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Tom Cruise, Christian Bale: The most dramatic actor devastation recorded on tape | Instant News

Tom Cruise endured a big crash this week on the set of Mission: Impossible. Photo / Getty

The audio of Tom Cruise literally losing it on the set of the film Mission: Impossible went viral this week.

The actor shouted harsh words at workers who did not comply with the COVID-19 regulations.

“If I see you do it again, you’ll be gone,” yelled Cruise, 58.

The Hollywood megastar has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to enforce strict social distancing rules during filming, which takes place in the UK.

He became furious after seeing the two crew members standing within two meters of each other.

An audio recording, obtained and published by The Sunhad, catches Cruise screaming: “If I see you do it again, you’ll be gone. And if anyone in this crew does, that’s all – and you too and you too. And you, don’t be. ever do it again. “

He continued: “They are behind Hollywood making films now because of us.” We create thousands of jobs, you bastard.

“That’s all. No apologies. You can tell people who lost their homes because our industry closed.”

“We’re not closing this damn film. Is that understandable? If I see her again, you’re leaving.”

But Cruise isn’t the first actor to blow up on the job.

Christian Bale later apologized.  Photo / Getty
Christian Bale later apologized. Photo / Getty


One of the most famous is Christian Bale who lost him on the set of Terminator: Salvation, originally acquired by TMZ.

The Director of Photography, Shane Hurlbut, walked in front of Bale’s eye line, distracting him.

During his explicit rant, Bale called him ‘p ** ck’ and demanded that he leave the set.

“Am I going to walk around and tear up your goddamn lamp in the middle of the scene…?” he is screaming. “Then why are you walking past? Ah da da da da, like this in the background. What’s wrong with you? What don’t you understand?”

Bale issued a lengthy apology at the time, saying: “I was broken beyond belief. I made no excuses for that.”

Lindsay wants her co-stars to take her acting more seriously.  Photo / Getty
Lindsay wants her co-stars to take her acting more seriously. Photo / Getty


Lindsay Lohan is heard breaking it with co-star James Deen on the set of the 2013 erotic thriller The Canyons.

In one clip, Lohan is heard saying, “Please do your job.”

He continued: “No, you can do it … Please James, say your lines while you walk … because we do the exercises … do your job.”

Just then he told TMZ he wasn’t upset. “Not at all. You didn’t hear me laugh at that clip?”

The actor and director had a big fight on the set.  Photo / Getty
The actor and director had a big fight on the set. Photo / Getty


Most explosions usually occur between actors and crew members, but this was between Lily Tomlin and director David O. Russell on the set of the 2004 film I Heart Huckabees.

In the footage that TMZ obtained, Lily was displeased with the directions given to her.

“Okay for God’s sake, let’s just take one line instead of changing everything,” he sighed.

“It’s very difficult to even create what you would do when it’s a constant attack of, ‘Change this, change this, do this, do this, no, wait, wait, do it differently, do it differently.’ Don’t let me start. “

Russel then kicked off a portion of the set, shouting, “F ** k you! I’m just trying to help the king, do you understand me? I’m being a collaborator.

“I worked on this damn thing for three damn years so that no one yells at me in front of the crew when I try to help!” He continued.

The director is suspected of getting into fights with other actors on set as well.

Most recently, in 2015, sources claimed she put Jennifer Lawrence into “devastation”.

On the set for the film Joy, a source said: “She was screaming at her. She was screaming at her. Her voice was loud.”

The director also hit George Clooney on the set of Three Kings.

Producer Charles Roven explained that: “George saw David talking with extras’ [assistant director], and it looks like he’s snapping at it. But he screamed to be heard. And George came running and went, ‘I told you, motherfucker, if you’re going to pick someone, pick me.’ And David said, ‘Why don’t you remember your sentence just once?’ And boom! They embrace each other, and they struggle. “


Star Trek actor William Shatner quarreled with the director while filming a commercial, became completely passive aggressive when asking the director to give him an example of how to say his lines.

In doing so, Shatner transcribed it exactly which resulted in very awkward audio.

“I thought it was close, ‘Shatner insisted, with the director asking:’ Are you making fun of me?

“Create the next paragraph for me, so I can get an idea of ​​how you want it,” continued Shatner, before insisting: “I want to hear you read the second paragraph so I can do it that way.”

The conversation got a little hotter and even more condescending as it progressed.


Orson Welles is a very well known filmmaker, but the star still does some voice commercials from time to time.

On one occasion, while creating a commercial for frozen peas, Welles lost it to someone who asked him to repeat the sentence.

