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The resident dentist at the Miami Zoo pulls the teeth of the gorilla and cleans the otters thoroughly | Instant News

Dental health is equally important to animals and humans.

This week, the furry and crowded residents of the Miami-Dade Zoo and Gardens (also known as the Miami Zoo) went to the dentist.

During the dental week, various operations were performed from cleaning to root canal, and patients included lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, taps, aardvarks and otters.

The most common problems are the removal of accumulated dander, and broken or broken teeth that must be repaired or removed.

For comfort and dentist safety, all animals were sedated.

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27-year-old gorilla Barney had a tooth removed during “dentist week” at the Miami Zoo

Zoo ambassador Ron Magill said, “We never wake the animals during the procedure.” The anesthesia team carefully monitors them and if they show any signs of awakening, they will be given additional anesthesia , In order to keep it completely calm.

Since animals usually do not complain of tooth pain, veterinarians often refer to it as “silent pain.”

By the time anything is discovered, the disease or infection may continue to a debilitating or even fatal level.

During the regular health check-ups, general dental examinations were performed on the animals.

Kashifa, a 10-year-old lioness, was sedated before pulling out her teeth. Zoo ambassador Ron Magill said:

Kashifa, a 10-year-old lioness, was sedated before pulling out her teeth. Zoo ambassador Ron Magill said: “We have never awakened animals during surgery.”

Sedation lasts about three to eight hours, and the dosage depends on the size and age of the animal

Sedation lasts about three to eight hours, the dose depends on the size and age of the animal

If a problem is diagnosed, the zoo’s veterinarian will resolve it on its own or recruit a veterinarian based on its severity.

McGill said: “Dental health is a key component of the preventive medicine program of the Miami Zoo Zoo’s Department of Animal Health.” Problems ranging from gum disease to broken teeth can lead to intensive care problems, and may even lead to serious infections or even death without the need. treatment.

Veterinary dentist Jamie Berning and her veterinary technician Jill Bates traveled from Columbus, Ohio to Miami to perform operations on various animals

Veterinary dentist Jamie Berning and her veterinary technician Jill Bates traveled from Columbus, Ohio to Miami to perform operations on various animals

The most common problem is the removal of accumulated dander, and broken or broken teeth that must be repaired or removed

The most common problem is the removal of accumulated dander, and broken or broken teeth that must be repaired or removed

This week, veterinary dentist Jamie Burning and her veterinary technician Gil Bates travelled from Columbus, Ohio to Miami to perform operations on various animals.

The 27-year-old gorilla Barney, the 26-year-old chimpanzee Hondo, and the 10-year-old lioness Kashifa all have to have their teeth removed.

The process took 2 to 7 hours and was scattered for three days.

Sedation lasts about three to eight hours, and the dosage depends on the size and age of the animal.

Dr. Berning can treat two to three animals a day.

The 26-year-old chimpanzee Honda (Hondo) must also have a tooth removed

The 26-year-old chimpanzee Honda (Hondo) must also have a tooth removed

Dr. Berning raised the tooth she removed from Hondo

Dr. Berning raised the tooth she removed from Hondo

According to Magill, all patients have returned to their habitat and “will definitely be more comfortable after receiving special care.”

The Miami-Dade Zoo and Gardens first opened in 1948 and is the largest zoo in Florida.

It is the only subtropical zoo on the continental United States, with more than 3,000 animals on nearly 750 acres of land.

Earlier this month, an elephant at the Miami Zoo received much-needed medical care.

The otter undergoes a dental checkup during Dental Week at the Miami Zoo.Other patients include a and aardvark

The otter undergoes a dental checkup during Dental Week at the Miami Zoo.Other patients include a and aardvark

Doctors at the zoo examined Ongard, a 10-year-old Asian elephant, who injured his ivory while exploring the habitat.

Ivory is actually an elongated front tooth.

Ungarde allegedly inspected his ivory “voluntarily” WSVN News 7, And “very cooperative” during the operation.

He arrived at the zoo from a zoo in Melbourne, Australia in 2018.


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“Mario Kart Live: Family Tour” uses toys to bring the series to life | Instant News

Electronic games and toys have been in collision for a long time. Through talking dolls, remote control cars and robot pets, technology makes the playthings more realistic. At the same time, video games have become more immersive, trying to extend beyond flat screens with better controllers and graphics.

These two industries have begun to merge with toys popularized by games such as “Skylanders”. Although these games are no longer popular, there is still a broad game field to explore in this category.

Velan Studios is one of the developers pushing this type forward. The company has partnered with Nintendo to create “Mario Kart Live: Family Tour.” This is a racing game that combines a remote control car and the most popular racing franchise in the world.

Use the “Mario Kart Live” remote control car as a Mario (right) or Luigi race car.

