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Covid 19 coronavirus: The adventures of Kiwi caregivers exploring the world are cut short | Instant News

Not even a world in a pandemic can stop Helena Power’s glamorous life circling the world.

While caring for and teaching the son of a London billionaire, the 26-year-old Kiwi spent most of 2020 riding private jets for retreats in Ibiza, Switzerland and Australia.

Then he caught Covid-19 in London in December.

Now his damaged lungs resemble those of a 20-year-old smoker, leaving him breathless and unable to leave the house. He spends up to 12 hours a day sleeping.

Twice he was hospitalized, each time he had spent the previous hours breathless.

By the time the ambulance arrived, he desperately needed help.

“I couldn’t stand or walk. I was so confused,” said Power.

At first he thought being young and fit would be enough to get back up quickly.

Instead, Auckland-raised Power now thinks his story is a timely reminder to New Zealanders that beyond their enchanted borders lies an alternative reality to a pandemic-torn world battling a new, highly contagious strain of Covid.

Ibiza style infinity pool.  Photo / Provided
Ibiza style infinity pool. Photo / Provided

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday warned the country new strains of the virus could be even deadlier from the original.

This has pushed the hospital to the brink. The National Health Service this week said coronavirus patients were treated every 30 seconds.

Young people are not immune either. Power’s three healthy young friends were beaten at the same time as him.

They are now recovering better from it, but all are still battling fatigue and most are suffering from worse initial symptoms.

Power said he is diligently following health guidelines and trying to avoid the virus.

He recently changed jobs and started a new family in London before they moved to Qatar.

Leaving Power in an apartment in front of London’s prestigious Hyde Park, the young Kiwi is waiting for his Qatari visa to arrive before flying to join them.

Twenty-six year old Kiwi Power Helena has spent more than a month battling the severe effects of Covid.  Photo / Provided
Twenty-six year old Kiwi Power Helena has spent more than a month battling the severe effects of Covid. Photo / Provided

But on December 17 he tested positive for Covid.

The 10-day mandatory quarantine in her apartment wasn’t so bad. He was tired, short of breath and lost his sense of taste and smell.

But then, 14 days after testing positive, he went out with a friend and started “having really bad breathing problems.”

After several hours of struggling to breathe, his friend called an ambulance.

At the hospital, the doctors do X-rays.

“They said my lungs were damaged by Covid,” said Power.

“Despite being 26 years old and never smoking – I don’t even drink alcohol – my lungs look like someone who’s been smoking for 20 years.”

She was then discharged, with instructions to stay on steroids, doing her best to look after herself and given an inhaler to inflate whenever she needed it.

Alone in her apartment in a sleep fog and exhausted with no one checking her in, she relies on a friend in Canada, who herself orders Uber Eats for her every day.

A day later, she got sick again and called another ambulance.

Helena Power hiking in Switzerland.  Photo / Provided
Helena Power hiking in Switzerland. Photo / Provided

Treat it well but as before, the gist of the doctor’s message is don’t come back unless you absolutely have to – “if you’re dying,” says Power.

Nearly all of the country’s hospitals were within their capacity, and Power knew friends waited eight to 12 hours for an ambulance to arrive.

Luckily, he had an uncle who lived an hour south of London with his family, who brought him in.

She said she still slept for hours, and just moving from room to room was tiring.

Returning for the doctor’s recent check-up, he asked what he could do to get better.

The doctor said the medical team didn’t know. They told him that his lungs “forgot how to work” but were expected to recover in two weeks to three months.

Medical workers see the same phenomenon in many other patients, including young people.

“Doctors say that right now the health team is focused on trying to keep people alive,” said Power.

Helena Power against Covid.  Photo / Provided
Helena Power against Covid. Photo / Provided

“Then, once they get to the point where everyone’s okay, they can better treat people with side effects.”

Billionaire Power’s former employer also suffered.

When the pandemic broke out in March, her employers immediately settled in Australia as a safe hiding place.

“My boss read the statistics about the virus and thought it was time to go, and he flew right away,” he said.

“For people like that, money is not an object, so we just choose a safe country, and he gets a big house on the Australian coast.”

They “chill out” there for several months before Europe begins to reopen during the Northern Hemisphere summer and the family moves again.

“We fly on private planes, and the houses we rent are all private – so for people who have enough money, you can keep traveling and stay safe.”

Ibiza and Switzerland were among the stops.

However, Covid finally infected Power’s employer, with tragic consequences for elderly family members.

