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Kashmir is India’s internal problem, the Taliban said; denies plans to target Delhi – india news | Instant News

The Taliban on Monday denied claims on social media that they could join Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, underlining that the Taliban were clear that he was “not meddling in the internal affairs of other countries”.

“The statement published in the media about Taaliban joining Jihad in Kashmir is wrong … The Islamic Emirate Policy clearly does not interfere with the internal affairs of other countries. Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Islamic Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the political wing of the Taliban called himself, tweeted Monday night.

The strong clarification came a day after officials who monitored social media noted a surge in posts around the claim that a Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said it was impossible to be friends with India unless the Kashmir dispute was resolved. The spokesman also claimed to have said that the Taliban would, after seizing power in Kabul, “capture Kashmir from infidels as well”.

Diplomats based in Kabul and Delhi told the Hindustan Times that the clarification of the Taliban spokesman came after India worked on backchannels to confirm reports about the group’s approach to India, and about Jammu and Kashmir.

New Delhi was told that the social media post was fake and did not reflect the position of the Taliban.

But analysts also underline that the Taliban are not a monolithic body and consist of people who have different beliefs. For example, while the group has deep ties with the states inside Pakistan, there are also some that support independent lines.

Because Afghanistan’s highest decision-making body, Shura, is based in Quetta and its sword arms, the Haqqani network based in Peshawar, both in Pakistan, said an Af-Pak observer, need not be surprised if there are changes in this attitude. under pressure from Pakistan.

Political equality has changed rapidly in Afghanistan with the US ready to withdraw from Kabul. Unlike in the past where Islamabad for decades acted as a proxy for the US during the Soviet-Afghan war, this time Pakistan rides on China, which in turn has close partners in Russia and Iran. This time, Washington is a common enemy.

While the US has confirmed that Ashraf Gani and Abdullah Abdullah have joined hands in the distribution of power, the country hopes that Tajik-Pashtun leaders can sign an agreement with the Taliban because the first refuse to be a party to it.

Indian initiatives in Afghanistan are also at a crossroads when terrorist groups based in Pakistan will use Taliban-controlled Kabul to target India without fear of Balakot. For all the major players, Afghanistan is fully rotated with Pakistan strategically placed in big matches.


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