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PML-N’s Nehal Hashmi, sons who were arrested in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Police on Friday night arrested former Pakistan Muslim League senator-Nawaz Nehal Hashmi and his two sons following clashes between police and Hashmi’s family in the Korangi district of Karachi.

An FIR No 324/20 was registered at the Saudabad police station in the name of Saudabad SHO Rana Haseeb for abusing, ruffling and beating the police. Clashes were reported between two sons of former PML-N senator, Naseer Hashmi, and someone in Malir as police reached and attempted to resolve the matter. But when they were taken to the police station for a compromise, a heated argument ensued after a fight between the police and Hashmi’s family. TV footage showed Hashmi’s son wrestling with police officers.

According to SHO Rana Haseeb, the former Senator’s son behaved badly and harassed the police when the Senator tried to help them reach a compromise. Shortly thereafter, PML-N leader Nehal Hashmi and his wife also reached the police station.

Hashmi’s family claims that the clashes broke out in a minor accident in Malir and the police tried to support other groups and also behaved badly with Hashmi’s family including the wife of the former senator and then detained the former senator and his two sons in a lock-up.

Police, however, denied arresting Hashmi, saying that only two boys were arrested while police lockdown images circulating in the media showed Hashmi and his son behind bars.


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A physicist proposed mathematics that make a ‘paradox-free’ time travel plausible | Instant News

No one has managed to time travel yet – at least to our knowledge – but the question of whether such a feat would be theoretically possible continues to fascinate scientists. As movies like The Terminator, Donnie Darko, Back to the Future, and many more show, moving through time creates a lot of problems for the ground rules of the Universe: if you go back in time and keep your parents from meet, because For example, how can you exist to go back in time in the first place? It’s a monumental scraper known as the ‘grandfather’s paradox’, but now physics student Germain Tobar from the University of Queensland in Australia says he’s been working on how to ‘put squared numbers ”to make time travel viable without the paradoxes. “Classical dynamics say that if you know the state of a system at any given time, that can tell us the whole history of the system,” Tobar says. “However, Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts the existence of time loops or time travel – where an event can be both in the past and in the future of itself – theoretically turning the study around. dynamics on his head. ” What the calculations show is this space-time that can potentially adapt to avoid paradoxes. To use a topical example, imagine a time traveler traveling to the past to prevent a disease from spreading – if the mission was successful, the time traveler would have no disease to travel back in time to overcome. Tobar suggest that the disease may persist. to escape in another way, by a different route or by a different method, by removing the paradox. Whatever the time traveler did, the disease would not be stopped. Tobar’s work is not easy to dig for non-mathematicians, but he examines the influence of deterministic processes (without any chance) on an arbitrary number of regions in the space-time continuum, and demonstrates how the two closed time-type curves (as predicted by Einstein) can fit into the rules of free will and classical physics. “The math checks – and the results are science fiction,” says physicist Fabio Costa of the University of Queensland, who oversaw the research, Fabio Costa (left) and Germain Tobar (right). (Ho Vu) The new research smooths out the problem with another assumption, that time travel is possible but time travelers would be limited in what they did, to prevent them from creating a paradox. In this model, time travelers have the freedom to do whatever they want, but paradoxes are not possible.While numbers can work, it remains elusive to bend space and time to enter the past – the time machines scientists have envisioned so far are so conceptual that they currently only exist as calculations on a page. to the world in the past: it would readjust accordingly. “Try as you might to create a paradox, events will always adjust, to avoid any inconsistency,” says Costa. “The range of mathematical processes that we have discovered shows that time travel with free will is logically possible in our universe without any paradox.” The research has been published in Classical and Quantum Gravity. .

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The world must take steps to stop money laundering: PM Imran – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in September 24, 2020 18:19

The PM said about 1 trillion dollars are transferred annually through white collar crime.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that his government has given a mandate to eradicate corruption and financial crime from the country.

