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New Zealand rugby calls on players to take a tiny slice of a bigger pie amid a $ 465 million private equity standoff | Instant News

New Zealand Rugby boss Mark Robinson on the Silver Lakes All Blacks deal. Video / Provided

What continues to separate New Zealand Rugby from the New Zealand Rugby Players Association in their respective views of the Silver Lake proposal is their assessment of the potential risk and who carries it.

Under the terms of the Silver Lake deal, NZR asked NZRPA to agree to take a smaller share of the significantly larger potential revenue.

Players currently receive 36.5 percent of NZR revenue – known as Player Pay Pool (PPP) which has averaged around $ 190 million over the past five years.

The NZR pushes that percentage down to between 30 and 32 percent, but estimates that total revenue will surge to around $ 350 million by 2025 if Silver Lake takes part and will potentially climb again to somewhere closer to $ 500 million a year later. that.

Players will get a huge windfall if they agree to a deal in its current form and Silver Lake is able to make a transformational change in their promised annual income.

Both the NZR and NZRPA agree that it is imperative that there is enough money available to keep the salaries of New Zealand’s top players competitive and for the country to continue to retain talent.

New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss, Rob Nichol.  Photos / Photosport
New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss, Rob Nichol. Photos / Photosport

But the NZRPA has a different view to the NZR on the level of risk inherent in the proposal and it is these issues that need to be resolved in the follow-up mediation discussions planned for this week.

Silver Lake has not detailed its revenue growth plans. They have made an ambitious forecast based on a broad concept that effectively boils down to making money from an offshore All Blacks fan base that is believed to be as high as 65 million.

The NZRPA is not exactly anti-Silver Lake or underestimating its ability to make money as it says it can but needs to look in more detail to have more confidence.

The player body would also like to have a better understanding of how the NZR could reduce the risk of a deal not generating as much revenue as it had anticipated.

The proposal is for NZR to sell 15 percent of its future revenue but continue to be responsible for 100 percent of the costs of running the game.

If growth is not as high as forecast, the NZR could find itself with less, not more money as it will only have an 85 percent share of future revenue but still be responsible for meeting the fixed costs of playing players and provincial guilds.

The fear is that if income growth fails, the NZR could be forced to sell more assets to save.

New Zealand Rugby chief executive, Mark Robinson.  Photos / Photosport
New Zealand Rugby chief executive, Mark Robinson. Photos / Photosport

The NZRPA can negotiate to protect professional players from the downside, by including a clause that requires NZR to fulfill its agreed obligations to PPP.

But doing so would jeopardize the funding available for other parts of the game and would ultimately be catastrophic for everyone.

The two bodies, who spent Wednesday locked in mediation talks, are actually more in tune than has been described.

They agreed on the need to inject more capital into the game and found ways to use it to help foster and maintain community play.

However, they need to find ways to mitigate potential risks in such a way that they do not force larger sales or assets or jeopardize future investment at the grassroots.


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‘Sindh will take action if NCOC does not heed its transport advice’ | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh government must take action on its own if Islamabad fails to monitor the coronavirus situation and heed its advice to shut down transportation between provinces to curb the increase in COVID-19 cases, Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah said on Thursday.

Addressing an event here at the Sindh Karachi Animal Health Institute, CM Shah questioned the PTI-led federal government’s decision to impose an early coronavirus lockdown when it criticized the move as Sindh went ahead with its plans.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has his own thoughts on the lockdown but in today’s National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) meeting, I reminded him of the Sindh government’s initiative on coronavirus lockdown one year ago today in which we were severely criticized.

“But if it’s such a bad idea, why would the federal government and the other three provinces follow suit later? It’s not bad because we survived today – first, because of God’s mercy – and that’s a first step.

“The decisions we made earlier helped us stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic.” The chief minister of Sindh underlined that the PPP-led provincial government had recommended shutting down intercity transport for at least two weeks – which he said Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said the NCOC would consider.


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Prime Minister Imran Khan said no to the Sindh government ‘total lockdown’ advice | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan reads the file. Photo: PM Office Twitter account

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday rejected the recommendation of the Sindh government to impose a “total lockdown” across the country for two weeks.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah earlier said the government must impose a “complete lockdown” across the country for two weeks to contain the spread of the virus.

Responding to his comments, the prime minister said Pakistan was unable to carry out a complete lockdown, adding that the move would be bad for daily wage earners across the country.

He said that for now, the government would impose smart lockdowns across the country, adding that it was imperative to be more careful during the third wave of the coronavirus.

Murad called for a “complete lockdown” to curb the virus

CM Murad previously said that a complete lockdown was needed in Pakistan to contain a third wave of the coronavirus.

“Do it or don’t do it, smart lockdown is nothing,” the chief minister said while speaking to media in Islamabad.

The chief minister of Sindh has told reporters that his government believes the center should ban inter-city transportation for two weeks as well. He added that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic was “dangerous”.

“I have antibodies but I’m still afraid of the corona[virus], “Said CM Murad, highlighting how dangerous the corona virus infection is.

He also criticized the country’s ongoing vaccination policy, saying the government had failed to get a vaccine and instead relied on donations from China.

