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Tank questions maintainability of plea against temple in Islamabad | Instant News

Lahore: the Lahore High court on Monday questioned the maintainability of the petition against the construction of a Church in Islamabad.

Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh made the request and asked plaintiff to establish how this unreasonable petition in the Lahore High court, when the temple was built in Islamabad.

Territorial jurisdiction required that the plaintiff had appealed to the High court of Islamabad. The court adjourned the hearing until July 8, asking the plaintiff’s attorney to satisfy the first court on the maintainability question. Muhammad Akif, a resident of Gujrat, filed a petition that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and the Constitution did not allow any action against the principles of Islam.

He argued that the Charter of the development Agency capital (CDA) do not have any funds for the construction of the temple. He argued that according to the Protocol of the election Commission, there were only 178 was Hindu citizens in Islamabad and new places of worship they had.

The applicant argued that the existing laws do not provide for the construction of new places of worship for non-Muslims. He asked the court to declare the construction of a Church in Islamabad unconstitutional and to keep the government from taking any action in this regard.


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Worshipers demand the reopening of the Punjab shrine | Instant News

As the government made it easier to lock restrictions, followers sought SOPs to open shrines before Jumatul Wida


Sachal Sachal Temple, Khairpur.

LAHORE: Following the initial emergence of the Covid-19 case in the province, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Usman Buzdar has ordered the closure of all shrines on March 15, 2020. After this, the chief secretary is directed to ensure the implementation of the CM directives. and immediately closed all temples in the province for a period of three weeks.

However, two months later when the government had decided to restore business and public transportation centers behind the count of the provincial coronavirus to swell more than 15,000 cases, the Auqaf Punjab Department had also sought an SOP to reopen closed shrines. On the other hand, many Sunni and madrasa organizations also demand the government to immediately reopen these shrines while announcing to visit the Hazrat Ali Hajveri shrine in Lahore on Thursday, May 21.

Following the orders of the CM, all shrines under the administration of the Auqaf Department remained closed to visitors and worshipers for more than two months, resulting in the loss of more than Rs260 million for Auqaf. In addition, all worshipers’ meetings inside the mosque also remain suspended during the month of Ramazan and for the same amount of time, as a preventive measure to curb the spread of infectious diseases. But now that the Punjab government has given permission to restore various businesses and transportation services, devotees have also found enough reason to urge the reopening of their holy sites.

Sunni organizations demand the reopening of temples

Per sources, more than a dozen Sunni organizations have reacted strongly against the government’s decision to close the provincial holy sites and continue to urge to reopen them. In this regard, President Tehfuz-e-Namoos Risalat Mahaz Raza Mustafa Naqshbandi announced that hundreds of people hoped to gather and pay their respects at the Hazrat Ali Hajveri Data shrine in Lahore on May 21. “If other sects can be given permission to hold rallies on the occasion of Youm-e-Ali, why are Sunnis detained from visiting the shrines of their saints? “

Noting the situation at hand, the Punjab Minister for Auqaf and Religious Affairs Saeedul Hassan Shah has announced Auqaf’s decision to ask permission from the Punjab government to reopen the closed shrine. “The Ministry of Home Affairs will be contacted immediately on this matter. However, the temple will only reopen after the provincial government provides SOPs, while all sanitation and prevention measures are also considered before giving anyone who enters the temple, “Shah said. “We will only open the temple for a certain time to limit large gatherings throughout the day and are awaiting the direction of the government and SOP in this matter,” he added.

Plans for the Friday Prayers

In addition, Shah also told The Express Tribune that the government had given permission to host congregational prayers for Jumatul Wida (last Friday Ramazan) and Eidul Fitr. According to Shah, special security measures will be taken in this regard and the government will ensure that congregational prayers are held in courtyards and open spaces such as Eid, rather than inside the four walls of the mosque.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2020.


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Many faced starvation because donations at the temple stopped | Instant News


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LAHORE: Hundreds of people who depend on charity food and financial assistance from holy sites in Lahore face hunger because the coronavirus pandemic countermeasures have cut off the contribution of visitors.

The underprivileged and the Malang people who permanently live outside the temple depend on Langar every day who are no longer served because of strict governmental locking orders.

In the absence of philanthropic support, this segment of society seeks local government support.

Kalsoom Bibi, 60, sitting outside Data Darbar, offered a caged sparrow that people could release after buying it. Speaking to the Express Tribune, he said he was worried that no one would come to release 12 caged sparrows in exchange for money.

“In the good old days, I would bring more than 1,000 sparrows and temple visitors would free them after paying me money. After locking, I haven’t even managed to release 100 sparrows in the last four days. “

When asked about food, he said he eats if someone comes to distribute food among the poor in the temple, otherwise he will still be hungry.

Another sparrow seller, Irshad Bibi, said he would release 30 caged birds once he was paid a fair amount by the customer.

Her husband’s handcart was stolen a few days ago and now all expenses are borne through his business.

One old man who lived in Darbar said that he had lived on the path in front of the temple for a very long time and had never seen hunger like that in his entire life.

Baba Din said there were days when they “had no room” to save Langar but now they were starving in the prevailing conditions.

Hundreds of poor and mentally handicapped people live in Datar Darbar, Bibi Pakdaman, Baba Bullhay Shah, and several other holy places at risk of starvation if the authorities fail to provide for their basic needs in these difficult times.

Marginalized community

Neeli, a transgender community activist, said he had received many requests for help from community members living in various areas.

The activist revealed that the transgender community faced an extraordinary problem because their fortune depended on weddings, celebrations and other ceremonies, but now there is no work for them.

“Some of our colleagues live in rented houses. They don’t even have a cent to pay the owner. “

Explaining their condition further, he said, “There is no ration distributed among us.”

He asked the special class to join hands with the government to help those who were in dire need of help.

Neeli appealed to the prime minister to take drastic steps to ensure the provision of food for all the poor and not certain people.

A human rights advocate, Abdullah Malik, is tired of the government’s response to protecting marginalized communities that depend on philanthropic activities for survival. “They need our help but it is regrettable that no effort has been made at the government level to support this segment of our society,” he complained.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 16th, 2020.


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