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Apple says it will adopt an amazing new design next year | Instant News

Expect the next iPad Within a few days -New iPad Pro with miniLED screen technology. But now, a report indicates that Apple will perform a large-scale update by switching to another system OLED in 2022.

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If found Mcrums, DigiTimes announced that OLED will be built in iPad and Apple notebook computers next year.

At first glance, this seems confusing, because Apple will upgrade its tablet screen technology for two consecutive years. This seems very different from Apple. But this can be explained by the display for different iPad models.

It is expected that the miniLED display can only be used in one version of the iPad, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. If it proves to be correct, I believe this model will stick to miniLED for at least a few years.

DigiTimes said that in addition to the Apple Watch and the most recent iPhone, the first OLED screen will be used on the iPad with a 10.9-inch display. As you will know, this size is limited to one model in the iPad series, the latest iPad Air.

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The iPad Air, which is far from the most expensive tablet in the series, will first have the most desirable screen technology, which seems confusing. However, Apple debuted new features on the current iPad Air, the most notable of which is the excellent Touch ID screen unlocking system built into the power button. Therefore, it is not surprising that OLED will be launched on Air first.

In addition, the price of OLED on large screens will be higher, so the price of 12.9-inch displays on larger Pro models will be higher.

If the report is correct, then the new tablet will go into production at the end of this year and will go on sale in early 2022. Perhaps in the spring, the iPad Pro will land in 2020 (and possibly again this year).

DigiTimes also claimed that Apple may also apply OLED to a 16-inch MacBook Pro (and possibly a 17-inch model) in 2022, although a final decision has not yet been made.

More controversially, the report also said that it is considering applying OLED to the 12.9in iPad Pro next year. If miniLED is about to adopt this year’s model, I will not buy it.

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