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Javed Miandad wanted to hit me in my room during the 1983 Bengaluru Test: Dilip Doshi | Instant News

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad is often regarded as one of the greatest entertainers on and off the cricket pitch. There were hardly any tedious moments when Miandad took over the field, especially against arch-rivals India. The stories of the Javed Miandad street war have been told several times by various former cricket players from India and Pakistan, including Sunil Gavaskar. Former Indian spinner Dilip Doshi recalls one such incident when the former Pakistani captain threatened to come to his room and beat him.

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Dilip Doshi revealed Javed Miandad wanted to hit him in his room during the 1983 Bengaluru Test

Speaking with the cricketer who turned into commentator Murali Kartik during a video conference, Dilip Doshi was happy to recall an incident during the 1983 Bengaluru Test match between India and Pakistan. The former Indian spinner said that Javed Miandad was one of the greatest batsmen he had ever met, and was a good friend off the pitch, but on the pitch, the former Pakistan captain was a completely different person. Dilip Doshi said that if Javed Miandad was banned from playing his shots, he would use his antics and create a feeling of annoyance that he did with people like Kiran More and Dennis Lillee.

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The former Indian spinner said that Miandad liked the space outside the tree stumps, but he continued to rummage through the stumps which restricted him from bumping into boundaries throughout the Test. Dilip Doshi further said that Javed Miandad was very upset he asked, ‘What is your room number? I want to hit the ball there. ‘Dialogue is instant in the Indian locker room, and Dilip Doshi revealed that it was retold by many former players in good banter.

Javed Miandad was finally dismissed for being 99 in the test of bowling 1983 World Cup winner Madan Lal. Sunil Gavaskar scored an undefeated century in the second half to help India draw the Test match. Sunil Gavaskar shares an unbeatable stand managed by 176 with fellow opener Anshuman Gaekwad, who ended the match with 66 not coming out.

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The Javed Miandad More is fighting

Javed Miandad and Kiran More were involved in a war of words during India’s clash against Pakistan at the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Miandad More’s battle began when Pakistani supporters tried to play a delivery on the side of the foot by Sachin Tendulkar. Miandad misses and Kiran asks more to be caught behind, only for the referee to refuse his request.

But the Pakistani batsman was far from happy with More’s antics and chatting with the Indian goalkeeper. It further infuriates Miandad by removing collateral in a trial attempt even though Miandad is in folds. This angered the former Pakistan captain, who gripped the bat with both hands jumping around, mocking the Indian goalkeeper. India eventually won the match, but Miandad achieved further glory by winning the World Cup under the leadership of star Imran Khan.

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Inzamam-ul-Haq praised Sunil Gavaskar for solving his ‘short ball’ misery | Instant News

  • Inzamam-ul-Haq rose to a high position after the phenomenal 1992 World Cup campaign.
  • Inzamam-ul-Haq ran to Sunil Gavaskar during a charity match in England and did not hesitate in seeking his advice.


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Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq.Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq.

Former Pakistan Captain Inzamam-ul-Haq always believed to be a miracle and it was another Pakistani legend Imran Khan who first discovered the elegant stroke maker. However, very few people know that it is the legendary Indian opener Sunil gavaskar who helped Inzamam-ul-Haq fight his ball woes.

Inzamam-ul-Haq rose to the top after a phenomenal 1992 World Cup campaign in which 60 matches which won the semifinal match against New Zealand lifted Pakistan to the final.

Pakistan then won the World Cup under the leadership of Imran Khan and was followed by a British tour in which the bowler targeted the weaknesses of Inzamam-ul-Haq against short-pitched bowling.

“I went to England after the 1992 World Cup on the back of a great performance at the mega event. That was my first tour to England. I don’t know how I should play on that field. I have a bad patch because I can’t play short-pitched deliveries, ” Inzamam-ul-Haq said on his YouTube channel.

It was the technical genius Sunil Gavaskar who came to save Inzamam-ul-Haq. Sunil Gavaskar was an expert at fast bowling after facing the best poets from the West Indies, Australia and England.

Inzamam-ul-Haq ran to Sunil Gavaskar during a charity match in England and did not hesitate in seeking his advice.

“Somewhere in our half of the season I met him at a charity match in England. We both went to play that match. And I asked him, ‘Sunil bhai, I have a problem playing short balls, what should I do’? “Inzamam remembers.

