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The Nazi guard deported from the US agrees to be interrogated | Instant News

BERLIN (AP) – A 95-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard deported from Tennessee has agreed to be questioned by German prosecutors as they reexamine whether there is enough evidence against him to file an indictment, authorities said Monday.

Friedrich Karl Berger arrived Saturday in Frankfurt on a special flight from the US after being ordered deported to his native Germany by a court in Memphis last year.

He met with Hesse state police detectives at the airport and told them he was willing to be questioned by investigators in the presence of a lawyer, said Bernd Kolkmeier, a spokesman for the Celle prosecutor’s office, which is handling the case.

However, organizing advice and making sure they get to the facts quickly will take time, so the earliest interview like that will be next month, Kolkmeier said.

A US immigration judge ordered Berger’s deportation a year ago after discovering that his “willing service as an armed guard of prisoners in concentration camps where the abuse took place” was aiding in Nazi-sponsored persecution.

The court ruled that Berger, who has lived in the US since 1959, had served at a camp in Meppen, Germany, near the border with the Netherlands, which is a subcamp of the larger Neuengamme concentration camp near Hamburg.

It said during the winter of 1945, detainees at Meppen were held in “dire” conditions and exploited for forced labor outdoors, working “to exhaustion and death.”

Berger confessed to American investigators that he served in Meppen as a guard for several weeks toward the end of the war but said he had not observed harassment or murder. A Memphis court found, however, that Berger had helped guard prisoners during the forced evacuation which took nearly two weeks and claimed the lives of 70 people.

Prosecutors Celle postponed their initial investigation into him in December, saying they could not deny his account. “They are now looking again, with him returning to German soil,” said Kolkmeier.

“Nothing has changed except he is now in Germany and we can talk to him,” said Kolkmeier. “We can personally question him, which is naturally different from reading a transcript.”

Kolkmeier did not want to say whether Berger still has family in Germany or where he lives.

Berger, who was born in 1925 in the small town north of Bargen, was serving in the German Navy when he was assigned to guard prisoners at Meppen in 1945, according to the Neuengamme Memorial website.

He served between 28 January 1945 and 4 April 1945, as an attached aide to the SS commandos at the camp, according to prosecutor Celle.

Berger is being investigated under a precedent set in 2011 on the charges of former Ohio auto worker John Demjanjuk as a complement to murder over allegations that he served as a guard at Sobibor death camp in German-occupied Poland. Demjanjuk, who denied the allegations, died before his appeal was heard.

German courts have previously asked prosecutors to justify charges by providing evidence of the former guards’ participation in certain killings, which are often an almost impossible task.

However, prosecutors managed to argue during Demjanjuk’s trial in Munich that helping the camp function by serving as a guard was sufficient to convict someone linked to the murders committed there.

A federal court later upheld a 2015 sentence against former Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening for the same reason.

Since the Demjanjuk indictment there has been a new flow of prosecutions and trials in Germany.

Earlier this month prosecutors charged a 100-year-old man with 3,518 murder charges over charges he served as a guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp outside Berlin, and a 95-year-old woman with 10,000 counts of murder accessories on charges that she served as secretary to a former SS commander in Stutthof camp.


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Basketball roundup: Roanoke men’s team canceled 3 games | College | Instant News

Young’s tech trainer made it

Virginia Tech’s Mike Young is one of 15 men’s basketball coaches to be on the Naismith Trophy season-ending watchlist for national coaches this year.

Other note names on the list include Florida State’s Leonard Hamilton, Gonzaga’s Mark Few, Baylor’s Scott Drew and West Virginia’s Bob Huggins. The list will be cut to 10 on March 5.

Lykes Miami is still out

MIAMI – Point guard Chris Lykes is unlikely to play again this season for Miami due to an ankle injury that has kept him out since December 4.

Lykes returned to training and appeared on the brink of rejoining the lineup two weeks ago, but he is making his injury worse and hasn’t trained this week.


DAVIDSON, NC – After a 26-day lull for COVID-19, the Wildcats (11-5) are back in action by beating South Virginia. This game is considered part of Davidson’s record but only an exhibition play for SVU.


