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PDM told PM Imran Khan that his days in office are numbered | Instant News

GUJRANWALA: The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) on Friday criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan, warning him that the days of his reign are numbered, in a crowded place in the city.

Speaking at a gathering of thousands of people at the venue, Maryam Nawaz said she was fighting for businesses that had been destroyed during the tenure of the ruling government and journalists who were being censored.

“People [journalists] who stood by the truth were fired from their jobs, “he said.” I have come to present the Lady Health Workers case as well before you, who are languishing on the streets of Islamabad. “

Maryam said no one has the right to overthrow the elected representatives of the people. “It’s you [masses] who should form a government and expel them too, “he said.

Referring to the verdict of the Panama leakage court, the vice president of PML-N said those who called Sharif’s family the “Sicilian Mafia” now know what the term mafia means.

“All they can find out from Nawaz Sharif’s corruption is Iqamah,” he said. “They used to call us the Sicilian Mafia, I’m sure now they know what the real mafia is,” said Maryam.

Blaming the government for skyrocketing food prices, he said it was the PTI government’s tactic to ensure food items disappeared from the market. When their prices go up, the food returns to the market, he said.

“Today you have put pressure on the media, which is why nobody is talking about your corruption,” he said, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

‘Selectors and shortlist must come on our page now’

After Maryam ended her speech, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took the stage to denounce PM Imran Khan and his government, saying that cricketer-turned-politician has no solution to the problem of the poor.

Imran’s solution to inflation is Tiger Force, he said. “The solution for locusts is the Tiger Squad. The solution for COVID-19 is the Tiger Squad,” Bilawal added, mocking the prime minister’s volunteer force. “This is the solution he has for your problem.”

Referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that the civilian government and military leadership are on the same page, Bilawal said that “the electorate and the elected” must come on the Opposition’s page otherwise they have to leave.

The PPP chairman said PM Imran Khan had promised, before he could win the election, to provide 5 million homes for the poor. He said that not a single person has been given a house in the past two years since the government came to power.

“He promised to end corruption but instead broke all corruption records,” Bilawal said. “Akbar S Babar [PTI founding member] said there was evidence his party was being funded from India but nobody paid attention. “BRT is the most expensive project but nobody pays attention,” he added.

Targeting the government for not holding people accountable as a whole, Bilawal regrets how Zardari, Faryal Talpur, and Maryam Nawaz were sent to prison just for corruption charges. “But if the accusation is aimed at Imran and Aleema wedge, nobody asked about them, “he said.

‘Fake rulers will meet their destiny’

Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman, president of the PDM, took the final stage, criticizing the government and warning that time was running out.

“The fake ruler will meet his fate,” he said. “The sun of democracy will soon rise. If you remain undaunted, this government will not see the month of December,” added the JUI-F chairman.

The PDM president said that an anti-government movement had started and now, a “sea of ​​people” would appear in Karachi, Multan, Lahore and Peshawar in the coming days.

Referring to the prime minister who came out without giving a speech in parliament on Friday, Fazl said all it took was 15 lawmakers to “scare” PM Imran from the assembly.

“He boasts about having a majority in parliament. Today, 15 members of the Opposition scared off the fake prime minister from parliament,” said Fazl.

He lashed out at the government, blaming it for using “political revenge” in the name of holding corruptors accountable. “Today, all political forces stand on one platform,” he said.

Telling the public that they should go out to seek their rights, Fazl said that the PDM wanted to “return Pakistani politics back to the people”.

“Voting is the right of the Pakistani people. This right has been stolen, robbed,” he said. “We want to return this right to the Pakistani people. They have to get out [and seek it],” he says.

Fazl cited the example of the Soviet Union, adding that it was “removed from the world map” because of its deteriorating economic situation. “Pakistan is not that strong [as the Soviet Union] that it will be able to maintain its existence [if such a scenario presents itself], “he added.

The chairman of JUI-F said that everyone knows who is responsible for instigating sectarian conflicts. He said, JUI-F always prioritizes religious harmony, inviting all parties to remain united. “All schools of thought have spoken of harmony,” he said.

