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Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation announces stores and models for a virtual Foundation Fashion Night | Instant News

The Atrium Health Cabarrus mission statement reads: ‘To Promote Health, Increase Hope and Progress in Healing – for all. ‘ We are all here for one common goal which is to support our hospitals. We thank the people – doctors, nurses, administrators, hospital staff and everyone else who makes this hospital great. Every day they try to do their best for all. The recent health crisis highlighted the importance of shared health care with staff and access to additional resources. Our virtual Foundation Fashion Night will once again lead the cost to raise additional dollars for our COVID-19 Response Fund and our 10 areas of support, ”said the co-chairs Katie and Drew Anson, Chad and Lauren Flack and Drs. Mark and Katherine Van Poppel.


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Omaha ‘Scouting for Food’ brings donations of durable food | Local News | Instant News

The Scouting for Food movement aims to collect 130,000 items by Saturday.


Several Omaha area organizations go door to door and collect food donations from the Target store on Saturdays, with the aim of collecting 130,000 items for the Food Bank for Heartland.

United Way of the Midlands, the Boy Scouts of America, Werner Enterprises, and Target stores partnering for Scouting for Food.

Efforts to procure nonperishable food began at 8 a.m. when Scouts picked up donations at the end of the area’s driveway. Scout members also receive donations at the food bank and three local Goals.

Earlier this year, organizers collected 70,000 food items during another food drive event, and they want to reach a total of 200,000 items to meet people’s needs during the ongoing pandemic.

It spurred Saturday’s food campaign.

United Way’s Brayton Hagge said late Saturday that organizers had not counted the number of items collected.

Our best staff images of September 2020

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Vacation survey: 62% of Americans believe that the United States is “on the brink of civil war” and 52% are “preparing” reserves | Instant News

Are you preparing for potential turmoil? If so, you are not alone.

A kind Shocking new polls It revealed that 62% of respondents were worried that the United States might be “on the brink of another civil war”, while 52% of respondents were storing food and other necessities in the “anticipated social unrest.”

This survey conducted by Engagious, the Sports and Leisure Research Group and ROKK Solutions is “2020 back to normal barometer“The study found that even moderates believe that major upheavals will also come.

Rich Thau, President of Engagious, said: “This is the most frightening poll result in my history.”

On Friday’s radio show, Glenn Beck reviewed these frightening discoveries.

Watch the video below:

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The cooperative food market on Peters Creek Parkway gets a Winston-Salem grant | Local News | Instant News

The starting budget was $ 2.4 million. Bass said that if the district matches the city’s contribution, $ 600,000 between the two local government units will go a long way toward achieving the goal.

During a town general government committee meeting over the summer, SHARE Bass founder and Pastor Gary Williams said the cooperative would provide 34 full-time jobs and would hire a manager as well.

The space the cooperative plans to occupy is already under a 10-year lease and has 8,700 square feet of space in the West Salem Shopping Center.

In addition to the city grant, which will come from an economic development fund, the cooperative is also seeking a $ 100,000 small business loan from the city.

Williams told city elected officials this summer that the cooperative does not believe they should ask for additional city funding while the project progresses.

“Our model is to make sure we are profitable so that profits drive the Harvest Market,” said Williams. “In the future, any profit we make will be reinvested in society. We don’t anticipate that we will have to go back and ask for funds.”

The city awarded SHARE nearly $ 22,000 in 2017 to hire a company that will conduct a study to determine whether the cooperative can work in Winston-Salem. When these returns are favorable, SHARE moves forward with its plans.


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FORWARD FASHION: Some buyers are still looking for clothes back to school, waiting for a tax-free weekend News | Instant News

Although plans to return to school change every day, local shops have seen shoppers looking for fashion back to school.

Many store managers are also preparing for the Oklahoma tax-free weekend, August 7-9.

“People are out and sure,” said June Ludwig, owner of Junie’s Closet. “Junie buys masks for adults and children, and clothes that are comfortable for school and work.”

While some local residents may still hesitate to shop for clothes during a pandemic, some shops help by offering roadside pickup and online ordering. Ludwig requires customers to wear masks in his shop, and allows people to call to have the goods sent or take them outside the store.

At Factory Connection, Manager Angela Higgins says the fitting room is open and employees clean it after each customer.

Both Higgins and Ludwig say the hot print today is tie-dye, but many others are also on the shelves, including various floral motifs and animal prints, such as leopards and snake skins.

“The lines come back, and they mix them with other patterns,” Higgins said. “Camo prints are always great. We have it in T-shirts and jeans. “

He is a fan of Cello Jeans.

“That’s a popular brand. It’s like wearing yoga pants; they are very comfortable and elastic, “said Higgins, who said the trend was moving away from skinny jeans. “They are still popular, but they are moving to bells and flares. Flare sleeves are also a trend to return.”

One-piece modes – such as rompers, jumpsuits, and bodysuits – have also returned.

Higgins said many women are looking for summer dresses, and Amy Carter at Vivid Salon and Boutique must agree because she has a variety of dresses and online stores.

“We are very happy that a T-shirt dress with a pocket is on,” Carter said.

Soft dresses come in a variety of plain colors and three styles: short sleeves, tank tops, and spaghetti straps.

Tiered skirts are another alternative to the dress up look, according to Carter.

Graphic shirts are still a popular way to express yourself while feeling comfortable.

At Junie’s, Ludwig said Z Supply tops – short and long sleeves – always fly out the door.

For men, Higgins said that the Straight Up Southern T-shirt brand is a top seller, and that cargo shorts, which are longer and have many pockets, are still popular.

Another explosion from the past that has caught the eye again is Converse and Vans shoes. Drew Felts, from Felts Family Shoes, said Vans are very popular at all ages. He said he sells a lot of slip-on shoes, and people mostly buy Nike, New Balance, Skechers, and Under Armor shoes.

He looks forward to the sales tax holiday because Felts will open on Sundays too.

“This is an extra day for those who cannot come on Friday or Saturday,” Felts said.

Other hot accessories to complement clothing include long necklaces, headbands and earrings with a few sparkles or edges, according to Higgins.

“I sell a lot of jewelry,” Carter said. “LaaLee necklaces and earrings with colored gemstones are perfect for all school clothes.”

Although they may not be popular for good reasons, face masks are on people’s shopping lists.

“Many people buy masks in various colors,” said Danya Pigeon from Lila’s Loft. “They want the mask to match their clothes. It’s a kind of fashion statement. “

He said he has a homemade mask and a brand that has the feel of a T-shirt.

“They are more comfortable and breathing,” Pigeon said. “We have them in the size of children so they are good to wear them long in school.”


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