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The Omani Swiss Friendship Association holds an AGM and elects a new Council | Instant News

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Hani Al Zubair as Chair of the Omani Friendship Association of Switzerland

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, the Omani Friendship Association of Switzerland held its Annual General Meeting online. Shk. Saif bin Hashil Al Maskery chaired the meeting. He thanked the Membership for its ongoing support, and also thanked His Excellency Sultan Haitham bin Tarik Al Said and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their guidance and support since the Association’s foundation more than 4 years ago. The meeting discussed the Association’s activities over the past two years and approved audited finances for 2019 and 2020.

The meeting also appointed a new board of directors for the next three-year term. Hani Al Zubair and Luca Decarli were re-elected and followed by Mohammed Abdullah Al Kharusi, Dr. Anka Kaestner (the first woman to join the OSFA Council), Said bin Saif Al Maskery, Lateef Shahdad and Khalid Said Al Wahaibi. After announcing the new Council, Shk. Saif wished them good luck and said, ‘I hope to see a new, younger and more dynamic Council in action’, a sentiment echoed by HE Sayyid Abdulla bin Hamed Al Busaidy, Protector of the Association, who was also present. HE Sayyid Abdulla also took the time to express his gratitude to the Members of the Council who have now resigned, especially Shk. Saif for his hard work and leadership in establishing the Association.

After the meeting, the new board held the first board meeting and appointed Hani Al Zubair as Chairman of the Association. Luca Decarli was appointed Deputy Chairman and Mohammed Al Kharusi as Treasurer.


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Asad Umar supported the decision of the Sindh government | Instant News

KARACHI: Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar on Saturday supported the Sindh government’s decision to close commercial centers and markets for two days a week given the alarming spread of coronavirus cases in the country.

He spoke with media people and businessmen during his visit to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry here.

Asad warned that a decision could be taken to shut down the entire economy if timely steps were not taken to protect against coronavirus infection. He said the government had promised to supply 900MW of electricity to Karachi this year, but that now 1,000MW of electricity would be supplied to the city.

He said the government had tried to launch Green Line bus services in Karachi in August this year while efforts to further improve Karachi Loop Rail services were being pursued.

He said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project was continuing with success and was being expanded as well to increase employment opportunities in the country. He said rising prices had emerged as the biggest challenge for the government. He said China had invested in the first industrial zone to be established in Pakistan under CPEC. He hopes a major federally funded construction project in Karachi will be completed by the end of this year.


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We asked Australians if they believed in God or the supernatural. This is what they said | Instant News

Only 48 percent of Australians say they believe in ghosts or the possibility they may exist, but 69 percent say the same for the soul, according to new research.

The survey of 1000 people, conducted by McCrindle Research for the Center for Public Christianity, asked respondents about their openness to the existence of various spiritual realities: ghosts, miracles, angels, a higher power / God, soul, ultimate meaning or purpose in life, and life after death.

The results show that, as a nation, we may not be as skeptical as we think.

In an interview in 2005, poet Les Murray was asked how comfortable he felt to be “the voice of an eccentric Australian, a rural poet speaking for urban culture, a Roman Catholic speaking for a largely secular people”. He replied:

I just speak the way it is. I’m a Catholic and I don’t believe that other people are secular. I think most intellectuals are secular or are asked to pretend. But the wider range varies greatly …

This new survey supports Murray’s intuition.

For example, on the miracle question: about a third of people (31.2 percent) answered “I believe it exists”; nearly a third (29.1 percent) said “I am open to the possibility that this exists”. Some chose to be “unsure” or “impossible,” but only 13.8 percent were willing to say they did not believe there were miracles.

The young and the restless

Surprisingly, perhaps, it was the youngest age group – 18-26 years – who expressed the most openness to immateriality: 49 percent said they believed in the soul, and 48 percent in life after death (in both cases, the other 28 percent were open to the possibility of ).

The percentage that said “I believe this doesn’t exist” about any option never rose to double digits for this cohort (9 percent for ghosts, only 4 percent for life after death).

In contrast, the oldest age group (76+) was much more skeptical: a full 40 percent said they didn’t believe in ghosts, and 28 percent denied the possibility of life after death.

The gender gap isn’t that surprising for some. Men on average are twice as likely as women to tick the “I believe this doesn’t exist” box.

When it comes to the existence of God or a higher power, men and women say they believe in or open to him on almost the same level. But the rest, women are more willing to express faith: 50 percent to 38 percent for the soul, 38 percent to 30 percent for the afterlife, 34 percent to 26 percent for angels.

It follows a continuing trend, across a number of religions and cultures, that associates women with a higher level of religiosity and sees atheists leaning towards men. American sociologist of religion Rodney Stark thought:

Every religious movement I’ve seen is disproportionately female … we don’t quite understand why, even though my student Alan Miller has a brilliant insight in saying, we have to stop asking why women are more likely to be religious and ask why men are more likely no religion. And she suggests that, why are men more likely to be criminals? Likewise, risk-taking, petty behavior, and men are more susceptible to it. It might even be biological for all we know.

Soul search

Australians are the most united (as we can see at comparable survey elsewhere) in the ideas we have or are soul – that we are more than just what our bodies are made of.