“Just as great in a great way, he told me to do only one small thing, which is, ‘don’t think about balls or short-pitched guards when hitting because when you think about them, you will get trapped’. He told me that when the bowler will send the ball, you will automatically understand; so don’t worry about that, “said Inzamam-ul-Haq, who later became the captain of Pakistan in 31 Tests, said.

Inzamam-ul-Haq is one of the biggest hitters in Pakistan

Inzamam-ul-Haq went on to become one of the best in Pakistan of all time, scoring 8830 Tests and 11739 ODI running careers for 16 years. The former head of a senior Pakistani male team of voters said that he implemented Sunil Gavaskar’s advice in the net and eradicated problems with the short shipment.

“While in the net, I started to practice as he said. I strengthen my mind, telling myself not to think about it (short balls). Weaknesses have been removed. And from 1992 until I retired, I never faced that problem again, “said the 50-year-old man.

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‘He is the North pole and I am the South pole,’ Kris Srikkanth calls the former Indian opener ‘perfectionist’ – cricket | Instant News

Kris Srikkanth has called his former Indian team-mate Sunil Gavaskar a ‘perfectionist’, explaining how he was actually at odds with his first technical partner. Srikkanth made his debut for India in 1981 and for himself and Gavaskar, India found a decent opening pair. Srikkanth said his unorthodox style of beating had made the opposition negligent, while Gavaskar remained a symbol of batsmanship.

“I made my debut in 81 and in the early 80s, nobody saw that kind of game,” Srikkanth said on the Cricket Connected Show on Star Sports Tamil.

“When they see me, everyone goes like who this batsman is, who plays across the line, hits above and I’m not worried about technique. Gavaskar on the other hand is a perfectionist. He has great technique, he used to leave the ball and everything is fine. It is often said that opposing poles attract one another. He is the North Pole and I am the South Pole. “

Speaking of friendship, Gavaskar once said that Srikkanth “freed” him as a batsman. In fact, former explorer and Indian captain Kapil Dev recently said that Gavaskar and Srikkanth would be sought out by the T20 batsmen if they were playing in the current era.

“Sunil will be the batsman sought at T20,” Kapil was quoted as saying by Sportstar in March. “Srikkanth started T20 in 1985 when he destroyed Imran Khan and Wasim Akram because of over-cover and mid-off. We used to wonder what this person was doing. “

Together, Srikkanth and Gavaskar opened innings 55 times for India, scoring 1680 runs at an average of 30.54 with two centuries and 11 more fifty booths. They are the fifth most successful opening pair in India in ODI after Sachin Tendulkar-Sourav Ganguly, Shikhar Dhawan-Rohit Sharma, Tendulkar-Virender Sehwag and Sehwag-Gautam Gambhir.


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Sunil Gavaskar chose Hanif Mohammad and Virender Sehwag to be opened in India-Pakistan XI | Cricket News | Instant News

DELHI BARU: Former captain of India Sunil Gavaskar making a joint Indian and Pakistani XI from the player he wants to see play. He admitted that this might not be the eleven best players who might represent the two sides statistically but these were the players he wanted to see playing together.

Speaking together with former Pakistani captain Ramiz Raja on the Sony Ten show Pit Stop and Blue Revolution Series which were broadcast live on the network Facebook page, Gavaskar said that regardless of what happens if the team really plays or not, he expects the dressing room to be “funny.” It will be difficult to get boys out of the locker room because they will have fun.

Gavaskar chose the opening pair Virender Sehwag and legendary beaters of Pakistan Hanif Mohammad, who was the first batsman outside Australia and England, who scored three centuries in Test crickets and who was originally called ‘Little Master’ before the title was assumed by Gavaskar himself and later Sachin Tendulkar.

The great Zaheer Abbas from Pakistan came in 3rd and Sachin Tendulkar from India followed. The former Indian beater Gundappa Viswanath entered no.5 while Kapil Dev entered no.6. Imran Khan following him after that Gavaskar chose Syed Kirmani as goalkeeper no.8. Wasim Akram, Abdul Qadir and former Indian foot spinner BS Chandrashekhar completed the team.

India-Pakistan Gavaskar XI: Hanif Mohammad, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Abbas, Sachin Tendulkar, Gundappa Viswanath, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Syed Kirmani, Wasim Akram, Abdul Qadir, BS Chandrasekhar


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Knew Sachin to score in the middle of goal: Wasim Akram reveals plans to reverse the 1999 India vs Pakistan Trial – cricket | Instant News

Former pioneering left arm Wasim Akram, who was the captain of Pakistan during their historic tour in India in 1999, recalling the pulsating Chennai Test match, revealed how he and Saqlain Mushtaq decided to take a risk against Sachin Tendulkar who was in good condition which paid off.