“Our movement has started, it will not stop now,” he said. “Our movement will only end when the supremacy of the constitution is established.”


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Wait for the upcoming 2023 elections, the Governor told Opp | Instant News

LAHORE – Punjab governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has urged opposition parties to patiently await the next 2023 general election rather than getting involved in political divisions and chaos.

Speaking with Provincial Minister Dr Akhtar Malik during a meeting at the Governor’s Building in Jakarta on Wednesday, he said the opposition must respect the public mandate given to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) and avoid stalling the country’s development process.

“If the opposition wants to put pressure on the government, it must understand that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not be blackmailed with such tactics, adding that Imran Khan believes in political principles,” added Sarwar.

The governor said the government had taken the tough decision to steer the country out of the crisis, adding that the decision was taken in the greater public interest.

He further said all institutions including Parliament were being strengthened.

Sarwar said those who try to make national institutions controversial will only fail because Pakistan’s strength lies in strengthening institutions.

The governor said the public had given PTI a 5-year mandate and it was PTI’s constitutional and democratic right to complete its constitutional term. He said the next general election would take place as scheduled and Prime Minister Imran Khan would complete his constitutional term.

“If anyone thinks they can threaten the government through protest, they are living in a stupid heaven,” he said.

The governor of Punjab said that PTI is taking practical steps to provide assistance to poor people in the country, adding that the Ehsaas Program, the Pakistani Naya Housing Scheme and the Insaf Health Card are proof that the PTI government is working to fix the less fortunate in the population.

Sarwar says all promises will be fulfilled according to the party manifesto and we will make Pakistan’s progressive dream come true.


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‘I will hold an election if you all resign’ | Instant News

PM Imran Khan tells opposition: ‘I will hold elections if all of you resign’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said he was ready for by-elections if the opposition withdrew from the National Assembly and PTI’s opponents would not be able to win the one seat they vacated.

He also blamed the opposition for working on an agenda to undermine the existing harmony between the country’s powerful military and its government. “This is the first time that the military and government are working in total harmony and it is very disappointing to the opposition,” he told a group of senior journalists during a talk at the Prime Minister’s Building.

“The military does what I order and always provides its support whenever my government needs it,” he said with a tone of conviction. The prime minister said harmony between the government and the military was possible because the army and its main intelligence agency found evidence of corruption by the Zardari and Nawaz governments and it was his (PM) agenda to clean corruption from Pakistan. .

He rejected the opposition’s move to launch a public campaign to demand his resignation and an action plan announced earlier this week by the All Parties Conference in Islamabad. “I am not afraid of the opposition, if they resign from the assembly I will hold an election in their vacant seat and they will not win a single seat in the by-election”.

Khan said the opposition did not have the power to muster street agitation and had sought support from Maulana Fazlur Rehman because he had an audience ready. The prime minister said Nawaz Sharif was desperate after losing power and emerging as a destroyer, “he said. Imran added that he shouldn’t allow Nawaz Sharif’s speech to be broadcast live by moral benchmarks, but if he blocks the speech it will be a matter of freedom of expression in the country.

“So I just let it go,” said the PM. He said Nawaz Sharif’s speech was widely publicized in India because it fit the New Delhi agenda. He said both PML-N and PPP were family parties and they knew they had no chance of voting and that the party had to explain “why they repeatedly lured GHQ support,” referring to military headquarters.

He acknowledged that his government had struggled with its communications strategy and that “Sometimes our ministers are up to the level of another cardinal goal”. He said there were only four people in his government who were competent at talking about the economy and each of them was overworked and unable to appear in the media regularly.

“Apart from Hafeez Sheikh, Khusro Bakhtiar, Hammad Azhar and Asad (Umar), we don’t have anyone. And Hammad is a new star. “The PM said Pakistan will come out of its current financial troubles in two or three years.

