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Drift will charge your Mercedes AMG Hybrid battery | Instant News

Have you heard of regenerative braking in electric vehicles-you know how batteries reclaim energy Every time you use the brakes-but I have a feeling that you will like the new midway charging solution developed by Mercedes for AMG Hybrid: drift.

The company concealed the small Easter egg in the initial product release. AMG Hybrid Power Line Inspired from Formula One racing technology. You can check it out in the hybrid strategy section of Mercedes’ new video.The regenerative drift occurs at 12:17, but if you have some unsolved problems with the technology, then the whole video is really great:

The important thing to note here is that we don’t know exactly how the technology works.or any To this end, hybrid technology is introduced into these cars. Mercedes will keep everything confidential for the time being, instead of choosing to publish a few small messages at once. Therefore, we do not discuss the content of the lad chat in the video and pair it with the information in Merc’s initial press release.

Jochen Schmitz, the developer of Mercedes hybrid strategy, said: “You can get an Easter egg from software development: You can also rest and relax while drifting.We use the power system to slow down the load or remove the load from the ICE and then put it in the battery. Then, when the slipping state is over, the ICE is already at full load and you can accelerate faster. “

Therefore, you can charge while drifting or losing other control methods.

Of course, the details on how it works (including all the technologies involved and Mercedes-specific systems) are still unclear. You can understand the fact that you can clean up some of the most complex technologies by posting a complete and complete question-and-answer video by Mercedes. But what about the whole concept? It’s so cool.


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Laptop vs. Tablet vs. 2-in-1: Which is right for you? | Instant News

Compared with tablet PCs and 2-in-1 laptops, the storage and speed of laptops are much superior. Thanks to the laptop’s ability to hold more RAM, it can run more complex operating systems, enabling it to perform tasks at the same time, while tablets will have a “scaled down” version of the operating system. If needed, it will also have a larger size option than most tablets, while still being able to fit in most backpacks or suitcases.


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We let the monkeys play the “Pong” game | Instant News

Neuralink, secret Neuroscience Startup Company The company co-founded by Elon Musk is now quieter than ever.That is, until this week’s release A youtube video A monkey appeared playing a classic video game pingpong Use its thoughts.

The narrator said that the video star Pager is a 9-year-old macaque. About six weeks ago, Neuralink was implanted on both sides of his brain.Obviously, he likes pingpong.

However, before he learned how to play the game with his head, the researchers first asked him to use the joystick. Whenever he moved the cursor on the screen to some bright spot on the screen, he would use the “delicious banana” through the straw. Smoothie” rewarded him. A grid.

When he manipulated the joystick and happily sipped his smoothie, the Neuralink device in his brain recorded his brain activity and monitored more than 2,000 electrodes implanted in Pager’s motor cortex. These electrodes control the movement of the hands and arms. movement. Researchers can also pair with mobile phones via Bluetooth to interact with these devices in real time.

Then, the Neuralink data is input into the “decoder algorithm” to train it to predict Pager’s expected hand movements in real time based on the information of the triggering neuron. After a short calibration time, the decoder has a good understanding of Pager’s neural model and no longer needs a joystick. The narrator said that even if the connection was disconnected, Pager still continued to move the cursor with his thoughts.Then he seems to be playing the so-called game MindPong No joystick can be seen.

“Monkeys are actually using brain chips to play video games telepathically!” Musk said A tweet Share the video on Thursday.

Since then, more than 4 million people have watched the video, and it has become one of the top ten popular videos on YouTube.If you are interested, Neuralink also shared A video Shows what the raw data behind Pager’s neural activity looks like when Pager is busy with the game.

Musk then discussed the future plans of Neuralink equipment in China. Series of tweets, Echoing the video narration, the ultimate goal of this technology is to enable paralyzed people to operate their computers or phones through their brains.

Musk wrote that the initial version of the device “will enable paralyzed people to use smartphones faster than thumb users.” “Later versions will be able to transfer signals from the brain’s neural chain to the body’s motor/sensory neuron clusters. Nerve chain so that paraplegics can walk again.”

As early as August, Neuralink showed a live demonstration of the Neuralink implant, although On the pig Instead of monkeys.

“It’s like a Fitbit on a skull with tiny wires on it,” Musk said at the time.

Musk has a close relationshipEvoked a series of science fiction-like uses Neuralink’s research Since its establishment in 2017, the company’s services have ranged from more practical examples, such as the treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and depression, as well as the above-mentioned mobility aids for paralyzed people, to wonderful attempts, which are enhanced Our trivial human brain functions, so we can happily coexist with our ultimate AI overlord.

