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Research: PS5 and Xbox consume the same energy as TV, which is not good for the environment | Instant News

Various movements around the world aim to tackle climate change, which is the greatest threat to mankind. With the accelerated development of the gaming industry, the demand for gaming consoles seems to never exceed its supply chain. What impact might this growth have on the environment?

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recent, Game point A new research report by the Natural Resources Defense Council claims that the committee is an American non-profit organization dedicated to climate advocacy. It has successfully completed a study on the latest game consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox). Series X | S) Impact on the environment.The research is published in their Official website The title is “The Latest Game Console: Winner or Loser for the Environment?”

NRDC’s latest research findings on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S

The results of the study show that compared with previous generations of game consoles, the energy consumption of these two game consoles is approximately 160 and 200 watts higher. This means that developing a newer version of the console also means increasing the power consumption required to run these devices. Interestingly, they also found that the operating energy of the game console is almost the same as the TV that may be plugged in during playback. According to different specifications and sizes, a common TV usually uses between 120 to 200 watts each time.

In addition, they found that different factors also affect the energy consumption required to run these consoles. The study found that when the game console is in a low-power mode or standby state, its power consumption is 1 watt lower than in the normal mode. However, when players forget to turn off the console, things will quickly escalate. By default, Xbox enables its “Instant On” feature. On the other hand, since the PS5 cannot adapt to an opened console but is inactive, it may need to run more power. As a result, their energy consumption can jump to twice.

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Game consoles versus charging smartphones and treadmills

The internet A surprising finding was also reported, which is that the console is now used for playing for several hours. The reporter compared the energy consumed by the console with the energy consumed by smart phones and car charging. The report clearly stated: “If 100,000 PlayStation 5 users defeated Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales estimated 15 hours of exercise, the carbon emissions would be equivalent to about 230 tons, or, if According to the EPA, it is equivalent to driving 45 cars a year.”

In addition, the report also proposed its comparability with smart phone charging. “One hour of Spider-Man: Miles Morales game time is the same as charging a smartphone 18 times.”

The report said when revealing the amount of carbon dioxide used when using game consoles: “If 70 million PlayStation 5 owners play AAA exclusive games for two hours a week, more than 1.1 million tons of carbon dioxide will be generated.”

CNET also added that different games consume different energy. Some games are more advanced in technology, so they will require more energy consumption and generate more carbon dioxide. For example, “Fortnite” is described as an example of a game that consumes a lot of energy. According to reports, the energy consumption of the two consoles is about 170 to 220 watts.

The graphics of the game also determines the power consumption between game players. In addition, it is closely related to the development years of the game. The larger these variables, the more energy is required.

NRDC calls on Sony and Microsoft to increase environmental sensitivity

Such as Final recommendation, NRDC requires manufacturers Sony and Microsoft “The implementation of automatic shutdown and standby mode has been further improved to reduce the total annual console energy consumption; and combined with a discrete low-power chip to play videos. We also encourage them to conduct field research to measure current user behavior and use This function is used to generate public-facing reports on the energy use of national game consoles.” NRDC pointed out that the game industry may continue to innovate, but at the same time, it should also consider its impact on our environment and ultimately our future.

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