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Binding relationships: Lebanon, the rugby league and links to Australia | Rugby League News | Instant News

Lebanese fans supported their team during the 2017 World Cup quarter-final against Tonga

“There is something about being Lebanese, you can never tell. I was born here, but when I went there as an adult, the first time we landed in Beirut, I really felt a strong connection to the place.”

Those were the words of Michael Cheika, the former head coach of Australia’s national rugby team, after he was inaugurated in November. as the man who led Lebanon in the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

Born in Sydney to a Lebanese family, the 53-year-old is among 230,880 Australians with Middle Eastern ancestry, with around 66,000 Lebanese-born living in the Greater Sydney area alone.

Cheika’s parents emigrated in the 1950s, but many of them are tens of thousands of refugees who fled Lebanon during the country’s civil war that raged between 1975 and 1990. Out of the horror, however, emerged one of the more unpredictable rugby. league success story.

Next year’s World Cup in England will mark the 21st anniversary of the Cedars attending the sport’s global gathering, when a team of players based entirely in Australia provides the spark for the rugby league revolution.

This has shaped a sporting relationship between the Lebanese community in Australia and their homeland as well – and Danny Kazandjian, the man who pioneered the development of domestic sports in Lebanon in the early 2000s, knows how important it is.

“Academic papers have been written on the relationship between the Lebanese diaspora and the Lebanese rugby league project and how the two coexist to produce activity, visibility and longevity,” Kazandjian, now secretary general of the global governing body of sport of the International Rugby League, told Sky Sports.

Danny Kazandjian helped prepare for the Lebanese domestic rugby league

Danny Kazandjian helped prepare for the Lebanese domestic rugby league

“The emigration rate from Lebanon to Australia is lower than before, but there is still a very strong connection. There are many Lebanese I know in Australia, you would think you were in Lebanon.

“They speak Arabic, some of them don’t speak English very well, their home configuration is very Lebanese, they have Lebanese satellite TV and only watch Lebanese TV. Culturally, they have maintained links to their homeland even though they are separated by geography.”

The story of the Lebanese rugby league begins with John and George Elias forming the team for the 1997 World Seven Rugby League, graduating to full international matches the following year and qualifying for the 2000 World Cup with victories over Italy, Morocco and the US.

A 64-0 defeat to runners-up New Zealand in the rain at Gloucester’s Kingsholm was followed by a delightful display in a 24-22 defeat to Wales and a 22-22 draw with Cook Islands in the group stage.

Lebanon drew with the Cook Islands in the 2000 Rugby League World Cup

Lebanon drew with the Cook Islands in the 2000 Rugby League World Cup

Part of those granted permission to represent Lebanon was a gift to earn a rugby league in the country as well, with the British Kazandjian – whose ties to the nation stem from his parents who met while living there – seizing the opportunity to spearhead it in 2002 after made contact with Elias ahead of their first World Cup.

It was his work that led to a code of 13 people establishing a permanent presence in a country without the legacy of previous rugby league, starting with embedding it in university and spreading from there. On the international stage, it wasn’t until 2017 that Cedars qualified for the World Cup again.

Reaching the tournament’s quarter-finals in Australia ensures Lebanon automatically gets a place at next year’s World Cup and Cheika has seized the opportunity to coach the team after becoming one of their supporters three years ago.

“The tournament is an opportunity to show a little bit of Lebanese culture not only to Australians but to everyone watching on TV,” Cheika told Australia. Daily Telegraph.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to do something that is representative of my parents’ homeland.

New Lebanon head coach Michael Cheika

“Sport has the ability to bring people together, it brings out the best in people. I watched the game, jumping around cheering and crying.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me to do something that is representative of the land my parents come from.”

Cheika is not the first big name in Australia to lend its support behind the project, with NRL stars such as Hazem El Masri – formerly of the Canterbury Bulldogs, a club with a sizable support base among Sydney’s Lebanese community – and, more recently, Robbie Farah have worn the distinctive green and red uniform in the past.

The next step is to start integrating more players from Lebanon’s domestic competition into the national team rather than relying on legacy players based in Australia, something Cheika has indicated he wants to do.