Speaking to the high-level panel on Financial Accountability, Transparency and Integrity (FACTI) on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session taking place on Thursday, he said the international community must take steps to stop billions of dollars in money laundering. washed annually from underdeveloped countries.

The prime minister said that about 1 trillion dollars are transferred annually through white collar crime.

Imran Khan said authorities in heaven’s destination should impose criminal and financial penalties on those financial institutions that receive and use the money and assets, adding that corruption and bribery enablers, such as accountants, lawyers and other intermediaries, must be strictly regulated and monitored. and take responsibility. The beneficial ownership of foreign companies should be disclosed immediately after investigations by interested and affected governments, he said.

The prime minister said multinationals should not use shifting profits to low-tax jurisdictions to evade taxation. Global minimum corporate taxes can prevent this practice. He said revenue from digital transactions should be taxed where the revenue is generated, not elsewhere.

PM Khan went on to say that unequal investment agreements should be scrapped or revised and a fair system for investment dispute resolution established, adding that all official and non-official bodies set up to control and monitor illicit financial flows should include all interested parties. country. He said the United Nations should establish a mechanism to coordinate and oversee the work of the various official and non-official bodies that deal with illicit financial flows to ensure coherence, consistency and equality in their work.

He said the need for developing countries to protect and conserve their precious resources has become increasingly important due to the recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, unless these steps were taken, the difference between the rich and the poor would continue to grow.


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The government has been asked to stop Mir Shakil’s victimization | Instant News

KARACHI / LAHORE / RAWALPINDI / PESHAWAR: Workers from the Geo-Jang Group, along with media organizations and journalists, part of civil society and trade unions, on Wednesday continued their four-month protests across the country demanding easing media freedom throughout the world . the country and to protest the persecution of the Group and Editor in Chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

In Karachi, condemning the long and unjust arrest of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, tourist figure Yahya Polani demanded that the government immediately release him and stop his victimization by upholding the truth. Mir Shakil opposed strong government weapons tactics to conquer him to give up on independent editorial policy.

Polani spoke to the demonstration by the Jang-Geo Action Committee for the release of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. He said the chief editor was a resident of this country and would not run away from here while his family was a pioneer of journalism in the country.

Referring to the Supreme Court’s decision on NAB in the Khawaja Saad Rafiq case, he said the whole country was surprised to see how the National Accountability Bureau acted as a government tool to defame and blackmail people. Jang Karachi chief editor Mudasir Mirza said that the Jang-Geo Action Committee and the wider community would continue to protest until Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman was released. Others who spoke at the demonstration included the secretary general of the Dara Zafar News Employees Union and the secretary general of the Javed Rana Yusuf Employees Union.

Likewise in Peshawar, Jang Group workers called Rahman’s arrest illegal, unconstitutional, and attacks on independent media. Carrying banners and placards bearing slogans, the protesters demanded the government to release the owner of the country’s largest media group. Speaking on the occasion, senior journalists including Arshad Aziz Malik, Shakeel Farman Ali, Imdad Ali Qazalbash and others said media workers across the country were protesting the release of their Editor-in-Chief. They strongly criticized Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf and the National Accountability Bureau for arresting Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman in a 34-year-old fake property case. Protesters likened the arrest to attacks on independent media. They said the authorities could not suppress the voice of the independent or opposition press through such tactics.

In Rawalpindi, Geo and Jang Group workers together with journalist organizations held a demonstration in front of the Jang building and appealed to the high court to protect Mir Shakil from miscarriage of justice inflicted on him in a false case.

The demonstration was attended by the Chair of the Joint Action Committee of Geo and Jang Group workers and the President of the United Trade Union Nasir Chisti, Chair of Editorial Committee Jang Rawalpindi Hanif Khalid, Chief Reporter Jang Rawalpindi Rana Ghulam Qadir, RIUJ Secretary General Asif Ali Bhatti, PML-N leader Rawalpindi Imtiaz Taji, Muzaffar Bhatti, Munir Shah, Amjad Ali Abbassi, Malik Nusrat besides Jang and The News workers.

