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KMC rebuilt roads | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has rebuilt the wretched road between Taman Safari and Nipa at the direction of KMC Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani.

According to a press statement issued by the KMC, commuters face problems as they remain in traffic for hours on end. The administrator said that keeping in mind the importance of the road, he directed the KMC Department of Works and Services to get the job done as quickly as possible because Karachi University, NED University, Meteorological Department office and other main offices are on the road.


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The road sector will be developed according to KMC resources, said Shallwani | Instant News

Karachi Administrator and Commissioner Iftikhar Ali Shallwani said on Sunday that the road carpet in Liaquatabad Area C would be finished in a few hours and stones would also be laid on the paths on both sides of the road.

While visiting the Liaquatabad neighborhood to review work, Shallwani said that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) was carrying out work, including road construction and renovation, using its own resources.

Director General of KMC’s Department of Works & Services Shabeeh-ul-Hassan Zaidi, District Chief Technician Najeeb Ahmed and other relevant officials were also present at the occasion. The administrator said that the road sector will be developed according to KMC resources. He said that work on replacing the Shah Faisal bridge expansion joint had also started.

It is important to mention here that the extension connections of the Millennium Mall Bridge and the Liaquatabad Bridge have been replaced, while the connections of all remaining bridges will be replaced if necessary.

Shallwani said that the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board only laid pipes in the Liaquatabad area No. 10 but have not reconstructed it, which caused misery for the community.

He said the road that stretches from Liaquatabad to Golimar and Nazimabad is in a condition not suitable for motorized vehicles to pass because people throw a lot of garbage on the road. He added that the situation took a turn for the worse especially at night, when Karachi saw more traffic. He appealed to the public not to throw garbage on the streets and keep it neat and clean.

Administrators direct DG work & services to paint walkways on both sides and continue to remove distractions from the road to ensure smooth flow of traffic. It also orders using high standard materials for long-lasting results. The newly constructed road will be 1,800 feet long by 30 feet wide.


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Street criminals run out of control in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in November 21, 2020 09:04

Street criminals run out of control in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The increasing number of street crimes has put citizens at the mercy of criminals in Karachi. On Jalan Tariq, a resident lost valuables to street criminals in broad daylight. In Gulshan-e-Jamal, women looted 15 gold tola from their homes and fled.

A resident was robbed on the main highway, Jalan Tariq in broad daylight. CCTV footage of the incident was also revealed. On Friday, four defendants on two motorbikes seized a cell phone from residents at gunpoint and fled.

On the other hand, in the morning, at Defense Stage 5, the four defendants looted gold, diamonds and Rs500,000 cash from the bungalow and fled. The defendant also took away his family’s cell phone.

In Gulshan-e-Jamal, two women ransacked homes including lockers. According to affected families, on the third day guarding the house maids, they looted 15 gold tola and fled. The case has been registered.


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Here’s My Tech Rundown, Brazilian Style | Instant News

Ubiquity. That’s a cool word and also the reason for the tech giants’ dominance in the stock market. A good measure for traveling the world is world travel. As I have mentioned before RM column, I’m in Brazil now on a business trip, and being here is certainly a true test everywhere. It seems, FAANG run our whole life in America, but is there any growth for them in the world market? China is a tough man to solve, but there are no such boundaries here. So here is a brief look at some of the major US companies according to my own observations.

Alphabet (GOOGL) Google runs everything. Google is our dark ruler and we must obey it! Or something like that. Seriously, I’ve been using Google Maps and Google Translate at least 100x per day since I’m here. Also, since my Android phone doesn’t respond well when being dropped on the Sao Paulo road, I will likely buy another one here. Judgment, as always, is in the eye of the beholder, but I see zero threat here to Google’s dominance of everything, so I definitely haven’t found any reason to be negative on Alphabet’s stock on this journey.