136 Tendulkar remains one of his best punches, but also a devastating blow because he cannot take over India. Against seizures, Tendulkar, with India 17 away from victory, narrowly ahead of Saqlain’s bowling and caught by Akram himself. 21 years after the epic test at the Chepauk stadium, the former Pakistan captain weighed the match, offering his insight.

“I remember the test match like yesterday. India and Pakistan are known to play close matches. I remember the Test match in 1987 in Bangalore when Sunil Gavaskar scored a 90-odd and then this Chennai Test. It was a very close Test match, until the last day. I think India needs 20 odd steps, and a partnership between Mongia and Sachin is developing. Sachin reads Saqlain very bloodily, and realized when he praised doosra, “Akram told Aakash Chopra in a video chat.

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Needing 271 to win, India were reduced to 82/5 when Tendulkar and Nayan Mongia came together to add 136 managed partnerships for the sixth goal. Akram, who broke the stands by robbing Mongia for rapid fire, believes it was a time when he believed Pakistan had the chance to resolve the problem and show the message to its players.

“If Mongia were playing together, the results would have been different. But when he went skiing and came out, I told the players it was time. Sachin fought against seizures so the opportunity was there, “the former bowler added.

With Tendulkar still holding the fort, Saqlain went to his captain to ask for advice, and that’s when Akram asked Saqlain to provide a risk delivery.

“When Sachin left, all the fillers were on the border. Only I am in the additional shelter. I told Saqlain to make a flying doosra bowl, knowing the risk might even be six. Knowing that Sachin was going to hit the middle goal, Saqlain bowled full in the middle and legs. “He left after that and the ball tipped over for me,” Akram said.

It turned out that Pakistan won the Test match with 12 runs as the Indian tail failed to collect the remaining runs.


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Sunil Gavaskar bats for the T20 World Cup to be held in India and not Australia this year | Instant News

Former Indian cricket player Sunil Gavaskar recently made a suggestion that India could exchange the T20 World Cup with Australia and host this year instead of a rescheduled event for 2021. The former Indian Team captain said that Australia could only host the World Cup T20 only. if coronavirus is fully controlled in this country. The corona virus pandemic has stopped all sports.

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Sunil Gavaskar talks about holding the T20 World Cup in India

When talking with India today, Sunil Gavaskar said that Australia had banned foreigners from entering the country until 30 September and the tournament was scheduled to start in mid-October, hosting the event looked difficult at the moment. He added that next year (2021), the T20 World Cup was in India and If India and Australia reached an agreement with coronavirus in India that was flat at that time, then the two countries could exchange hosting rights for the event. This means India will host the 2020 T20 World Cup while the 2021 edition must be in Australia. The T20 World Cup is scheduled to take place in Australia from October 18 to November 15 with India hosting the 2021 edition.

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IPL 2020 postponed: Sunil Gavaskar at the time the IPL 2020 can be carried out

The corona virus pandemic has caused IPL 2020 to be postponed indefinitely but there is a possibility it will be held in September. Speaking of the 2020 IPL being postponed, Sunil Gavaskar said that if the T20 World Cup exchange took place and the 2020 IPL was only held before the T20 World Cup, it would provide enough training for many players. He further said that the T20 World Cup could take place in November and the Asian Cup could take place in December

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Sunil Gavaskar spoke about Shoaib Akhtar’s snow comments

Earlie, when appearing on YouTube channel of former Pakistani cricket Ramiz Raja, Sunil Gavaskar humorously said that there was a “higher chance of snow occurring in Lahore” than the bilateral series India vs Pakistan that was happening in the near future. Shoaib Akhtar quickly answered Sunil Gavaskar’s comment by saying that Lahore did snow last year and nothing was impossible.

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Recently when writing in his column for Mid day, Sunil Gavaskar commented on Shoaib Akhtar’s reply. The former opener wrote, “I enjoyed Shoaib Akhtar’s great comeback about my snowfall in Lahore’s comments. A fast bowler with a sense of humor. Wow, love that!”.


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There was snow falling in Lahore last year: Shoaib Akhtar responded to Sunil Gavaskar | Cricket News | Instant News

LAHORE: Former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar respond Sunil Gavaskar after the former Indian captain said that snow in Lahore was more likely to fall than a bilateral series between India and Pakistan in the near future. Akhtar showed in a tweet that there really was snow in Lahore last year.

