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Colorado rapids 2, Minnesota United 2 | MLS returned match of the tournament, we will remind | Instant News

Minnesota Organizations Wednesday won the second place in group D. MLS is back tournamentfighting Colorado Rapids in a 2-2 draw on the night at the ESPN wide world of sports complex. Colorado has already been eliminated after Sporting Kansas City’s 2-0 victory for Real Salt Lake earlier in the day.

The score was begun on 19-th minute forward across Colorado Kei Kamaraas he closed the near post 1-0 lead after play Nicolas Benezet what were the thresholds’ 1,000 th goal in MLS.

But the rapids lead was short-lived, and Ethan Finlay to make the score 1: 1 in the 36th minute with his first of two goals. Minnesota striker finished off a home low, driven free kick from Jan Gregusshowing smart instincts.

Then Finlay in bags scored twice in the 43rd minute, at the same time Romaine Metanire cross home after a powerful run from Minnesota back. Finlay was in the right place to convert after the removal of the rapids’ back with a precise movement in the 18-yard box.

In a back-and-forth nature continued in the 59th minute when Jonathan Lewis made it 2-2 with a powerful half-volley after a free kick. In Team USA men’s the winger was quick to lose the ball and smashed it home.

Forward Colorado Diego Rubio had some Golden chances to equalize before the strike of Lewis, especially hitting the post in the 46th minute. William Yarbrough also made six saves in his second start for the rapids, even if they go with a 0-2-1 record in the tournament.


  • 19′ – Kol – Kei Kamara | Watch
  • 36′ – min – Ethan Finley | Watch
  • 43′ – min – Ethan Finley | Watch
  • 59′ – number – Jonathan Lewis | Watch

Man of the match presented by Heineken

When healthy and in form, opponents struggle to contain a direct threat to Ethan Finlay presented. He scored his first two goals of the year, and entered the role of the Creator Kevin Molino with a hamstring injury.

Three Things

  • THE BIG PICTUREAlthough Minnesota took second place in group D, they went losing three matches (1-0-2 record). They have coped with injuries all tournament but survived the storm at each stop. As in Colorado, it was all about the result because they are mathematically unable to move before. In this respect, mission accomplished, although head coach Robin Fraser would have preferred three points.
  • MOMENT OF THE MATCH: Jonathan Lewis hit his EQ is so smooth. His super-sub role on a leash.

  • YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: Louis Amarilla made his MLS debut back tournament for Minnesota after suffering abductor injury in the warm-up before their first match. The striker managed four shots in 74 minutes of action as he returns to full fitness.


  • Kohl: From the MLS back tournament
  • Min: On Tuesday, July 28 and Columbus Crew (8 PM ET | ESPN, and ESPN Deportes in us; TSN in Canada) | Round of 16


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Pakistan decides to resume transit to Afghanistan, trade across the borders of the Vah from July 15 – Pakistan | Instant News

Last Update July 13,2020 12:43 PM

The decision was made at the request of the government of Afghanistan.

Lahore (Dunya news) – Pakistan on Monday decided to resume exports of Afghan goods through the border crossing Vah from July 15, 2020, after implementation of the COVID-19 protocols.

According to a press release of the foreign Ministry, the decision was made at the request of the Afghan government and with the aim of facilitating transit trade with Afghanistan.

With this step, Pakistan is fulfilling its obligations in the framework of the Pakistan-Afghan transit trade agreement (APTTA). Pakistan has restored bilateral trade, Afghan transit trade at all border terminals pre-COVID-19 condition, the FO said.

In a press release on, “Pakistan remains fully committed to further strengthening its bilateral relations with Afghanistan in all fields, including trade, and also to facilitate transit trade to Afghanistan under APTTA.”


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Pakistan resumes the place of purchase LNG as sharply increased demand | Instant News

Karachi, Pakistan has resumed the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the international market after a six-month pause, as the power consumption increases with the relief of a prisoner, it became known on Monday.

State Pakistan LNG companies (PLL) has announced a tender to supply three LNG cargoes – 140,000 cubic meters each – to be delivered in August and September. PLL invited bids from international suppliers to supply three LNG cargoes for delivery in port Qasim. The first window of delivery on August 27-28, the second with 12-13 of September and the third on September 25-26.

