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‘Tea for Karachi’: Ramiz Raja is excavating in the Sindh-Cricket government | Instant News

Last updated when July 29, 2020 11:24 in the morning

The Sindh government has arranged tea for all of Karachi, said Ramiz Raja.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja carried out excavations in the Sindh government after the rains caused chaos in Karachi and roads were flooded with rain, Dunya News said on Wednesday.

The master used to share photos of submerged regions on Twitter and wrote, “The Sindh government has arranged tea for all of Karachi.” Ramiz Raja commented because the color of rain water is very similar to tea.

Earlier, former captain Wasim Akram also said that his heart was out for all those affected after seeing Karachi’s underwater footage.

“I can’t say I’m not surprised that this has happened again. A wake-up call? No, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed first! We need to improve our beautiful city.”

“I tweeted because I saw a video full of gutters in Defense, flooding the streets of Gulistan-e-Jauhar, PECHS & Baldia & a city ravaged by rain again. I have no political agenda whatsoever. I am only a citizen of Pakistan & care for the welfare of people people in my hometown. “

“Pakistanis should be able to celebrate the rain, not lament about it! Mix my words as you like but too many people suffer every year because of this problem, and that is what kills me. “


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PM Imran to bring the nation to be confident in today’s COVID-19 situation – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 27, 2020 10:57 in the morning

Prime Minister Imran Khan will make a speech in the country after leading an important COVID-19 meeting.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan will make a speech in the country on Monday (toady) to bring him into confidence about the corona virus situation, sources know the confidential information of Dunya News.

It is known that the prime minister will give a speech in the country after leading an important meeting on COVID-19 and highlighting the effective planning of the federal government against a pandemic. Imran Khan will talk about the popularity of smart locks around the world.

The meeting will finalize the strategy for implementing standard operating procedures (SOP) during Eid al-Adha. Briefing will be given regarding the situation of the coronavirus in the provinces and government steps to fight the epidemic.

This session will also discuss recommendations from the National Operations Command Center (NCOC) to reopen educational institutions. Important decisions will likely be made in connection with the opening of marriage halls and other businesses after Eid al-Adha.

High-ranking officials including ministers, advisors and representatives of civil and military institutions will attend the meeting. All provincial chief ministers will participate in the session via video link.


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Coronavirus continues to take its toll in the US, Brazil when cases increase globally | Instant News

The world has been battling viruses for months, but “invisible enemies” never give up.

The corona virus seems to have infiltrated almost every country on Earth, to some of the most remote locations. Following are some of the most recent developments in the ongoing pandemic, which have hit the United States and Brazil with great difficulty.

The Americas are still the worst

The US is still ranked first in terms of the number of COVID-19 cases. The country has 4.17 million cases with more than 146,000 people lost their lives due to illness so far, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump blamed the national surge in racial justice protests, travelers from Mexico and young bar visitors.

The second most affected country, both in the world and in America, Brazil reported on Sunday 1,211 more deaths from coronavirus during the last 24 hours, according to its Ministry of Health.

Brazil recorded a death toll of 86,449 with the latest death, the ministry said in a statement.

The number of infections also jumped to more than 2.39 million with 51,147 new cases during the day, he added. The country has registered more than 1.61 million recoveries so far.

With a population of more than 211 million, Brazil is seen as the center of distribution in Latin America.

Asia continues to struggle, even in North Korea

On the continent where it was first discovered, coronavirus continues to spread. North Korea, which is often referred to as the real “ascetic kingdom” because of its minimal relations with the outside world, has also taken a fair share of the virus.

The country on Sunday registered the first suspected case of corona virus, according to the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA). North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un also declared a state of emergency and lockdown in a border city after a patient suspected of being infected with the virus returned from South Korea after being reported illegally crossing the border.

According to KCNA, infected patients were observed.

“Apart from the intensive anti-epidemic prevention measures taken in all fields throughout the country and the strict closure of all channels over the past six months, a critical development has taken place where a virulent virus is said to have entered the country,” North Korean Leader Kim Jong- un said during an emergency meeting.

Kim also noted that maximum measures against the pandemic would be implemented throughout the country.

Meanwhile, China continues to see newly confirmed cases in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, with 18 new infections reported.

China has reported a total of 83,729 cases of COVID-19, with 4,634 deaths.

South Korea has also reported 59 new COVID-19 cases confirmed after a double increase in local transmission and imported infections.

