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Boy was rushed to Starship Hospital after a water incident in Panmure, Auckland | Instant News

Ambulance crew rushed to the scene after a child was injured in a water incident in Panmure. Photo / NZME

A 6 year old boy has been taken to Starship Hospital in serious condition after a water accident in the Auckland suburb of Panmure.

St John said the boy was taken from Lagoon Drive by ambulance to the hospital at around 3:35 p.m.

He is in stable condition this afternoon, said a spokesman for the Auckland District Health Council.

The Herald understands the incidents that took place at the Lagoon Pool and YMCA Entertainment Center in Panmure. A central supervisor will not speak to NZME.

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Seven people have died in water accidents so far this year.

Water Safety New Zealand calls on everyone to make wise decisions around water.

“We know the Kiwis will continue to enjoy our beautiful aqueduct as the warm weather continues. We need everyone to be responsible and think about water safety,” said spokesman Sheridan Bruce.

“Even though our aqueducts are our playground, they can be very unforgiving.”

Key safety messages include always bringing friends, swimming between flags on patrolled beaches, constant active adult supervision of children around the water at all times, watching for rips and always wearing a life jacket on the boat and when fishing from rocks or fishing nets. .

Surf Life Saving’s northern region chief of operations Alan Gibson reiterated calls for people to take basic precautions to ensure daily events don’t end in tragedy.

“We asked if people went fishing so they put on a life jacket and told someone where they were going,” Gibson said.

“If they shower, never swim alone and if you get caught in a tear to ride them and raise their hands in the air and seek lifeguard assistance.”

Observers who witness the people in contention in the water should call 111 or get the coast guard’s attention if they are on a patrolled coastline, Gibson said.

“Unfortunately, in New Zealand, many observer rescues end in double or single tragedy for people who enter the water to save others.”

Last year 69 people drowned in New Zealand. Most of the deaths occurred in the upper North Island.


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New Year’s Tragedy: Fatal house fire in New Windsor Auckland | Instant News

Fire services are located at the site of the house fire on Mulgan St, New Windsor, Auckland. Photo / Hayden Woodward

At least one person died in a house fire on the outskirts of central Auckland this morning.

The NZ Fire and Emergency was at the site on Mulgan St, New Windsor, following the fire report at around 5.42am.


A northern fire communications spokesman confirmed there had been deaths.

Unfortunately, this was a fatal house fire, he said.

Fire investigators are now heading to the scene to see the state of the fire.

The flat was “well engaged” when firefighters arrived, the spokesman said. By 6:24 a.m., the fire was out.

Five fire trucks remained at the site and crews subdued the hotspot.


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Multiple victims in a shooting at a Wisconsin mall, gunmen on the run | Instant News


Scene outside a Wisconsin mall where several people were shot. Video / @CearronBag

A manhunt is underway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after a shooting at a suburban mall left seven adults and a teenager injured.

Police Chief Barry Weber gave no motive for the Mayfair Mall attack in a brief update about three hours after the 2:50 pm incident near the entrance to Macy’s shop.

He said the injury rate of the eight victims was unknown, but all were still alive.

He added that the shooters were “no longer at the scene” when the authorities arrived.

“Initial statements from witnesses indicated that the shooter was a white male in his 20s or 30s,” Weber told reporters.

“Investigators are working to determine the identity of the suspect.”

The head of the mall calls the scene of the active case and asks people to stay away. He said the mall will remain closed until further notice.

Witnesses told WISN-TV they had heard what they believed to be eight to 12 shots.

Several people remained at the mall while the police searched for suspects.

The station interviewed several people outside the mall who said they had friends who took shelter inside the shop while the search was ongoing.

Jill Wooley was inside Macy’s with her 79-year-old mother when they heard eight to 12 gunshots outside the shop entrance.

“We heard the first shot being fired and immediately knew it was a shot,” Wooley told CBS58 in Milwaukee. “We both just fell to the floor.”

Wooley said he didn’t see anyone but the shot was “very close”. He added that they ran in the opposite direction to the basement of the shop, where they later hid.

Trish Cox’s 19-year-old nephew works at the Finish Line sports supply store. She says she’s worried because the shop’s phone isn’t answering and she panics as she waits while FBI agents clean up the mall.

An agent who did not want to be named said the mall was being cleaned “methodically”.

Heavily armed FBI personnel are seen at the mall.

Mall operator Brookfield Properties said in a statement they were “disappointed and angry that our guests and tenants were subjected to violent incidents today.” They declined to comment further.

The Mayfair Mall was the scene of a February shooting in which a city police officer, Joseph Mensah, shot and killed Alvin Cole, a 17-year-old black man.

Police said Cole was running away from police; Mensah, who is also black, admitted to shooting Cole because Cole had a gun pointed at him.

The mall was the target of sporadic protests in the months following the shooting.

Milwaukee County district attorneys refused to press charges against Mensah, but the city this week approved a separation agreement under which Mensah will be paid at least $ 130,000 to leave the police force.


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Victorian syndrome at home orders restored through a router suburbs of Melbourne | Instant News

Victoria once again sitting at home orders series dot the suburbs of coronavirus in order to curb the “unacceptably high” number of new cases identified in the last few days.

