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Currie, Wells Win Ironman New Zealand | Instant News

Braden Currie and Hannah Wells posted dominating wins at New Zealand’s Nutri-Grain Ironman Saturday in Taupo.

Currie won his second New Zealand Ironman title with a dominant appearance at 7:57:13 which gave him a 9:26 margin over runner-up and fellow Kiwi Mike Phillips. Currie started the day with a 47:30 second best swimmer who was 57 seconds behind leader Kyle Smith, then arrived at T2 in close range, three men with Smith and Mike Phillips. Once on the run, Currie beat all of his competitors with a 2:40:47 marathon so far, best of the race, 9:05 better than runner-up Phillips and 11:41 better than Smith.

“I knew it was going to be a tough journey,” Currie told Stuff Magazine. “I have to grit my teeth at 30 km, keep the tempo and stay there.”

Currie added, this result strengthens his confidence to increase his best position to 5th in Kona. “This competition builds good confidence this year and focuses on World Champions. I got my first win here on my debut (in 2017), but it feels even more solid. ”

Wells overcame a 5:16 deficit after swimming with a woman’s best score on her bike and sprinting to finish at 9:01:50 with a 13:49 margin of victory over fellow Kiwi Rebecca Clarke. While Wells won in dominating mode in her first Ironman attempt, she fell 20:21 from Teresa Adam’s 2020 women’s record.

“It means so much, I can’t even put it into words,” said Wells, who took the win in the Wanaka Challenge round. “I have a plan and I want to stick to it. There will always be surprises and difficult moments. I had a tough swim and the second half of the marathon was tough, but I’m really excited to get to the finish line. “

Men’s race

Kyle Smith led the swim with a 46: 323 split which gave him a lead of 57 seconds on Currie and 58 seconds on his brother Ben Currie, 1:02 for Simon Cochrane and 1:16 on Phillips. After the best of the races 4:23:29 by Phillips, 4:23:47 by Currie and 4:23:49 by Smith, the three of them arrive at T2 in seconds. Once they started running, Currie broke away for a 2:40:47 race best that took her to the line in 7:57:13 with a 9:26 margin at Phillips. Currie’s finish fell 2:56 from Joe Skipper’s 2020 race record.

New Zealand Multi-Ironman winner Cameron Brown had a tough day, which he shared on Facebook:

“I finished the race today but was unfortunately disqualified. Everything was going well and I felt comfortable getting off the bike, but in the first few kilometers of the run leg I could feel my legs getting tighter and the joints of my front toes tense. I tried to stretch them and stopped. several times but the more I kept running, the more pain I felt, as far as 20 km my hips are now also tense and I am forced to walk. I saw my son on the side of the road and exchanged my shoes with him and immediately felt the pain subsided even though it was still running long slow to finish which I just wanted to do and respect the race that has been so good for me. I crossed the Ironman slow line in Taupo in 8:58 am but was sadly disqualified due to outside help. Hope my legs and feet will be right in a few days. went into the race in great shape but it is b alapan and looking forward to the next race soon. ”

Female race

Rebecca Clarke led the women’s pool with a 48:39 split that gave her a 5:16 lead at Wells and 12-13 minutes on Emily McNaughton and Melanie Burke. Wells then took off like a rocket with a 4:50:41 split bike which was 11:30 better than Clarke and 14 minutes better than McNaughton and gave him 6 minutes to start the run. After the women’s fastest marathon of 3:10:51, Wells finished at 9:01:50 with a 13:49 margin of victory over Clarke and 36:53 in third place finisher McNaughton.

“I had my first (Ironman) win here on my debut, it feels even more solid,” Wells told Stuff magazine. “This is a racing Ironman that gets tougher and tougher and tougher.”

Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand
Taupo, New Zealand
March 27, 2021
S 2.4 miles. / B 112 miles. / R 26.2 miles.