Responding to the protest, Chairman of the Geo and Jang Group Workers Joint Action Committee and United Jang Workers Union President Nasir Chisti said tyranny had replaced democracy in the country’s manifestation by suppressing independent press and forcing political and personal competitors. He said Rahman’s detention signaled government policy to silence the media’s free voice.

Chief Reporter Jang Rana Ghulam Qadir said NAB is being used as a tool for political engineering and media coercion and the Supreme Court’s historic ruling has recently proved that. PML-N leader Imtiaz Taji called on the Supreme Court to pay attention to the illegal arrest of Chief Editor of Geo and Jang Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman Group.

In Lahore, senior journalists, civil society leaders, administrators of the media union office and Jang Workers Union continued their protest on Friday over Rahman’s illegal and prolonged detention.

They regretted that those who claimed to make Pakistan a country like Medina had imprisoned Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman to be his victim even though there was no progress in investigating the 34-year-old property case.


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Pakistan should drop politically motivated charges against the MSD to stop the persecution of the family: HRW | Instant News

Jang, geo chief editor of the media group Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. News/via Geo.tv/Files

New York: the Pakistani government should “drop politically motivated charges and release Shakeel-ur-Rahman “the world”, an editor with Pakistan’s largest Media Group”, “human rights watch” (HRW) said in a statement in Islamabad on Friday.

In his statement, “human rights Watch” also said that “the authorities to stop the persecution of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, members of the family,” noting that 63-year-old Jang geo Media Group editor in chief was in pre-trial detention for almost four months.

“On 12 March 2020, the National accountability Bureau (NAB), the anti-corruption watchdog who had been accused of serious abuses, arrested [MSR] on charges against 34-year-old real estate transaction. Rehman asked for bail on the grounds that he was in poor health and posed no danger, but on 8 July, the Lahore High court denied him bail,” – said in a statement.

He noted that the next day the court heard the petition of NAB “seeking the arrest of his wife and four children in respect of the same real estate transaction”.

“In 1986, at the time of the transaction, the property, children Rehman was at the age of 8, 6, 4, 1,” HRW said.

Brad Adams, Director for Asia at HRW, said you’re looking for children’s arrest “in connection with the alleged incidents when they were still babies shows how ridiculous the case against him”.

“Pakistani authorities should stop using vague and excessive anti-corruption laws against dissidents,” said he.

The statement noted that the Pakistani media “operates in an atmosphere of fear.”

“Media under government pressure not to criticize the government. Jang group claims that in the last two years, NABA has written over a dozen letters with threats to its journalists, editors and producers for reporting that is critical of the Bureau” in HRW added.

He also noted the latest in a series of curbs placed on the media the suspension of the license of TV channel 24NewsHD Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority (PEMRA) 3 Jul with “immediate effect” for “failure to comply with its license terms.”

“On 7 July, the Lahore High court suspended the notification PEMRA and temporarily allowed the channel to resume transmission,” he said, before stressing: “in some cases, regulators have blocked the operators of cable broadcasting networks, which was shown to critical programs.”

The statement went on to observe that the NAB “was widely criticized for what was used in political purposes.”

“Created in accordance with the resolution approved by the military dictator General Pervez Musharraf in 1999, the Bureau was granted unlimited powers of arrest, investigation and prosecution. The Bureau can detain people for up to 90 days without charge”, noted authority on human rights.

He stressed that the chief judge of the High court of Islamabad ruled in March that the NAB had made “arbitrary use of their powers of arrest”.

“The Pakistani government must stop using the National Bureau of accountability against journalists, opposition politicians and critics,” said Adams. “As a first step, the government should abolish draconian dictatorship-era laws that were clutching the fundamental rights to freedom of expression.”


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