Wichita State 68, No. 6 Houston 63


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Chattanooga challenges Cookeville for the rights to host a football match with an economic impact of $ 3 million | Instant News

The eyes of high school football fans in Tennessee will soon turn to City of Scenery.

Chattanooga Sports, a division of Chattanooga Tourism Co., along with many other community partners, are drawing up plans to bid for hosting rights TSSAA BlueCross bowl.

Tennessee Tech University has hosted the state’s championship football matches since 2009, including all nine games (six classifications for public schools and three for private schools) last fall at Tucker Stadium in Cookeville. TSSAA assistant director Matthew Gillespie said Cookeville is the only city other than Chattanooga that has notified the state’s preparatory sports governing body that it intends to make a bid.

“It’s always been our target to get this championship event here, so when we saw a bid opportunity opened up for this cycle, we started to work out our plans,” said Tim Morgan, Chattanooga Sports chief sporting officer. Our offer will offer state championship worthy venues as well as championship experiences for the players and fans who come to Chattanooga.

“I want to make it clear that this is not just about our organization. We are the spearhead, but this is quite a spearhead because there will be a lot of business and influential people involved in doing this. It is about children who have worked very hard to achieve this. a dream, and when they come to Chattanooga we will experience what it’s like to play at the next level. “

The offer, which is due on February 26, will be the right to host title matches for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Chattanooga’s offer will include Finley Stadium (capacity 20,412) – which houses both. University of Tennessee at the Chattanooga football game and professional football matches for Chattanooga Football Club – as a gaming site. The winning bid will be selected when the TSSAA Control Board meets on March 16.

“If you just look at what we have to offer in terms of the excellent pitch at Finley Stadium, the seats and the press box, those are the things that really stand out,” said Soddy-Daisy principal Steve Henry, who represents the Chattanooga region at TSSAA. Supervisory Board. “For fans who come, you can stay in a number of hotels in the city center and can walk to some good restaurants and then to the game.

“The board will look at the finances of both bid proposals first, of course, and then the other factors are things like the best facilities, how easy it is for everyone who comes to the site and has ample parking, places to eat and things. to offer. I’m sure Chattanooga is in a good place to offer lots of positives. “

Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Finley Stadium adjacent to downtown inns and restaurants is a big part of Chattanooga’s bid to host the TSSAA Blue Cross Bowl, a three-day state championship game for Tennessee high school football.

That Championship matches are spread over a span of three days, with three matches being played each day, and usually bringing in 40,000 to 50,000 people for the event. The Cookeville-Putnam County Visitors Bureau estimates the BlueCross Bowl has an annual economic impact of $ 2.5 million to $ 3 million on visitor spending.

“We hold a similar event every day with a convention and thousands of people come to visit our sights,” said Hugh Morrow, president and CEO of Ruby Falls. “We’re a great sports city. We’ve hosted the SEC women’s basketball tournament, the FCS national championship, the (TSSAA) Spring Flings and the Ironman competition, so we know how to host first-class sporting events.

“Finley was designed for something like this. It is perfect because our stadium and city are the size to accommodate large numbers of people, but there is also a feeling of comfort because we are such a friendly city.”

Although neither Chattanooga nor Cookeville provided details on what to include in their bid packages, Cookeville’s latest winning bid guarantees TSSAA $ 253,000 annually as well as 50% of ticket sales upon reclaiming that total.

In 2017 Cookeville retained the right to host the event when the Board of Trustees voted 9-3 to back its bid for Clarksville, which is the city’s only other bidder and will hold matches at Austin Peay State University. At the time, some board members pointed out, the main reason not to move him to Austin Peay was because the seating capacity at Fortera Stadium was only 10,800, compared to 16,500 at Tennessee Tech’s Tucker Stadium.

However, board members expressed concern over the condition of the Tucker Stadium, which was built in 1966. Concern over the stadium has been the biggest annoyance since title games were moved to Cookeville 12 years ago and, overall, the venue has been seen as a retreat from the hosting site of the championship matches the former state at Middle Tennessee State University.