Pro Men
1. Braden Currie (NZL) S 47:30 T1 3:42 B 4:23:47 T2 1:30 R 2:40:47 TOT 7:57:13
2. Mike Phillips (NZL) S 47:49 T1 3:47 B 4:23:29 T2 1:44 R 2:49:52 TOT 8:06:39
3. Kyle Smith (NZL) S 46:33 T1 4:37 B 4:23:49 T2 2:17 R 2:51:40 TOT 8:08:54
4. Jack Moody (NZL) S 53:36 T1 4:35:50 T2 2:46 R 2:42:15 TOT 8:18:24
5. Ben Phillips (NZL) S 47:31 T1 3:40 B 4:29:47 T2 2:18 R 2:56:44 TOT 8:20:00
6. Simon Cochrane (NZL) S 47:35 T1 3:38 B 4:39:08 T2 2:11 R 2:52:10 TOT 8:24:40
7. Lucas Duross (NZL) S 54:14 T1 4:51 B 4:49:15 T2 2:41 R 3:00:28 TOT 8:51:27
8. Cameron Brown (NZL) S 52:05 T1 4:25 B 4:31:50 T2 2:05 R 3:28:25 TOT 8:58:48 * Disqualified due to outside assistance

Pro woman
1. Hannah Wells (NZL) 53:55 T1 4:25 B 4:50:41 T2 2:00 R 3:10:51 TOT 9:01:50
2. Rebecca Clarke (NZL) S 48: 39T1 4:48 B 5:02:09 T2 2:24 R 3:17:41 TOT 9:15:39
3. Emily McNaughton (NZL) S 1:01:05 T1 5:14 B 5:12:23 T2 2:13 R 3:17: 49m TOT 9:38:43
4. Melanie Burke (NZL) S 1:09:11 T1 5:30 B 5:18:17 T2 2:20 R 3:29:57 TOT 10:05:13


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The family rescues a stranded kangaroo on a fishing trip in Australia | Instant News

A small kangaroo has been rescued from hours of rowing by a family on a fishing trip in Denmark, Western Australia.

The national animal was discovered by John Taylor and his family while fishing the Wilson Inlet. The popular estuary is 14 miles long, and 5 meters deep in some areas.

Initially, the family debated whether to save kangaroo, and with good reason.

Based on Bush Heritage AustraliaThe national symbolic animal is capable of swimming well with its large tail support, which has proven useful for avoiding predators. Previous reports from a similar situation indicates that the kangaroo did not survive well in the wave-driven waters to which this estuary was intended.

How did this happen?

The kangaroo looked tired from the wide expanse of water, which made the family act swiftly after observing its depth. After turning close enough, the animal was clearly grateful for its rest, and floated beside the boat while John gently propped it back onto shore.

Despite being a popular fishing spot, the Taylor family appeared to be the only boats nearby at the time. They have since identified the kangaroo as the Western Gray, which is common in South and Western Australia.

“We saw the puppy was exhausted and his head drowned when he had difficulty swimming,” said John. “We then decided that we needed to help him – I could lean over to grab his legs and body.”

“We slowly made our way toward the shoreline, dragged gently, and helped the tired animal into the shallow water.”

“That’s certainly one of the most interesting catches I’ve ever made on my fishing charter. In fact, this is a first. The kids talk about it all afternoon and it is a major highlight of their holiday, even for these Western Australian kids. “

Kangaroo safety in Australia

Fortunately, the kangaroo status in Australia is relatively safe. There are up to 50 million nationwide – that’s twice the number of people.

But despite the presumed safety of the species, WWF said There are a number of factors that still threaten them, such as deforestation and commercial hunting.

A flourishes number of sizes placed to keep the marsupials protected.


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Biden says decisions at the 2020 Olympics ‘must be based on science’ | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: A man wearing a face mask walks in front of a wall decoration featuring the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Miraitowa amidst the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Tokyo, Japan, February 3, 2021. REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon

TOKYO (Reuters) – Any decision on hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, must be based on science, US President Joe Biden said on a radio show.

The Olympics are due to start in less than six months, and the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have vowed to hold them as planned, albeit under strict conditions that could include staging without spectators.

Biden, speaking on the Westwood One Sports radio program that airs on Sunday during the Super Bowl halftime, said he hopes the Olympics will take place, especially for the athletes who have trained hard for them.

“I have spoken with the Japanese prime minister, he is working really hard to be in a safe position to open the Olympics, host the Olympics, and I think it has to be based on science, whether it is safe or not for that to happen,” said Biden.

Biden, who took office in January, said he hated the thought of athletes not being able to compete.

“Imagine all the Olympians who work for four years, four years for one opportunity and suddenly that opportunity is gone,” he said.

“These are people I feel pain in – but we have to do it scientifically,” he added. “We are a science-driven administration, I think the rest of the world is there too. I hope we can play, I hope it is possible, but that remains to be seen. “

The Olympics will open on July 23 and run until August 8.