PLL placed your last purchase spot LNG tender in November of last year for shipments to be delivered in February.

At the point of purchase with the subsequent resumption of oil imports in may after a month-long ban, which creates a gap in the market. Import was permitted as domestic demand picked up after a nationwide COVID-19 the cordon eased.

Blocking was introduced at the end of March to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Consumer demand slowed, while industrial production was brought to a halt. The ban on oil was justified to help the oil marketing and refinery companies, whose stocks can go full to the brim.

However, under less stringent smart lock is now in place, commercial and industrial activity resumed in the country is gradually resuming economic activity.

Asian spot prices for LNG this week remained stable, demand is still sluggish in an oversupplied market. The average price of LNG into northeast Asia is estimated at 2.20 $per million British thermal unit is the same as the previous week, according to the market.

Annual LNG imports are expected to increase to 15-30 million tons in the next four to five years, according to official estimates. Pakistan adds at least 300 000 gas consumers every year who consume the local production of low cost squeezed manufacturing industry have to rely on imports.

Analysts say LNG imports saved Pakistan for the last five years, about $ 5 billion, after it was replaced by expensive imports of oil. LNG 22% in the energy balance of the country, and its share in imports of energy resources in the country is 24 percent.

Although the price of LNG is tied to oil, its energy is more economical than oil. It plays a significant role in meeting demand in the local market, as domestic gas resources are depleted and significant new discoveries have not been made over the past few years. In 2015 more than 19 million tons of LNG were imported, while the two re-gasification LNG terminals are operational and several are in the queue.


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In the ’70’s caper uses the best microcontrollers | Instant News

Illustration for the article called the 1970s years, the spy caper links to one of the best MCU movies to iAgents S. H. I. E. L. D./I

Photo: Mitch Haaseth (ABC)

Reviews TVAll our TV reviews in one convenient place.

If there is one thing that is usually agreed first season Marvel’s agents of S. H. I. E. L. Etc.it was awful. Rather, it kind of sucked to MCU film Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, after which the show can finally show his con tie-In: S. H. I. E. L. D. was introduced at all levels, including the highest— by Hydra and the Agency, in fact, collapsed into chaos. With the participation of our heroes, who went into hiding after the implementation of one of his, too, was Hydra. Since then it was constantly improved from the events of the MCU, the better to cause the series to stand on its own without having to sit idly by waiting for the next Universe’s biggest development to come from the movies. And now, in the season finale, we come full circle, once again returning to the events of the Second Captain America film in order to pose an existential threat to the existence of S. H. I. E. L. D. the last time. But with a twist: the Hydra struck his schedule to conquer the world until more than 35 years. And they just started.

Return project insight was such a creative way to combine S. H. I. E. L. D.with the last enemies and old, wish it was disposable, the room, although we created a real cliffhanger for the episode. Still, Hydra and chronic officers, working in tandem, decided to continue, so, despite the team using Zephyr to blow up the rocket, which would carry out the mission of killing the Hydra enemies (including Bruce Banner and Stephen strange, just like in the movie) before they were a threat, the basic structure of the program can happily continue. For longtime viewers, it adds some of the rich layers of memory and character development to these areas, as shown mainly breezes only the most superficial connection with the past as ahead of the race with this newest intrigue.

Entering in 1973, the team takes a few minutes to properly configure their appearance for this age (not true—he Souza, hates those bell bottom), before heading out to discover the cause of the interruption. Arriving at S. H. I. E. L. D. Safe house (and is surprised to discover that it is now swinging after-hours bar for the Agency), they quickly realize, Hydra left some of their agents into the past to introduce project insight and technology necessary for implementation of the decade, when it originally occurred. Just as it seems another case of the week takes place in Chronicoms (and show) deftly flip the expectations: the villains to change the algorithm and immediately jump ahead three years to the day insight launch. (Same as Daisy says Souza, better not to think too hard about the various tweaks and hypotheses of the time-travel premise—otherwise it is difficult to avoid assuming that the date was chosen for maximum drama.) Have already demonstrated their willingness to change the schedule of the account of Wilfred Malik (and his son Nathaniel) alive past their original deaths, these new wrinkles on Chronicoms helps to show to keep a fresh formula which otherwise may begin to feel a little Pat.