Robbie Farah represented Lebanon at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup

Robbie Farah represented Lebanon at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup

The current arrangement sees the Lebanese Rugby League Federation (LRLF), bound by the country’s sports laws, overseeing national championships and state development programs, while at the same time mandating national teams to represent them and the states. Meanwhile, the expertise to run international campaigns mostly comes from Australia.

Kazandjian knows from his time running the LRLF and how relations between domestic regulatory agencies and the Australian arm have not always been smooth sailing, but added that tensions can be a force for good as well as the nation aims to build on relatively quickly. steps he has made over the past two decades.

“There is no point in any sport having a national team without a cultural identity, level of visibility or recognition at home and that’s something the Lebanese federation – as well as other countries with strong expatriate communities in Australia and Europe are fighting for,” said Kazandjian.

“The tension is always there, and there are advantages and disadvantages. The downside is that when tension becomes overly taught it can lead to enmity between the two bodies.

Jamaica aims to create the RLWC ‘shock wave’

Jamaica coach Jermaine Coleman told Sky Sports what it means to qualify for the World Cup and his hopes for 2021.

“When the two sides work together it can bring about very positive results as we have seen with the good news about Lebanon – most recently was Michael Chieka taking over as coach and his faith in the project. It’s a double edged sword and something. which they have to deal with in a calm manner. “


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Fake case file against Shahbaz on Imran’s desk: Marriyum | Instant News

LAHORE: Shahbaz Sharif has been a member of parliament seven times and is currently the leader of the opposition and despite detaining him, the government has not been able to prove a penny of corruption against him.

PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb said this when speaking to the media, Tuesday outside the Judicial Complex.

“There is no file on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s desk to provide assistance to people but there is a fake case file against Shahbaz Sharif on his desk,” he said, adding that a fake case was made against Shahbaz by this ‘elected’ government. .

He said the priority of this’ chosen gang ‘was to block doctors’ access to Shahbaz in prison and despite court orders, he had not been assigned a doctor in prison to date. “We have appeared in court every day to fight this bogus case and the baseless accusations leveled against Shahbaz,” he said and stressed that NAB is silent on the theft case at the Jabba Night, the billion tree project, the case of foreign funding and rising prices for flour, sugar and drugs.

He said when it came to providing evidence, the government lawyers withdrew their application and ran away. He added that the government spokesman did not make a sound after witnessing Maryam’s mass mobilization in Lahore.

He said the hired spokesperson was doing “gymnastics” and threatening political opponents. He further said even the government wanted to stop the upcoming Lahore demonstrations but could not and ‘awami obedient’ in Minar-e-Pakistan would bring the government back home on December 13. He said even the handful of people who voted for this government condemned the government. “PDM is a movement of the people who are poor and helpless and want to get rid of an incompetent and corrupt government,” he added. He said the level of fear faced by the government could be gauged by the fact that the prime minister was threatening the opposition that he would file lawsuits against the use of seats in a rally in Lahore.

He said Maryam had told party workers to make a necklace of an FIR creature nesting in front of them and wear the necklace with pride. He said whoever has people’s support need not wait for the ‘Umpire’ finger. He said the court should heed the statement by the government spokesman saying that Maryam would be sent to prison.


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Six Nations: Matteo Minozzi was recalled by Italy for the match against England | Rugby Union News | Instant News

Matteo Minozzi is the only substitute for the Italian side who lost in Ireland last week when they host England in Rome for the Six Nations Super Saturday 2020; Eddie Jones’ English team will be champions if they win and the other results go their way

Last Updated: 29/10/20 17:37

Matteo Minozzi starts for Italy at full-back vs England

Matteo Minozzi was recalled by Italy for Saturday’s clash against England as the Azzurri chase after their first Guinness Six Nations win of the year.

The Wasps full-back missed last weekend’s 50-17 defeat to Ireland, having featured for the club in their last Premier League defeat to Exeter at Twickenham.

Italy head coach Franco Smith has brought Minozzi back, replacing Jayden Hayward as full-back.