Reporting by Elaine Lies, editing by Ed Osmond


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18/18 Irish trip to West Virginia | Instant News

NOTRE DAME, Indiana – No.18/18 Notre Dame will travel to West Virginia for the Irishman’s first true road double of the 2020-21 season, which takes place Jan. 29-30. The Irish have faced West Virginia once this season in a virtual encounter, which Notre Dame emerged victorious. Since then, Notre-Dame has competed in several competitions, the most recent of which was a dominant performance in the Shamrock Invitational, setting seven pool records, including a program record, during the competition. “We are delighted to be participating again this weekend,” said swimming head coach Mike Litzinger. “This is our first road trip of the year, and it’s coming at a good time. We can practice our travel routine which is very different due to the circumstances. Our dive team can participate in a platform event which is great preparation for ACCs. More importantly, this is the last chance for our athletes not to come to the conference to compete, and I am excited for them. DETAILS Team: # 18/18 Notre Dame in West Virginia Date: January 29-30, 2021 Location: Mylan Park Aquatic Center (Morgantown, W.Va.) Live Schedule: WVUsports.com/swim Live Stream : Facebook .com / WVUSwimDive Schedule (Eastern hourly) Friday, Jan. 29 3 p.m. Dive 4 p.m. Swimming Saturday, Jan. 30 10 a.m. Swimming and diving last time against WVU Nov 6-7, so-No. 21/23 The Notre Dame Swim & Dive team opened the season with a virtual encounter against West Virginia, with a program record performance from Coleen Gillilan (100 Fly – 52.07), in addition to two record pool performances from the second Jack Hoagland (500 & 1000 free). Both teams performed the same events at their home facilities, and times were ranked after the end of the session to determine standings and winners. Competitive times counted toward program and pool records, but did not count as NCAA qualifying times. “Both teams ran incredibly hard this morning after a quick turnaround from yesterday’s session,” Irish swim head coach Mike Litzinger said after the competition. “We put them against the wall on purpose to see how they would react, and they responded very well.” Shamrock Invitational Recap On senior weekend, the No.18/18 had a dominant performance at the Shamrock Invitational, as the men beat Missouri State 268-86 and the women dominated NoRV Akron 260-109. Including Kelly Straub’s senior program record in the 1m, breaking a 2012 record, the Irish totaled seven pool records this weekend. Notre Dame notched four pool records on day one: Jack Hoagland 4: 15.39 in the 500 freestyle; in the 200 QN relay, as Brendan Santana, Josh Bottelberghe, Cason Wilburn and Topher Stensby clocked 1: 26.23; Charles Korndorffer at 100 Fly (47.22); and again courtesy of Hoagland, this time with a 3: 43.78 in the 400 IM. On the women’s side, Bayley Stewart clocked a time of 1: 53.46 in the 200 backstroke for her pool record, and Coleen Gillilan broke her own pool record in the 200 Fly, posting a 1: 55.37. The Irish totaled 22 B-Cut times this weekend, with the women getting 12 and the men getting 10. Gillilan was named the ACC Swimmer of the Week for her performance. .

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Swimming Australia is eyeing Plan B if Tokyo is canceled | Instant News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Swimming Australia has started discussions about replacing domestic or virtual international competitions for its athletes if the Tokyo Olympics are canceled, said president Kieren Perkins.

Organizers were forced to reiterate their commitment to hosting the Olympics in July and August after a report on Friday said the Japanese government had privately concluded the Olympics should be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perkins, who won gold medals at the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, was pleased that Friday’s “small panic moment” had been firmly canceled but felt he owed an Australian swimmer a contingency plan.

“If the worst happens and Tokyo is canceled, for our athletes who have had the opportunity to prepare and work so hard for a long time to date, I think we should give them the best chance to at least test themselves and see what has been. created by the work, “he told the Australian newspaper.

“We are preparing on the basis that this is happening so that our swimmers will be ready, we will continue testing. If the Games themselves are canceled, what can we do to take advantage of the fact that our athletes are ready?

“It’s an open question… whether we hold our own meetings or maybe we can have a virtual meeting with some of our main competitions. This is an open question mark at the moment, but we will prepare and have alternative plans. “

Two-time Olympic relay race champion Cate Campbell told the newspaper he thought it was a “good idea”, even if he was eager to swim in his fourth Olympics in Tokyo.

“I think one of the advantages of having a former athlete as our current president is that he thinks about things like that,” said the 28-year-old.

“Will it be the same? Absolutely not. But it’s something worth exploring and asking athletes if it’s something they want to do, absolutely. “

Reporting by Nick Mulvenney, edited by …


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