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Highest temperature since 1947: Karachi is sizzling at 43.6 ° C | Instant News

KARACHI: The Karachi people challenge the hottest day of Saturday when mercury rises to 43.6 degrees Celsius, close to April 1947’s record 74 of 44.4 C.

The Met Department said hissing weather conditions developed due to the influence of the dry continental air following western disturbances in Pakistan. According to Sardar Sarfraz, Sindh’s chief meteorological officer, the highest temperature ever recorded in Karachi in April was 44.4 ° C on April 14, 1947, and mercury never rose as high as 43.6 ° C in the city until Saturday. He blames the sea breezes’ suspension for Karachi’s hot weather.

Interestingly, Met officials also observed wide differences in weather in Pakistan on Saturday: on the one hand Karachi recorded the highest temperature in April since 1947, and on the other, a bit of cold weather gripped the country’s upper regions. They blame the dry continental air for the extreme divergence.

Sarfraz said that Karachi’s temperatures will start dropping from Sunday, when mercury will most likely stay between 37 ° C and 38 ° C, adding that temperatures will drop further to 35 ° C or 36 ° C on Monday. “But the weak western disturbance is in sight. This will affect the upper part of the country, but when it passes, it will bring more hot days for the south, including Karachi. “

Regarding the forecasted weather situation in the month of Ramadan, he said that Karachi temperatures usually remain hot in April and May, but nothing can predict the city’s weather with accuracy; under the influence of variable winds, the air may become extremely hot and humid or hot and dry.


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Karachi temperatures reached 41.5 ° C | Instant News

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The Meteorological Department of Pakistan (PMD) said Wednesday that the maximum temperature in Karachi was recorded at 41.5 ° C today. The temperature rose more than one degree compared to yesterday’s 40.2 ° C.

The meteorological department estimates the temperature of the port city will most likely remain between 39-41 ° C for the next three days, with the Sindh government directing all relevant authorities to take the necessary action to save lives from the heat wave.

Weather elements Day 1 (March 31) Day 2 (April 1) Day 3 (April 2)
Weather Hot and dry Hot and dry Hot and dry
Maximum temperature (° C) 39-41 ° C 39-41 ° C 39-41 ° C
Minimum temperature (° C) 26 ° C 24-26 ° C 24-26 ° C
Morning humidity 26% 15-25% 20-30%
Night humidity 5-15% 5-15% 5-15%

A day earlier, the PMD had issued warnings about many parts of the country that were hit by the first heat wave of the season this week.

According to the PMD spokesperson, most of the hot and dry weather is expected during this week as heat wave conditions are likely to occur over large parts of the country’s plains.

Sindh, South Punjab and East and South Balochistan will remain in the grip of extremely hot and dry weather from Tuesday to Saturday.

“Dust-generating winds are expected in Sindh and Balochistan during periods with daytime temperatures remaining above normal (04-06 ° C higher) in most parts of the region,” he said.

The spokesman said temperatures were also likely to rise in most of the country’s sub-mountainous areas.


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Karachi temperatures reached 40.2 ° C | Instant News

A volunteer douses a man with water during a heat wave in Karachi. – AFP / Files

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), predicting a heat wave in the coming week, said Tuesday temperatures in Karachi reached 40.2 ° C, with a humidity of 49%.

The PMD, in a statement, said: “Especially hot and dry weather is expected during this week as heat wave conditions are likely to occur over large parts of the country’s plains.”

Sindh, South Punjab and East and South Balochistan will remain in the grip of extremely hot and dry weather from Tuesday to Saturday, he said.

“Temperatures are also likely to increase in most of the sub-mountainous areas of the country,” he said, adding that dust-generating winds are expected in Sindh and Balochistan during this period.

“Daytime temperatures are expected to remain above normal (04-06 ° C) in most of the plains,” he added.


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Karachi temperatures can reach 39 ° C after 30 March | Instant News

KARACHI: Temperatures in Karachi could reach 39 ° C after March 30, the Pakistan Meteorological Department estimated Wednesday.

In a weather update, the director of PMD Karachi said the port city is likely to experience warmer weather from tomorrow (Thursday).

Met department officials said hot, dry winds would blow from the northwest in Karachi.

Talking about the intensity of the increase in heat, PMD says temperatures tend to be 4 ° C to 6 ° C higher than normal.

In March, the normal average temperature so far was 32.4 ° C, said the director of Met, adding that the temperature would likely rise to 36 ° C to 38 ° C.

The wind direction will change due to the departure of the Western system, he said.


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EUROPEAN POWER – Friday prices rose due to lower German winds, solar power output | Instant News

PARIS, February 25 (Reuters) – European spot electricity prices for delivery on Friday rose on Thursday due to lower forecasts for wind and solar power generation in Germany.

* Over-the-counter baseload prices for Friday delivery in Germany rose 6.2% to 48.30 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) at 1009 GMT.

* France’s future contract added 6.2% to 48.25 euros / MWh.

* Power generation from German wind turbines is expected to fall 1.8 gigawatts (GW) day-on-day to 13.4 GW, while solar generation is expected to drop 2.2 GW to 3.6 GW, Refinitiv data show.

* “We expect wind power output to fall in the first half of the day, and increase in the latter half of tomorrow,” Refinitiv analysts said.

* French wind power supply is expected to increase by 1 GW to 3.6 GW, data show.

* Refinitiv forecast shows the average daily German wind power supply will fall to around 3 GW early next week before rising to 8 GW next Friday.

* France’s nuclear capacity reaches 75% of the total installed.

* More than half of EDF’s nuclear reactors could be operational for a decade longer than planned after maintenance work was carried out, French nuclear security watchdog ASN said on Thursday.

* French electricity demand on Friday is expected to rise 700 megawatts (MW) to 56.9 GW and fall in Germany by 390 MW to 64.2 GW, Refinitiv data show.

* Further along the curve, German Cal ’22 baseload power edged up 0.1% to 53.20 euros / MWh, following higher fuel prices.

* France 2022 contract added 0.2% to 54.25 euros / MWh.

* European CO2 allowances expiring December 2021 edged down 0.1% to 39.10 euros per tonne.

* Coal for northern European delivery in 2022 rose 0.9% to $ 69.1 a tonne, after hitting the highest level since February 1 at $ 69.20 earlier in the session. (Reporting by Forrest Crellin; Editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise)


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