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The hashtag BlackLivesMatter was taken over by a blank picture on Instagram | Instant News

Activists have urged people and brands who support the Black Lives Matter movement to stop flooding the movement hashtags online with blank images from the Blackout Tuesday campaign.

Thousands of celebrities, companies and other supporters have posted black boxes on social media to support protests in the US for the death of George Floyd inadvertently filled out the search for “Black Lives Matter” with blank pictures, activists warned.

On Instagram, when users search for posts for the Black Lives Matter, they are now found by blackened picture walls or even black screens, which activists say are hiding pictures and news about ongoing protests.

“You really posted an empty black box and suppressed important information that needs to be seen by the country and the world in the midst of the uprising,” wrote a Twitter user.

“This is counterproductive. Please understand what you are doing before doing it. Strengthen the black voices WITHOUT silencing the movements, “wrote another.

The campaign has called on supporters to use the hashtags “Blackout Tuesday” on Instagram and Twitter to avoid excessive searches for Black Lives Matter posts.

“We know that it is not an intention to hurt but to be honest, this basically does not endanger the message. We use hashtags to get people updated. Please stop using hashtags for black images,” wrote Kenidra Woods, a St. Louis activist.


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Swedish architect Covid-19 plan warned Britain not to wait for the vaccine | Instant News

Waiting for the coronavirus vaccine is a risky strategy, according to the architect of the Swedish plan Covid-19 which has warned that steps must be taken to protect people who are “sustainable and can continue for a long time”.

Anders Tegnell, Swedish chief epidemiologist and person in charge state decision to keeping the economy open and avoiding locking, told The Telegraph: “Many people claim that Sweden’s strategy is very risky but I would say that putting confidence in vaccines is also very risky.”

More than 100 different projects are being carried out around the world to develop vaccines for the corona virus, which Boris Johnson described last month as “the only viable long-term solution” to ending the crisis.

But Dr. Tegnell, who is a state epidemiologist for the Swedish Public Health Agency, questioned whether this was a realistic or feasible approach.

“Historically, it has not been easy to produce a vaccine for a disease – and this is a disease where immunology seems quite complicated,” he said. “That’s usually not a good sign that the vaccine will work very well.”

He said countries should use long-term and sustainable measures designed to reduce transmission, because the virus “will remain with us for a substantial time, maybe forever”.

Unlike other countries in Europe that implement mandatory locking measures to stop the spread of the virus, Sweden adopted a more scalable approach, including voluntary measures. Restaurants, bars and schools are all allowed to remain open.

As a result, the Swedish economy is not very affected. Figures released last month showed Sweden’s GDP contracted only 0.3 percent in the first three months of this year, compared with 3.8 percent in the entire euro zone.

In Britain, meanwhile, the economy contracted 2pc, the sharpest decline since the height of the financial crisis.


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The video game giant prepares for a console war when demand surges | Instant News

Only short videos are needed to send video game fans to excitement.

Earlier this month, a nine-minute video was published showing the technical capabilities of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console.

The video, which shows a woman climbing into an ancient city before flying from a tower to a blue portal, does not even show footage of upcoming games for the console.

But graphics like the original on the showreel are enough to generate buzz on social media.

As PlayStation’s parent company, Sony and Xbox owner, Microsoft, prepare to launch their next console later this year, the two tech giants are preparing for a fierce battle to control the surging market, which has been turbocharged by locking.

Even before covid, the global gaming industry generated $ 135 billion in sales in 2018.

But the two companies now plan to release their consoles at an unprecedented video game demand because consumers are bored, locked up at home, looking for entertainment that they can play in their living room or bedroom.

A Nielsen survey of global video game use at the end of March found that players in the US reported spending 45pc more time playing games, with an increase of 29pc in the UK and a 20pc increase in Germany.

Still, releasing a new console won’t be easy.

Disruptions to the supply chain and work practices have made the development of consoles and games more difficult than before.

Industry analysts warn that persistent disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic could delay the launch and cause distribution problems when Sony and Microsoft finally send a new console.

“If the World Health Organization goes out and says ‘Nobody should launch a new console until next year,’ they both breathe freely because no one should jump first,” said Jefferies analyst Ken Rumph.

But no such request has been made, so Microsoft and Sony continue with plans to launch Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 around October.

Changing consoles is a major event in the gaming industry that can generate billions of pounds in profit and can make or break the wealth of companies that build video games that run on consoles.

The launch of the console has historically driven “massive increases” in video game sales, said Liberum analyst Andrew Bryant. “That is always a big expense for the gaming software industry.”

Sony has so far sold 109 million PlayStation 4 consoles at this time, while Microsoft lags with 41 million Xbox One sales.

Now, Sony hopes to continue to lead with PlayStation 5. The company says the new console will be around 100 times faster than its predecessor, which can almost eliminate screen loading. It also hopes to drive sales through support for 8K high definition gameplay.

Microsoft hopes to win customers thanks to a series of console-exclusive games as well as compatibility with the previous three generations of consoles. The new Xbox will also support 8K gameplay.

It also hopes to piggyback on requests Upcoming games Cyberpunk 2077, a futuristic action game, with the release of a limited edition Xbox that is bundled with the game.


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Amazon fends off criticism of warehouse security | Instant News

Amazon has drawn criticism over whether warehouse workers are at risk of contracting Covid-19, saying it has been asked to continue operating by the Government.

More than 50 Amazon warehouses have reported coronavirus cases worldwide, including one in Fife, Scotland. These sites employ hundreds of thousands of shift workers, some of whom in recent weeks went on strike citing growing concerns over their health and safety.

Other retailers have taken the decision to close warehouses, such as Next and River Island, in an effort to protect staff, but Amazon has expanded its team due to increasing demand.

Speak to The Daily Telegraph, Amazon UK managing director Doug Gurr said, “it is very clear that the Government is asking us to continue operating”.

He quoted a letter written to retailers last week from Alok Sharma, in which the business secretary said “it is clear that online retailing can continue to operate and be encouraged, and that postal and shipping services will continue to operate”.

Mr Gurr said Amazon “is here to serve customers and we will continue to do that, but that will not mean we will endanger the health and safety of our colleagues”.

He added that executives had “worked around the clock since the beginning of the outbreak to make changes to our process and provide the supplies needed for us”.

Amazon has implemented a number of measures to maintain staff safety, such as ensuring workers at their fulfillment centers clean their work stations with disinfectants. This has also been introduced new guidelines for separating staff, including a 6 foot distance policy

However, some workers have claimed this is difficult to enforce, and earlier this month, elected officials in New York were said to have written to Amazon telling him to close the warehouse “until you put a real solution – with an independent monitor – to protect your workers and the public in times of crisis. public health “.

Mr Gurr said: “Nothing is more important to us than maintaining the health of our team.”


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