Figures by the South Korea Disease Control and Prevention Center on Thursday brought the national caseload to 13,938, including 297 deaths.

On the Indian subcontinent, the situation also does not look positive. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the virus was spreading rapidly in parts of India and that the public must remain very vigilant, when the number of infections in India is approaching 140,000. India’s Ministry of Health reported 48,661 new infections and 705 deaths on Saturday.

With a total of 138,522 coronavirus infections, India, a country with 1.3 billion people, is ranked third among the countries most severely affected by the virus after the US and Brazil.

The situation has worsened in Australia

Australia reached a grim milestone on Sunday, recording the highest number of daily deaths from the corona virus, as authorities in the state of Victoria are battling a number of infection groups and intensifying efforts to track their contacts.

Victoria’s leader, Daniel Andrews, told a media briefing that the country had reported 10 COVID-19 deaths in the past 24 hours, the highest casualties of the Australian daily.

Australia has avoided the severe coronavirus outbreaks seen in several countries, with more than 14,400 recorded cases and 155 deaths.

Europe is still suffering

This virus continues to attack violently in Europe, which was once the most severe continent. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 305 to 205,269, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Sunday. The reported death toll has not changed by 9,118, calculations show.

France also noted an increasing number of prominent cases. French health authorities made the COVID-19 test available free without a prescription because they closely monitored the uptick in infections after the removal of the locking action.

France has recorded 30,192 deaths attributed to coronavirus, among a total of 180,528 cases of the disease, according to statistics published on Friday.

The number of new daily infections rose above 1,000 for the second day – around their daily rate when the locking action was reduced in May, after two months of confinement.

Meanwhile, in an unexpected development, good news came from Russia with 5,765 new corona virus cases and 77 deaths reported, a sharp decline from 146 deaths reported the day before.

The national infection count has risen to 812,485, the Russian coronavirus crisis response center said. The number of victims of COVID-19 now reaches 13,269, while 600,250 people have recovered.

South Africa leads the continent in some cases

Confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa reach nearly 400,000 because the country reports a high 572 deaths every day.

South Africa is now one of the top five countries in the world in terms of reported cases of the virus, and that makes up more than half of cases on the African continent with 394,948. Death is at 5,940.

The struggle in the most developed countries in Africa is an alarming sign for other African countries with far fewer resources because the spread of infection is accelerating.

Since it first appeared in China last December, coronavirus has spread to at least 188 countries and regions. The US, Brazil, India and Russia are currently the hardest hit countries in the world.

The pandemic has killed more than 644,500 people worldwide, with more than 16 million confirmed cases, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University. More than 9.26 million have recovered from this disease.


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Swiss women’s day is enough – SWI swissinfo.ch | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) On June 14, 2019, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets demanding gender equality in Switzerland. Thirty-one Swiss female photographers decided not to join, but to document the strike from their perspective.

Helen James

Born in England, I have lived in Switzerland since 1994. I was trained as a graphic designer in Zurich between 1997 – 2002. I recently moved to work as a photo editor and joined the team at swissinfo.ch in March 2017.


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    (id) The day when women in Switzerland rebelled

Colorful demonstrations and violent protests across the country occurred 28 years after the first Swiss women’s strike in 1991. They drew media coverage worldwide, and it led to broader discussions about inequality and discrimination faced by women, both in the labor market or at home.

Photographer Yoshiko Kusano, from Bern, came up with the idea that he and his female colleagues had to comprehensively document women’s strikes from a women’s perspective. More than 30 photographers joined him in an effort to capture the atmosphere and atmosphere of the day. This gallery is the choice of the results of this collaboration.

A broader photo book, titled ‘Wir’ (Us), will be published this year.

Photographer s
Basel : Eleni Kougionis, Corina Rainer, Eleni Kougionis. Berne : Annette Boutellier, Béatrice Flückiger, Carmela Harshani Odoni, Danielle Liniger, Karin Scheidegger, Margareta Sommer, Monika Flückiger, Yoshiko Kusano, Christine Strub. Biel : Sabine Buri. Jurassic & Vaud : Hélène Tobler. Lausanne : Mercedes Riedy, Nora Rupp. Lugano : Sabine Cattaneo. Lucerne : Franca Pedrazzetti. Neuchâtel : MurielAntille. Rapperswil : Manuela Matt. Paudex : Francesca Palazzi. St. Gallen : Tine Edel. Zurich : Johanna Bossart, Corina Flühmann, Ursula Häne, Caroline Minjolle, Sabine Rock, Marion Nitsch, Iris Stutz, Ruth Vögtlin, Katharina Wernli, Sabine Wunderlin, Anja Wurm.