Illustration for the article called the 1970s years, the spy caper links to one of the best MCU movies to iAgents S. H. I. E. L. D./I

Screenshot: ABC

That defied expectations continues in the back half of the episode, where almost every member of the team or faced with a surprise maneuver, or pull it on themselves. The coolest of them twisted dick shooting and the murder of Malik (“they saw what come?” he asks the corpse), and move it can somewhat be justified, pointing to the leader of the Hydra was supposed to die three years ago. And although it was obvious that someone was going to be used as leverage against the team, parents Mack chose to carry much more weight if he did not immediately turn to plan B and destroy rockets from the sky. Yes, he “gave up his position,” but Coulson and may, the prisoner, and Daisy and Souza neutralized, our heroes have already been exposed. Plus, his parents are still in the database, so the Mac is going to do all that keeps them alive no matter what.

This episode raced at the pace of the vortex, there were not many chances for interpersonal dynamics, or time to develop them further. With the fleeting exception of the transfer of comments from May and Coulson about his job (and Mac was hoping to use exploring the lighthouse as a date for him and yo-yo), the only person who had some moments of real impact on their character Gemma, as we begin to discover the mystery of what happened to her. (We also got a good reminder of what dick thinks of them as his grandparents, calling Fitz “Bobo” and Gemma’s “Nana.”) Shaw is still here dragging his heels as we see a trio of glowing red lights under the skin of her neck, and she tells Enoch that she is worried she doesn’t “remember” these events as she apparently expects. “Without you, I feel that I’m slipping,” she says, implying something done to her that only our friendly Chronicom understand.

That’s the extent of it, and it is better to start paying dividends next week for the story, because it was cutting my legs out from under by dragging the lack of Fitz for so long. I’m as sympathetic as anyone allowing Iain De Caestecker have a few weeks to complete a series of bi-Bi-si, or any other, but this is getting ridiculous. We are approaching mid-season, and during this long absence, you can always explain the plot, as they are not doing this for great drama, and here’s why: you can go pay this division takes on your characters, thus justifying the absence and allowing the mystery actually emotionally affect the viewer, or you can tell us why Simmons is essentially indifferent to the complete disappearance of the love of her life, so we understand the reasons for the lack of pathos. You can’t choose none of the options work. Trying to save-the-best-pair-only cake and eat it too mysterious-transformation Agents Of S. H. I. E. L. D. reduces the effect of both. Now it’s just favorite character is unable to Express any concern at the largest person in her life, and without revealing the reasons for this, the storyline gradually deflates with a delay.

This episode still managed to deliver a bit of humor, if not much in the way of action, thanks to some early comparisons with 1973 and delightfully Souza outdated understanding of the technology. (“Hey–hi-tech,” he says chunky reel-to-reel tapes and free computers hidden in a Secret office bar, almost as well as his surprise at the discovery of the phones can take.) And it also gave us the opportunity to watch General Melinda may deck Rick Stoner as guest star Patrick Warburton did his best with the Puritan character. Maybe for the first time since the beginning of the season, things are really hard for the team. And with Nathaniel Malik is ready to shake the time even more by purchasing some additional abilities, the series seems ready to plunge into territory fraught. He just better decide Fitz and Jemma sizes the elephant in the room when it happens.

Stray observations

  • Finally, someone is using your damn powers! Daisy better start to flutter the hell out of Chronicoms more in the coming weeks. (And yo-yo you need to get her back.)
  • Mac says yo-yo its ability to not define it. “Then why do you call me a yo-yo?” “Because you always come back.”
  • That increased the opening credits, complete with ‘ 70s TV the introduction of voice over for each actor was amazing.
  • My God, dick. “Bump lemons” should be one of the all-time worst euphemism for sex I ever heard in my life. I don’t know who is responsible for such a travesty of the language, but if it’s credited writer Iden Baghdadchi, they to explain something.
  • Enoch returned, and shared joy. “Come with me if you want to continue to exist.”They really landed on a great (and critical) way of integration of this symbol.
  • “Swordfish” is still the password to the safe house.
  • Of course, I can’t wait to see the lighthouse and again interchangeable grey corridors. Is it too much to ask to have a project insight, built somewhere with a few posters on the wall or a shag carpet, at least?
  • Now looked it up, I can say that I plan to start using the expression “a trout in the milk” at every opportunity.