Regarding rising food inflation, especially wheat flour, he cited faulty data provided to the federal government as the main cause for the lack of price controls. “Agriculture should not be given to provinces under the 18th amendment because it holds the centrality of the country’s economy,” said the prime minister.

He said the gas shortage would be overcome by government subsidies on cylinder gas and he did not support expanding gas supply through pipelines. The prime minister said when he took office he was briefed by the police chief about the rise in sex crimes in Pakistan.

He blames the entry of Indian and Western films into society for the spread of vulgarity and sex crimes in the country. The PM said he had asked SAPM Gen Asim Bajwa (right) to work out a new film policy that would promote Pakistani culture and fight vulgarity.

Mumtaz Alvi added: “Whenever there is a problem, the army stands behind the government. Nawaz Sharif wants to break this historic harmony between the government and the army, “he added.

“Is the issue related to Afghanistan or India, is it related to pilots, is it related to Kartarpur, the army is following my policies; Whenever there is a problem, the army stands behind the government, ”he said.

The Gilgit-Baltistan meeting, he said, was related to security, as India tried to sow unrest there. “I know the military leadership meeting. What can I say about those who met secretly with military leaders? I don’t see a political future for Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. Both parties cannot nominate themselves whether it is “N” or “S” so they are heading to GHQ, “he said.

He said former president Pervez Musharraf had made a mistake by giving up the NRO. “I have left Pervez Musharraf to provide the NRO; Rewind always for one purpose. I admit that my government lacks communication with the media. Yes, I have used the most street power in Pakistan; I know how to use street electricity the most. “


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On my way or highway, PM Imran Khan tells his team | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday told his ministers, special assistants and advisers to pull their socks and match their words with concrete actions rather than directing.

According to sources, during the recent federal cabinet meeting, the prime minister told his team that their department must show performance on schedule and he would personally review the implementation of government decisions.

The same formula applies to ministers and provincial officials. The prime minister has also rebuked several senior officers for adopting a delaying tactic in submitting reports and warning that officers who fail to meet expectations will be followed up.

He also made it very clear that weaknesses or omissions in implementing the decision would not be tolerated. It is worth mentioning that the government has introduced a new system for assessing performance in which the prime minister has signed performance contracts with ministers from 11 ministries and divisions.

Some of these ministries are the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Communication, the Ministry of Housing and Employment, the Ministry of Industry and Production, the Ministry of National Food Resilience and Research, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, the Ministry of Climate Change, the National Ministry of Health Services Regulation and Coordination.

Achievement of the targets set will be monitored continuously. The new pro forma has also been designed to assess the performance of officers and those who provide the best performance will get special privileges.

Meanwhile, the prime minister Friday ordered that wheat be brought out of government warehouses and warehouses to the market to provide flour for the people at affordable prices.

The prime minister gives special instructions to the Punjab government to deal with the upcoming wheat crisis, ignoring bureaucratic advice. Sources said officials had advised the PM to bring wheat to the market later in October, due to low production at that time.

However, the prime minister ignored it and directed officials to bring wheat to the market immediately adding that wheat would be imported in October if necessary. He said flour should be given to the public at reasonable prices by building markets and affordable points.


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Private hospitals refuse to reach any agreement after the government notifies the committee to refer patients to them | Instant News

Despite the fact that no agreement has yet been reached between five private hospitals in Karachi and the Sindh health department for the care of COVID-19 patients ‘critically ill but in need’ at the expense of the provincial government, the Sindh health department on Friday was formed and notified ‘referral committee’ and nominating focus people to refer COVID-19 patients to private hospitals for treatment, The News learned on Friday.

To handle the limited space for patients infected with coronavirus in government hospitals, the Sindh government has held talks with the management of five private hospitals – Liaquat National Hospital, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Southern City Hospital, Patel Hospital, and Altamash General Hospital – to refer to those COVID-19 patients, so government facilities have no space.

According to health authorities, the five private hospitals have established separate COVID-19 wards with high dependency units (HDU), intensive care units (ICU) and ventilators and all of these health facilities have their own laboratories for testing and diagnosis of COVID -19.