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ACE takes 700 of the country’s land states | Instant News

LAHORE: Formation of Anti-Corruption (ACE) Region of Lahore B took decisive action against the Qabza mafia in 23 UCC village in Sheikhupura and emptied more than 700 Kanal state lands from land grabbers.

ACE Regional Director Lahore B Waseem Hammad oversees the operation carried out together with assistant commissioner and police Sharaqpur. The taken land was handed over to the Department of Revenue. (ACE) took action against land grabbers throughout the province.

ACE Director General Muhammad Gohar Nafees has issued directives to all relevant officials to immediately remove illegal occupants from state land and take action against elements of corruption without discrimination.

Two salesmen lost cash: Two salesmen from a private company were looted separately in the Nishtar Colony police boundaries. Another seller from the same company Tahir Raoof was robbed of Rs 39,000 by the same robber in the afternoon. The police have registered a case against the robbers and registered one FIR from two different incidents.

accident: Eight people were killed and 757 injured in 666 accidents in Punjab over the past 24 hours, according to the Punjab Emergency Service (PES), commonly known as Rescue-1122. A spokeswoman said here on Wednesday that 460 serious injuries were transferred to a different hospital, while 297 with minor injuries were treated on site by rescue medical teams.


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Saman took over as Executive Director of the Lahore Arts Council | Instant News

LAHORE – Saman Rai has been appointed as Executive Director of the Lahore Arts Council (LAC). MS Rai took over his position as Executive Director of the Lahore (Alhamra) Arts Council immediately after the notification was issued. Rai also holds additional fees for Additional Secretary Information and Punjab Culture. Previously, he had worked as Executive Director of the Punjab Arts Council and Director General of PLAC. LAC Executive Director Saman Rai said Alhamra would take further systematic and concrete steps to strengthen cultural and literary traditions in the past. He also said that in the current situation, all possible steps would be taken to serve the arts and artists.


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CM Punjab pays attention to the killing of children | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Sunday looked closely at the incident of the murder of a child in Nawab City and sought reports from the City Police Officer (CCPO), Lahore.

The chief minister has ordered the immediate arrest of the accused involved in a child murder incident. Usman Buzdar expressed his sincere sympathy and condolences to the family members of the victims. He ordered that the child’s family members be given justice.


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Asad Qaiser called on people to take precautions to stop the coronavirus – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when May 17, 2020 9:32 a.m.

He said that his family members had also recovered from the dangerous virus.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Chairperson of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser on Sunday thanked Allah SWT after he and his children recovered from the novel coronavirus.

In his video message, the NA speaker thanked the whole nation for offering ‘Dua’ for his health. He said that his family members had also recovered from the dangerous virus.

He said that it was necessary to take precautions during difficult times to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Asad Qaiser said that preparation is also needed because we all must return to Allah SWT.

He called on all political leaders to work for the poor and development segments of the country to achieve rapid progress.

Asad Qaiser said Prime Minister Imran Khan took all steps in the interests of the greater country.

He said Pakistan was faced with various challenges such as coronavirus and poverty, adding it was the responsibility of everyone including lawmakers to put aside political differences and work to reduce poverty and viral pandemics.


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Corona took 12 lives, 560 more positive | Instant News

LAHORE – A total of 12 more COVID-19 patients breathed their last in the province on Wednesday, with the death toll reaching 156.

A total of 560 new COVID-19 patients were reported from all over Punjab, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 8693.

Of the confirmed COVID-19 patients, 1926 were Tableeghi Jamat preachers, 768 pilgrims returning from Iran, 86 prisoners in nine districts and 5917 citizens who had a history of travel or were victims of local transmission.

Among ordinary citizens, the highest number of cases has been reported from Lahore where the number reaches 3,210.

A total of 497 patients were reported from Rawalpindi, 358 Gujranwala, 310 Sialkot, 246 Faisalabad, 245 Gujrat, 129 Multan, 94 Sargodha, 78 Rahim Yar Khan, 69 Mattresses, 67 Jhelum, 57 Jhang, 55 Vehari, 47 Hafizabad, 38 respectively Sheikhupura , Attock and DG Khan, 36 Mandi Bahauddin, 28 Muzafargarh, 25 each Okara and Bahawalpur, 23 Toba Tek Singh, 22 Pakpattan, 21 each Mianwali and Narowal, 20 Sahiwal, 19 each Nankana Sahib and Chiniot, 18 Lodhran, 17 Khushab, 14 Bhakkar, 13 Bahawalnagar, seven Khanewal, Chakwal and Layyah each.

