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Buying guide: Amazon shoppers love this simple phone, suitable for seniors and kids | Home & Garden | Instant News


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Keeping in touch is more important than ever, but when it comes to navigating smartphones for children or adults with vision or hearing impairments in adulthood, making calls is not always easy. Fortunately, this 4G Big screen phone Products from Jethro are streamlined and simple, so you can always get in touch with the people you care about.

Compatible with large screens and hearing aids

The phone It is perfect for the elderly or anyone who has difficulty listening to or watching a standard smartphone. The vivid 2.8-inch screen makes it easy to read, and the large keyboard buttons can be easily seen and felt in the dark. The sound quality is also compatible with hearing aids, without any signal interference.

Emergency and more

The phone The SOS button is a perfect choice for children to call parents or the elderly to call contacts in an emergency. Thanks to the SOS button, it can call and send text messages to up to 5 contacts ( Including 911). Urgent messages will also automatically send a Google Map link location with GPS. However, the phone also has some other functions, including camera, flashlight, FM radio, calendar and alarm clock. It’s smart enough to be easy to use, but it’s not too much for users who don’t like technology or young children.

Why customers like it


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It’s a strange time to travel | To select | Instant News

Next week we will be in Pennsylvania to visit our daughter who is at school in Erie on Lake Erie This will be one of our most unique trips as face masks are needed for almost the entire trip . Traveling is just not what it used to be. Do you remember when people smoked cigarettes in the middle of the flight? A little light came on to tell the passengers it was time to put out their cigarettes, we were going to land. Smokers who flew on the plane at the time were very upset when new rules banned smoking on board. I have a feeling these same people would be really unhappy with the requirement to wear a mask for the entire flight We received an email reminding us that anyone over 2 years old must also wear a mask at airports except when we were We were also told that we would receive an “ all-in-one ” snack bag that included a wrapped disinfectant wipe, an 8.5 ounce water bottle and two snacks, as well as a sealed drink on flights over 2 hours and 20 minutes. “On flights shorter than that, we’ll have a sealed drink and that’s it. No more friendly flight attendant taking our drink order. Erie is quite close to Niagara Falls. We were wondering if we could see it or not, as people like to go to the Canadian side for a better view, and the border between the US and Canada is closed at least until the end of August. which is the boat that takes you near the falls, was closed in June, it is now open on the US side and available for people in good health, wearing masks and willing to stand at least 6 feet from other people on a small boat .Fort Niagara opened in July and is available for healthy masked visitors, which is the same for all the restaurants we stop at. There won’t be any buffets though, and it looks like food “that requires minimal preparation” will be the rule. Fortunately, Pennsylvania is not on the list of states that require a 14-day quarantine when we arrive home. We were also assured that the plane is cleaned within an inch of its life and that airports will be cleaner than our homes. Still, we have small containers of disinfectant to use liberally when we feel too far away from a sink and soap, and we’ll avoid other people like the plague. our face, and white where the mask was. It’s a strange time to travel. .

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