Many coaches and players have expressed displeasure with the cramped and old-fashioned dressing rooms at Tucker Stadium, as well as the fact that teams preparing to play one of the last two matches each day have to dress in an additional gym across the street from the stadium. . Fans have also complained throughout Tennessee Tech as host that toilets and stadium concessions are inadequate, and because of the numerous leaks in the walkways leading into the concession area as well as in the toilets during rainy conditions.

TSSAA began hosting each classification title game on a single site in 1982, when Nashville’s Dudley Vanderbilt Field became the venue. The title games were transferred to Murfreesboro in 2000, where they lasted until Cookeville won the hosting rights in 2009.

A country football championship match hasn’t been held in Chattanooga since Red Bank hosted a 1978 AAA Class title game.

“The bottom line is it starts with that place,” said Morgan. “We have community assets at Finley – with seating capacity, suite capacity, new jumbotrons and the ability to create custom game day experiences.

“There is significant passion for football in our region. Acknowledging that passion and wanting to feed it, everyone from Finley to UTC athletics onwards has committed to be part of helping us pursue this plan. Everyone we deal with knows that this will good for our entire community.

“If you have all the tools in your arsenal, it’s a shame not to use them to try and build something really special. Chattanooga has all the tools you need.”

Chattanooga was recently awarded the rights to host the traditional state wrestling tournament TSSAA, which left the city 12 years ago but will be held February 24-26 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. That came only after the original host site – Williamson County Ag Expo Park, which has hosted the last 11 state tournaments – was needed as a COVID-19 testing center.

Chattanooga was also awarded the rights to host the women’s soccer tournament this fall. Morgan added that there are plans to maintain the wrestling tournament in Chattanooga.

“I think Chattanooga makes a strong platform to bring some of the TSSAA events back to the area,” said Henry. “What I discovered at our last meeting was that many committee members liked the idea of ​​coming to Chattanooga for the championship event. They were impressed by the enthusiasm and facilities that have been part of the offering from our region over the years. . “

Contact Stephen Hargis at [email protected] or 423-757-6293 and follow him on Twitter @Tokopedia.


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A suspected positive case for the Brazilian COVID-19 variant was found in Shelby County | Instant News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Health officials say they have identified a suspected case of a Brazilian variant in Shelby County.

Like other suspicious lab results, the test is sent to the state for confirmation. Currently, it is not confirmed as a Brazilian variant.

Previously, the health department said they were investigating several cases of the suspected positive British variant, but they had not confirmed the results of the test either.

It’s not uncommon for viruses to mutate. According to BBC, the Brazilian variant appeared in July 2020 and the British variant appeared in September. Research shows that the British variant is between 30 and 50 percent more contagious, but no more deadly.

While waiting for the results from the state, health officials said they were not worried.

“We are not worried that this strain will be detected because we in Shelby County are making a pretty strong effort to try to find this variant,” said David Sweat of the Shelby County Department of Health.

The impact of the two Covid-19 variants found was minimal and they wanted to keep it that way. It is important for everyone to continue to take steps to reduce the spread of Covid-19: wash your hands, social distancing, wear a mask, and quarantine if you are sick.

Current vaccination efforts are very important in that respect. To date, 83,220 Covid vaccines have been distributed. More than 61,000 of these are the first dose and the remaining 22,000 are the second.

About 30 percent of people 75 and older have been vaccinated.

Health officials also want to clarify a few things about the second dose. The second dose serves as a booster for the first so there is no exact time table for when you should get it. They usually encourage people to get it within six weeks of that 21 or 28 day.

“It didn’t have a negative impact on the results,” said Dr. Alisa Haushalter. “I think the most important thing is that it causes a lot of people a lot of anxiety because they want to get the shot on the day they believe it should be given which is the 21st or 28th day.”

They also work to make automatic second dose appointments.

With Shelby County currently receiving about 11,000 doses from the state each week, health leaders say it is imperative they end up in the arms of those in need. For those who have lied about their eligibility for the vaccine, Haushalter wants to make sure they are aware that they are putting others at serious risk.

“Every time someone who does not meet the requirements makes an appointment, stands in line and gets a vaccine, it means someone who is at risk of dying from Covid does not get the opportunity to get the vaccine,” he said.