“Why?” Welles asked angrily. “I did it right.”

“I’m not used to having more than one person there, ‘he continued.’ One more word from you, and you leave, is that clear? I took direction from one man, under protest. But of the two, I don’t sit still. After all, who are you? “


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Will Wi-Fi exclude cellular in the Brazilian 6 GHz band allocation? | Instant News

Welcome news for Wi-Fi enthusiasts, but perhaps less welcome for mobile operators, will be the recent decision by Brazilian regulator Anatel to agree to a public consultation on technical requirements for allowing Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band.

According to the Wi-Fi Now website, Anatel representatives cast a five-to-zero vote in support of the issuance of new rules for public consultation proposing a 1.2 GHz allocation of the new Wi-Fi spectrum. Public consultation is open for comment for 45 days.

This could be a setback for the operator. Over the past few weeks and months, Anatel has come under pressure from an interest group in the cellular industry to limit consultations to cover only 500 MHz which is lower than the 6 GHz band.

Indeed, the GSMA website recently featured a very strong section by two senior figures on the topic. Among his arguments, it was stated that the availability of adequate mid-band spectrum such as 6 GHz will impact 5G’s ability to close the digital divide as it can lower network congestion and lower broadband costs.

The article shows that the GSMA supports a balanced development of 6 GHz in Brazil, enabling spectrum for Wi-Fi and 5G. However, while this may be the case in some countries, Brazil looks set to drop the full spectrum of 1.2 GHz from 6 GHz to Wi-Fi, following the examples of the US, Korea and Chile.

To maintain this measure, an Anatel representative pointed out that by 2023 Brazil will have more than 750 million connected devices, while the number of Wi-Fi hotspots is expected to increase by about 500 percent. This, it is suggested, will make it necessary to open up a new spectrum for Wi-Fi devices to avoid congestion in the existing band.



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Introducing Donnas Hot Rockers New Zealand | Instant News

Dunedin’s punk rock Hot Donnas recently released their latest EP, ‘The Adventures of E-WAN’, featuring the new single ‘Two Brains’, which sounded as scary as Nirvana overall.

“I wrote the hook for ‘Two Brains’ in my head at the end of a big night of foolishness, when I found myself facing a decision about what to do next,” said Jacob King of Hot Donnas.

“The main suggestion throughout the song is that whatever choice I make throughout my life, I will face the distressing pressures of good and bad influences; and be forever lost between the consequences of my judgment.”

Other highlights of ‘The Adventures of E-WAN’ include ‘Tube Socks’, ‘Miss Season’ and ‘Type A’.

Who is Hot Donnas … We’re four guys who need a good kick. Bad behavior and needs more practice. Even though we have a devastating attitude to rock music and want to see this through to the bittersweet end.

We sound like … Maybe a combination of Foo Fighters / Nirvana / Arctic Monkeys / RATM; unless it’s not prestigious enough. We love engaging and influential live rock shows and our music / sound has changed over the years to make this possible.

Our first show was … At a flat party at Leith River in Dunedin, even though Gene wasn’t there at the time.

Our first full band show was the 50th for mates dad’s in Wanaka; somehow we were given a new Mercedes van to drive. It was a really exciting start to what would be several years of very interesting and bullshit shows.

When did you assign a group name, and was it a unanimous decision? It’s a classic case of coming up with a silly name, and getting it to stick like glue.

Hot Donnas is made of the classic ‘That’ 70s Show ‘episode with Jake and his flatmates at the time, and once brought to the table we really have no other name to challenge it. Hot Donnas is unanimously a perfect match.

In our studio … Try and finish as many recordings as possible and be as productive as we can. We were all very poor, so time in the studio was precious.

If we could tour with anyone … That will be Darrans. We all promised them that after our first Australian tour with them we would come back and do it again. Between the two ribbons we can cause serious eardrum damage and that’s what we fight for. The more annoying the rock music is, the better.

Social media is … Something we share our antics with. @bayu_joo

My favorite app right now is … Maybe it should be Reddit. There’s everything you need there from entertainment to news to interesting facts.

Until now, our most embarrassing moment was the moment … We were excluded from our own show. It is actually an interesting story that we may never share with the media, just because of the nonsensical arguments we have to hear from the venue and their arrogant behavior.

We strongly object to being bullied in that way by venues or promoters, so we happily turn the show into a nightmare for them. I think lessons are learned. Apparently there is no peeing on the grass.

Life on the street can … Dangerous and adventurous. We never knew what we were going to do on tour because we could hardly plan our day well let alone a tour.