However, before all this happens, Neuralink needs to skip a series of regulatory challenges if it wants to get the opportunity to become a medical device approved for use in humans. In July, Musk announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designated Neuralink as “Breakthrough Device” It can quickly track the status of its federal review process. At least considering the government’s pace of glacialization of these things, at least it can be done. It may take years or even decades before any major progress is made in the law.

At the same time, maybe Neuralink can teach Pager to play more games with his own mind. I think that if the next one is not part of the Donkey Kong series, they will miss a huge opportunity. Even better: Ape escape.


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The Pantheon of Greek Shipping announces its Acceptance Ceremony for 2021 | Instant News

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping announced that they intend to host this year’s annual Reception Ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, July 7, 2021, as a live dinner event under the stars.

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping’s 2021 Introduction & Dinner Ceremony will celebrate Greece’s voyage and will pay tribute to historical figures who have contributed to its formation.
If public health regulations allowed it at the time, this would be the first time a long-awaited outdoor delivery event has taken place in the summer.
An exciting program will include the recent opening of Admissions to the Pantheon of Greek Shipping. The 2020 admissions will be combined with the 32 “big ones” that have already been admitted to the Pantheon.
The Pantheon of Greek Shipping will continue to support Hellenic Hope and a portion of the proceeds from this year’s event will go to this children’s charity, which focuses on providing assistance to children in need in Greece.

We are proud to support our famous sponsors to date:
ABS, IRI – The Marshall Islands Registry and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. as Co-Lead Sponsors of the Introduction Ceremony and Dinner 2021.

Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chair, President and CEO commented:
“ABS is proud to honor these Greek shipping visionaries and to celebrate their continued insights and business genius. These leaders continue to shape shipping while creating a truly global legacy.” The Pantheon provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the immense contribution Greek shipping has made to world trade and ABS welcomes it. all comers. “
Theophilos Xenakoudis, Director – Worldwide Business Operations & Managing Director Greece, International Registries Inc. comment:
“The Marshall Islands Registry celebrates the leaders of the Greek shipping community, who for centuries have led the shipping industry to innovate and transform. As we look forward to a decade of advanced technology and environmentally friendly solutions, we salute the recipients of the new Pantheon of Greek Shipping award- recently. ”
Wang Qi, Chairman of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, comments:

“SWS is delighted to once again support the Pantheon of Greek Shipping and pay tribute to its professed shipping legend. We enjoy a very close relationship with Greek shipping and the prestigious Pantheon of Greek Shipping event every year gives us the perfect opportunity to express our interest in history and Greek shipping culture and meeting some of our most important friends and customers. “
Introduction & The 2021 Dinner Ceremony will begin with a welcoming reception from the TMS.
Pantheon of Greek Shipping would like to thank the Navios Group for their generous support as a Dinner Sponsor.
So far, the confirmed Premium sponsors of the event are: Baltic Exchange, Bureau Veritas, Citi Private Bank and Moore Greece.
Sponsors so far include: China Classification Society, ClassNK, The Ecali Club, Isle of Man Ship Registry, Kyvernitis Travel Group, Lloyd’s Register and Marichem Marigases Worldwide Services.


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Amazon voting deals surge to expand union membership | Instant News

Workers refused to form a union in Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, as a setback of organized labor’s efforts to reverse decades of declining private sector membership across the country.

This Alabama results According to data from Georgia State University, unions face the challenge of increasing membership in the US private sector. In the US private sector, the proportion of union representatives is only 6.3%, down from 24.2% in 1973.

Last year, although millions of jobs were laid off in the country during the pandemic, including 300,000 union positions, there has been an increase in hiring at Amazon, the second-largest private employer in the United States, and other e-commerce warehouses. For unions, the time seems ripe for organizing workers in an environment where the expanding sector and unions have traditionally been operating: a large blue-collar construction site where many employees are engaged in similar jobs.

Despite the effort, the effort failed President Biden’s endorsement,He says The goal of establishing more union work And update Many congressional Democrats support labor.

According to the Ministry of Labor, last year there were more union members working for the government than for private sector employers, indicating that the public sector is now a stronghold for organized labor. Teacher strikes and protests in 2018 and 2019 won salary increases and other concessions in Arizona, West Virginia, Los Angeles, and other states and cities. Recently, the educators union has affected the renewal of the pandemic in Chicago and other places. The plan to open the school.


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