The five private hospitals, according to the government’s proposal, will treat COVID-19 patients referred by the Sindh government at the last cost. However, so far no agreement has been reached on this matter, but the health department has notified the committee to refer COVID-19 patients to this private facility.

“No agreement or memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between five leading private hospitals and the Sindh health department to treat COVID-19 patients at government expense. “An MoU draft has been prepared for the agreement but we have some reservations about it, because so far there has been no progress in this regard,” said Dr Asim Hussain, chairman of Dr Ziauddin’s Hospital, when speaking with The News.

At present, only seven health facilities offer free treatment to COVID-19 patients, but all beds in their COVID-19 care ward meet capacity. The seven facilities include Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Karachi General Hospital Dr. Ruth KM Pfau, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Dow Ojha University of Health Sciences (DUHS), Karachi Indus Hospital, Lyari General Hospital and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Trauma Center.

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Sindh on February 26, 2020, the provincial health department has been trying to persuade private health facilities to treat COVID-19 patients in need but private hospitals do not seem to want to share the burden on the provincial government without agreements and payment of expenses in advance, arguing that it is very difficult to get bills cleared from the health department.

Expressing his ignorance of the notification about the appointment of a focus person or the constitutional referral committee by the Sindh health department, Dr. Asim said private hospitals were not satisfied with some of the conditions or clauses of the draft MoU and unless disputes were resolved. , no agreement can be reached between the provincial government and private hospitals.

“The government wants us to improve beds for their patients in high dependency units and intensive care units while we have told them that beds will only be available for their patients on condition of availability. Second, we have told them that only standard care will be offered on packages offered by the government. The cost of new and expensive antivirals and other modern medicines will not be included in this package, “Dr. Asim argues.

Under the draft MoU, private hospitals will charge the government Rs65,000 for patient care in HDU and Rs110,000 in ICU per day for the care of critically ill patients who cannot afford their own treatment.

The administration of two other private hospitals, the South City Hospital and the Liaquat National Hospital, also denied reaching an agreement with the Sindh government.

“No agreement was reached between us and the Sindh health department regarding the care of COVID-19 patients at government expense but we will not reject patients if they are referred to us by the authorities. But at this time, we are ready for capacity and do not take more COVID-19 patients, “said Chief Executive of the Southern City Hospital, Dr. Sadia Rizvi, told The News.

“I don’t know why an agreement has not been reached between a private hospital and the government because Dr Asim Hussain represents a private hospital. But we don’t reject any patients. At present, our COVID-19 ward is already crowded. We have a 27-bed COVID ward but we are adding 14 more beds to increase its capacity to 41 from Monday onwards, “Dr. Rizvi.

The Liaquat National Hospital Administration (LNH) also denied reaching an agreement with the provincial government regarding the care of COVID-19 patients, saying that they accepted all COVID-19 patients because they had increased COVID-19 care room facilities to 50. beds from 34 places sleep at first.

“We have not reached an agreement with the Sindh health department or the government for the care of patients in need at government expense but we treat patients as usual. If the government sends someone to be treated, even without any consent, we will treat the patient. We are also open to all other patients who are not infected with coronavirus and have other health problems and problems, “said Managing Director of the Liaquat National Hospital, Dr. Salman Faridi.

Minister’s version

Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho said they were “close to reaching an agreement” with private hospitals, adding that the MoU would likely be signed on Saturday or Monday with five hospitals for the care of COVID-19 patients in need at Sindh government costs.

“The health department has formed a committee consisting of the chief technical advisor, the health secretary along with Sindh Health Commission officials and others to inspect and monitor facilities in the ‘Private Hospital Core Group’ where patients will be referred for treatment before signing an MoU with them,” Dr Azra said in response to questions about confusion over the government’s agreement with private hospitals.

Regarding the notice for the appointment of an important person and the constitutional referral committee, he said it was a draft notice, which had not been signed by the Sindh health secretary. He added that once the MoU was signed between the two parties, both key people and the referral committee would be formally notified.


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