We never know what to expect when the four of us get together in a strange city, because unexpected events tend to happen whether it’s missing a flight or being stranded on the road – it can never guarantee that we will get to our destination smoothly, but we can always count on us. to come to the show.

If you’re going to ask us on your bill, all we’re asking is for our motorists to contain … We love it – a bottle of gin and juice is all you need.

The scariest scenario we come across in … Lost our flight during our first NZ tour – manage bank accounts well.

What kind of celebrity / famous person would you like to be a band spokesperson for … Chabuddy G. Not all heroes wear robes.

If you had to live in a city overseas, where would you choose and why? There aren’t many cities I want to live in right now, but I’ve heard that Tokyo is good this time of year.
Three people you want to invite to the dinner party … Chabbudy G, MC Grindah, and Daryl Tuffey. If you haven’t seen the Netflix show ‘People Just Do Nothing’, that will explain the first two.

Daryl Tuffey is a New Zealand cricketer who arguably beat the worst in cricket history after a big night around the corner – someone we’d love to have a beer with.

If we come to your place, what will you cook for us? Gene will cook the curry. He is very fond of spices.

No matter the cost please send me a case … Ice, cold beer.

Last time I saw the inside of the gym … Yesterday.

What is the one task you dislike the most … Washing the dishes, thank god for the dishwasher.

Do you have a phobia … We’re actually quite open to a lot of things. There hasn’t been any experience where we’ve encountered a phobia in the band, so I don’t think it’s coming up yet.

Have you been on a reality show? It’s simply ‘People Do Nothing’. Best reality television ever made.

If you could prank one of your friends, who would you be targeting, and how would you take them down? Gene (bass player), and with a simple straight tackle through the middle.


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Exclusive: Six60 and the fight for the Garden of Eden concert | Instant News


Six60 vocalist Matiu Walters explains why the band struggled to play at this iconic venue. Video / Michael Craig / Sky Sport

New Zealand’s biggest band is struggling to become the first group to play in the Garden of Eden in a new fight for live music in the country’s main stadium.

Six60 – who made NZ music history by becoming the first local band to sell Western Springs – have become the new face of an old stoush that will hold concerts at the All Blacks’ house.

“This is our main venue,” said Six60 frontman Matiu Walters. “Surprisingly, there’s never been a show here. We thought why don’t we just hit the brakes and see if we can make this work.”

Under the Auckland Council Unity Plan, Eden Gardens are allowed to host six musical events a year, depending on the venue and promoter

get resource approval.

The process is so expensive that until now the Garden of Eden has not submitted an application; any bid will be up for grabs by the Garden of Eden Neighbors Association (EPNA). The group was against

extra nighttime and noisy events on the pitch dubbed New Zealand’s “National Stadium”.

But next Monday, Eden Park and EPNA bosses will be locked in a resource approval hearing at Auckland City Hall following a proposal from venue management to be able to host six events annually without approval.

If the Garden of Eden is successful, then Six60 could add the Garden of Eden to their summer 2021 list of shows. The country’s largest city is a surprise anniversary of the band’s six-show tour early next year.

Six60 performing on stage at the sold out show at the Western Springs New Zealand Herald Stadium photo by Alex Robertson 22 February 2020 NZH 04Jun20 -
Six60 performing on stage at the sold out show at the Western Springs New Zealand Herald Stadium photo by Alex Robertson 22 February 2020 NZH 04Jun20 –

Walters confirmed that after playing for two sold-out spectators in Western Springs, they then hoped to play in Eden Park.

But then they realized the bureaucracy they had to go through to be allowed to perform at the venue – the venue for two attempts at winning the World Cup from the All Blacks.

No concerts were held on the ground in its 120 year history.

Garden of Eden chief executive Nick Sautner said he hoped the suburban place would win, based on the support he received before the fight.

“Ninety-four percent of the audience stated emphatically that they support music in the stadium,” Sautner told the Herald on Sunday.

“We have received support from various people and organizations and we are very pleased to have the extraordinary level of support from our local community. This further demonstrates the current and ongoing positive relationship the stadium has with its neighbors.”

Aerial image of Eden Park stadium, Auckland.  23 April 2015 New Zealand Herald Photo by Brett Phibbs
Aerial image of Eden Park stadium, Auckland. 23 April 2015 New Zealand Herald Photo by Brett Phibbs

The neighboring association strongly opposed the move. Its latest bulletin on its website states residents who do not oppose “are at risk of permanently granting the rights and protections currently under the Auckland Unitary Plan without benefit or benefit to you, your family or your community”.