“Well, Sunny bhai, we did snow in Lahore last year … So nothing is impossible,” Shoaib said in a tweet that included a picture of Gavaskar with quotes and pictures of snow in Lahore.

Akhtar was the first to suggest that India and Pakistan should play a bilateral series to raise funds in the fight against coronavirus for both countries. But Gavaskar said in a Youtube chat with the former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja that the possibility of such an event is meaningless.

“There is more possibility of snow in Lahore than the bilateral series between India and Pakistan,” Gavaskar said in a Youtube chat with former Pakistani captain Ramiz Raja.

“The two teams will continue to meet in the World Cup and the ICC tournament, but a series of them seems impossible at this time.”

Previously, Akhtar’s advice received support from his former teammate Shahid Afridi. But the captain of the 1983 Indian World Cup winner Kapil Dev said that the match was not needed because India did not need funds.

“The whole world is fighting against the corona virus and we need unity in our region to defeat this common enemy. Negative comments like that don’t help. I don’t see anything wrong with Shoaib Akhtar’s advice for Pakistan and India to play cricket.

“Kapil’s reaction surprised me. I hope to be better than him and feel people should not talk like this in this time of crisis. Sports should unite people and build bridges. This is very disappointing,” Afridi said.


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More possibility of snow in Lahore than the India-Pakistan bilateral series: Gavaskar | Cricket News | Instant News

DELHI BARU: The legendary one Sunil Gavaskar said it was possible that Lahore received snowfall but a bilateral series between India and Pakistan could not be played in its current state.

Former Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar has proposed a three-match ODI series made for television between India and Pakistan to raise funds for the war against a pandemic in both countries.

World Cup winner captain Kapil Dev has rejected the idea recently and now Gavaskar also seems not to be optimistic.

“There is more possibility of snow in Lahore than the bilateral series between India and Pakistan,” Gavaskar told former Pakistani batsman Rameez Raja on his Youtube channel.

“The two teams will continue to meet in the World Cup and the ICC tournament, but a series of them seems impossible at this time.”

India and Pakistan have not played the full series since 2007 due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

They only played with each other at the ICC and the Asian Cup.


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Chandu Borde: In Indian cricket service for more than three decades | Instant News

There is individuality in the game. He placed the ball correctly and almost cleared the table. 42-22 win in one snooker match should slightly improve his ego. In the short snooker or badminton game Chandu Borde finds relaxation lately at Poona Club.

“What else to do at night? Something must keep me busy. And I have begun to enjoy playing snooker or badminton, “said Borde, whose cricket duties are now limited to managing the Poona Club team, although he could soon be busy as the head coach of the Maharashtra Cricket Cricket Association’s one-month camp coach for bowlers.


Sportstar Archives: Wasim Akram on Chennai Test, 10-for Kumble and India-Pakistan competition

Borde has not been associated with Indian cricket, somehow, only in the past year and a half. If not, he is one of the rare personalities who has played international cricket with three generations, becoming a coach and manager of junior and senior teams and also a voter and committee chairman. Which means that for nearly three and a half decades, Borde has been associated with Indian cricket. Maybe only Polly Umrigar can match Borde’s credentials.

Polly Umrigar, Vijay Manjrekar and Chandu Borde are the ones who set 3,000 more as a benchmark in the Test for India. Borde, in fact, played 55 tests, scored 3,061 runs and took 52 wickets. Only two decades later Sunil Gavaskar set a massive barrier of 10,000 runs. The range of the three-person test varies between 11 and 14 years, and if the test is as frequent as it is now, they will definitely make more than 5,000 each.

Borde and Umrigar (Manjrekar has died) were arrested with admiration and were admired by cricket players in the past and present. Umrigar is now the executive secretary of the Control Board for Cricket in India (BCCI) and in the past held important positions such as voters and managers. But Borde stands out from the rest. “I have been there for over 30 years. And I am very interested in continuing and helping Indian cricket, “he said.

Borde would retire from service on 1 June 1991, after which he refused to be available “full time” for cricket. The Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) has asked him to see talented bowlers in Maharashtra and to train them for a one-month camp.

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In an interview with SportstarAmong other things, Borde deals with management and the roles he has played as different team managers.


Can you recall your relationship with Indian cricket after your playing days?

Well, I have been involved in various capacities, most of them related to cricket activities. For starters, I am the coach, voter and manager of the Indian junior team. The young cricket bride has been a council priority since the 70s and here I must stress that it has given Indian cricket extraordinary. I am a junior and board voter, with good intentions to shape young prospects, nominating me as manager of an Indian junior team who went to Sri Lanka and England in the early 80s. After that, I became a senior voter and chairman, Indian team manager during the Test series at home and then team manager in Pakistan in 1989. I benefited from observing cricket at close range for a full decade and more.

