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‘Of course I want a medal there’ | Instant News

In a world without a pandemic and a knee injury, at this time Roger Federer will prepare to make his nation proud Tokyo Olympics 2020. But that was not intended; Federer now finds himself recovering from two operations on his right knee, and the Olympics itself has been postponed until next year.

The famous Olympian will be eyeing its third medal, and can still do it in Tokyo 2021. In a recent interview for SRFSport with another famous Swiss Olympian – Nicola Spirig – Roger Federer open about his plans for the 2021 Olympics and his retirement.

Of course I want a medal at the 2021 Olympics: Roger Federer

Roger Federer with his Olympic silver medal in 2016
Roger Federer won the Gold Medal with Stan Wawrinka in 2008Reginald Doherty from the United Kingdom, which is the current leader in the medal count with four.

The road to the third medal will be very challenging for Roger Federer because he is far from the current peak physical fitness. Switzerland does not seem too bothered by that, because he has not yet thought about Olympic preparations.

“I’m not there yet,” Federer said. “If you have toured for 20 years, you are happy to have a calmer year. Proper preparation begins about 3 months before the Olympics; You didn’t think about it before. “

When the gears no longer grip, I stop: Roger Federer retires

Roger Federer will be 40 in 2021Top 15 at Wimbledon 2009; some questioned whether he should hang up his shoes when he left for five years without Slam from 2012-2017; others are wondering whether Switzerland will be able to return to the game in 2021 after two knee surgeries.

Roger Federer, however, hopes to play his favorite game as long as possible. Even at the age of 38, he has not been hindered by two operations on his dominant knee, as he saw continue racket training in a few weeks.

The 2021 season seems to be part of his plan as he explains how he prefers to take the short-term approach over the longer one:

“It’s clear that I’m at the end of my career. I can’t say what will happen in 2 years. That’s why I plan year after year. I am still happy now. But when the gears no longer grip, I stop. “

Roger Federer will be preparing for the 2021 season soonPublished July 26, 2020, 5:51 pm


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The OBCA All-State game functions as the first meaningful basketball in the state since March | OK, Extra Preparation | Instant News

EDMOND – After the OBCA All-State Eastern Major School ranks were announced, the team went to gather at the midcourt at Hamilton Field House but suddenly stopped and looked at each other in confusion.

Their entire career, this is usually when they gather in tight circles, scream and then break it down before giving a tip. But everything was different since last time in court.

Beyond a few AAU matches, the Oklahoma Coaches Association All-State Basketball game Saturday is a meaningful middle school basketball played in Oklahoma since the season was cut short because of COVID-19 on March 11, the day the state tournament is set to give a clue.

East beat West 89-84 on Saturday, but most likely it will not be remembered by those who play or attend.

“We are all just ready to play a real basketball game,” Fort Gibson guard Conner Calavan said. “We have played pickup (the game) and do our own training, but it’s been five months since we played a real basketball game, so I think we are all very excited to do that.”

As a precaution against cornoavirus, masks must be worn by everyone except playing or eating. Temperature taken at the door. The players and coaches have separate entries into the arena rather than fans. Fans are regularly reminded about the PA system to keep their distance in the stands.

To say the least, it was different from the last time Sand Springs point guard Davon Richardson played a basketball game – the victory against Owasso who sent the Sandites to a never-ending state tournament.

“It’s never been that long without basketball,” Richardson said.

Richardson led East with 17 points and also added five rebounds and three steals. Calavan scored 11 thanks to three make from outside the 3-point arc.

Richardson and Calavan did not expect to get another chance as high school athletes, because they had already begun preparing for a college career in Central Oklahoma, where the two would become roommates.

On Saturday, their world collided when they played with their new teammates for the first time representing their respective high schools. It was also the first match played on a new pitch at Hamilton Field House on the UCO campus.

“That’s very cool,” Calavan said. “We are both ready to be here. Playing together for the first time on a new floor in the gym is a very cool experience. It was very fun.”

Christian Cook from Midwest City, playing for the West, led all scorers with 22. Edison Mason Alexander collected 13 points for Timur before retiring in the third quarter. Brock Davis from Holland Hall is the only other Eastern player to win double digits with 10 points.

Small East 85, Small West 75

Timur completed his sweep, doing so with the help of a strong start and end, outperforming West 23-15 in the first quarter and 32-16 in the fourth quarter, to win the Small School match.

Roland Jaxon Wiggins leads all scorers with 16 points for Timur. Austin Fenton from Talihina and Patch Hamilton are also in double numbers with 14 and 12 points respectively.

