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‘Historical victory’: Swiss Parliament approves same-sex marriage, World News | Instant News

The Swiss parliament on Friday approved legislation on Friday allowing same-sex couples to marry, finally bringing the tiny Alpine country in line with much of Europe on gay rights.

However, the final decision is up to Switzerland alone as the Christian party, the ultra-conservative Federal Democratic Union has announced that it will ask for legislation to be included in the referendum.

Switzerland is one of the few European countries where same-sex marriage is prohibited. It is in the 25th position in terms of human rights for LGBT Public.

The State allows same-sex couples to enter into “registered partnerships”, but this does not confer the same rights to marriage, including to citizenship and co-adoption of children.

Once approved by the two chambers of parliament, it was transferred to parliament 13 years after the civil partnership became legal in Switzerland.

The wording in the bill allows same-sex couples to access sperm donations to conceive a child.

Switzerland passed laws specifically protecting lesbians, gays and bisexuals from discrimination only in February.

Amnesty Switzerland tweeted, “This is a historic win for the rights of the LGBTI Community *.”


The Rainbow Family Association, which was founded in 2010 to defend the interests of gay parents in Switzerland, said it was preparing the matter to go to a popular vote.

“If the opponent launches a referendum, we are ready,” said Matthias Erhardt, vice president of the national committee that specializes in “marriage for all”.

“We have 82 percent of the population behind us and, thanks to the mobilization of the LBGT community, our partner organizations and the political parties that support us, we will be able to further increase the acceptance of LGBT people in society,” he said.


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