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Rex Orange County canceled his Australia & New Zealand tour. | Instant News

It is with heavy hearts that we must today announce the cancellation of the highly anticipated Orange County Pony Rex Tour, which had been postponed from the start of this year in May / June.

Important information regarding the cancellation of Rex Orange County’s The Pony Tour: Asia, Australia, New Zealand 2020:
We have been trying very hard to plan for the future amidst the continuing global health crisis, but it has become clear that we cannot reschedule the PONY Australia & New Zealand tour dates to a new period that we believe fully will take place. So with great regret we had to cancel the Rex Orange County dates in Australia & New Zealand. We will plan a new tour when the show can resume and travel allows.

Ticket Information:
All tickets purchased will receive a full refund. Tickets purchased with a credit or debit card will be fully refunded and the customer does not need to take any action. Customers have to wait about 20 business days for the refund to appear in their account. For any inquiries relating to your ticket purchase, please contact your original place of purchase.

RIP The Pony Tour 🙁


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FACTBOX-New Zealand Election 2020 – facts and key players | Instant News

WELLINGTON, October 9 (Reuters) – New Zealanders head to the polls on October 17 with popular 40-year-old Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seen as a frontrunner to secure a second term in office.

Here are some important facts in elections:

– New Zealand holds general elections every 3 years and uses a voting system called Mixed Member Proportional (MMP). A system of proportional representation similar to that used in Germany, where a party, or coalition of parties, requires 61 out of 120 seats in parliament to form a government. This makes the votes of the smaller parties essential for forming coalitions.

In the last election, Prime Minister Bill English led the National Party to win the most number of seats, but the Ardern Labor Party eventually formed the government by winning support from the minority Green Party and New Zealand’s first Centric Party.

Since the MMP was introduced in the 1996 elections, not a single party has been able to form its own government.

– Jacinda Ardern, 40, is a pioneer in the contest, with opinion polls that put her Labor Party ahead of its competitors. His popularity has skyrocketed following his success with the coronavirus, and his loving response to the terror attacks in Christchurch last year.

Ardern takes on Judith Collins, also known as Collins’ Crusher, who exploded in a race just weeks before the vote as the National Party reeled from a series of leadership changes and scandals.

Other leaders include leader of NZ First and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, a monarch in the last election that ended up siding with Ardern. National has announced this time that they will not join hands with Peters.

Meanwhile, Green Party leader James Shaw said he would support the Labor Party in the future.

– New Zealanders will also vote in a referendum to legalize marijuana and euthanasia. Kiwis will be asked whether recreational use of marijuana should become legal and whether the End of Life Choice Act 2019 should go into effect, giving people with terminal illness the option of asking for dying help.

National’s Collins opposes legalizing marijuana, but Ardern declined to say where he would vote. Both support legalization of euthanasia.

– Voting results are published on election night. These preliminary results provide an initial picture of the performance of parties and candidates. The final results will be released on November 6th.

About 3.4 million people have registered to vote. About 250,000 people have voted in the preliminary poll starting October 3 (Reported by Praveen Menon)


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Pakistani dramas were praised for being strong women who were withdrawn after complaints | Instant News

Karachi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A Pakistani drama lauded for its progressive depiction of women has been lifted from the air after complaints to authorities, an act its creators have called a “home run” for misogynists.

The 10-episode series, which launches in August and tracks four women who set up an undercover detective agency to expose unfaithful husbands, has won praise for showing strong female characters taking control.

The film also shows women swearing, drinking and using drugs, and tackling subjects seen by many in conservative Pakistan as taboo, including sexual harassment, marital rape and homosexuality.

This week the series, called “Churails”, or “Witches”, was removed from Zee5, an entertainment platform that airs it in Pakistan, without explanation.

India-based Zee5 did not respond to a request for comment.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said it contacted the platform after receiving complaints about the show.

“We cannot block (content) ourselves, but we can write to the platform, which we have done,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Writer and director Asim Abbasi said the decision to remove the show was “predictable, but still disappointing”.

“It’s not just my loss. This is a loss for women and marginalized communities, ”he tweeted.

“And this is a home run for all the misogynists who have proven once again that they are the only votes that matter.”

Actor Nimra Bucha, who plays the killer on the show, said the cast was saddened by the move.

“This is a project that we are very proud of. We support the stories we have told, and the way we tell them, “he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“This is a very Pakistani story.”

Pakistani film critic Omair Alavi said Zee5 had taken a “big risk” in selecting “Churails” as the first in a series of Pakistani-directed shows because it was “far removed from what audiences are used to seeing”.

Women’s rights are a contentious issue in Pakistan.

This year, Islamists pelted demonstrators marking International Women’s Day with stones, shoes and sticks.

Organizers say they are facing a strong backlash from conservative elements in the country, which a 2018 Thomson Reuters Foundation poll found to be the world’s sixth most dangerous for women.

Reporting by Zofeen Ebrahim, additional reporting by Annie Banerji in New Delhi, Editing by Claire Cozens and Lyndsay Griffiths. Please pay tribute to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Thomson Reuters charity, which covers the lives of people around the world who struggle to live free or fair. Visit news.trust.org


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‘Emily in Paris’ Fashion Outfits You Can Buy Now | Instant News

‘Emily in Paris’ Fashion Outfits You Can Buy Now | Entertainment Tonight


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Germany adds Georgia, Jordan, Romania, Tunisia to its coronavirus risk list | Instant News

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany has declared all of Georgia, Jordan, Romania and Tunisia at risk for coronavirus, meaning refugees returning from there must enter quarantine pending negative coronavirus tests.

The Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases published the latest assessment on its website on Wednesday. Other country territories were also added to the quarantine list, including in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The French island of Corsica has been removed from the list.

Germany declared a region at risk when the number of coronavirus infections exceeded 50 per 100,000 population over seven days.

(Reporting by Thomas Escritt; Editing by Chris Reese)

© Copyright Thomson Reuters 2020


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