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America’s Cup Funding: The New Zealand team issued a ‘public condemnation’ of the service, as part of a document release | Instant News


Grant Dalton is chief executive of the New Zealand Team and American Cup Events, the company that was awarded taxpayer funds to host the event. Photo / Jason Oxenham

The New Zealand team has issued a “public condemnation” of government departments for giving taxpayer tens of millions of dollars in funding, accusing him of inappropriate behavior and calling for a review.

The syndicate today released a series of documents including letters to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as well as Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

America’s Cup Event, a company run within the headquarters of Team New Zealand that shares Grant Dalton as its chief executive, has been awarded up to $ 40 million in taxpayer funds for the 36th place in the world’s oldest international sporting competition.

Earlier this year MBIE launched an investigation into ACE’s handling of money, partly as a result of allegations made by the whistleblower, former contractor Mayo & Calder.

“In the face of the unsubstantiated and libelous accusations again against ETNZ / ACE and its directors, we feel that we must now set things straight by trying to respect the process that is due in this saga throughout the year,” the New Zealand Team said in a statement. unsigned.

“We wanted to avoid public condemnation like MBIE but because of their actions to hide their completely inappropriate behavior through this protracted contract process, we now feel obliged to release a series of letters addressed to MBIE and the minister asking MBIE to account for them. . action. “

According to the New Zealand Team “these letters describe a very different story from the one currently being presented”.

The Herald reported today that the Serious Fraud Office appears to be looking at taxpayer funding for the America’s Cup.

MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain.  Photo / Provided
MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain. Photo / Provided

MBIE previously confirmed that its chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, had had “discussions” with SFO director Julie Read. The SFO confirmed the discussion. Neither side will explain who started the discussion.

The statement by the New Zealand Team reiterated comments made to the Herald that “it would welcome any intervention by the Ombudsman or the Public Service Commission to see MBIE action through this protracted process”.

In a statement, MBIE chief executive Caroline Tremain said after receiving allegations about trouble at ACE, the ministry “used the contractual terms of the Host Place Agreement to engage Beattie Varley to conduct an audit”.

Tremain notes Horton’s comments that ACE’s initial approach to auditing was unhelpful.

“MBIE always treats all parties involved in the process with respect and strongly denies the many issues raised in the letter from ACE,” said Tremain.

He revealed that the mediation that was originally announced to cover the dispute over a $ 3 million design fee had been expanded to cover “matters of parties acting in good faith”.

Mediation is finally expected to begin in December. “MBIE looks forward to the end of this process.”

In August, an audit report by forensic accountant Beattie Varley – commissioned by MBIE – sharply criticized governance at ACE and the New Zealand Team, but concluded investigators saw no evidence that taxpayer event funding had been misappropriated.

In July, the New Zealand Team and ACE went to the High Court in Auckland to prevent the Herald from publishing details of Beattie Varley’s previous report.

New Zealand Team Leader Sir Stephen Tindall described Beattie Varley’s latest report as “total justification”.

He refused to answer questions or be interviewed. According to reports by GoodsTindall called MBIE’s chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, to ask about the nature of her discussion with the SFO, but she declined to say.

ACE chairman Tina Symmans also declined all interview requests.

No one from the Government was willing to comment on the recent reports, with Ardern’s spokesperson saying that was being handled by MBIE.


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The disruption of the FBR’s online system annoys taxpayers | Instant News

KARACHI: Since the government is making high claims about the efficiency of the Federal Revenue Council (FBR) online tax system, taxpayers say another nightmare of nuisance haunts them during filing returns, it was studied on Tuesday.

Tax professionals say online correspondence on the IRIS portal from FBR fails to timely inform taxpayers of various processes and that they sometimes find out about them after restoration has taken place.

The tax practitioner said that the entire trial process had been transferred through IRIS without notifying taxpayers by email or telephone. About 96 percent of taxpayers open the IRIS portal only once a year with the aim of filing their income tax returns.