“Eden Park Trust’s goal is to make a profit at your expense.

“If it’s a given – that’s all. There’s no way to reverse or review. You have one shot – it’s not worth the risk.”

Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters in the Garden of Eden.  21 October 2020 Photo of the New Zealand Herald by Michael Craig
Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters in the Garden of Eden. 21 October 2020 Photo of the New Zealand Herald by Michael Craig

It warned about concerts that could finish as late as 11 p.m. and could attract up to 60,000 people.

“Don’t worry at all about the over-the-top / fact-free campaign being carried out by Eden Park,” continued the bulletin. “Fake news as they say.”

Winner of the Six60 award during the New Zealand Music Awards held at Spark Arena, Auckland.  14 November 2019 Photo of the New Zealand Herald by Dean Purcell.
Winner of the Six60 award during the New Zealand Music Awards held at Spark Arena, Auckland. 14 November 2019 Photo of the New Zealand Herald by Dean Purcell.

Eden Park has previously been in talks about holding a charity concert that raises funds for its LifePod baby incubator – with a lineup set to include Phil Collins topping the charts – in 2018.

It was kept after opposition from several local residents, including former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Walters performs the national anthem ahead of last weekend’s All Blacks / Wallabies game at Eden Park.

He said it was “weird thing” that he could sing the national anthem there but “I can’t do my own show”.

If the Garden of Eden bid is successful, Six60 could play there in April.

“We want to be the first band to play in this stadium. It made sense to us that this is a local band and we are in a position to do it, to fill it up and do something crazy here. I think we can put on a great show.

A strong capacity of 50,000 spectators get ready to welcome the New Zealand six60 band to their bestselling show at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland.  23 February 2019 New Zealand reporter Photo by Chris Loufte
A strong capacity of 50,000 spectators get ready to welcome the New Zealand six60 band to their bestselling show at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland. 23 February 2019 New Zealand reporter Photo by Chris Loufte

“It’s just standing there and ready. Look at that. You can see it there and how awesome it is. How amazing it is for the Auckland and New Zealand music,” he enthusiastically looked out over the garden of the box company we talked about.

“Let’s do cool things and let New Zealanders do cool things in the coolest places.”


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Central Wisconsin band members UW were disappointed not to appear at the match | Instant News

MADISON, Wis. (WSAW) – When the University of Wisconsin football team kicks off the COVID-19 delay stadium at Camp Randall Stadium on October 24 against Illinois, the mood for a match day will feel different.

As in many other sporting events around the world, there won’t be thousands of UWs faithfully packing up their seats, ‘Jump (ing) Around’ during the second half. Perhaps more visibly, you won’t hear instruments from the band Badger.

“You always wanted to hope that they would find a way to keep us performing,” said Lauren Hackbarth, a native of Antigo, now a junior at UW and playing trumpet in the band.

“It’s really disappointing to hear that,” added Hackbarth’s roommate, Nicole Montag, from Weston. Nicole is also a junior at UW and plays the Trombone.

When the Top 10 announces there will be football season but bands won’t be a part of it, the girls say there’s a sense of frustration, but also understanding knowing that precautions are there to keep everyone safe.

“We still have to understand that,” said Hackbarth. “In Madiun, the corona (virus) is still not completely under control so we still have to be careful.”

Montag said the band is careful and maintains a balance by doing social distancing in smaller groups, with only members performing with their instrument group members so contact between others can be minimized in the event of an outbreak. Both Nicole and Lauren are grateful to still be able to play their instruments as a group.

“You can still see the people in your group,” said Montag. “It’s socially distanced, so that’s good and we’re trying to be as safe as possible.”

In a statement posted on the UW Band website, it was explained that the conference still has the ability to change its decision and allow the band to perform if circumstances regarding the pandemic change.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in states across the country, Wisconsin in particular, looks unlikely. That leaves Nicole and Lauren already looking forward to 2021, their senior year.

“It may not be exactly what we have done in the past depending on how things go,” said Montag. “Hopefully within a year, we can get back to Camp Randall.”

The optimism of the two Wisconsin centers proud to represent their hometown and the state of Wisconsin as a member of the UW Marching Band.

“This is incredible,” beaming Montag. “You go to the store and if you wear band gear sometimes people just recognize the logo and they’ll ask about it which is really cool.”

“Everyone is very friendly,” added Hackbarth. “One thing they say is when you join the band, you automatically have 300 new best friends and that’s true.”

We look forward to seeing roommates Lauren and Nicole and their 298 ‘friends’ back on the pitch at Camp Randall very soon.

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