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The British COVID-19 variant has only been detected in Utah; CDC project tensions will be dominant in the US in March | Instant News

SALT LAKE CITY – A new, more contagious variant of COVID-19 originating in the UK has been detected in Utah, state health officials announced on Friday.

The variant, also known as B.1.1.7, was detected in a man from Salt Lake County who tested positive last month and was between 25 and 44 years old, according to a news release from the Utah Department of Health. The man had no travel history outside Utah and had only mild symptoms, the release said.

The UK’s SARS-CoV-2 virus variant is thought to spread more quickly and easily than other mutations, but there is no evidence that it is more lethal, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This variant was first detected in the US in Colorado.

“It’s a tough time to have a more contagious virus, considering it’s winter, people are in a lot more,” said the epidemiologist from the Utah Department of Health, Dr. Angela Dunn. “The holiday season is just over, and people are frankly tired of all the public health recommendations we are making. So, in combination with not enough vaccine to be dispensed, that’s worrying.”

Dr. Kelly Oakeson, chief bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing scientist at The Utah Public Health Laboratory, explained that the cases were found through testing the genetic profile of positive cases. He said there were 17 different mutations to the British variant they found during testing that led to confirmation.

Both he and Dunn say they believe the variant has been in Utah for some time and there are likely to be more cases.

“I believe it is broader,” said Oakeson. “We don’t rank every positive sample, so we only rank about 10% – in a few months a little bit less than that. So if we detect this quickly since we were looking for it, this suggests to us that it may be wider than just this one individual. . “

Salt Lake County health officials carried out routine case investigations after the Utah case was detected, including contact tracing, for the variant case.

The Utah discovery was announced at the same time The CDC publishes research papers which acknowledged new variants were detected in 10 states between 29 December 2020 and Tuesday. The researchers say that current models project that the strain will become the dominant strain in the US by March.

While not known to be deadlier, researchers warn that it could create more problems if it leads to a spike in COVID-19 transmission. The COVID-19 vaccine currently approved for use is also believed to be effective against the British variant of the virus; However, the new variant poses problems for vaccination efforts if it spreads faster than people who can be vaccinated.

They advise individuals to continue to take action to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“The increase in SARS-CoV-2 transmission could threaten strained health care resources, require the adoption of a longer and more stringent public health strategy and increase the percentage of population immunity required for pandemic control,” the researchers wrote in the paper.

Dunn raised the concerns Friday afternoon. He pointed out that herd immunity through vaccination is unlikely to be achieved until summer or fall, and positive cases are believed to only confer immunity around 90 days. Additionally, the new variant could lead to an increase in cases in a short period of time, potentially causing hospital tensions to continue or worsen across the state – as warned by the CDC newspaper.

“I think this puts another spin on how we respond to this pandemic, knowing that our hospital ICU is overcapacity and we are at the beginning of a potential surge in cases because of this new variant,” he said.

Britain is responding to the new tensions with new countrywide closings. Utah has no definite recommendations or plans regarding the new variant, Dunn added.

Utah’s total current COVID-19 cases and positivity levels remain high but again slowly declining, however there is a chance another spike could come with K-12 and higher education classes returning this month and a more contagious variant documented in the state. As experts pointed out on Friday, the variant spreads faster among younger individuals in the UK because the group is more likely to be where the spread occurs.

Dunn is optimistic that testing protocols such as the on-campus spike testing for the start of the semester could find new cases before leading to widespread new case growth. However, he also realized that the timing of the new strains reached Utah was not ideal.

“It is more contagious, more contagious than other variants of COVID, and now more than ever we need to practice good public health practices by wearing face masks, staying at home when we are sick, avoiding large gatherings and physically keeping as far as we can. , “he said. “We really need to be extra careful moving forward until we get more people vaccinated so they don’t overwhelm our health care system.”

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Rialto New Zealand teamed up with Bruce Tuchman to launch a global streamer – Digital TV Europe | Instant News

Rialto shows films like Miss Juneteenth

Former Sundance Channel Global president Bruce Tuchman has linked up with New Zealand’s Rialto Channel to launch a new global streaming and linear service, which has reached its first deal.

Rialto International is a 50-50 joint venture that will offer independent series, documentaries and films to audiences worldwide via a bespoke linear network and on-demand service.

