in Hamlet, regime change destroyed the palace, but this new king was a woman, Claudia. He seems to have allowed a carnival on the streets of Elsinore, a day of uprising that commemorates a medieval misrule festival – this may be where citizens go on a rampage in hog costumes in. But the jungle, according to Chapman, “reclaims land and, by association, the royal family itself” .

Each room invites a question Woodroofe and Horwell asked themselves: “What just happened or will happen in each of these rooms? What’s not quite right here? Is something rotting in the corner? Is there anything to throw away? “In-depth exploration of liminals, things that rot or change, is the central theme of the show, and can be the main key for an audience who may feel that they are missing the point.

A scene in the immersive theater production Because the Night at Malthouse Theater, Melbourne.

Because Night is perhaps the Malthouse Theater’s most ambitious work to date. Photo: Pia Johnson

Not that there is a special way to experience Because the Night. As much as writers and designers have created narrative pathways, strategies by which the audience can create meaning, in the end: “We realize people go wherever they like.” Woodroofe describes “the first audience we got, where people started to wildly pull things out of drawers, pulling books out of the hands of actors. They’re especially… exploratory, and that’s a little surprising but also fun. That they are so engaged. “

It’s certainly a decadent and confusing experience, with towering renaissance portraits, massive horse statues, and corridors after corridors of bluish-green walls and deep burgundy carpets. “This palace has a very beautiful aesthetic,” said Woodroofe. “It’s exaggerated and flashy. Then the timber factory became very industrial, and was neglected. “There was something haunting him, deeper than the cheap thrill of a carnival ghost train, but also strangely nostalgic.

Because Night seems to be about the death of old forms, about “the way nature takes over, and makes us feel very small,” Chapman said. It touches the “beautiful dream state. It happens at the level of your gut, your waist. It is very animalistic. “

It’s also an undeniably radical approach to post-lockdown theater in the country, no matter what path the audience takes.

The reason is, Night opens at the Malthouse Theater on Thursday, April 8


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The increase in the Transtasman bubble: A positive move as the number of infected Australian tourists is revealed | Instant News

The new data was greeted by experts as a positive step towards a transtasman bubble. Photo / 123RF

Emerging data shows only three people who traveled directly from Australia to New Zealand tested positive for Covid-19 for eight months.

This has been welcomed by experts as a positive step towards a transtasman bubble – but they say New Zealand needs to up its border game to Australian level to reduce the risk of creating a Covid-19 outbreak.

Data showing the three positive cases came through the Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Health seeking the number of positive cases of Covid-19 since March last year. That shows that there were 39 positive cases in March and April last year – then almost none.

One case was identified in August, one in November and another in January. NZ statistics show that during the same period 23,447 people traveled from Australia to New Zealand.

Otago University epidemiology professors Dr Nick Wilson and Dr Michael Baker support the data which add strength to the argument for the bubble but add a note of caution. Academics last year conducted research on alternative ways to manage incoming travelers.

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The New Zealander at MIQ at Pullman illustrates the reality after a new case

Wilson said a “prudent” system was needed for quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand.

It includes a development process so that every incoming Australian traveler is required to download a Ministry of Health app to scan a QR code, activate its bluetooth function and agree to use it at every opportunity during the first few weeks.

He said a saliva test at the airport would also reduce risks, as would a ban on attending large-scale events and conducting spot checks on travelers with fines for those who circumvent the rules.

“I hope they talk about these things now. The economic benefits are huge.

“In general, I would be more concerned with New Zealand border controls than Australia. We just have a loose process.”

He said quarantine rules in Australia offered a higher level of protection from the virus, including rules such as restricted arrivals in their rooms upon arrival. In New Zealand, areas of risk include bus travel for exercise, movement in MIQ facilities, smoking mingling in outdoor areas without masks, and other areas.

He said New Zealand’s approach had been locked in a “pathway dependency”, meaning the government was struggling to deviate from systems developed as the pandemic approached.

Wilson said the vaccination programs in both countries are also encouraging and as the percentage of the population being vaccinated has increased, so has the belief to free travel.

Professor Michael Baker (left) and Professor Nick Wilson.  Photo / Provided
Professor Michael Baker (left) and Professor Nick Wilson. Photo / Provided

Baker said the figures were “very supportive evidence” for the transtasman bubble. That’s not suggesting risk-free travel but a new system – as outlined by Wilson – could reduce risk to a manageable level.

“It’s never ‘without risk.’ There will always be risk. It’s about managing it successfully.”

He said he prefers to use the term “green zone” to identify low-risk countries, whereas those with high risk are in the “red zone”. He said a greater job in “red zone” countries managing those traveling to New Zealand would reduce the likelihood of border breaches.

“This is an opportunity to compare our borders with Australia. The world needs a model of success. This is a great opportunity to show a model that can be rolled out globally.”

Baker said those who travel should accept that outbreaks of the communities they visit can lead to being trapped there.

“That would be a trade-off – all travelers have to do this with their eyes open. Things can change very quickly.”

University of Auckland associate professor of microbiology Dr Siouxsie Wiles said the data showing the three infected travelers from Australia were encouraging.

“There’s always a complication that not everyone infects others – and some become super spreaders.”

Wiles said it was important for those traveling from Australia not to share planes with those transiting from other countries because of the possibility of contracting Covid-19 while flying.

He said one possible risk to manage was the opening up of space in MIQ and an increase in travelers from less safe countries.

