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Fashion in the digital world | Instant News

Digitalization will remain and the fashion industry can only benefit from adapting to this transformation

The fashion industry is recognized as one of the largest industries in the world. According to a survey conducted by Fashion United, its total revenue is worth more than $ 3000 billion, which is roughly 2% of world GDP. While technology has become part of the industry from manufacturing to post-production, the industry is currently going through a digitalization transformation tunnel.

It is not only about data management but also about reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The traditional method of designing clothes involves a lot of waste. A recent study by Aalto University reports that the fashion industry generates 92 million tonnes of waste every year. Switching to a 3D digital design process can help reduce this massive waste production by about 75%.

Recent research by IMRG and Hive found that fashion retailers are planning significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. Using computer-assisted systems and AI techniques, one can match supply to demand and limit production unnecessarily. AI can also be cross-utilized with augmented reality (AR) to further enhance the buyer’s experience. Technology-based virtual fitting room combined with chatbots, used by fashion retailers around the world. The digitization work process can also help fashion retailers expand to a larger market, save time and money, develop effective marketing campaigns and new products.

Customers can use the digital platform to research competitive prices, personal spending limits, variety, size, etc. AI-based technology also allows customers to connect with sellers through virtual buyer-seller meetings.

In fashion education

All of this has an impact on fashion education as well. In addition to enabling students around the world to connect and learn from top designers, digitizing education will enable them to get their designs recognized and validated through various portals and track customer preferences and choices for future decision-making processes. Students in the fashion industry can adapt to simulation-based learning, which speeds up the process by allowing designers to quickly solve problems associated with clothing fitting by visualizing changes to clothing.

Despite the problems of plagiarism, increasing competition, abundant communication with customers and suppliers, fashion brands cannot ignore the advantages of the digital age.

The author is the Center Manager, INIFD Kothrud


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The students asked Australia to let them stay when the military shot down protesters in Myanmar | Instant News

Naw Naw * trembled as she spoke about the deadly violence that took place at her home in Myanmar.

Activists estimate more than 700 people – some of them children as young as five – have died since the military seized power in a February 1 coup, ousting de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

“Sometimes they kill at night … every age, they kill,” Naw Naw told the ABC.

For now, Naw Naw is safe in Melbourne, studying an early childhood diploma.

But his time in Australia may be running out soon – his visa will expire next month.

As a member of the Kachin ethnic community who has been outspoken about atrocities back home, he fears what will happen if he is forced to return.

“I will be arrested too if I have to return now,” he said.

Naw Naw, who asked to be kept secret for his safety, saluted a protest.(

Provided: Julian Meehan


He was afraid that if he was arrested, he would not come out alive.

“Everyone here is afraid to come back at this time. I am very worried about every student.”

Mary Aung, also an international student, voiced those fears at a public hearing on the situation in Myanmar being held by the joint standing committee for Foreign, Defense and Trade Affairs today.

“There is a big danger for me if I go back if I go back to Myanmar – I could be arrested when I arrived,” he said.

Student activist Mary Aung stands in front of protesters in Melbourne.
Mary Aung feared she would be arrested for her activism if forced to return to Myanmar.(

Erin Handley: ABC news


There are more than 3,500 temporary visa holders from Myanmar in Australia, about half of whom are students.

Last month, The Australian reports The government plans to grant visa extensions on humanitarian grounds to Myanmar citizens in Australia on temporary visas.

The report said the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade were working on policies that would be announced “not in a few weeks, but a few days” – but no announcements had yet been made.

The latest government figures show that in March 45 Myanmar citizens applied for protection visas to the Australian government. Thirteen applied in February.

Some Myanmar communities have asked the Australian government to follow these steps Bob Hawke, who offers asylum to Chinese students in Australia after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

That’s something Naw Naw wants to see too.

“I really want to ask the Australian government to take decisive and swift action [on] this, “he said.

Australia criticizes ‘constipation’ response

Members of the Myanmar community criticized Australia’s “slow and ineffective” response to the coup.

Labor MP Julian Hill said they “deserved better”.