The switchover was the only change Italy has made, with Smith keeping up with the talented youngster Paolo Garbisi after an exhilarating debut last weekend, where he finished it off with his first international try.

He was joined at center back by Marcello Violi, while Carlo Canna and Luca Morisi joined in the center.

Another Azzurri scorer from last weekend’s defeat in Dublin, Edoardo Padovani, maintained his position on the right flank and formed a back three alongside Mattia Bellini and full-back Minozzi.

Hooker Luca Bigi was once again given the captain’s armband and flanked by Danilo Fischetti and Giosue Zilocchi, while Marco Lazzaroni and Niccolo Cannone started in the second row.

Sebastian Negri and Braam Steyn will play on the flanker, while Jake Polledri continues at No.8.

There was one further change on the bench for Italy, with Guglielmo Palazzani replacing Callum Braley.

“In Ireland we saw glimpses of our game and something positive, but we are aware that we have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Smith.

“We are a young team that wants to emerge. We are continuing our journey to build the right identity”

Italy, who have returned to bottom, have lost their last 26 Six Nations matches, five years ago and met the English side who would have won if they won and the result from France vs Ireland went their way.

Italy: 15 Matteo Minozzi, 14 Edoardo Padovani, 13 Luca Morisi, 12 Carlo Canna, 11 Mattia Bellini, 10 Paolo Garbisi, 9 Marcello Violi, 8 Jake Polledri, 7 Braam Steyn, 6 Sebastian Negri, 5 Niccolo Cannone, 4 Marco Lazzaroni, 3 Giosue Zilocchi, 2 Luca Bigi, 1 Danilo Fischetti

Replacement: 16 Gianmarco Lucchesi, 17 Simone Ferrari, 18 Pietro Ceccarelli, 19 David Sisi, 20 Johan Meyer, 21 Maxime Mbanda, 22 Guglielmo Palazzani, 23 Federico Mori.


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Youri Djorkaeff’s son moved to Switzerland | NEWS.am Sport | Instant News

Ohan Djorkaeff, the son of world and European champion Youri Djorkaeff’s French national football team, has moved to Kriens, which is part of the Swiss first division.

The 23-year-old midfielder has signed a two-year contract with Kriens, the football club’s press service reported.

Last season, Ohan Djorkaeff played for Scottish Sent Miren which he joined in the summer of 2019. Previously, he played in the second team Nantes and Montpelier.

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A bill for sectarian harmony should be submitted, Qadri said | Instant News

KARACHI: The federal government will draft a bill, to maintain sectarian harmony, in parliament after consulting with clerics to provide legal protection for the ‘Fatwa’ issued under Paigham-e-Pakistan, said the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony . Noor-Ul-Haq Qadri on Friday.

He addressed a conference organized by Majlis Saut-ul-Islam at a local hotel. Qadri said that all attempts to create divisions in the country have failed and that attempts to promote sectarianism will also be thwarted.

He said that organizations such as Muthahidda Majlis-e-Amal, Ittehad Madaris Deenia and the Milli Yakjehti Council, are role models and should play their part in maintaining sectarian harmony and peace in the country.

Qadri said many of the subversive actions during Muharram-ul-Haram were thwarted by security agencies in collaboration with clerics and clerics of various schools of thought.

He said Karachi was not only the business center of the country but also the capital of religion and education.

“If anti-state elements try to disturb the peace of a big city, it disturbs the whole country.”

The federal minister also stressed the need to develop greater religious tolerance to defeat elements that are trying to destabilize the country.

Mufti Abu Bakr Mohiuddin, Saut-ul-Islam

The deputy chairman of Pakistan, said that committees should be formed at a higher and grassroots level for major sectarian harmony.

Scholars from different sects, including Maulana Khawaja Abdul Aziz, Allama Razi Haider Zaidi, Maulana Yusuf Qasoori, federal parliamentary secretary Aftab Jahangir, and MPA Khuram Sher Zaman, provided advice on promoting interfaith harmony and peace.

Qadri will also visit Jamia Binoria Al-Alamia today (Saturday) where he will meet seminary principal Mufti Noman Naeem and other officials.


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