Overall, 69.7 percent of respondents said they believed in or were open to the existence of the soul, with 14.7 percent unsure, 5.7 percent considering it impossible, and 9.9 percent saying they did not believe the soul existed.

While the concept of the soul may be traditionally embedded in religious belief systems, the fact that belief in or openness to it persists at a higher level than related concepts such as God (57.9 percent) or life after death (59.6 percent) suggests that it touches something. which is important to 21st century Australians, especially young people.

Jamaican theologian J. Richard Middleton explains that the popularly understood soul – often as a kind of essential self, distinct from the body – is more of an ancient Greek idea than a Christian one. The account help us understand why it might be interesting today:

For Plato, I think, the idea of ​​the soul is a point of stability and universality in the world. Since the world is a flux, everything disappears, but the soul is the immaterial part of you that never changes – it’s just that I s You, and it’s immortal. I think people need something that is out of this world to cling to, something transcendent. And if you don’t have God, you will find a substitute. I think the soul serves as a substitute for God in our world, as something to cling to.

Negative views can interpret our attachment to the soul in accordance with the narcissism of contemporary life; a more generous person might see in the data the outline of the intuition that is ingrained in us problem, regardless of how fragile and short our lives are.

Middleton is candid about where he thinks we will find what we are looking for: “I think go to the real source, seek God. The soul is pale second best, in my opinion.”

This doesn’t mean that people have to be closed to old sources. In a separate question, respondents were asked about their views this Easter on claims that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead: 23.6 percent said they believe this happened; 15.8 percent believed not. Others thought it was possible (19.7 percent) or impossible (12.8 percent).

But the most popular answer, 28.3 percent, was “I don’t know.” There is humility that Les Murray might appreciate. As he wrote in his poem, the Church:

Desire to be right

Has decomposed in large quantities

But some come to God

Hope is wrong.

Natasha Moore is a researcher at the Center for Public Christianity.


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Samsung Galaxy A52 review: reliable daily drivers, promised 3 years of software updates | Instant News

Obtain the following information: Starting at Rs 26,499

Emphasize: Battery life, camera

This Galaxy A51 It is one of the Android smartphones with the largest shipments in 2020.

Now, Samsung’s goal is to reproduce the success of the Galaxy A51 by releasing the Galaxy A52.new Cell phone Designed to provide an affordable flagship experience with a focus on camera quality, display, performance and battery life.

Samsung has promised to provide three generations of Android upgrades, as well as regular security updates for at least four years. As for the design, the Galaxy A52 has a sturdy matte plastic body. This is a slim device and looks very stylish.

The device has a punch-hole display with a 32MP selfie camera. The screen size is 6.5 inches and is equipped with a FHD+ resolution Super AMOLED panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Overall, the display quality is pleasing, with bright colors and good viewing angles.

The Galaxy A52 has a big bet on the camera and has a 64MP quad camera module. The main sensor is 64MP, with optical image stabilization, auto focus and F1.8 aperture. Other sensors include 12MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro and 5MP depth. There is a 10x digital zoom. Smartphones can click high-quality pictures in well-lit conditions, but you need to be patient and use the professional version to take clear images in low light. If you expand the zoom range to more than 5 times, the image will appear rough.

The smartphone is powered by the tried and tested Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chip and has 6GB and 8GB RAM options. Both models have 128GB of internal storage and support microSD cards up to 1TB. Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 720G in January 2020 last year. This is the 4G chipset that powers cheap phones such as Poco M2 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro. It can meet daily performance needs well, but the game sometimes has a delay.

It is a dual-SIM phone with a hybrid SIM-microSD card slot. In terms of software, the Galaxy A52 runs One UI 3.1 based on the Android 11 operating system. This is a smooth interface with a series of convenient functions. This phone is equipped with a 4,500mAh battery, supports 25W fast charging, and has a headphone jack.

For the Samsung Galaxy A52, Samsung will not try to do anything different except to try to revisit the specification sheet applicable to the company. This is a reliable daily driver, and the promise of three years of software updates will make the transaction sweeter.

-The author is on gadgetsnow.com


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PM Imran Khan will receive a call from the public on Sunday | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan will receive a phone call from the general public on Sunday, April 4, at 11:30 am, Senator Faisal Javed Khan said on Friday.

According to Senator Javed, the prime minister will immediately respond to questions from the public.

Anyone wishing to ask the prime minister questions can call 051-9224900.

Senator Javed has previously announced that a call to the prime minister could be made by April 4 but has not given a time.

He said the prime minister’s conversations with the people would be broadcast live on television, radio and digital media.

The last time the prime minister received calls from people was during the telethon for the Pakistani Naya Housing scheme on March 28.

Earlier, in January, a similar announcement was made, prompting people to call and speak with the prime minister directly about matters they wanted the government to address.

In his first speech after his victory as prime minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan also promised to “answer” to the people twice every month during the “Question Hour” in the National Assembly.

His interactions over the past year with people via video messages on social media or television addresses have largely focused on the coronavirus pandemic, urging people to realize the importance of being careful and wearing masks so that Pakistan can successfully reduce the spread of the virus. .


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