The first deal will see Rialto – a commercial-free network launched more than two decades ago in New Zealand – reach Australia, with Rialto International concluding an AVOD agreement with Samsung TV Plus.

Programming available through the Rialto International service will include locally produced shows and films such as Miss Juneteenth, while the company also makes branded streaming apps that are tailored for markets around the world.

Bruce Tuchman

The first is the British Film Institute (BFI) and Rialto branded services, which will showcase selected contemporary films from the organization’s content archive. It has been developed specifically for the APAC market.

“The sheer number of independent titles available and the productive speed of production will provide pay TV and streaming platforms with much-needed content, especially as the supply of major studio releases has shrunk in this era of Covid,” said Tuchman, who is the JV’s deputy chairman.

“While supply and demand is growing, you have very few indie-specific channels and service providers. Rialto International will aggressively fill this void. The Rialto Channel, which started out as the Sundance Channel, has a history of 20 years specializing in the indie space and has garnered numerous awards and acclaim during that time. This is the perfect brand to go global as it will attract an audience of indie lovers around the world and meet the boom in demand. “

Roger Wyllie, CEO of Rialto Channel and co-chairman of Rialto International, added that the film’s success was like Parasite shows great interest for global IP.

“These titles, along with a growing number of marquee films, are the kind of first-class content one can expect from Rialto on our network dedicated to independent stories. Audiences will always know what they are getting from the Rialto brand – consistently high quality. And, instead of having to scour channels and platforms to find this content, they’ll appreciate the ease of switching to a single source for their viewing pleasure. “

Tuchman was previously president of MGM Worldwide Networks and general manager of Nickelodeon Global Network Ventures, but has recently become an angel investor through Tuchman Media Limited. His investment portfolio includes Parrot Analytics and NextUp Comedy.


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AIM TV Group launches “Raw Travel Plus” | Instant News

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) today announced that Raw Travel® is launching “Raw Travel Plus”, a new YouTube channel. The syndicated TV show’s latest effort capitalizes on the show’s eight-season library of web content, travel advice thumbnails, themed destination content, and behind-the-scenes footage. The digital-only offering has content on the channel currently, with plans to add more daily. Raw Travel Plus will also expand to include original first-run bonus content not seen on the TV show. The effort will also be supported by the current YouTube channel YouTube.com/RawTravelTV which serves as a promotional vehicle for the syndicated show. “Raw Travel Plus will be much more robust than what we have offered in the past on YouTube, which was limited by design. At that time, we wanted to stay focused on producing content only for broadcast syndication and international licensing, ”says Executive Producer, Creator and Host Robert G. Rose. “But now that our library is so large and much of it is still under or totally untapped, it makes sense to provide a digital outlet for this content. Raw Travel Plus will be a destination for those looking for authentic, on-demand, travel-related content, themed videos, travel tips and, ultimately, never-before-seen, digital-first videos, ”Rose continued. The target audience for Raw Travel Plus is twofold. The first is Raw Travel’s loyal linear viewer who wants more show content than can be offered in a half-hour television environment. Second, the show hopes to super-serve online users who crave authentic travel content, seek out new and different travel experiences and destinations after the pandemic, and provide a much-needed virtual escape during the pandemic and for those who do. cannot travel. The channel will appeal to people who may or may not be familiar with the TV show. The TV show will help develop Raw Travel Plus and vice versa. The nationally syndicated, linear TV show currently airs every weekend in the United States on more than 200 broadcast subsidiaries (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.) in over 173 markets in 95 % of the U.S. The show enjoys multiple airings each week in many major markets. Raw Travel is currently collecting affiliate renewals for its 9th and 10th seasons, respectively, giving the go-ahead for new episodes through 2023. In addition to domestic growth, Raw Travel continues to expand its international presence at various points sales worldwide. Raw Travel is also featured on several In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) offerings on airlines such as American, Delta, Air Canada, Virgin America, etc. Visit RawTravelPlus.com and RawTravel.tv for more information. ABOUT RAW TRAVEL TV Raw Travel is an adventure and lifestyle travel series featuring independent, environmentally and socially conscious travel. The series mixes the themes of ecotourism and voluntourism (giving back) to underground music and authentic culture in a unique way. Each weekend, the show is seen in more than 173 American cities on the main broadcasting subsidiaries and several international territories (Asia, Africa, Europe …). It can also be found on several major airlines. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group produces the show and oversees its national and international distribution and internationally. Visit RawTravel.tv for more information. ABOUT RAW TRAVEL PLUS Raw Travel Plus is the official Raw Travel TV YouTube channel dedicated to beyond show content, travel tips, themed destinations, travel tips and more. The channel can be found on RawTravelPlus.com or by searching on YouTube for “Raw Travel Plus”. ABOUT THE AIM TELL-A-VISION GROUP The AIM Tell-A-Vision Group (AIM TV) is an independent production, content and distribution company founded by veteran media and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. Since 2000, AIM TV has produced and distributed positive and compelling content that reflects a mission of presenting “Media That Matters”. Visit AIMTVGroup.com for more information. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group https://RawTravelPlus.com / https://RawTravel.tv SOURCE AIM Tell-A-Vision Group.