11:59 PM on Wednesday, residents in the following 10 zip codes will be restricted from leaving the house except for important purposes: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.

Premier Daniel Andrews has also announced a judicial inquiry into the management of the state quarantine after in some cases until the end of may and in early June were associated with infection control breaches.

He also requested that international flights would be rerouted from Melbourne for the next two weeks, to reduce the number of arriving travelers should be quarantined hotel.

“I have not received a response from the Commonwealth, but I am sure that the answer is Yes, there will be no new arrivals”, he said.

“Today’s flights will last for two weeks.”

The announcement came after Victoria recorded 64 new cases of coronavirus night 14th day in a row of double-digit case increases in the state.

Only four reasons for people in isolation to leave home

Mr. Andrews said that “extraordinary measures” were needed to contain a surge in infections.

“We know that suburban isolation, a stay-at-home orders there are a number of restrictions that work,” he said.

“We’ve all gone through this journey, we’ve all been through this process and we know that at the end of this process, we can begin the discovery process”.

Mr. Andrews said that more than 93,000 tests were done with blitz-testing of the hotspot suburbs began last week, but the 928 people in Broadmeadows alone and downs Keilor refused to be tested.

He said that people in these indices would only have four reasons to leave their homes: at work or at school, for your concern and care for daily exercise or to get food and other necessities.

“This only works if people respond, it only works if people use common sense and I’m sure those communities will to do it,” he said.

The people who are supposed to be at work in these indexes or assisting someone in the face, will be allowed to enter.

Full-time education will continue in schools within 10 indexes locked up now, Mr. Andrews said.

“On the advice of the chief sanitary doctor, we see no real evidence of transmission between children and adults,” he said.

“We see no real evidence that school attendance is an important factor in the spike in cases.”

Police to patrol the suburbs under orders lock

Mr Andrews says Victoria police will be patrolling the suburbs covered by the 10 indexes to achieve isolation.

He said that on the spot fines will be issued outside their homes, not allowed cause.

“The Board of health. That’s what we should do now. If we don’t do this now, then I’m not going to close 10 POST codes, I will close all Post codes” – he said.

“We need every Victorian families, especially in these locks zip codes to know and understand that although it is very inconvenient for you, you make a huge contribution to the entire state, and even the entire nation.

“If you’re sick, you can’t get out. The only thing you have to do if you are sick to pass the test.”

The chief officer of the Victorian health Brett Sutton said, recommending lock came after “a significant increase” of cases over the last couple of weeks.

“This is a significant rate-doubling and it was this trend and the fact that we had to turn it around, which prompted me to take these measures”, – he said.

“It’s heartbreaking to turn into an epidemic, but it’s the right public health action, and we know they can work.”

More to come.


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The kite flies on the outskirts of the twin cities | Instant News

Islamabad: Amid the coronavirus locking scenario, gliding is becoming popular among young people and students who have no other activities to enjoy in the suburbs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. On the other hand, police officers are vigilant and use to carry out continuous crackdowns on kite flyers and specifically on kite sellers to ensure the kite flying ban is prohibited, but despite all these police efforts, kite flying is contradictory with the past, became popular in the adjacent twin areas of the city from Taxila to Gujjar Khan and Peshwar to Chakwal.

Since locking Coronavirus in twin cities, police have carried out a crackdown on kite sellers in twin cities and one day was left when police station officials around Rawalpindi did not confiscate hundreds of kites and metallic threads along with kite sellers .

As per police records, over the past two months, hundreds of cases have been registered regarding violations of the kite flying ban and later, hundreds of thousands of kites were captured. In spite of all these cohesive efforts, kite flying is still increasing and specifically, this activity has moved from twin cities to rural areas including Rawat, Kalyam Awan, Gujjar Khan, Kallar Sayedan, Adiyala, Chakwal, Daultala, Mandra, Sukko, Wah-Sadar, Attock.

After the police crackdown, kite transportation has become a new business for kite sellers who are used to transport kites and metal threads to desired villages and areas at exorbitant prices especially amid a ban on public transportation.

Majid Ali, father of two sons, said, “I can’t understand where children get this kite from when the police are tight and vigilant in selling kites and cracking down on kite sellers from the past two months. Kites available for children to fly kites either raise questions for police crackdown or smart network of kite sellers on the streets and Mohallas to transport kites and kite threads in a youth and children’s approach . “

Shahjehan, a Rehmatabad resident (Schema-III) said, “The police crackdown on kite flights only raised the price of kites for us. The kites that were available only for 20-30 rupees were previously available for more than Rs100 after this police crackdown. “

Jehanzaib Ali, a Chakwal resident said, “After the closure and closing of the market, we have nothing to do but watch TV and use mobile phones; However, flying a kite has been the best time killer in the middle of a lockdown scenario. There is no doubt the price after the public transportation ban and the police crackdown have risen; however, kites are available in some local houses and shop owners. “A police official who asked not to be named said police crackdown on kite sellers had become a source for printing money by threatening them to be included in the case. Hundreds of kite sellers were reported to have been confiscated along thousands of kites and twines, but all the commodities seized went to unknown locations. Over the past two weeks, two children have reportedly been moved to hospital with critical injuries to their necks with metallic threads from the kite in Taxila but kite flying is still increasing in the city.


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