Pakistan has reported more than 4,000 cases

CM Murad’s remarks came as Pakistan reported 4,757 cases and 78 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

As per the NCOC, 43,965 tests were conducted across Pakistan of which 4,757 tests positive makes a positive ratio of 10.8%.

Meanwhile, the number of positive cases nationally increased to 667,957, with Sindh leading in the highest number of cases with 265,433 cases. Punjab has reported 220,392 cases, 87,055 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 57,833 in Islamabad, 19,557 in Balochistan, 12,663 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and 5,024 in Gilgit Baltistan.

Pakistan will not undergo a ‘total lockdown’, said NCOC chief Asad Umar

A week earlier, Planning Minister Asad Umar firmly rejected the prospect of a countrywide “lockdown”, saying the government would not take such steps in an effort to protect people’s livelihoods.

“Total lockdown is not the solution,” said the minister. “We tried to explain that to people during the first wave [of the coronavirus] but they don’t understand. You can’t shut down entire countries and steal people’s livelihoods, “he added.

Umar, however, has hinted at “targeted intervention”, saying the government is trying to take steps that will not affect people’s livelihoods.

The minister said the NCOC had identified the coronavirus hotspot areas to the provincial government. He said the implementation of the smart lockdown was not satisfactory.


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PM Imran Khan rejects the proposed increase in gasoline prices | Instant News

Petrol is filled in the car. – AFP / Files

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s proposal to raise prices for petroleum products, Geo News reported on Monday.

OGRA submitted a summary to the prime minister a few days ago, asking for an increase in the gasoline price of Rs14.07 per liter and Rs13.61 per liter for the price of high speed diesel.

The authorities also recommended an increase in the kerosene price of Rs10.79 per liter.

Sources have previously confirmed to Geo News that the price of petroleum products is expected to rise after February 15.

According to sources, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent a summary for the revised tariff to the Petroleum Division.

The source also said that OGRA was basing its recommended tariff on a levy of Rs 30 per liter and had suggested that the price of gasoline be increased by Rs 16 per liter.

In a summary forwarded by OGRA, diesel is recommended to be priced at Rs14.75 per liter more, the source said.

They added that currently petroleum levies of Rs21.04 apply in addition to charges of Rs22.11 per liter for diesel.

Last month, at the turn of February, the price of gasoline increased by Rp2.70 per liter.


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Basketball: New Zealand Breakers star Tom Abercrombie countered by claiming that his family was being given special quarantine care | Instant News


Tall Black Tom Abercrombie with his wife Monique-Raquel. Photo / Getty

New Zealand Breakers and Tall Blacks basketball player Tom Abercrombie has criticized his family for being given a special MIQ and quarantine treatment based on his status as a sports star.

Abercrombie’s wife, Monique-Raquel and their three children are granted exemptions for completing their 14 days of mandatory home quarantine after traveling back from Australia.

Monique-Raquel tagged Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on social media, complaining about the state of the hotel room they were housed in, which is believed to be in a facility near Auckland International Airport.

Abercrombie, who is in Australia with other members of the Breakers team, told Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan that two of their three children have high needs, prompting them to apply for medical exemptions.

“[They] have significant behavioral and medical problems, I don’t want to go into detail about what they are, “he said.” The evidence we put forth in our app is sufficient for the power to decide it’s the best thing for them, so they’re obviously significant enough for those people to make that decision.

The fact that I am a basketball player or where I live has absolutely nothing to do with that decision and I would be very disappointed if that happened.

“I am very disappointed and frustrated.”

Abercrombie said he and his family were well aware their application might be rejected – they were likely satisfied.

“We submitted an exemption on the assumption that we might not get it, obviously very hard to get and not everyone gets it and we are very grateful.

“Otherwise, they will have to isolate themselves in the facility.”

He added they would be happy to cover the additional costs if needed.

Tom Abercrombie plays for the Breakers against the Adelaide 36ers.  Photo / Getty
Tom Abercrombie plays for the Breakers against the Adelaide 36ers. Photo / Getty

The 33-year-old’s family traveled with him to Melbourne before the start of the Australian NBL season, where the team will be based. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak in early January in Victoria, the club was forced to move again, this time to Hobart.

Abercrombie’s wife and son then chose to go home. They were greeted by isolation facilities which he said were “concerning”.

He admits that looking back, complaining on social media was not the right first step.

“Given the situation again, I don’t think it’s the right way to do things. But it was an emotional and stressful time for my wife, we literally had two hours to pack our bags in Tasmania, catch the plane the next two hours and she flew all the way back to New Zealand from Melbourne with little sleep.

“If he had more time, we would not publicize the complaint, but also the situation he faced in managed isolation which I think is not suitable for families or individuals who come in with mold and objects on the windowsill where a potential virus can live. “

Last month, Abercrombie told NZME – after moving to Hobart – he worries that the task of looking after three children could become tough work for his wife when away from her usual home.

The quarantine issue is just another fire Abercrombie has to put out, which turns out to be a trying start for the NBL season.

He and his Breakers teammates have had to battle the ongoing Covid-related issues since arriving in Australia.

The club were forced to remain in Adelaide last week following their first two games of the season due to players feeling unwell, leading to preventive testing and staying in South Australia.

They have been allowed to return to training, and will next play Cairns Taipans on Saturday.


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