Rejoice from Christian Jaden Lietzke who scored two points and Mason Drake from Perry added seven points.

East: Davon Richardson (Sand Springs) 17, Mason Alexander (Edison) 13, Conner Calavan (Fort Gibson) 11, Brock Davis (Holland Hall) 10, Kavon Key (Memorial) 9, Anfernee Nelson (Jenks) 9, Josh Jones ( Broken Bow) 7, Brayshawn Finch (Memorial) 6, Breath of Jalen (Booker T. Washington) 4, Caden Hale (Metro Christian) 3

West: Christian Cook (Midwest City) 22, Jordan Thompson (Southmoore) 13, Kendural Jolly (Putnam City) 13, Demontreal Crutchfield (Del City) 7, Diondre Alexander (John Marshall) 6, Ashawnti Hunter (Lawton) 6, Nathaniel Goodlow (City Del) 6, Leontaye McClennon (Lawton MacArthur) 5, Brennan Burns (Bethany) 3, Cash Novotny (Anadarko) 3

East: Wiggins Jaxon (Roland) 16, Austin Fenton (Talihina) 14, Patch Hamilton (Asher) 12, Carson Thompson (Canada) 9, Luke Gunns (Paden) 8, Ethan Newberry (Kiowa) 7, Mason Drake (Perry) 7 , Tyler Cloud (Quinton) 5, Braden Shaw (Moyers) 5, Jaden Lietzke (Rejoice Christians) 2

West: Myles Jeffries (Milwood) 14, Jameson Richardson (Duke) 12, Brandon Zeno (Star Spencer) 12, Jerod Kerr (Hooker) 8, Cade Allen (Hammon) 7, Daniel Koonce (Crossing Christians) 6, Jacob Woody Cashion) 6, Jakobie Kasemeyer (Cyril) 4, Jace Edelen (Arapaho-Butler) 4, Matt Milner (Duke) 2


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Simona Halep can be blocked by Italian quarantine orders | Instant News

Simona HalepAppearances at the Palermo Ladies Open were questioned after Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza issued a 14-day mandatory quarantine for people coming to Italy from Romania or Bulgaria in an effort to avoid the spread of the corona virus.

Halep, defending champion Wimbledon from Romania, is the top seed in the International WTA event scheduled to start on August 3 – the first official tournament since the coronavirus pandemic.

Tournament officials hope to reverse the damage, with event director Oliviero Palmo saying “urgent letters” have been sent to Speranza, hoping to get Halep’s exception.

“Regardless of the player’s value and the attention his attendance fostered during the first tournament after the suspension for a pandemic, we wrote to the minister because we believe that the health protocol adopted by the WTA is very strict to ensure safety and health not only from athletes, but also from all workers who involved in the event, “Palmo said.

Italian health officials have not yet responded to a letter from the Palermo organizers.

The WTA protocol requires players to undergo a PCR test before they leave for Palermo, as well as send it to a new one upon arrival. They will be confined to their hotel until the test results are analyzed and communicated to tournament personnel by a laboratory at Palermo University. The players will undergo further PCR tests every four days.

The tournament plans to allow spectators to fill up to 350 of 1,000 seats in the main court.

The “International” event is the lowest level of the official WTA tour event, with a minimum prize pool of $ 250,000. The WTA gave Palermo an exception to reduce the pot by $ 27,500, and officials still said they did not expect to make a profit because of restrictions on the audience.

Palermo have drawn an impressive field – 10 of the 30 top players in the WTA rankings are currently in the draw – largely because of the desire of all pros to return to competition. Besides Halep, participants included No. 14 Johanna Konta, Jelena Ostapenko and Marketa Vondrousova.

Halep also entered the Prague Open, which began on August 10.

Palermo, Prague, and the Top Seed Open, on the outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky, are all international events. They paved the way for the combined ATP / WTA combination consisting of West and South and US Open, which will be played consecutively in bubbles at the National Tennis Center in New York City starting August 21.


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UNK, MIAA postpone the start of autumn sports; The match starts September 28 | Let go | Instant News

KEARNEY – The University of Nebraska in Kearney postponed the start of the autumn sports competition until September 28 due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Officials of the UNK Athletics Association and Central America announced the decision today. It was agreed unanimously by the chancellor and president of 14 conference schools.

Football, volleyball, cross country, women’s golf, women’s football and women’s tennis will all start around a month later than expected. Student athletes at UNK and all MIAA schools will report for the fall camp and start practice on 31 August. UNK has 420 student athletes.

