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People who were attacked by sharks in Papamoa; DoC warning of big white fish at Tauranga Harbor | Instant News

An Auckland man is covered in blood and sustains minor injuries after a shark bites his arm on Papamoa Beach in the Bay of Plenty.

The attack – which the man described as a baby shark – came as the Department of Conservation (DoC) called for caution near Tauranga Harbor this weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.

“It freaked me out, luckily it didn’t stick, and by the time I surfaced it was gone,” the man told Stuff after the incident on Wednesday night. “I wiped the water from my eyes as soon as I penetrated the surface and when I did I felt like a huge stream of water, I assumed from the tail, a whip passed me.”

“I got to the beach and saw a man going into the water. I stopped him and explained what had happened. The two of us then took the other nine people out of the water – some kids too.”

He does not require hospital treatment, but the close encounter with a shark – an unknown species – comes as the Department of Conservation warns of a great white shark near Tauranga Harbor.

People should be alert and avoid swimming in the port’s main channel or fishing from kayaks and jet skis, the organization advises.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.  Photos / Files
The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark. Photos / Files

DoC marine technical advisor Clinton Duffy said communities need to remember that they share coastal waters with a number of different shark species.

“There are always sharks around our shoreline and sometimes they might get close to shore.”

He said there were several confirmed and unconfirmed great white shark sightings at Tauranga Port recently.

“It’s not unusual for them to be there, but when we visit the ocean, we need to be a little alert and aware of what’s going on around us. Swim where there are surf rescue patrols, and don’t swim or dive alone. “

Great white sharks are protected by the 1953 Wildlife Act and are illegal to hunt, kill or harm.

Other shark species that are protected in New Zealand include the basking shark, ocean whitetip, small tooth sandtiger and whale shark.


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A loading and unloading company resolves 2017 injury cases with Maritime NZ | Instant News

The victim fell from the top of the steel ladder, center up, to the pier below (Maritime NZ)


Maritime Executive

10-22-2020 08:43:52

Maritime New Zealand has reached a settlement with loading and unloading company ISO for a serious accident at Tauranga port in late 2017.

On December 19, 2017, the operator logs Sir loading at Tauranga port, New Zealand. Around 1910, the loading and unloading team began to get off the ship. One of the workers, who had been operating the excavator on board, started descending the ladder attached to the support posts on the deck. The support had a handrail on it, and it fell off the moment he stepped onto the ladder. He fell down a ladder and onto a concrete pier, about 25 feet away.

The worker sustained serious injuries, including internal bleeding, fractures, vertebrae and nerve damage. He survived with the help of extensive medical care, but recovery was “very difficult”, according to Maritime NZ.

Documentation on the boat indicates that a handrail had been damaged in Port Kandla, India several months earlier and had been repaired. Maritime NZ determined that repair work had been poorly done.

This week, the agency announced that they had received a $ 280,000 settlement agreement (workable work) with ISO in connection with the accident. He has previously filed a lawsuit against ISO under the country’s Occupational Health and Safety Act; Maritime NZ’s central regional compliance manager, Michael-Paul Abbott, said the EU is a legally enforceable agreement that can be used as an alternative to prosecution and is not an easy option.

“We take into account the significant commitment made by ISO to raise health and safety standards in the industry and the fact that the company has committed to providing ongoing support for injured workers and their families,” Abbott said in a statement. committed to spend is an investment in safety that will assist loading and unloading at ports across the country. “

In July, the ship operator China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd. was fined a total of $ 35,000 in connection with the accident. “Shipping companies and other employers will be held liable if they operate vessels in a way that risks injuring or endangering workers and other people in New Zealand,” Abbott said at the time.


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