“Therefore, the authorities must send tax notifications on the given address, email address and via text message on registered cell phones,” Zeeshan Merchant, president of the Karachi Tax Supervisory Association.

The FBR IRIS portal is an online tool for correspondence with taxpayers. The government says the system was developed after a comprehensive study of foreign models. It is said that the system is comparable to other contemporary solutions. However, this problem arises every year as the load on the system increases due to filing returns.

The file upload capacity on the system is also limited to 5 megabytes. Taxpayers have a hard time having bigger files to upload.

Merchants said issues had been raised with Member Muhammad Ashfaq’s Inland Revenue Operations to facilitate taxpayers and avoid unnecessary litigation.

According to the 2018 tax directory, around 2.85 million tax returns were filed and 54 percent of them were business individuals and 42 percent were salaried people.

The seller further said individuals / companies that open their IRIS accounts often also experience problems receiving process notifications. “Only the first notification appears in the IRIS account inbox,” he added.

Seller says a letter has been sent to Member IR Operations to highlight the issue.

Members are notified that all new notifications / correspondence must appear in the IRIS inbox. But most of the new notifications are not visible when logging in to IRIS.

Furthermore, follow-up notifications or correspondence do not appear in the inbox.

“The absence of this notification, understandably, creates severe difficulties for taxpayers and actually results in obstacles to ensuring the timely compliance required of this notification including but not limited to cause-and-effect notification,” said the letter sent to FBR officials.

The tax bar advises that all correspondence must be carried out by the tax officer concerned on a mandatory basis via the inbox feature with proper notification to taxpayers via text message, email and registered post / courier.


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Income taxpayers will get a refund of Rs16mth next week | Instant News

KARACHI: Taxpayers are expected to receive an income tax return of Rs16 billion from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) offices next week, sources said on Tuesday.

The source said the Karachi Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) had completed processing Rs16 billion worth of income tax returns to clean up their extraordinary liquidity and facilitate them in the difficult financial conditions that have emerged due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The tax office completed processing of income tax returns on the night of September 28, which will be transferred directly to taxpayers’ bank accounts by the next week, they said.

Badaruddin Qureshi, the chief commissioner of Inland Income, LTO Karachi confirmed with The News that processing of the refund has been completed. This amount will help taxpayers manage their liquidity problems following the adverse impact of the coronavirus lockdown on businesses.

Businesses are struggling to stay afloat amid a lockdown that was lifted after five months. Pakistan’s initial economic losses across various sectors of the country’s economy are estimated at Rs 1.3 trillion.

In July, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Finance and Revenues Hafeez Shaikh directed FBR to make all income tax returns of up to Rs50 million on priority basis.

The shaikh directed the tax authorities to adopt a clear road map and strategy for paying the remaining refund. “The government has a clear policy that all tax returns, new and old, must be paid back without any reason,” he was quoted as saying in a later statement.

Qureshi said all pending refunds of up to Rs 50 million have been processed to meet advisory directives.

The chief commissioner said around 1,000 LTO Karachi taxpayers would benefit from the refund disbursement. Processed claims are sent to FBR headquarters for further verification.

“FBR will authenticate all claims and transfer the amount directly to taxpayer bank accounts,” he added.

A total of Rs40 billion will be disbursed as income tax returns under the government’s COVID assistance package.

FBR directed all tax offices to complete processing of income tax returns by the evening of September 28 for subsequent payments to taxpayers.

Last week, the Karachi Tax Lawyers Association (KTBA) said the task of collecting refund cases was difficult due to recent transfers / posts and changes in the jurisdiction order in FBR.

KTBA said that it is quite challenging for tax officials, tax practitioners, and taxpayers to efficiently handle their cases and verify the information available in FBR records due to recent changes in jurisdiction / officer transfers and transfer of tax return cases in them. tax office.


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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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