Power, meanwhile, is still hoping to recover in time to take up his job in Qatar.

However, his constant illness made him doubtful. He also managed to secure a place in managed isolation in New Zealand during the end of February.

The opportunity to be at home with family support made him jump for joy – if not literally.

“I’m very lucky. I’ll be home in a month, which will give me enough time to work until I get to the plane,” he said.


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Stop being an advocate | Instant News

Pakistan is at a crucial turning point. Every patriotic Pakistani needs to pray for the success of this great country and stop being a defender.

At the time of the global pandemic, there are indicators that although the world economy is affected, Pakistan is making economic progress. The pandemic itself does not get out of hand here, as it has in other countries.

There are progress being made. It’s time for reform, in prison structures, health care, education and infrastructure. Pakistan has been blessed with the most beautiful scenery in the world and tourism is being promoted.

The army is strong and must be supported. These are our brave warriors who are ready to give their lives for us. If the government is in good shape, as it should be, it becomes a taunt for fickle defenders, who can’t stand to see Pakistan prosper under the PTI.

What disappointed Pakistan? It is the complaint of the rightful elite, afraid that their dishonest profits will be held accountable. It is not in their interest to imagine a scenario in which Imran khan could succeed. They rejoice in their setbacks and fear their success, burying all pretense of patriotism in the mud.

Imran Khan is a fearless leader who will take root in Pakistani history, with great men before him, unlike his predecessors of the day, who were desperately trying to regain their foothold, to bury any accountability for corruption. them and redeemed their glory, but their efforts were in vain.

The recent PDM march, irresponsibly calling the public in groups, at the time of the Covid pandemic, when like Russian Roulette, this terrible virus can take lives, young and old, strong or vulnerable, knowing that viruses can spread and take lives , which did happen. They only care about their pride, their power, their wealth abroad, but not for the poor who appear, risking their lives.

Despite their irresponsible mission, democracy allows them to continue their uninformed endeavors, which call for the downfall of the elected leader, even though in reality, it is known that this is simply their attempt to save their black money.

Yet it is surprising that they are so stupid that they believe that Imran Khan fell for their blackmail attempt. Imran Khan is on a path, where he is unhindered and never fought, where few battles have not lost.

The great prophet, may Allah peace and blessings be with him, did not form the Riyasat Madinah overnight.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. When Imran Khan came to power he had a huge task ahead of him and anyone who thought that a complete overhaul could

done in a few years, definitely not a realist.

Imran Khan did not waver from his determination that he would make sure that all those who plundered Pakistan were held accountable and had their money returned to Pakistan. The more revelations will unfold, the longer Imran Khan will stay in charge and this is what the opposition fears.

This is a pivotal point in Pakistani history, when the nation needed to come together to support a leader who had only the best intentions for Pakistan. To bring about change, there needs to be a national effort, eradicating corruption and standing behind the first leader in a long time, who has ruled not for his personal financial gain, but for the good of his people. Change is coming, at the will of the Almighty who has placed a strong, fearless and loving leader in Pakistan, but change takes time and requires concerted effort.

The author is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s spokesperson for Trade &

Investments in UK & Europe


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Police halt training despite escalating gun crime, recruits left in limbo | Instant News

The upcoming wing of the Royal New Zealand Police College has been suspended. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Police have put the brakes on training new officers, despite increased gun violence and gang activity.

The delays have left hundreds of recruits in limbo and mean the Government is still far from pledging in the past year to put an additional 1800 policemen on the streets last year.

Candidates from the upcoming training wing were originally scheduled to attend the Royal New Zealand Police College in February.

But they were told in the documents obtained Herald on Sundays that their training will be suspended until the end of 2021 once recruitment requirements are reconsidered.

The decision means six months of a new police drought hitting the streets between March and September.

A total of 60 recruits will be deployed in March at the end of the last four months of scheduled training.

Police said the next earliest admission for training was scheduled to begin in May, so no new officers would be available to work until September.

Police stopped recruiting in June last year, due to increased applications during the Covid-19 lockdown, but assured those already in the process that their training would continue.

In a statement, executive director of people and operations Kaye Ryan said a resignation rate of as low as 2 percent meant there was now “less need to recruit police,” although fewer than 400 police were less than the goal of the 2017 Coalition Government Agreement of adding 1,800 new police officers on top. friction for three years.

Ryan said that the growth target is always funded over a five year period.

