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“Apex Legends Mobile” will get regional Beta version on Android this month-TouchArcade | Instant News

Apex Legend Ads from EA and Respawn Entertainment have been confirmed for mobile devices for some time. Recent report It even revealed that it was developed at Tencent under the supervision of Respawn.Although that is Set to soft start Last year, EA finally revealed Apex Legend Will be officially called Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile It will enter the regional Beta version later this month.Reborn Blog post in order to Apex Legends Mobile It also shows that the company has established a dedicated team to lead Apex Legends Mobile This is a joint effort with “other partners”. Apex Legends Mobile It will be played for free, and it is specifically designed for mobile touch screens with simplified controls. Since this is a standalone version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile Will not cross play with PC and console.

This Apex Legends Mobile The regional Beta version will be available on Android in India and the Philippines, and will initially support thousands of players. It is expected that this year will be promoted in more regions around the world. iOS support also provides more beta news along with the pre-registration of the game.Rebirth and confirmation Apex Legends Mobile You will have your own battle pass, cosmetics, unlockable items, and more items unique to the PC and game console versions.See how Apex Legends Mobile Compared with the Nintendo Switch version, and compared with the newer console, its appearance and operation.Hope the global expansion of this product Apex Legends Mobile The beta release will be later, and Respawn will confirm details such as controller support in the near future.Have you played Apex Legend Still waiting on PC and console Apex Legends Mobile Released in your area?


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According to reports, Tencent has developed the “Apex Legends” mobile phone – TouchArcade under the supervision of Respawn | Instant News

The popular free battle royale game from EA and Respawn Entertainment Apex Legend It has been confirmed for use on mobile devices for some time, but there are few details about the actual mobile version.The latest news is Set to soft start last year. Apex Legends with Nextendo Switch version Finally dated, I think we will hear about the mobile version soon.Today from IGN India revealed Apex Legend Under the supervision of Respawn Entertainment, Tencent is developing products suitable for mobile devices. Apex Legend The report also stated that the product will also be launched in the third quarter of this year.See how Apex Legend Enter the mobile field, and whether it has cross-platform support on both PC and console versions, or will it eventually become its own thing PUBG mobile phone.Also a possibility Apex Legend With mobile devices, you can unlock things in PC and console games. This is what we recently included in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons By obtaining reward items Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.Watching Apex Legend The trailer below:

Regarding expectations for device support, Apex Legend It is said that the phone used for mobile devices requires an A11 Bionic or higher chip, which means it will run on iPhone 8 and higher, while the Android version requires Snapdragon 625 and higher to play games. Apex Legend It is very popular on consoles and PC platforms, and recently appeared on Steam even before the Nintendo Switch release date. Hope EA announces the window for the following products: Apex Legend It can be used on mobile devices in the near future, but I expect that once the Nintendo Switch game is launched for a while, everything on mobile devices will start to scroll.There is no doubt that many portable game fans will play Apex Legend Nintendo Switch will be released on March 9.Do you play Apex Legend Regularly on any other system?

[Source: IGN India]


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Apex Legends gets a new map (and new season) tomorrow | Instant News

Apex Legends' new Olympus map

Screenshots: Rebirth

Apex LegendThe new season will begin tomorrow, and the game will be unveiled on Steam.I admit that this year of hell gave me very little time Titanfall Developer Respawn’s Battle Royale, but the upcoming season changes may entice me to rejoin the game-at least until I fall off the game’s new map too many times, which undoubtedly will be.

For beginners, Season 7 A new map called Olympus will be introduced.This is a floating city, you can see its color scheme from the game trailer Mirror’s Edge Atmosphere. Respawn wrote in the patch notes that there will be a week-long Olympus limited-time mode where 30 players can learn about the map. In the first two weeks of this season, Olympus will be the only playable map. After that, it will rotate between it and the “edge of the world”, and “Kings Canyon” will temporarily “vault”.

Olympus will also introduce Tridents, a drivable vehicle that can accommodate an entire crew. Respawn pointed out: “The damage caused by enemy fire will be dispersed among players in the car,” which is different from the vehicle in the game. Fort night, The vehicle will be hurt instead of causing damage to the player. You can defeat other players in “Trident”, and Respawn also wrote: “Trident interacts with legendary abilities in many different ways.” Apex Legend It is a highly mobile game, adding vehicles seems to speed up the pace and speed in interesting new ways.