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What is it like working in production for a travel show? | Instant News

All photos courtesy of La Carmina Known for her appearances on Travel Channel and Discovery, La Carmina shares bizarre but true stories from the world of accommodation and travel TV production.Every time someone learns that I work as a travel TV host, the most common reaction I get is, “This must be a dream job.” Viewers may have seen me on NBC, dancing the streets of Hong Kong with William Shatner and Henry Winkler. Or maybe they watched me on Travel Channel, daring Andrew Zimmern to sip a drink served in a disembodied mannequin head. The travel TV work is really great, and I still pinch myself in amazement at being in the industry. However, what you see on your screen is the polished final cut. My work behind the scenes is much less picturesque and can involve tedious workdays, unexpected drama, and sometimes literal fountains of blood. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to host and produce travel TV shows, I’m here to tell it all. Buckle up and take advantage of my tips to get you started on this business, as well as some of the craziest global adventures I’ve been on to date. Becoming a Host and Producer of Travel TV I attribute luck and timing to helping me break into travel TV. In 2007, I started my blog La Carmina to share stories about whimsical Japanese culture, like themed restaurants and Harajuku fashion. Since there were few blogs like this at the time, I caught the attention of TV producers, who asked me to be on travel shows as an expert from Tokyo. In what felt like a trial by fire, I went from shooting shaky YouTube videos with my friends to shooting with major network shows like Bizarre Foods, Oddities, and Taboo. Often times, producers asked me to set up scenes for the episode – like at a Tokyo Goth party – because I belonged to the subculture and could facilitate access. I learned that there was a term for this role: “fixer” or local production coordinator. Since there was a demand, I said to myself: why not start a business that offered a television “fixation” service? In 2010, I started La Carmina & The Pirates with my close friend Naomi Rubin, a comic book artist specializing in queer stories and civil rights. Naomi is fluent in Japanese and has a background as a translator and book designer, making her the perfect production partner. (Or as I called him, “First Mate.”) A Pirate’s Life Since then, Pirates have regularly worked with TV shows in Japan and around the world, ranging from a teaser No Reservations With Anthony Bourdain , to an entire season on the food web. You might be surprised to learn that filming a single episode can involve three months of pre-production. As ‘repairers’ our work includes obtaining permits, locating the location, casting, collaborating on the script, and managing logistics such as equipment rental. The shoot itself may take less than a week, but it’s a marathon that can last twelve hours a day in dozens of locations. Although travel television falls under the non-fiction category, productions tend to take certain liberties when telling a story. For example, you might see me stumble upon a room and interact with it onscreen. In fact, this “random person” was chosen and the room cleaned up ahead of time, and we probably shot the scene a few times from different angles. Anytime you notice any extras on our shows, they’re probably a friend or family of mine. For the world’s strangest restaurants, Naomi and I struggled to cast enough “diners” to appear in the backgrounds. To solve the problem, we asked drag queen Die Schwarze Frau to get creative with the wigs and makeup, and pretend to be a different man or woman in each scene! Renting a Fake Family Sometimes producers are determined to do something wild, and it’s up to the Pirates to do it. No job is too outrageous: we once hired a body modification artist to sew a man’s lips together with a needle and thread. Recently, three people stood side by side and pierced a long metal spike through their cheeks, connecting them like a shish kebab. Perhaps the strangest production request was to rent a “love doll” or an anatomically correct life-size mannequin. Naomi spent hours making awkward phone calls to the back page ads, until she finally acquired one – which arrived in a body bag, dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform! A few years ago, a German show wanted to present a false mother and a false father. Naomi explains, “Japan has family rental companies that hire actors to pose as someone’s family member for emotional comfort, or act as a boyfriend / girlfriend to keep parents happy. at dinner.” Naomi convinced the owner of the rent-a-family to send an elderly man and woman to film with us. In the hilarious scene, the Japanese “mother” sang a lullaby before putting a German comedian to bed. “They were some of the best crews we’ve worked with to date – they were absolute pros on camera, and I could tell they enjoyed the experience of taking the stage,” recalls Naomi. Bagels and Blood Some of our most successful travel TV episodes were about Japanese “bagelheads”. This extreme body modification involves putting a drop of saline solution in a person’s forehead, creating a temporary bagel-shaped bulge (the body absorbs the fluid in about 12 hours). National Geographic wanted us to choose someone to undergo this procedure, which obviously was a tough sell. I turned to my friend Dr John Skutlin, a cultural anthropologist and specialist in Japanese body mods. “My gut reaction was a categorical no,” recalls John. Although he had tattoos and piercings, “the thought of having a needle stuck in my forehead and my skin stretched out like a balloon seemed like a step too many.” In the end, John seized the opportunity and agreed to have a head of bagel. However, due to the delays in the shooting, the procedure failed – and the piercer had to remove the needle from John’s forehead. “When they did, it was like a geyser of blood spurting and falling on my face,” he recalls. Fortunately, the team managed to clean up the bloody mess, and John ended up with a bagel-shaped facial protuberance. “I’ve never regretted it and would gladly do it again,” he says. “The Pirates” turned out to be a fitting name for my travel hosting and production company, as work often feels like an overflow adventure. My loyal crew and I have sailed our share of rough waters and told incredible stories in places far away. The pandemic temporarily anchored our work, but I managed to film and produce from a distance. When the world opens again, I can’t wait to be back in front of the cameras, where I will continue to entertain viewers with my bizarre travels to Japan and beyond. .