Speaking at the Chamber of the Federation, Labor MP Julian Hill called for a Senate Inquiry into the issue of dowry abuse in Australia.
Mr Hill said visa extensions were reported “days, not weeks,” in March, but a month later there had been no action.(

ABC News


“Here we are in mid-April, and the best you get is something is possible and that’s not my problem,” he said.

“Sounds a little constipated, I have to say, so I hope some of this can be done soon so things don’t get stuck.”

Ridwaan Jadwat, from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, disagrees with that assessment.

“The government will look at this with great compassion and make decisions that make sense,” he said.

He said visa extensions were being considered, and when it came to sanctions, “nothing was off the table”, he added.

Defense’s Hugh Jeffrey warned that sanctioning the military is not a “silver bullet.”

“The Tatmadaw is an institution that is very resistant to international influence,” he said.

“We also need to provide options that encourage the return of liberal democratic rule.”

a man and a woman wearing glasses smiled and looked ahead
Economist Sean Turnell, pictured with his wife Ha Vu, remains detained in Myanmar.(

ABC News: Provided


Australia’s complicated answer is the ongoing detention of Professor Sean Turnell, a close aide to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Defense officials said they pushed for his release in a phone call between Australian Defense Force deputy chief David Johnston and Myanmar’s senior deputy general Soe Win – a call played for propaganda purposes by the Tatmadaw.

DFAT’s Schedule said the Australian government does not recognize the military regime as Myanmar’s government, but lines of communication need to remain open.

Workforce joins the call for visa extension

The federal opposition is pressuring the government to offer visa extensions to thousands of Myanmar citizens in Australia.

The calls came after 82 people were massacred on Friday in the city of Bago, near Yangon.

Labor Senator Penny Wong wore a stern facial expression
Labor Senator Penny Wong said no one should be forcibly deported to Myanmar.(

ABC News: Matt Roberts


Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Shadow Home Minister Kristina Keneally have written to the government urging them to “demonstrate Australia’s strong opposition to this direct attack”.

“This incident … caused extreme distress to members of the Myanmar diaspora community in Australia,” they wrote.

“We therefore urge the government to allow Myanmar nationals on temporary visas in Australia to extend their stay.

The United States has announced it will provide temporary protection for Myanmar citizens in the country.

Woman carries flowers and salutes with three fingers.
Anti-coup protesters line up carrying slogans on pots with flowers as they mark the country’s traditional Thingyan – New Year festival.(



Naw Naw indicates Australia has to offer extended visa option for Hong Kong passport holders, in wake up from the 2019 protests fund sweep the National Security Law in the region.

He added that the violence from the Myanmar military, the Tatmadaw, was on a different level from the crackdown in Hong Kong.

“They don’t do terrible things like Myanmar,” he said.

“Every day [we are] losing innocent people. “

* Name has been changed to protect identity.


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Chick Mex Grill opens in North Buffalo, bringing street food to Hertel Avenue | Instant News

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo is home to a wide variety of restaurants: Italian food, Greek food, Soul food, pubs, cafes and more, but a UB graduate felt something was missing.

“When I came here, I wanted street food that you had access to in New York City. almost every block, “said Zahid Rahimi, a UB graduate from New York City.

Rahimi wanted to spice up the WNY, bringing the street food to Buffalo.

Chick Mex Grill

Rahimi felt there was nowhere to find street food in Buffalo, so he brought her to Hertel

When he was a student at the University at Buffalo studying biology in 2016, he opened his own restaurant called Chick Mex Grill on the North Campus of UB, which combines two different cultures.

“I’m basically a halal food and a mix of Mexican food,” said Rahimi.

Things were going really well on campus, so now– he’s opening a second location.

“I’m always looking for a second location, basically I just need a good place and Hertel is a great place for Chick Mex,” said Rahimi.

He set up shop at 1458 Hertel Avenue, a first The location of La Tavola Trattoria which closed last year.

Rahimi wants customers to create their own experiences

Taylor Epps

Rahimi wants customers to create their own experiences

This is a place where you can get chicken sandwiches, chicken Halaal or chicken tacos. Rahimi said he wants customers to make this experience their own.