In the real world, “Mario Kart Live” is equipped with Mario or Luigi plastic karts. However, if you look closely, you will find high-tech witchcraft under the hood. The vehicle has a camera, a rechargeable battery and a computer chip that controls the kart and connects it to the Nintendo Switch. The game also comes with four cardboard doors (they are important) and arrow signs.

The video game portion of the project requires players to download the title from the Nintendo eShop. From there, players launch “Mario Kart Live” and complete the process of registering a remote control car on Switch. Players can use the camera on the toy to take a photo of the “driver’s license” to increase their immersion.

Before the game, players must set the route by placing the gate in a space of at least 10 feet by 12 feet. The series stapler Lakitu splashed the car with paint, and the player drove it through four doors to form a track. The paint remaining on the ground marked the path.

Upon completion, the player enters the starting line and jumps into the game against Bowser Jr. and Koopalings. The magic comes from the augmented reality built into the video game. Cameras provide players with a summary of the game from Mario’s perspective, while video games use equipment to dress up the track world.

In Cheep Cheep Reef, players can explore on the underwater track with a blue filter on the camera and swim back and forth in the course. In Bowser Castle, players will encounter fire rods rotating around the gate.Most obstacles in the game are crowded near the gate, but some random objects (such as mushrooms or Thwomps) are scattered on the track

Augmented reality racing

“Mario Kart Live: Family Tour” hopes to bring back the real toy genre through augmented reality racing on Nintendo Switch.

It is not very complicated, because the player can create tracks, and “Mario Kart Live” pushes away obstacles based on the markers recognized by the camera. If players want more obstacles, they can do their own thing, but it must be remembered that other AI-controlled competitors will not recognize obstacles or cat tracks walking around. They followed the established path.

Like most “Mario Kart Live”, the mechanics are basic, and players must meet the developers by carefully designing a clever layout. Having said that, Velan Studios adds unexpected changes to the experience. At a level that is affected by the weather like the wind blowing on the grassland, wind gusts make the kart difficult to control, and the toys used by the vehicle drift to the right, which the player must compensate for. In the crazy Magikoopa Mirage, the guide Kamek flips the camera or sets the track to mirror mode. First, the player gets lost before realizing the prank. This is a wonderful way to use this technology.

With 24 tracks and 9 cups, players can explore many topics. In addition to this, players can also create custom tracks by mixing and matching different doors, weather effects and mirroring modes, as they can unlock these options by competing in different cups.

Players will also unlock different speeds when clearing each cup. Interestingly, this has a huge impact on gameplay. In slower sectors, it is best to rely on gas stations and gas stations, but as Mario increases the engine level to 200cc, “Mario Kart Live” feels more like a traditional opponent. As the player turns, the drift button becomes essential, and the extra speed makes the whole experience more vivid and difficult.

“Mario Kart Live” did not realize the fantasy of a complete toy to reality, but it was closer to that road. Better technology for mapping obstacles can make the track more refined and concise. Local online gaming means that players must bring their own karts to compete, which is a difficult task during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a multifunctional hybrid game console that can easily switch between large-screen TVs and portable mobile devices.

The experience is reminiscent of the traditional “Mario Kart”, but despite having all the items and almost all obstacles in the regular game, some parts of the game still feel limited. The constraint lies in the physical properties of the toy itself. It can only run at the speed allowed by the motor. At the same time, the court must be small and the player must keep a fairly close distance from the toys (preferably in the same room) to make everything work properly.

Nevertheless, “Mario Kart Live” is the essence of its mainline counterparts. Players only need to put in more effort to create weird trajectories and obstacles for the single player experience.

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Amazon saved $ 1 billion in travel costs due to pandemic | Instant News

Nikol Szymul attends a reception at Amazon’s offices discreetly tucked away in a building called Fiona in downtown Seattle, Washington on May 11, 2017. Getty Images Amazon has saved nearly $ 1 billion in employee travel costs this past year because the coronavirus pandemic prevented employees from jumping on it “There are benefits right now,” Amazon chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky said on Thursday of the company’s third quarter results. “Travel stops.” Internal travel costs will likely pick up “at a later date,” but they may not reach the same level they reached in the past, Olsavksky added. He also said the company saved money through reduced marketing costs. At the onset of the pandemic, Amazon told more than one million employees to avoid non-essential travel to the United States. United and abroad for the sake of health and safety. Additionally, many countries have banned or restricted entry to U.S. citizens as coronavirus cases in the U.S. continue to rise.Despite savings in travel and marketing costs, Amazon says spending is increasing in the during the current quarter. Costs related to the coronavirus are expected to reach $ 4 billion during the period, up from $ 2.5 billion in the last quarter. , compared to $ 2.5 billion in the last quarter. The bulk of those costs relate to “productivity headwinds” due to increased social distancing, as well as testing employees for the coronavirus and acquiring protective supplies. WATCH: Amazon beats top results and lower than the third trimester.

