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‘Happy Easter to the mad radical left’: Donald Trump issued a strange message | Instant News

Donald Trump took a major hit after losing an attempt to prevent his tax records from being released to New York prosecutors. Video / Sky News Australia

Former reality TV star and former US president Donald Trump has put out a bizarre Easter message, proving he hasn’t gotten over the fact that he lost the election.

Her message is, if nothing else, inclusive, because she can put her painful feelings aside to wish her a happy Easter.

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the CRAZY Left Radicals who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country,” he wrote, in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Trump released his message just days after damning reports showed his campaign was forced to spend $ 122.7 million in refunds to supporters last year.

According to a New York Times investigation, Trump’s campaign tricked donors by setting up “recurring donations by default for online donors, for each week up to the election”, with the opt-out option hidden in the team’s fine print disclaimer. “getting darker” ahead of election day.

Trump is currently undergoing various criminal investigations and, according to reports this week, faces a very high likelihood of ending up in prison.

As well as being a defendant in no less than 29 lawsuits, according to the Washington Post, the 74-year-old has also been the subject of multiple criminal investigations – including one in which a lawyer has gained access to his tax returns after four-years of fighting on Trump’s side to keep it a secret.

Investigations into whether he had committed bank, tax and insurance fraud have escalated rapidly in recent weeks, after the personal bank notes of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg were called in.

“Mr Weisselberg, who is not accused of wrongdoing, has overseen the Trump Organization’s finances for decades and may hold the key to every possible criminal case in New York against the former president and his family business,” wrote the New York Times reporter. on Wednesday.

Those with knowledge of the matter also told the Times that prosecutors were looking for a new chapter of internal Trump Organization documents to “compare the details.” [of each Trump property’s financial situation] information that companies provide to lenders and local tax authorities to assess whether the company is fraudulently misleading them “.

While Trump is unlikely to go to jail for “the rest of his life,” it is “very likely” that, if convicted of insurance and bank fraud, it could “lead to criminal prosecution and that will carry a prison sentence”, Legal analyst for the Daily Beast, said. Jay Michaelson, said at the end of February.

“If Trump does commit some kind of crime, even if it’s kind of, you know, some sort of ordinary business crime – if he dies, it’s important that there isn’t a culture of impunity in this country, which needs to be done. A message is sent that there are consequences, no matter how big. your wealth and importance, if you break the law, “Washington’s chief correspondent for the New Yorker, Jane Mayer, told NPR’s Terry Gross.

But, Mayer added, people he spoke to who knew Trump were skeptical that he would ever serve time in prison, predicting instead that “he would run away”.

“It’s hard to know what to expect. But that – for me, however, it’s hard for me to really contemplate in the orange jumpsuit on, you know, Rikers Island,” he said.

“I think there is really a chance he could face serious charges and be punished. I mean, this is no joke.”

In addition to a criminal investigation, Trump was also sued this week by two Capitol Police officers, who are battling a mob angry that the former president was accused of “inciting” on January 6.

Trump put aside his grievances to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Of the sort.  Photo / Getty Images
Trump put aside his grievances to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of the sort. Photo / Getty Images

In the federal lawsuit, officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are demanding compensation for the physical and emotional injuries they suffered during the violent rebellion.

“The rebel mob, which Trump had instigated, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted, forced their way through and past the plaintiffs and their fellow officers, pursued and attacked them inside and outside the United States Capitol, and caused injuries. , “the lawsuit states, according to the Washington Post.

“Officer Hemby was attacked non-stop. He was bleeding from a wound that was located less than an inch from his eye. He had cuts and blisters on his face and hands and his body was pinned to the large metal door, fending off the attack.”

Blassingame, who is Black, faced “endless threats and attacks” from the masses, and “it was not clear to him on January 6 that he would hold on to return home”.

Trump has also faced multiple defamation lawsuits – including author E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of sexually abusing him at Bergdorf Goodman in late 1995 or early 1996, only to have Trump deny his accusations and claim he lied to increase sales of a book. .

Another, involving a former Summer Apprentice contestant Zervos, has been given the green light to move forward after Trump’s lawyers attempted to fire him because he was president.