“This is very challenging and creates some difficulties, but delaying the start of our season gives us hope that there will be a game this fall,” said UNK Athletics Director Marc Bauer. “We need sports on this campus and in our community because it unites us. It’s been feeling empty for the past four months without practice or games. At the same time, we knew we had to move forward in a way that was safe and protected everyone’s health. “

The NCAA has agreed a new rule that autumn sports may have a different season, with teams playing a portion of their schedule one semester and competing for championships in another. MIAA did not cancel the match early in the season, but rather start the season later. The MIAA will discuss scheduling the conference championship at a later date, after the NCAA Division II Administrative Council determines regional and championship dates, Bauer said.

“Our plan now is to take the games we lost in the fall and finish our season by playing those games in the spring,” Bauer said. “Most indications are that the NCAA will move the championship to spring.”

UNK football will play seven games in the fall and open the season on October 3 at home against West Missouri. Lopers’ first three scheduled matches – against Northwest Missouri State, Lincoln University and Central Missouri – will be moved and played in the spring.

The UNK volleyball team will open on October 2 with a home match against Northwest Missouri State. The five team matches scheduled for September will be moved to spring.

The Loper women’s soccer team opens October 2 at home against Newman University and will move the four matches scheduled for September to spring.

Schedules for women’s tennis, women’s golf and cross country are still being compiled and finalized.

“We have to be flexible because there is still a lot of uncertainty,” Bauer said. “We will work together as universities and conferences to provide the best experience for athletes-students and fans. I have asked our coaches and athletes to be leaders through this process. “

Nine of the 23 conferences at NCAA Division II had canceled the fall, but UNK officials did not expect the NCAA to cancel autumn sports, Bauer said. “UNK and MIAA are committed to a strong experience for our athlete-students, and we are ready to play the game this fall.”

MIAA said the ability to carry out its plans depends on students, employees, and fans who exhibit socially responsible behavior. The conference also emphasized that student-athletes continue to practice socially responsible behavior to help protect the health of their teams.

“This plan allows our student athletes to return to campus and get used to the student body before we start training and competition,” said MIAA Commissioner Mike Racy. “We still hope that MIAA students will be able to practice and compete this fall, but we must be patient and ensure that we do that in a healthy and safe environment for our students, coaches and administrators. “

Campus leadership at all MIAA schools will meet again on 3 August to discuss further conference plans.


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The 12-year Swiss miracle revealed why he idolized Novak Djokovic and not Roger Federer | Instant News

Flynn Richter, a 12-year-old tennis player who will come from Switzerland, has attracted everyone’s attention by making a shocking statement. In a recent interview, the magic of high flight says that he idolized Novak Djokovic and not his own people Roger Federer.

Flynn Richter is a rising star on the junior circuit, who regularly participates in competitions where his opponents are older than him. In the recent Swiss Championship, Richter recorded three wins with a score of 6-0, 6-0 and another where the margin was 6-1, 6-1.

When asked about his role model, the 12-year-old boy raised many eyebrows by answering Novak Djokovic and not Roger Federer. Even more surprising, he even gave an explanation for his choice.

If the audience opposes me, I will get better: Flynn Richter explains why he prefers Novak Djokovic over Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are two of the greatest stars of the modern erarecently labeled by Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg as the biggest contest of all time.

However, the 2019 Wimbledon final is worth noting in one more aspect: the lack of crowd support for winners. Djokovic spent almost the entire match trying to block the boo at him, while Federer enjoyed the cheers every time he stepped into the service line.

That caught Flynn Richter’s attention, because he himself was familiar with the lack of crowd support. Richter reportedly received less fair cheers in his matches because of how dominant he was, and he claimed that was why he identified with Novak Djokovic.

“They also don’t like it (Novak Djokovic),” Richter said. “If the audience opposes me, I will only get better.”

One reason why Novak Djokovic has fewer fans than Roger Federer is because of how cruel he is on the field. But the Serb has learned to use heckling from the stands as fuel for his tennis, and 12-year-old Richter is trying to learn the same thing.

“Then I shouted ‘Come on,’ and return the provocation,” he said, when asked how he dealt with the audience who supported his mistake.

It is important to note here that Flynn Richter has Asperger’s syndrome – a developmental disorder in which individuals face difficulties in social interactions as well as non-verbal communication.

That Richter had managed to become so successful at such a young age despite interference, shows that he learned to adapt well – like his idol Novak Djokovic.

Published Jul 20 2020, 3:12 a.m.


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