Health Minister Chris Hipkins said he was aware of the figure and Australia was seen as a lower risk for origin cases, which is why so much work has led to the transtasman bubble.

“But as we have said before, low risk is not without risk. While we are always clear, we want to open this particular bubble as soon as we can, it will not happen until both countries feel equally comfortable with the risk.”

Hipkins said the time it takes to travel to Australia has reinforced New Zealand’s positioin for a “wider reopening of travel”, including issues such as insurance, a clear message for those who have to seek cover, and the impact on airlines and airports that face numbers. more passengers. arrival in the Covid-19 environment.

“Strengthening our position in terms of travel between here and Australia will help us set a sustainable pattern for the future.”

BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope said there was a desire to bubble travel with Australia.

“But if those costs raise the alert level in Auckland, it’s a zero-sum game. The economic costs outweigh the benefits.”

Action Party leader David Seymour said questions remained about the quality of New Zealand’s border controls even as Australia had upgraded its system.

Seymour said New Zealand needed to stop seeing the world as having an equal risk around the world and develop a system that is responsive to the “hot spots” of Covid-19.

Until that happened, he said it echoed an Australian question: “New Zealand, where the hell are you bleeding?”

A Health Ministry spokesman said the data – along with other information – was being used to develop New Zealand’s response to Covid-19. “This includes potential travel bubbles and when this could occur.”

Data showing the three positive cases was collected through the ESR database based on people being asked about the last three countries in which they spent time.


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PML-N activists staged a demonstration against inflation | Instant News

HAFIZABAD: PML-N activists held a demonstration against inflation on Friday.

The demonstration was led by former federal minister Saira Afzal Tarar. MPA Dr Muzaffar Ali Sheikh, former MNA Mian Shahid Hussain Bhatti and a large number of PML-N workers, including PML-N district president Muhammad Bakhsh Tarar, PPP district president and former MPA Malik Muhammad Wazir Awan also attended the rally.

The demonstration started from the party district secretariat and culminated in Fawara Chowk. Participants carried banners and placards bearing slogans against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Responding to the protests, Tarar said the incumbent rulers had drawn up a policy allegedly against the poor and now society is being forced to protest against the policy.

He said the PTI-led government was run by incompetent people who had brought the country to the brink of disaster.

The PML-N leader said our protests will continue until the end of the country’s inflation, lawlessness and unemployment.

TREE PLANTATION DRIVES: Federal Parliament Secretary for Climate Change Rukhsana Naveed Friday inaugurated tree planting activities by planting trees in the district complex.

On the occasion, Rukhsana said the tree planting campaign launched was in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and aims to make the country green and prosperous and free from environmental pollution.

Deputy Commissioner for Additional Revenue Norish Imran, Assistant Commissioner Asif Nawaz, Forestry Officer Abdul Rahim, in charge of Tiger Forces Afzal Ahmed Hinjra, Hassan Raza and other Tiger Force youth and social workers were also present at the occasion.

Rukhsana said the government is taking all possible steps to make the Clean and Green Program a success.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Noorish Imran said the clean and green program had been carried out by the district government in Hafizabad while tree planting was also carried out by the district government and other departments.

WAPDA CONTRACTOR KILLED: Four suspects on Friday killed a Wapda contractor in Gajranwalai village.

According to police, Iqbal was busy installing electric transformers on Akbar Ali’s farm where Fida Shah and his henchmen accused him of torturing him to death for installing a transformer on their rival’s land. The police have registered a case against Fida and her three accomplices.


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The senator called for steps to mainstream smaller provinces | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Legislators retiring in the Senate Wednesday called for real mainstreaming of Balochistan and ensuring the smaller provinces have full control over their natural resources.

They also strongly advocate empowering the upper house of the Senate in line with the National Assembly and say that currently the Senate, like the ‘hujra’ and debate club, has no say in prime ministerial elections, budget passes and laws.

At his farewell, Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini of the Balochistan-Mengal National Party said there was a need to learn from the past and grant smaller provinces rights. He said that the distribution of resources should be based on the region, because Balochistan is almost 50 percent of Pakistan’s total, except for Kashmir, but it is not developed properly.

Senator Jamaldini said that the Senate is the upper house of parliament but in reality it is just a debate club whereas the lower house enjoys all powers. Pakhtunkhwa Party Senator Milli Awami Usman Khan Kakar warned of plans to overturn the 18th Amendment and enforcement of the presidential system in the country and said that the strongest resistance would come from the federation units.

Senator Kakar urged the PPP and PML-N to avoid playing for power and playing for principle instead. Referring to the use of money in Senate elections, he recalls how a businessman and his two sons were members of the DPR at one time. He also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan witnessed the fact that the tariffs for Senators in Balochistan went up to Rs700 million in the recent elections.

PML-N’s Abdul Qayyum urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to appoint a chief minister in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who can provide and safeguard the rights of the masses, as the current government is very weak. He also urged the Prime Minister to create a working relationship environment, as political polarization is currently at its peak.

PTI’s Nauman Wazir Khattak called for ensuring the implementation of the DPR’s standing committee recommendations and provided an example of how major issues were resolved at committee level but never implemented.

He said that the parliamentary committee for judges must be enacted or dissolved. He hopes lawmakers from political parties adopt principles even if they go against the party line and try to convince the leadership.

MQM Senator Khushbakht Shujaat in his speech reminded Prime Minister Imran Khan of his statement in the early days of his party that he would pay special attention to education and impose an education emergency to improve literacy. He said the country respects prime ministers and he must not disappoint them.


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