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Jimmy hopes artistic activity to resume in the coming months | Instant News

Lahore:Pakistani artist Jimmy engineer said that he is really proud to present walk culture and entertainment, meals and programs for special children in Pakistan, but both events will be suspended for some time in different articles.

Jimmy hoped that both events will be revived and re-launched in the coming months. He said that he was forced to suspend the organization of fun, food and awareness-raising activities for special children, the disabled, deaf and blind children, a few years ago, when the terrorists and extremists began to attack schools and other purposes and not sparing innocent young students. In addition, he also stopped the holding of solo walks for social causes, because these terrorist activities.

Jimmy said in February 2020 to return home after months of stay in Houston, USA, with his aged father, he began to think and plan about the revival of the fun and food program for special children, since safety and law and order situation improved significantly thanks to the concerted joint efforts of law enforcement agencies and armed forces of Pakistan, and then out of nowhere pandemic coronavirus attacked Pakistan, like other countries of the world.

He said he dropped his plans to restart these programs immediately after Covid-19 continues to spread in different parts of the country hope that the situation will improve in the coming months, schools will again and then it will do a fresh planning in this area.

Folk singer: a famous folk singer Tuesday Sain Zahoor attended the art Center El-Hamra on the Mall. During his visit, he met with the Executive Director, Lahore arts Council Saman Rai to discuss issues with her related to art and community artist.

Sain Zahoor said El-Hamra is the best platform to promote art and music; many great and wonderful memories associated with it. He said that people of Lahore are fond of folk music. He said that the audience was alive when he spoke at the El-Hamra and the people gave him a lot of love. He also expressed best wishes to the newly appointed Lahore arts Council Executive Director of the Samana Paradise. Saman Rai said that there is no doubt that the famous singer Sain Zahoor is a valuable reference and a valuable asset for the Pakistani folk music industry. She said that the famous folk singer Sain Zahoor is one of the few singers who has dedicated his life to promote quality music. “Through his music and songs, Sain Zahoor pointed out our values in the world. His achievements in the field of music is truly commendable. The Alhambra will continue to organize events, for which it will invite to act in the future,” she added. Meanwhile, was devoted to the arts and related cultural activities in the art center the Alhambra the meeting.


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The Environment is at the Largest Risk for the Severe Case-19 COVID – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

NBC 5 Investigate, working with the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, obtains an exclusive view of the Dallas environment where people who get COVID-19 are more likely to develop the most serious infections, which require critical care and ventilators.

The environment in the red zone in the map below has the highest prevalence of risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease. These conditions – heart disease, diabetes, stroke, asthma, COPD, kidney disease and obesity – are often factors that can cause coronavirus patients in hospitals that are already depressed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Map data provided by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston:
“The data was taken from two federal sources: American Community Survey 5-Summary Summary, from the US Census Bureau, released in December 2019, and the 500 Cities Project from the CDC. The 500 Cities Project offers chronic disease data, based on respondents’ self-reports from the Factor Survey Annual Behavioral Risk This data is presented at the census-tract level for the 500 largest cities in the US We combine the two data sources for each of the three cities and report them on the map that follows, because our aim is to highlight the areas with the highest risk in each city, we rank tracts separately and identify the top 20% with the highest scores. “

Mapping high-risk areas can be vital in preparing for a COVID-19 surge in the city, said Dr. Stephen Linder, director of the Institute for Health Policy at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

“Once they are mapped, we can better target our resources. We can target our efforts to the population that is most likely to place a demand on the hospital care system,” Linder said.

Linder and his team Dritana Marko and Thomas F. Reynolds analyzed data collected by the CDC and the U.S. Census Bureau to determine the census pathway with the highest prevalence of risk factors.

NBC 5 Investigate

One such zone is east of the Central Expressway and south of Forest Lane. The others walked along the north side of Interstate 30, east of Loop 12 toward Downtown Dallas. And there is a red zone, east of Buckner Boulevard and north of Interstate 30, stretching to Mesquite.

But the biggest, and most unhealthy part of the city where people are at greatest risk is the wide stretch of southern Dallas that lies between US Highway 67 to the west and CF Hawn Freeway to the east. That is in an area where Linder’s team said COVID-19 cases were far more likely to require hospitalization.