Zervos ran ahead of the 2016 election, alleging that Trump groped and kissed her without her consent in 2007. In 2017, he sued her for defamation after he denied her accusations and called her story a “hoax”.

“Now a private citizen, the defendant has no further reason to delay justice for Ms. Zervos, and we are eager to return to court and prove her claim,” Zervos’ lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, told The Wall Street Journal in a statement.

– additional reporting by news.com.au


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‘No time for you as humans’: cricketer great Dale Steyn slams Simon Doull over the friction of ‘midlife crisis’ | Instant News

South African cricket icon Dale Steyn, right, returned fire to former New Zealand player Simon Doull following a bizarre “midlife crisis” in his comments. Photo / news.com.au

South African cricket icon Dale Steyn returned fire from former New Zealand player Simon Doull following a bizarre “midlife crisis” in his comments.

Representing the Quetta Gladiators on Friday night, 37-year-old Steyn claimed 2/44 in a three-goal loss to Peshawar Zalmi in the Pakistani Super League, his first professional match since early December.

While Steyn sat in the dressing room for the first inning, Doull commented on the shoulder length hair from South Africa, which had grown during the Covid lockdown.

“A bit of a midlife crisis with that hair,” Doull said in his comments.

England great David Gower replied: “Hair is locked.”

Steyn did not accept the comments, voicing his disgust on social media.

“If your job is to talk about games, do that,” Steyn tweeted on Saturday night.

“But if you use that broadcast time to abuse your weight, sexual preferences, ethnic background, lifestyle, etc. or even your hairstyle, then I’m afraid I don’t have time for you as a human.

“You and anyone like that to be fair.

“That’s all I want to say.

“It was a great time last night, amazing to play in front of the crowd again, cricket is much better that way.

“We lost but hope to put it together for the rest of our game.

“Thank you for the support. Have a nice weekend everyone.”

Steyn is South Africa’s highest wicket-taker in test cricket, finishing his international career with 439 scalps with an average of 22.95.

Doull played 74 games for New Zealand in his injury-hit career, claiming 134 international goals.


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Racing: New Zealand horses Aegon and Probabeel produce gold watches in Australia | Instant News


Aegon claims victory in Australia. Photo / Getty

Aegon gave young coaching star Andrew Forsman one of the most emotional victories of his career with a bizarre Australian debut on Saturday to close off a golden hour for New Zealand racing.

Cambridge Galloper overcame a slow start to beat most of Sydney’s elite three-year-olds at the A $ 400,000 Hobartville Stakes in Rosehill just an hour after Matamata mare Probabeel dazzled at A $ 500,000 Futurity in Caulfield.

Probabeel is stunning after sitting three times wide throughout the race and stepping clear at the top of the straight to hold the Arcadia Queen, with the pair now dominating the market for The Valley’s A $ 5 million All-Star Mile in three weeks.

It was the best win of her career from Probabeel, but as beautiful as it was, it should come as no surprise to racing fans on both sides of Tasman as she continues on her path to becoming a great mare.

If she earns an All-Star-worthy gateway at The Valley on March 13, she can award another young Kiwi training star at Jamie Richards with the richest win ever earned by a native New Zealand-trained on Australian soil.

But it was Aegon who would surprise more than some Australians because he not only beat their Guinea rivals, he gave them a head start and hit them.

Coach Forsman also owns a stake in Aegon’s holdings and while he and training partner Murray Baker are used to winning elite-level races for other people, beating Sydney on one of his horses is a different matter.

“I don’t think I got too emotional after the race for a while,” said Forsman.

“I literally watched the race on my phone pull over the side of the road on my way home from Ellerslie.

“I got very emotional so I’m glad I was alone.”

Aegon is owned by the Zame family where Forsman and Baker won the ATC Derby with Jon Snow and while he could possibly win the classic in April, Forsman admits Doncaster against horses older than a mile may be a better fit.

The win capped a big day for the Baker / Forsman side after they won the Avondale Cup at Ellerslie with Robusto, where they also finished third with Star Tsar, both now heading for the Auckland Cup on March 13.