Regarding teacher vaccination, the health department said it might start in March. They said they still had to vaccinate most of the population “most at risk” for contracting Covid.

New health guidelines are expected next week.


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Cooper’s Eyes on the Left: The vice president’s fashion choices from ‘racist’ designers grabbed attention | Instant News

The ultimate ‘don’t’ dress

Vice President Kamala Harris, who had previously received rave reviews for her fashion choices (unlike previous vice presidents) received criticism because of some of her recent clothing choices.

In recent days, she has been photographed wearing Dolce & Gabbana attire while taking the oath of Finance Minister Janet Yellen and receiving her second COVID-19 vaccination.

While Harris has promised to make “racial justice” a priority, the Italian fashion house has been accused of racism and politically wrongdoing since at least 2007. Among other things, the company says it goes against the idea of ​​gay parents, having used earrings with an image. a colonial black woman, has announced a campaign modeled after brandishing a knife and suffering a knife wound, and has made a social media video with a Chinese woman trying to eat spaghetti, pizza and cannoli with chopsticks.

Vittoria Vignone, who runs the website Kamala’s Closet, suggested the choice was “very reckless” but argued that the vice president might not be aware of the controversy.

But when you’re in the racial justice business, isn’t that your business?

‘Someone like me’

Former secretary of state, senator and presidential candidate John Kerry moved on with his comments proving he said one thing and did another.

Recently news emerged that the climate czar for the Biden government was traveling by private jet to Iceland as a citizen in 2019 to receive an environmental award. He was awarded the Arctic Circle award, an iceberg sculpture, for his leadership on climate issues and for being “a consistent voice pressing the American government to commit to tackling environmental issues,” according to the Icelandic outlet RUV.

While there, Kerry is confronted by Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson, who asks him whether using a private jet to get to the country is “an environmental way to travel.”

“If you offset your carbon,” he said, without elaborating on how he did it, “that’s the only option for people like me, who travel the world to win this battle.”

The arrogance of Kerry’s “someone like me” comment was quickly compared to his recent quip in which he suggested people laid off from Keystone plumbing work by the Biden administration could “build solar panels.”

The life of the rich and critical

Model Chrissy Teigen, who has been an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump, got her own dose of medicine last week when she posted on social media how she felt she felt cheated when a $ 13,000 bottle of wine didn’t live up to her expectations.

“[O]this time, “he wrote on Twitter,” john [Legend, her singer-husband] and I was at a restaurant and the waiter recommended a good Cabernet. We got the bill and it was $ 13,000. HOW DO YOU RECOMMEND the wine in a relaxed manner. we didn’t even finish it and it’s been cleaned !!! “

Twitter users immediately took Teigen, who is reportedly worth an estimated $ 75 million, for an assignment for his tone-deaf comments.

“Are you cured?” asked one of the posters. “Meanwhile people here are deep in debt, losing their homes and unable to pay the doctors.”

“[O]One time I was forced into an ambulance and I was still paying the bill for the less than 10 minute ride to the hospital 4 years later so I got to where you came from, “said another.

“Something similar happened to me,” said a third. “Instacart sends me four bunches of bananas instead of four bananas, and they charge me $ 6.60 instead of $ 0.88. Our lifestyle is very similar.”

Later, Teigen, to his compliments, tweeted that “I saw your tweet, I understand your joke, you are very funny, yeah, you really captivated me.”

We didn’t cancel

We don’t imagine it was support for country singer Morgan Wallen’s use of racial slurs that led to her songs filling seven of the top 10 spots on Apple Music last week, but maybe it’s the idea that she should be an outsider after that. do it.

The singer, coming home after partying with his friends, called one of his friends with some curse and the word n ​​—–. His words were caught on video by a neighbor.

As soon as the incident was published on TMZ, Wallen’s music was removed from the Spotify Hot Country Songs playlist and Apple Music’s Region of the Day list.

The singer said he felt “ashamed and sorry” for what he said.

“I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slurs that I hope I can take back,” Wallen said. “There’s no reason to use this kind of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using that word. I promise to do better.”

His fans, obviously, accepted his apology and didn’t want to see him “undone,” as is the custom of the left with celebrities in similar situations.


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