Assigning a junior team to tour Sri Lanka and England in 1981 must be very exciting?

I was very clear in my mind. It’s not difficult to work with a junior team, but all the same must be very committed and very responsible. This applies to senior teams too, but with respect to juniors, you handle teams that will be the country’s future. And on overseas tours where conditions are unfamiliar to players, the responsibility lies with the manager to shape each player.

On those two tours, Ravi Shastri was the team captain and there were players like (L.) Sivaramakrishnan, Kiran More and some more promising young people. Because I have seen them before, I know their strong and weak points and hence it is easy to work with them. This is a tour where the players show enthusiasm and work hard to improve their game. We did well in Sri Lanka.


Kane Williamson: Good hearted, great at the game!

I have to make a point here. For the UK tour, continuity is maintained, which encourages children to show their courage. There are six promising players – Shastri, More, Sadanand Viswanath, Maninder (Singh), Sivaramakrishnan, and Chetan Sharma … (Navjot Singh) Sidhu are as careless as he is today against slow bowlers. I can provide the knowledge I have and work with them to get the best.

I would say there was a quick increase in their performance because they were able to absorb what
are being told to them. Their observations are sharp and the best part is they are eager to do. After those two tours, I have mentioned in my report about the players who can advance to the Indian team and that Ravi Shastri has the potential to be a good captain.

What do you have to say about Sivaramakrishnan, who is currently on both tours?

Siva is a truly brilliant bowler. He is the winner’s trump card and bowler. He has extraordinary potential and has it to be a great spinner for India. He has a rhythm, a good googly and a loop that cheats every hitter on the tour. He has fins and arcs to lines and good length.

But when I saw Siva in a camp in Bangalore, I could not believe my eyes. All the selectors were there and I was very surprised to see Siva bowling by running longer and struggling to land. When I asked him why he changed his style, he remained silent. He loses rhythm and his hands get lower. I have asked him several times after, but I don’t think he wants to embarrass anyone. Maninder Singh’s case is similar. He has beautiful actions. Now there is nothing there.

We have had striking examples before in Dattu Phadkar and Pandurang Salgaonkar. They went to England, changed their actions and there was no place after they returned. I don’t know why people tell them to change. I truly believe that originality must be encouraged and not killed. Even now if Siva returns to his original actions, he will be effective. But it all depends on his tendency to work hard and regain confidence.


Statistics on test cricket Test

Ravi Shastri lost his rhythm and confidence because of the bowl. In Karachi, he was disgusted by his bowing. Shastri is very sensitive about his game. He started screaming in the dressing room and no one could understand why he did it. In Sialkot, I observed his actions and found the problem. At the time of delivery, Shastri’s right hand was on his knee and only his left hand was moving. The problem is hand rotation. He was happy after he got his original actions back. I think soon we will see Ravi back in action. Maybe he is interested in hitting now. Ravi is a person who likes bowls. Make no mistake about that.

Chandu Borde: In Sialkot, I observed his actions and found the problem. At the time of delivery, Shastri’s right hand was on his knee and only his left hand was moving. The problem is hand rotation. – HINDU ARCHIVES

You are a cricket manager on a tour of Pakistan. This is your first overseas assignment with a senior team. What was your opinion before accepting the job and afterwards?

Yes, we were abolished, not by Pakistan, but by our own people. One must accept the fact that Pakistan has great bowling rows at Imran (Khan), (Wasim) Akram, (Saleem) Jaffer, Aquib (Javed) and (Waqar) Younis. So, the general question is whether India will be defeated 2-0, 3-0 or 4-0? And considering what happened in New Delhi before leaving for Pakistan, the pressure mounted on me. My biggest concern is how to motivate the players and improve their morale and confidence. In addition, there are three young people on the team. That is a real challenge for me.

In New Delhi, players experience mental disorders. (Sachin) Tendulkar, (Vivek) Razdan and (Salil) Ankola worried. They were not sure whether the tour would take place. But Pakistan is very ready for this series. They are trying to destroy us. As a manager, I’m worried. But as soon as we reached Pakistan, I had a meeting with (K.) Srikkanth, Kapil (Dev) and senior members. I emphasize the need to forget the differences with the blackboard. They have to forget that for the sake of the team and the country.