“That is the south-central region where you have a census channel that has the highest prevalence, not only from one or two but up to seven different chronic disease conditions,” Linder said.

That’s where Edgar Love lives, in the Queen City neighborhood west of Fair Park.

“I live in a desert of food
as well as the desert family medical clinic. I have to go to their place, “said
Love, who is taking blood pressure medicine and is approaching 69th birthday.

Edgar Love

NBC 5 Investigate

It was Love’s neighborhood, and the others were marked in red, which caught the attention of Dallas District Judge Clay Jenkins when he looked at the map.

“We know that those are the places that need the most intensive intervention, if we have hope to stop this,” Jenkins said in an interview with NBC 5 Investigate.

Lots of flaws in southern Dallas
insurance, doctors are not present in the environment and chronic health conditions go away
left untreated, putting the population at great risk in a pandemic.

“That won’t be bad for
themselves and their families. This will hurt us all with the health of our community. And
now we see that, “Jenkins said.

Clay Jenkins

NBC 5 Investigate

Adding to the concern some Dallas County ZIP codes with the highest concentration of risk factors are among those where the virus has attacked hard.

On Tuesday, the District of Dallas Health and Human Services reported 75227 ZIP codes south of I-30 and along Buckner Boulevard and ZIP codes 75115 in DeSoto each had between 38 and 47 cases. 75216 ZIP codes in southeast Dallas have between 29 and 37 cases.

The Dallas County Health Department said it had surged into those areas, including a drive-thru virus testing site that was set up at Ellis Davis Field House at 9191 S. Polk Street.

“We have outreach workers who walk the streets in the area, put up special education materials, work with … some shop owners,” Dr. Philip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services.

Another setback in southern Dallas’s ability to prepare and protect against the corona virus is the fact that most major hospitals in other parts of the city, according to an analysis by NBC 5 partners at The Dallas Morning News.

The newspaper’s study showed residents in the neighborhood had to travel a longer distance to reach a full scale hospital. It does not take into account the Dallas VA Medical Center at 4500 S. Lancaster Road, which is limited to military veterans and, in some cases, their family members.

Many Covid-19 patients who are seriously ill in Dallas County suffer from diabetes. About one in every four who are treated in the ICU suffer from diabetes. In their study, UT Health researchers focused on the Dallas environment with the highest concentration of diabetics and heart disease and above the age of 60. They found one of the greatest concentrations of risk factors in the environment in southern Dallas near Interstate 45 and Interstate 20.

“That represents a special subgroup of the population that we identified as vulnerable to severe infections. They are at high risk, “said Linder, UT’s health policy director. The Linder team suggested a list of the main zip codes where Dallas should focus testing and even temporary hospital resources to prepare.

UT Health

Alvaro Saenz, head of the MD Medical Group which serves low-income families in southern Dallas, said NBC 5 Investigate they work hard to keep patients current with their chronic health needs during a pandemic.

“We even honestly have people whose main job is to call patients and say,” Okay, did you take medicine this week? If not … ‘What can we help you with?’ “Saenz said.

Jenkins and Huang said they wanted to expand COVID-19 testing in environments identified as red zones on the map developed by UT Health, but limited test and funding capacity. But they said they were looking for ways to focus more on high-risk zones, knowing that detecting cases and reducing the spread of viruses in those areas could protect the most vulnerable.

“This is the population
it will suffer the most. And that’s why we care so much
putting as much resources in and supporting this field as we can, “Huang
the word.

He and other regional officials urged everyone to take extreme precautions during this crisis, wherever they live, because COVID-19 was not chosen by the ZIP code.

Philip Huang

NBC 5 Investigate

Everyone is at risk even if they do not live in an area where more people tend to develop severe infections.

In southern Dallas, Edgar Love
said that, like his neighbor, he heeded the warning – squatting and
hope the virus doesn’t come knocking on the door.

“I try to stay safe … try to stay as much as possible,” he said.

For more information about this story, see Wednesday’s edition of The Dallas Morning News. To view the complete UT Health study for Dallas, Austin and San Antonio open the document below.

If you have difficulty reading this document, Click here to open it in a new window.


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