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Germany will reform stock option rules in a bid to compete with Silicon Valley | Instant News

BERLIN, GERMANY – April 09: Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, SPD, makes a press statement before the Euro Group videoconference on April 9, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

Thomas Imo

LONDON – Germany will soon unveil a new law on employee stock options, a government official said Thursday, in a bid to attract top tech talent and rival Silicon Valley.

The German government will introduce regulatory reforms to these options – giving new employees the opportunity to own shares in their companies – to “encourage initial investment in our country,” said Jörg Kukies, secretary of state at the country’s finance ministry.

Kukies, speaking at a virtual event hosted by venture capital firm Index Ventures and start-up conference Slush, said new proposals would be announced “in a matter of days, not weeks.”

“You will soon see all the details,” he said, adding that Germany hopes to incentivize international VC funds to set up shop in the country with a competitive tax regime and funding laws. Large Silicon Valley startup investors have crept into Europe of late, Sequoia has become one of the most famous.

The index – along with hundreds of European tech entrepreneurs – has gone over the years calling for pan-European reform to update and harmonize EU rules on employee share options. According to Index, Germany ranked among the worst countries in terms of staff sharing schemes.

Earlier this year, France introduced the reform package to attract tech talent and compete with America’s top tech hubs. The new rules expand France’s stock option scheme to include foreign companies with staff in the country.

It comes as the EU intensifies talk of Big Technology and its impact on the competitive landscape. France and the Netherlands have recently proposed stricter EU rules at companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon – including the option to separate them.

The European tech ecosystem has grown rapidly over the past decade but has yet to create a digital giant that can claim to compete with the big tech groups in the US and China. The continent’s entrepreneurs and venture capitalists believe that more technology-friendly reforms could help change that.


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Visa exceeds revenue expectations, but feels slowing travel | Instant News

Visa headquarters in Foster City, Calif. In 2019. Getty Images Visa Inc. saw its overall payment volume increase for its fiscal fourth quarter, but the company continued to be weighed down by the impact of the pandemic on international travel. Like Mastercard Inc. MA, -8.11% a few hours ago, Visa V, -4.83% on Wednesday afternoon released September quarter results which showed continued weakness in travel spending despite further improvements in the domestic categories. The period’s payment volume increased by 4% at constant dollar, while cross-border volume, excluding intra-European transactions, decreased by 41%. “The recovery so far has been patchy, V-shaped for domestic volumes but L-shaped for cross-border volumes,” CFO Vasant Prabhu said during the company’s earnings call. Cross-border spending typically generates higher returns for Visa, so the slowdown there creates “a drag on revenue growth, which will continue into fiscal 2021.” Visa has seen a “sharp recovery” in the limited corridors where travel is “relatively frictionless,” including travel from the United States to Mexico and travel to the Persian Gulf states, and Prabhu said this gives the company hoping for what the larger travel landscape might look like. like once the ease of restrictions. However, at present, “the borders remain largely closed”, he admitted. Shares rose 0.6% on Wednesday after-hours, after falling 4.8% in regular session. Read: Mastercard shares have come under fire after weak travel spending putting pressure on profits Visa saw its fourth quarter revenue drop to $ 5.10 billion from $ 6.14 billion a year ago, while analysts polled by FactSet forecast $ 5 billion. The company posted net income of $ 2.14 billion, or 97 cents per share, from $ 3.03 billion, or $ 1.34 per share, a year earlier. On an adjusted basis, Visa gained $ 1.12 per share, up from $ 1.47 a year earlier and above the FactSet consensus of $ 1.09. Visa declined to provide a formal quantitative outlook for fiscal 2021, citing uncertainties related to the pandemic, although the company has given some indication of how the year could unfold. The credit card giant expects revenue growth to decline in the first half of fiscal 2021 ahead of this’ rebound[s] significantly ”in the second half, said Prabhu. He pointed to many unknowns regarding the spread of infections, the impact of vaccines and other factors that could determine the extent of this income growth. PayPal Profit Snapshot: Capitalizing on Growing User Growth In its report earlier Wednesday, its Mastercard counterpart highlighted some October improvements in domestic spending from a year earlier, including an increase towards the end of October that the company said could be attributed to a major e-commerce player promotional event. This has been widely interpreted to mean Amazon.com Inc.’s AMZN, -3.76% Prime Day, which moved to October of this year from its typical July occurrence due to the pandemic. It’s likely that Visa saw a similar bump from Prime Day. Visa shares have fallen about 8% in the past three months as the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -3.43%, rose 0.5%. .

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