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The New Australia Day Sheep Ad for 2021 stars Sam Kekovich and shows Australians destroying a border wall | Instant News

Australian Meat and Livestock (MLA) The much-awaited annual summer ad for Australian Sheep has landed in 2021 – and it’s as naughty as ever.

Clip, which was launched exclusively on Sunrise on Monday, featured tweets about border closings and the country’s rifts over coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the ad in the video player above

Make the Sheep, Not the Wall

Called ‘Make the Sheep, Not the Wall, ‘advertising was set in the not-too-distant future during which the division between states had increased to new heights.

Viewers are shown a giant border wall that separates each state and territory from one another.

The advert shows the Australian state separated by a large concrete border wall Credit: MLA

When cracks appeared, the smell of perfectly cooked lamb on one side of the wall was too much for Australians to resist, so they smashed the concrete and reunited over the BBQ.

“As a brand celebrating unity and the power to be united, this year in advertising, we want to remind Australians that we are always stronger together,” said MLA domestic market manager Graeme Yardy.

The clip shows a foreigner offering a lamb to residents of another state through a hole in the border wall.
The clip shows a foreigner offering a lamb to residents of another state through a hole in the border wall. Credit: MLA

“Our hope in 2021 is that virtual gatherings over the past 12 months will be replaced by the Australian Lamb barbie, the most unifying and tastiest food.”

“We know Lamb is a food that Australians love to gather and share – and this campaign is focused on reminding consumers to enjoy high quality lamb with family and friends this summer.”

Aussies then destroyed the border wall and united again.
Aussies then destroyed the border wall and united again. Credit: MLA

“As usual, this campaign is topical, tongue on cheek and positioning lamb as the meat of choice to unite us.”

‘Ambassador’ Sam Kekovich, who appeared in the ad, informed Sunrise it is “a celebration of Australia’s great unity and spirit.”

“We like a little laugh, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and I think this ad is perfect.”

“The key message is that we get better and stronger when we are united.”

These commercials will begin airing regularly on TV starting Monday.

The media figure said he hoped the advert would bring the country together with some sheep and laughter.


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