Police Association President Chris Cahill.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Police Association President Chris Cahill. Photo / Mark Mitchell

But Police Association spokesman Chris Cahill said he believed police should stop training because they had exceeded their five-year budget. He insisted that the money be brought in so that training could restart immediately.

“Labor actually budgeted this for five years from June 2018 to June 2023 and we thought it was crazy because they said if it could be done, they would do it in three years,” he said. Herald on Sundays.

“New police are needed now more than ever. We have over 200 police staff working in managed isolation facilities so that 200 staff don’t take to the streets. Why don’t you get hired when you get people to want them? Join in and the police have the capacity to train?

“Our members tell us they have seen some real advantages with the extra numbers coming, it has a real impact on morale in the police and their ability to do the job. By canceling the wing, we risk losing all those benefits.”

The government failed to meet its growth target of 1,800 new police over three years.  Photo / Getty Images
The government failed to meet its growth target of 1,800 new police over three years. Photo / Getty Images

Last month, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff asked the police to increase the number of frontline officers to crack down on drug trafficking and organized crime as the city grapples with growing gun violence.

Gang membership has also increased nationally. At least 900 people are reported to have joined the gang in 2020, a 13 percent increase from the previous year, according to police figures.

National police spokesman Simeon Brown said the suspension of training in this regard reflected a “lack of commitment” from the Government to “an objective in law and order to keep New Zealand safe”.

“What happened was a failure in the Government that didn’t deliver on their promises and failed,” Brown said.

“It’s about time we took this seriously and really made sure we had the appropriate police resources.

“The public is aware of the fact that crime is on the rise, especially organized criminal activity, and they need the police to be as effective and resourceful as possible.”

Cahill added that he worries that May’s admission means only 40 recruits are being trained and will only resume if the cutback rate increases.

He worries that the extended delay will cost them a potential candidate in the police force.

One police candidate, who asked not to be named, agreed that the process was “disappointing”.

“There is a huge lack of communication with recruits and I feel neglected,” they said Herald on Sundays.

“It’s sad to meet all the requirements on my part, through a long and expensive process, only to be told they don’t know exactly when we will be shipped.

“Recruitment seems very misinformed and very touching. It’s hard to make life decisions when sitting in uncertainty.”

That Herald on Sundays asked Police Minister Poto Williams why the Government didn’t withdraw money from its five-year budget to train more officers now.

A spokesperson on duty said the government had nothing to add to the police response.


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Japan suspends business travel agreement with China, South Korea | Instant News

TOKYO – The Japanese government has started considering suspending new entries of foreign nationals under business travel agreements with 11 countries and regions, including China and South Korea, in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. least during the state of emergency in Japan, which begins on Thursday and is expected to last around a month. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party board on Tuesday that he planned to take a decision on Thursday regarding the declaration of a state of emergency, which will cover Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba. On December 28, the Japanese government suspended new entries of foreign nationals until the end of the month of January in order to stop the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus which is increasingly prevalent in the United Kingdom and other countries. But entry through business travel arrangements with all 11 countries and regions was allowed as an exception. Since the arrangements were bilateral agreements with each of the 11 countries and regions, the Foreign Ministry will coordinate with the partner’s government to decide when to start. The government is also investigating whether there should be any exemptions, such as medical professionals, who would still be allowed to enter Japan. “If a variant is found in the other country, [entry] will be stopped immediately, “Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told a press conference on Monday. The suspension means, in principle, that new entries from all countries will be banned. Japanese nationals and foreigners living in Japan will still be authorized to reenter two executives within the framework of the agreements on business travel: a “residency sector” for medium to long-term residents and a “business sector” for short stays. to 11 countries and regions, including Thailand and Taiwan, in addition to China and South Korea. Trade component applies to China, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. A total of 3 827 Chinese, 3,385 Vietnamese and 759 Indonesians reached deals between Dec. 14 and Dec. 20, according to the Japan Immigration Bureau, admissions are on a downward trend due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

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The politics of anarchy are attempts to stop progress: CM Buzdar – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 29, 2020 11:27

Usman Buzdar said Pakistan was making progress under Prime Minister Imran Khan.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Tuesday that the politics of anarchy is an attempt to stop national progress but the era of corruption is a thing of the past and will not return.

CM Punjab said in a statement that the former rulers were reaping what they sowed. He said the only agenda of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was to serve the people and Pakistan was making progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Usman Buzdar said, “The implementation of the progress roadmap is carried out quickly because the PTI government believes in performance. Those who carry the hollow slogan are a thing of the past. 22 crore people will never support those who hinder national progress. “


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