There is also a new legend, a scientist named Horizon, whose Scottish accent is not as good as in the past Kosaku Contributor Mark Cerrells‘. Being passive, she can better control her movement when she falls and reduce the “fall shock”.Although there is no fall injury top notch, If you fall too high, you will still be shocked, this is Horizon’s passive cancellation ability. Her tactic is called “gravity boost”, which lifts the player into the air, while her ultimate game attracts black holes in. The character focused on mobility sounds interesting, and her ultimate game gave me some Zarya Overwatch Shock (another game I miserably didn’t play forever).

There are many more subtle changes. Respawn pointed out that your Origin progress will continue to Steam, which is good news for those of us whose desktops are covered by too many game launchers.Rebirth also increased club Game, it will have different privacy settings and roles, thereby restricting members’ activities. challenge Overhauled: They are now based on stars, not points. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge, you will get 1 to 5 stars, and each new level of the Battle Pass will cost 10 stars. The new game ending screen also shows you your progress.

You can also expect changes in the quality of life. Respawn wrote: “When replacing an accessory with an accessory on the ground, if the old accessory improves your another weapon, the old accessory will be automatically transferred”, which will save you time you might spend swapping content on the menu . The color of the airdrop is different, and some adjustments to the circle will “reduce the unplayable space.” After the first sound, the circle will also reduce damage. In addition, Evo armor requires more damage to upgrade, which means there will be fewer players with advanced armor in the final game.

Several legends have been adjusted: the damage of the caustic gas trap has increased, but when you struggle in it, the gas will no longer obscure your sight. Mirage’s baits are healthy, but Respawn pointed out that they “will not act as a shield.” Pathfinder’s hit box has been adjusted to make it easier for him to hit, and the change to his grappling hook will try to resolve what Respawn believes is a high win rate. In addition to various weapon adjustments, “Other Legends” also made minor changes. Check the patch notes for all details.

The new maps and vehicles sound interesting, and since last season, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience many game changes, such as Evo armor and handmade.I am happy to check the seventh season tomorrow and I look forward Apex Legend Let me forget that other games fell again.


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“Apex Legends” will add cross-play for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but will not cross-extend | Instant News

key point

  • “Apex Legends” will allow players on PS4, Xbox One and PC to fight each other through cross-play
  • Cross-development between different platforms is not part of the latest update of the game
  • “After-sales” collection activities and new models will also be released on October 6

According to the developer Respawn Entertainment, cross-playing is an elusive feature that many titles fantasize about.

It will begin beta testing on the “Apex Legends” version on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 6, and will be available on Origin on PC. The Steam version will gain cross-platform support in the future.

Although there is no mention of the Nintendo Switch version of the game, Respawn Entertainment stated in June that “Apex Legends” is Come to the console As part of their cross-play plan, even then.

Although Respawn warns that if the player disables cross-play, cross-play will be allowed by default. In turn, this will extend the queue time.

Respawn emphasized that although “Apex Legends” is about to appear cross-platform games, cross-platform games (cross-platform) can continue the progress of gameplay on all platforms, but they cannot be said to be the same. In contrast, the racing/soccer hybrid champion “Rocket League” Introduce cross-development In its latest update.

“Although we do believe this is a valuable feature, unfortunately, it is not currently available for’Apex Legends’,” Respawn said in abLog release. “However, we will discuss this further at the Steam launch later this year.”

The excitement for Xbox One players to interact “Apex Legends” with PlayStation 4 players and PC players is a gamer’s dream because it ultimately allows breaking the platform wall and leads to pure competition for game skills.

Polygon According to reports, in Respawn’s plan, the console game console will match the console game console, and the PC game console will match the PC game console, although if “Xbox One or Playstation 4 players are partying with the PC game console, They will be put into PC games.”

Respawn explained: “This ensures that there is no PC player in the console game, but if they choose to join, the console player is still allowed to play with PC friends.”

In addition to the introduction of cross-games, the game’s latest “collection campaign” is also known as the “aftermarket”, which will also be launched on October 6. The update will add a new mode called “Flashpoint” as well as event makeup and free game rewards.

Apex Legends recently launched the 1.2 update, which made many changes to the game. One of the most controversial changes is the removal of bunny jump therapy, a technique used by many players. Photo: sercançetin/Flickr


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