We discussed at length and decided to concentrate on the game. India’s image is at stake. I was a very happy person after that meeting. It was at the first meeting that the battle plan was canceled. Because mental preparations were made at the Lahore meeting, half the battle was won. Even Imran said at the end of the series that Pakistan hoped to destroy India 4-0 and that by drawing the series, India had won it.

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And remember, we have to win it on and off the field. There was increasing tension after Srikkanth was attacked and the issue of the Babri Mosque made headlines. Most players want to leave the field. But I told them to stay because we would be declared losers. Even the Indian embassy personnel expressed their great thanks and support for helping us face the situation bravely.

I was alone for 28 days after the second official returned to India. But I can continue because the players are working with me. That is the right reason for India to fight and not lose the draw. I want to show here that there is no problem in dealing with senior players. The reason is, from the beginning, I have played cricket with three generations. First with people like Vinoo Mankad, Polly Umrigar, Ghulam Ahmed, Subash Gupte and Vijay Manjrekar. I am the youngest member of the team. The second is with Nari Contractor, (Mansoor Ali Khan) Pataudi, (Faroch) Engineer and (M. L.) Jaisimha. And the third is with Chandra (B. S. Chandrasekhar), Pras (E. A. S. Prasanna), (Bishen Singh) Bedi and with Pataudi as captain. And I see the fourth generation as coaches and voters. So I am connected from one era to another. There are ongoing links. The combination of elements has helped me. Playing with so many of them has taught me the practical part and is involved with administration, I have seen the growth of players today.

You say you are worried about the motivation, morals, and confidence of the players. How do they get it?

Yes, the Indian team is like a healthy family there. Srikkanth was too eager to perform better and this came from the bottom of his heart. He has his own way of doing things. Kapil came out with advice and intelligent observation. Shastri made several comments and it was very valuable. So, all things put together, we can plan and act accordingly in the field.

Are you disappointed that you were not arrested as a manager after the tour?

Me first. Very much. Because no one gave us a chance and we went home with our heads high.

Bedi, (Sunil) Gavaskar and Kapil lost their captain after losing a series in Pakistan. Srikkanth did not lose the series, but he was expelled from the team itself. Why?

That’s a million dollar question. That’s beyond my understanding of how Srikkanth was dropped. I want to know that myself. In 1954, I toured Pakistan with Vinoo Mankad as captain and Lalaji (Lala Amarnath) as manager. I am the youngest member of the team. That is the first series after Partitioning. And the competition between the two teams is at its peak. Then in 1960-61, I played against Pakistan led by Fazal Mahmood.


Sportstar Archives: Sachin Tendulkar is very special 100

What I am trying to describe is Pakistan’s strong desire to defeat India. From 1954 to 1989, I watched the Pakistan team. After evaluating all the teams, I would say that the Pakistan team in 1989 was the best. That is an extraordinary side. Apart from that, it was well prepared to defeat us. The prey was there to be killed. Considering all these things, the performance of the Indian team was fantastic. I do not want to say anything more.

Kris Srikkanth pushed Andy Roberts for four. His 38, out of 57 balls, with seven fours and six, was the highest score in the 1983 World Cup final. – HINDU ARCHIVES

Do you agree with BCCI’s policy to change managers for each tour?

I will not agree with that in any way. Look at England, Australia and the West Indies. The board must have a manager for three years. And he must have a say in the team selection. Complete cricket managers must be employed by the board for a period of three years. Make him responsible. Give him confidence, freedom, and put him on the national team. Because it’s a cricket manager who has been playing cricket for a long time.

What will be your formula for success in Australia?

There should be a camp for four to six weeks. Someone who can be accepted by the players must be a cricket manager and he must be responsible for this camp. There should be no more than 20 possibilities. You must have four players as standbys, who will give you a cushion if someone is injured. I don’t think there will be a change for the World Cup. A situation has been reached where all Test players are experienced enough to adapt to One-Dayers.

I will give weight to fitness for a long tour like this. It must be ensured that the bowler who has the ability to lift the ball is chosen. The Australian field has inherent qualities to drive a bowler fast. The more medium pacers we take, the better. A good left arm spinner will tour well.

How about cricket in Maharashtra?

Well, when I became a coach, the team reached the semifinals. After the 1988-89 season, I was not yet a coach. It was felt that the senior state team did not need a coach. But there are many talents. Surendra Bhave is a better opener than most in the country. He is an amazing player too. But he failed when tried. But he is a very solid opening. Then there’s Santosh Jedhe, who has the potential to be great. Shantanu Sugwekar is an excellent bat.


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