Of the 1926 confirmed COVID-19 preachers, 815 were reported from Raiwind Markaz, 145 Sargodha, 126 Multan, 106 Lodhran, 67 Bhakar, 61 Muzafargarh, 56 Rahim Yar Khan, 54 Jhelum, 46 Vehicleari, 43 Bahawalpur, 38 Layafah, 35 Hafizabad, 33 Mandi Bahauddin, 32 Khushab, 30 Rawalpindi, 28 Nankana Sahib, 27 Bahawalnagar, 26 Narowal, 22 respectively Rajanpur and Sialkot, 21 Gujranwala, 18 Faisalabad, 16 Attock, 13 Pakpattan, 12 Sheikhupura, 10 Gujrat, eight Sahiwal, seven Mianwali, six Khanewal and two Okara.

Of the 768 confirmed patients from among pilgrims, 457 were reported from Multan, 221 Dera Ghazi Khan, 42 Gujranwala, 25 Sargodha and 23 Faisalabad.

Of the 86 COVID-19 patients in Prison, 59 were reported from Lahore, nine DG Khan, seven Gujranwala, three respectively Sialkot and Jhelum, two Bhakkar and one each from Faisalabad, Kasur and Hafizabad.

As the focus of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health,

so far 1,06927 tests have been carried out in the province. A total of 3,086 patients have recovered and returned home. At present, 25 serious patients are being treated in the High Dependency Unit in public sector hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government has given permission to open a City Development Wing office from Development Authorities such as LDA (including TEPA), FDA, RDA, GDA and MDA during the locking period with key framework staff after the adoption of the SOP.

The P&SH Department has issued a notice in this matter under the Infectious Disease Prevention Act 2020.


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How Grocery Bills Skyrocket Even When Food Becomes Scarcer – NBC Boston | Instant News

This is what shopping looks like at the time of Coronavirus.

For one, that’s more difficult to do, considering social distance.

Our household has completely changed. We are all more at home. Many restaurants are closed, even limiting takeout or delivery options. Campus children and other relatives might add household numbers.

“There is no reason for me to be in the store the next few weeks, other than boredom,” said Simma Levine, in her 50s and a producer for a non-profit organization in New York. To prepare for the closure of the city, Levine and her family moved to their Connecticut weekend place, where they spent, cooked and ate more.

Empty shelves are increasingly common. Early in the morning, Gayle Glick, 62, said her husband gave a report on what was available in the shop. “I can make a special request,” said Glick, a retiree in Toledo, Ohio. “Sometimes I get the stuff, sometimes I don’t.”

Self, the lender who built credit, asked 1,340 Americans about shopping for groceries and their eating habits survey fielded April 10-14.

Not surprisingly, only more than two-thirds of those surveyed said they were spend more on weekly shopping, according to Self.

The average household spends an additional $ 69 a week on food, because the average grocery shopping rises to $ 155 per week. That is an 80% increase for food at home when compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculations from 2018 for that category. Some people even spend more: Just under a quarter say they spend between $ 100 and $ 200 extra every week.

The extra money is used for a lot of homemade food. About a third of survey respondents said they learned to cook or experiment in the kitchen.

Because her children are not attending school, Nadia Malik, 36, a personal finance blogger in Dallas, said saving snacks, juice boxes, and junk food is very important. Lunch does not produce much, because children eat breakfast late at night and dinner early.

Slim cuisine

Malik is one of the few who managed to cut costs, going to the store only to buy milk, eggs and fresh products. “I carried out wholesale transportation four weeks ago,” he said. “I stretch whatever I have at home and replace the meat with lentils – and surprisingly, the kids love it.” Overall, he said he cut food costs by around 35%.

About 1 in 4 survey respondents said they rationed food, both to save money and avoid repeated trips to the store. “I fluctuate between eating less for food rations and reducing food costs, overeating because of boredom and self-medication because of stress, anxiety and depression due to a pandemic,” said a commentator on social media who asked not to be identified.

Some give up on junk food.

“My husband brings home junk food all the time, before and during quarantine,” Glick said. He tried to avoid the so-called Quarantine 15 – Refers to the number of pounds used during locking – and so far he has succeeded.

This story first appeared on CNBC.com. More from CNBC:


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