“Take your food, get a drink, enjoy it with your friends, have a chat or you can take it away, I don’t want to limit people,” said Rahimi.

Rahimi has been preparing the place for several months and is now working on the finishing touches.

“We just have to wait for our permission to enter. Once inside, I am happy to be able to open and see people walking through the door,” said Rahimi.

If all goes well, the doors will open on April 23. This is also an opportunity to reunite his team.

“Due to COVID, I had to fire a lot of people from my old location, so I am very happy to see them come back again,” said Rahimi.

Once he opened the door, he was sure he would have the same support he saw at UB.

“The people are very supportive, not as big as New York City where no one knows anyone and I feel this is a blessing, we are human, we need that human relationship,” said Rahimi.

Chick Mex Facebook page

Chick Mex Instagram page


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Indonesia provides 1,000 scholarships to students sir | Instant News

KARACHI: Indonesia announced 1,000 scholarships for Pakistani students to further enhance friendly and amicable relations between the two countries.

When giving a briefing on the 2021 plan, the Indonesian Consulate for Information and Socio-Culture, Ibnu Sulhan, said that his government had drawn up a comprehensive plan to bring the people of the two nations closer together and for that, Indonesian language courses were free. will be offered to students starting April. He said trade between the two countries was gradually increasing at a record pace despite the coronavirus pandemic. He said at the direction of the Indonesian government, the consulate in Karachi was working on a plan to strengthen cultural and social ties between the two countries. He said Pakistani students had been offered 1,000 scholarships at 23 leading universities in Indonesia offering graduation, masters and PhD programs, said Sulhan.

The Information & Socio-Cultural Consul said that the registration for fully funded student scholarships will remain open from April 25 to August 2021. He hopes to increase the number of scholarships gradually. The envoy said that to further strengthen relations between the two countries in the fields of business and culture, the Indonesian government has decided to launch a free virtual language course. Simultaneously, a web series will be kicking off on social media highlighting various aspects of Indonesia, while the Indonesian Consulate web portal will also be coming soon. He said the Consulate was facilitating investors from Pakistan to invest in Indonesia and vice versa.

The consul said the Karachi business community is very important for Indonesia because a large part of their trade depends on the business community who live here.


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We have a poverty crisis in New Zealand, we need to do more | Instant News

Aotearoa New Zealand Green Feast

The Greens are calling on the Government to do more for New Zealanders who continue to fall behind, as key benefits will rise to less than $ 8 a week tomorrow, Thursday 1 April (at the start of the financial year).

“We are experiencing a poverty crisis in New Zealand, and we must go further and faster to provide income support that enables everyone to live with dignity,” said spokesman for the Green Party for Social Development & Employment Ricardo Menéndez March.

“The current government expects one person over 25 to get by on just $ 250.74 a week, and tomorrow they should celebrate that raise to $ 258.51. That extra eight dollars wasn’t even enough to buy a lump of cheese.

“The government is dishonest in going on to say that indexing benefits to wages is the best thing they can do – even the Children’s Commissioner says they have to be brave and brave, and totally revoke benefits. Indexing of allowances against wages would mean little without a substantial increase in core benefits to close a gap that has continued for decades.

“For a third of New Zealanders who rent a roof over their head, and on average spend more of their income on housing than those who own a house, tinkering around the edges alone is not enough to help those who are already struggling. to endure, especially in the last 12 months since COVID-19 hit.

“And when the Auckland average house price rose $ 100,000 in February alone, we needed to do more.

“The Expert Welfare Advisory Group says our current welfare system is ‘no longer fit for purpose and needs fundamental change’.

“The Greens have plans to support all students and unemployed people, no matter what, with a Guaranteed Minimum Income of at least $ 325 per week. If there is anything we learn from COVID-19, whether bold and urgent action to change the system for our collective well-being is possible.

“We ask the Government to immediately increase the core benefits, as requested by their Expert Welfare Advisory Group in 2019.

“The workforce must implement the recommendations of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group. The gradual increase only keeps New Zealanders in poverty. “

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