Another feature in Ellerslie, the $ 120,000 Avondale Guineas, is omitted by the favorite Rocket Spade, who, like many others, is racing to the Vodafone Derby on March 6.


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See: Officials in New Zealand town looking for owners of loose peacocks | Instant News

Feb. 17 (UPI) – Officials in the New Zealand city were trying to find the owner of the exotic bird after a peacock was found strolling a suburban street.

Said Wellington City Council officers are alerted to peacocks in the Newlands area as viewers snapped colorful photos of the wanderer and posted them on social media.

The peacock, a bird species native to India, Southeast Asia and Central Africa, was caught by authorities and taken to the Moa Point Animal Welfare Center.

Officials said the peacock was friendly to humans and appeared to be a runaway pet. They are now asking the owner of the animal to report.

“If it’s your peacock, or you know who owns it, call us on 04499 4444 so we can take it home to roost,” the city council said. tweeted.

Peacock owners have seven days to move forward before the bird is placed back in a rescued animal shelter, officials said.


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New Zealand’s freaky summers: Drought in the north, soaking wet in the south | Instant News

Total rainfall across New Zealand this month has varied widely, such as 483 percent of normal in Central Otago, and zero percent in the lower North Island. Photo / Michael Craig

January may fall as one of the oddest months in the weather book, with a picture of feast-or-famine rainfall saturating the south – and the northern tip again in severe drought.

Total rainfall across New Zealand this month varied as much as 483 percent from normal, in Central Otago, to zero percent in the lower North Island.

“Obviously it’s unusual to see this spatial pattern, which looks so random,” said astrologer Niwa Ben Noll.

The regional contrast can be seen clearly on the Niwa rainfall map for most of the month to date, showing patches of green, or rainfall much higher than average, and orange, indicating much drier places.

Among the wetest places are northern, central and southern Otago – receiving 335, 483 and 202 percent of normal rain for January – along with southern Northland, northern Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, which have received about 150 percent of their usual total.

It is a very different picture for the lower North Island and the upper South Island, with totals of zero and 25 percent, respectively.

Total numbers were also significantly less around the East Cape on the North Island (62 percent), Hawke’s Bay (58 percent), northern Canterbury (51 percent) and Christchurch (33 percent).

“This is really very high rainfall,” he said.

“Another interesting observation is that we saw another major flood event this month, making it the third in as many months.”

Noll said the three major floods that hit Napier in November, Plimmerton in December and central Otago this month could be attributed to the presence of eccentric climate drivers.

The La Nina climate system with moderate strength has a clear influence on our summer weather – but this year, it is behaving very out of line with traditional patterns.

Under classic La Nina conditions, northern and eastern New Zealand will be wetter now, given its tradition of bringing storms and rain from the northeast to those places, and drought in the south and southwest.

In contrast, the northern region is currently abnormally dry – the tip of the North Island is now classified as severe meteorological drought – while the fire hazard in the south and southwest ranges from low to moderate.

Added to this unusual image is a “destructive disturbance” to La Nina’s classic taste of a separate natural phenomenon.

It is the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO) – a system that forms the greatest element of intra-seasonal variability in the tropical atmosphere.

“So we’ve seen until January, La Nina and other coercive patterns like the MJO are basically pedaling in the opposite direction,” he said.

“It makes it difficult to say which will dominate our weather patterns – and what remains is mixed conditions across the country.

“Trying to summarize that picture can be very difficult, so, put simply, be nice to your local weather forecaster.”

Noll said there was potential for summer to take another interesting turn, with a possible spike in tropical cyclone activity in the southwest Pacific in late January and early February.

“And while there are increasing opportunities for activity, where it is happening over the wider region is the million dollar question,” he said.

“The whole picture here is we need to be alert, and maybe even alert, for such activity to start here after a slight lull in mid-summer.”

Niwa’s forecast for January to March estimates temperatures are likely to be warmer than normal in all regions.

They will be punctuated with brief but very unstable weather periods, with rainfall likely almost above normal everywhere except in the western part of the South Island.

More swelling is also taking place, with spells of high humidity expected over time – especially in the north.


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