Facebook (FB) WhatsApp is the country’s lingua franca. English, Portuguese, whatever, EVERYONE here communicates by WhatsApp. I not only use WhatsApp to arrange meetings with clients, I also see clients chatting on WhatsApp DURING my meetings. Whoa, disrespectful, man. But nobody pays to use WhatsApp, and while Instagram clearly has a youth market cornered here in the United States and valuable to advertisers, no one actually claims to use Facebook’s core product, “Big Blue.” Monetization is uncertain for Facebook corporate here, and it doesn’t exactly match FB’s $ 777 billion equity valuation.

Apple (AAPL) too expensive for this market. This is the country of Android (another Google reference) and iPhone 12 is not yet launched. As I noted in my first RM column in Brazil, GDP per capita here is in the range of $ 9,000 per year, close to Mexico or China. I saw an iPhone 12 Pro (with a 6.1 “screen instead of a 6.7” Pro Max) quoted at BRL 8,800 at electronics retailer Fast Shop, which is $ 1,650. People love their phones here as much as we love our phones in America, but it’s too expensive. A lower-end version of 12 can work fine here, but there is often criticism about the iPhone being “dissatisfied” for emerging markets, and I think such a product will do well if it is introduced here.

Cornershop is here! No, not the Britpop band that was so attractive in the 1990s (they performed “ Brimful of Asha ”) but a grocery shopping delivery service. As of writing this article, I had no idea that Chile-based Cornershop had been acquired by Uber (UBER) This year. The problem with Cornershop is that it is VERY labor intensive. So the Cornershop guy (or gal) in red would walk around the store – I’ve been to Carrefour’s “hypermercado” for my basics – take a look at his phone and just drop whatever item he ordered into the basket. I even saw a Cornershop guy go through the items, slowly and one by one, at a normal human-operated cash register. Where is the added value? This is very inefficient. Human capital may be cheap here, but it’s not free. Cornershop doesn’t bother anyone or anything.

On the other hand, Uber’s core service – a vehicle booking app – is invaluable here. I don’t have to speak Portuguese (horribly,) worry about taxi fares (transparent and stable prices) or carry enough reais to pay taxes, and, like in America, I even know exactly when the driver will arrive. Uber is VERY useful for international travel. Maybe the Cornershop folks use it to deliver their grocery orders, I don’t know.

I’ve seen some bus stop commercials for Amazon Prime video for BRL 9.90 per month (about two dollars) and while it’s the only streaming service I use in America, I haven’t found anyone here who subscribes. I also haven’t seen 10 million Amazon delivery vans on the way here. Amazon doesn’t dominate every aspect of everyday life here as it does in the US or as Google does anywhere in the world except China. Maybe that’s a good thing.

So, that’s the Brazilian tech rundown style. To quote Sergio Mendes, the digital economy is the “mas que tone” here, especially for Google, but some giants will generate higher revenues with a little more local knowledge. Bomb him!

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Pervez Khattak said technical faults on the Ziarat Kaka Sahib road would be eliminated | Instant News

NOWSHERA: Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak on Thursday said technical faults at dangerous turns on the road to Ziarat Kaka Sahib and would be removed and protective walls erected at vulnerable points to solve the accident problem. He was speaking with grieving family members who lost 10 people in a recent accident when a coach fell over the cliff. Several people were injured in the accident. Pervez Khattak said he had asked Chief Minister Mahmood Khan to provide cash assistance to affected families and assured them they would not be left behind. I have directed officers to ensure treatment of the injured, he added. When asked by reporters about the situation of the second wave of the coronavirus, he said it was a serious problem and needed attention. “Prime Minister Imran Khan has postponed all Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) public meetings due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. The opposition should have considered the situation and delayed action, but it was not done, ”he said. The defense minister said he was disappointed with the leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) who, he regretted, had refused to postpone a public meeting scheduled in Peshawar for the 22nd of this month. He said the coronavirus spread rapidly in the second wave and people were infected in large numbers. “It is time for PDM to realize the situation and postpone public meetings to stem the spread of Covid-19,” he suggested. Pervez Khattak said the recent election results at GB had proven that the masses had full confidence in PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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